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  1. new klipsch capacitors would sound great .
  2. God Willing , Brandon , since you're closer to Gil's BIL , do you think that Gil would be eligible for adapted housing with Financial assistance through Federal or State Programs .
  3. OO1

    Chorus II speakers

  4. OO1

    Chorus II speakers

    here's one deal .......but it's far https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649893608-klipsch-chorus-ii/
  5. klipsch has a brand new woofer drop in replacement for the KP-201 which fits like a glove ( k-28-E 4 Ohms /Heresy III-IV ) 100$
  6. damn shame to paint over Birds Eye Maple , although it has the visual effect , the badge is really cool ,and the risers frontal color ....ouch ,
  7. here's your chance to buy them back , the grilles are not in a great shape as per the Ad .
  8. Correct , klipsch has 2 Diaphragms , Phenolic and Titanium , the Titanium fits all the klipsch speakers using the K-53 including the KP-201
  9. These Cornwalls are a Custom job , by a cie in TX Full restoration pictures here below Klipsch Cornwall Black And White Ebony
  10. it's a drop in replacement , but the improvement may not be that drastic , metal , brass instruments in an orchestra sound better on a metal horn , but that's what my ears tell me .
  11. A few klipsch pom pom Girls cant hurt
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