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  1. gimes

    Set up help

    Thanks. Any recommendations on brands for a switch? There's certainly a lot of options out there. Am I losing much in the way of sound going through a switch? Edit: reading some other posts, seems like a lot of people choose to stay away from switches at all costs. To that end, is there a way to use the Mac preamp as the main supply to the speakers, and run interconnects to the receiver through an output? Second Edit: https://www.whathifi.com/us/features/how-to-combine-stereo-and-surround-sound-in-one-brilliant-av-system I believe I've found my answer. Use the preouts of the Denon AVR to the processor inputs of the C2500, assign an external amp on the AVR. We'll see...
  2. gimes

    Set up help

    I have a home theater setup that I like, and a music stereo setup that I also like. The problem is that I want to be able to use the fronts for both. Home theater is a Denon AVR, which is fine. Stereo is tube McIntosh. What are my options, other than swapping cables to the fronts? Any ideas would be welcome!
  3. Price drop. I'll give it another couple weeks on the forums here, then give the mainstream sites a shot.
  4. Best offers will be considered. Forgot to put that in the original listing.
  5. You know, Billy, we could just start a co-op to use each other's gear whenever instead of selling it to one another!?!? HAHA If you're interested, though, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have enjoying these beauties!!
  6. Original Boxes, all documents, Perfect Condition. They have about 250-300 hrs on them, so you don't even need to break them in. I am willing to drive up to 400 miles from Charleston if need be, but a date will have to be arranged as my schedule is a bit tricky. These speakers are wonderful, but I had to make a decision between these and my California Black Walnut editions. No need to keep them both, unfortunately. Thanks for looking!
  7. Well, when you put it like that... I've seen a lot of CD players from the early years that just don't have the ability to play a newer CD, for whatever reason. My amazement was more about how well-performing the 7000 was than the fact that it sounded better than the IPod. But yeah, point taken. Looking back... haha
  8. I looked into it more and already decided on the 64II. Now to find the right one.
  9. I recently acquired some vintage Mac gear for my bedroom, and it blows my mind how good the MCD7000 sounds. This player was made in 1985 and still has the chops to produce unbelievable sound. I compared the sound of the CD to the same song on my IPod and it wasn't even close. The only button on the remote that works is the Play button, but that was kind of expected. Big thanks to the guys at mcintoshcabinets.com for their outstanding work. Money well spent. Thought I'd share a couple pics. The MA6200 Integrated is pushing my 70th Anniv. Heresy's.
  10. gimes


    Yeah, NV is not gonna happen. Unfortunately. Thanks, though.
  11. What about an RC-62II?
  12. Ok, thanks fellas. Pretty unanimous response so far, thats good to hear. I was focusing on matching the elevation speakers to the center, and didn't think about the fronts. Thats why these forums are so valuable!
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