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  1. Trade Secret https://tradesecret.ca/white-ring-remover/ removes water marks without damaging the original wood finish
  2. 1 hour of elbow grease , black satin paint + 2 new dust caps is all they need , GLWTS
  3. Serial nos 55S725 and 55S726 are Klipsch Heresy 1 series... Made in 1978 , with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver , + a Ferrite square magnet for the K-22 12 inches woofer . -the mids K-700 horn and the tweeter horn are metal /aluminium , these speakers share the HF drivers with the larger Cornwall and the high end Belle-LaScala -Khorn series . -the crossover is the E network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Klipsch copper badges and cloth grilles ,
  4. Cornwall Serial numbers 9P411 and 9P412. were Made in 1976 with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver + a Ferrite magnet for the K-33 woofer , the mids and tweeter horns are metal /aluminium , the crossover is the B network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Walnut oiled veneer , value is 1500$ or 2000$ if in mint condition with the klipsch PWK pie badges or copper badges and grilles ,the speaker risers were optional for 1976 .
  5. The speaker model is Klipsch KG 4.2 Oak veneer , Made in 1992
  6. 130$ for a new R-12SW is hard to pass up
  7. FYI , the 1st series of the 1 piece Lascala cabinets from the 60's through the early 70's were built with the woofer access door panel relegated at the top of the cabinet rather than at the bottom of the cabinet -The top panel of the 1st series LS Cabinet was held down with screws , thus in order to have access to the woofer ,one had to unscrew the top panel off followed by removing the tweeter + the mids drivers , the woofer access panel was also held down with screws - the 2nd series of the Lascala cabinet simplified the procedure , the woofer access panel / woofer door was moved to the bottom of the cabinet .
  8. what's the model-brand of the TV you're using
  9. here's the RSW-15 service manual , the RSW-15 and RSW-12 are technically similar Klipsch RSW-15 SM.pdf 448.29 kB · 8 downloads
  10. the Woofers , Midrange drivers + Tweeters have Alnico magnets , Made in 1969 , the speaker cabinets are in original condition including the badges- fabric -wood finish , I would leave these rare speakers as-is for preservation .
  11. Model H Speakers H-WO -12 serial numbers 397 -398, Signed by Lloyd McClellan , PWK's 1st employee and J.D Powell , these speakers were Made sometime in 1962 .
  12. are you sure you wired the new PS correctly ?
  13. Yamaha A-S 801 AB Class ( as low as 700$ brand new on Ebay ) , same specs / 1/2 the price of a D Class NAD C 3050 https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s801/specs.html
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