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  1. they are now at 1/4 scale , but their plans are to reach 1/2 scale soon enough ,and the dream is to have the real thing one day ,
  2. CW and Heresy were MDF by 1985 but the transition of using MDF and Wood in a speaker started in the early 80's - the Lascala II was MDF in 2006 , since it featured fine veneers - the khorn has used MDF for at least 20 years since it was available with fine veneers prior to the LS II .
  3. I agree , a dog's barking outside of the building cant be picked up by the Studio's microphones ,so it was 1 of the Beatles barking at the end of the 8th Take . https://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/i-feel-fine/ " I Feel Fine’ was completed in nine takes. The first eight were of the rhythm track only, and the final take was an overdub of the vocals. It was the first Beatles song to have the backing track recorded before the vocals, as John Lennon had trouble singing and playing at the same time. "
  4. @JSCALshould be 1988 , the crossover AL-2 ,please post a picture of 1 of the serial no tags to confirm
  5. @JRH can give you the date the speakers shipped from the Factory , the section is " Ask the Historian "
  6. serial nos show 1392 and 1275 , so 1978 or very early 1979 , you can check with the Klipsch Historian @JRH He may be able to chime in , I had LSI speakers with a later serial number with Round magnet K-77 -yes , the speakers were painted after the speakers were fibreglassed
  7. I am very Happy to hear that you are well
  8. one product will work great TRADE SECRET , available on Amazon https://www.tradesecret.ca/ the product prevents the veneer from Drying out , and even if the veneer does dry out , a new coat will rejuvenate the veneer ,
  9. here it is .............at the end of the recording studio track ......5 min 12 seconds https://youtu.be/lfhofK3Ujyc
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