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  1. OO1


    new Jubes in London Ontario Canada ,
  2. Jose , these CW IV are in Denton TX https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649961962-klipsch-cornwall-iv-expertly-packed-all-details-available/images/4365786/
  3. Rob , my mistake ... you'll need 5 posts to activate the PM . Private Message feature
  4. klipsch switched to Class D amps ,,,,,chip amps ?
  5. mailto:info@indyaudiolabs.com https://www.indyaudiolabs.com/about-us
  6. I would sell all my klipsch speakers , in a heartbeat but NOT my Heresies
  7. I must be deaf , or is this a lovely bass , sounds good to me , aint no subs around either
  8. Welcome to the forum , glwys
  9. swap the crossover of the working speaker in place of the unit in the non-working speaker , and you'll be able to tell if any of the 3 drivers are in working order or not
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