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  1. Big thanks to Dave A for the Lmahls,
  2. Any luck? I don't need a matched quad set. I can set the bias on them.
  3. Thanks, have a great weekend.
  4. Anyone selling a quad set of KT88's? Thanks, Chris
  5. Hi, 1976 and it doesn't have to be the correct badges, just looking for a nice Klipsch badge to put on them. Thanks for any and all assistance, Chris
  6. Hello, Looking for a set of nice badges for my Belles. Thanks for any assistance, Chris
  7. The plan is to find the unicorn.... hopefully a set will show up in the next few months
  8. I was/am contemplating going the Fastlane direction... thanks!!
  9. Is there a replacement horn that some use, if they can't locate a original? thanks for any/all responses. Chris
  10. Hello, Stumbled upon a set of stripped Belle cabinets that are in pretty good shape, looking for the Squaker horns and perhaps the woofers. Thanks, Chris
  11. No Affiliation. Klipsch Cornwall speakers - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  12. Hi, https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/d/fort-lauderdale-klipsch-floor-speaker/7203353382.html Not mine, have a great day, Chris
  13. did I miss the type AA for the Belle's? thanks in advance, chris
  14. I think these are the same Choros IIs... thought I would provide a linky... and pics... not mine, no affiliation... blah blah https://outerbanks.craigslist.org/ele/d/nags-head-klipsch-choros-ii/7152958429.html
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