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  1. - 24 V left - 5 V right - GND black cable, - VDD white cable - STB red cable - 5 Volt side - the white cable + smaller plug red cable together
  2. yes , it would sound more open , however the screws + the outer section of the horns would be apparent requiring a set of grilles to hide the K-400 casting
  3. none , klipschorns Type B ( deluxe )- C ( standard ) -D ( economy ) perform equally , except for the appearance
  4. no worries you can always fabricate false corners https://images.furnituredealer.net/img/products%2Fklipsch%2Frichmedia%2Fheritage - klipsch_-992264988_7c485fae-2a22-44ce-8e67-d401e4520bae.pdf
  5. a picture of the tags would be ideal , is it possible that the digit 8 is a letter ?
  6. 1968 Cornwall II vertical speaker , inspected by Portus Gilley , PWK 's 6 th Employee .
  7. 1st step is to get an Ohmmeter , set the dial to Ohms ... tweeters are 8 Ohms / mids are 16 Ohms , take a reading directly from the positive /negative terminals of the K-77 tweeters and K-55M mids drivers ......post the results on the forum , this will tell us whether the diaphragms are in good working order or if they will require a replacement . 2nd step , take pictures of the crossover 's monster style clear plastic jacket wiring , since these wires were known to corrode and cause poor connectivity issues , post the pictures on the forum
  8. there are no copper style recone kits on the market
  9. the speakers are Klipsch Lascala Industrial Ser# 2117 rough guess is 1980 . ▶️ as-is 1200$ if the drivers are in good working order .
  10. only comment here , a brand new pair of K-48 ST may cost less than the Ebay K-48 used prices
  11. Ferro fluid is not used in the RB 75 K-50.1 HF compression driver ( 1.75 inch diameter voice coil ) .
  12. Trade Secret https://tradesecret.ca/white-ring-remover/ removes water marks without damaging the original wood finish
  13. Start by updating or re-installing the Firmware of the KDA-1000 , as the FW may be corrupt following a surge or transient -if the FW update does not download or resolve the issue , the problem could be related to a Hardware issue KDA-500/1000 DSP Firmware Update https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034613932-KDA-500-1000-DSP-Firmware-Update https://assets.klipsch.com/files/KDA-Amplifiers-Firmware-Manual.pdf
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