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  1. why not post the guitars on the Garage Sale section .it's safe and free
  2. you'll want a quad of Cornwall IV speakers placed on 1 section of 29 feet 1 on each corner and 2 more at 9 feet from the left and right speakers .
  3. + 20 seconds for 2nd , + 36 seconds for 3rd
  4. why is it a pity , McLaren have not won a race since 2021 , I even wonder if they can win 1 F1 race in the next 2 years .
  5. the diaphragm deteriorate with time , new replacements are night and day ,
  6. I'll do better , I have plenty of parts to fix it
  7. a capacitors kit from klipsch , is all that's needed
  8. the xlarge should look more like a square box dimensions of the H W are 2 inches apart.... 47-45
  9. I cant get enough of Mackerel , with a side of basmati rice , light tomato sauce , parsley , lemon , Olive oil
  10. it messed up a lot of people with heart problems and it takes years to get over it none of these people had such issues before the Vax
  11. Great idea , let me shoot for 100K to start
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