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  1. you have found the video of my setup in action !
  2. I’m looking for any old legend series ads posters promotional photos if you have any please comment them thanks !!!
  3. Hey guys does anybody know where I can get a KSW 15 dust Mine has been missing for years off it I don’t know where it has wet I’ve always made sure that there has been no dust in the middle where the Cap was and I’m looking to buy a replacement cap
  4. guys I posted this video on YouTube of my set up in action the other day since I cannot post to videos because of the size of the file I decided to post this video on YouTube to show you guys my set up so here’s the link hope you enjoy it
  5. Here is my set up if you’re wondering what it contains you can look at my profile under my set up
  6. 1st speakers were the 30s then I got a CV center speaker I sold then the 20s !
  7. yes that what works best with the area I have
  8. Was thinking about putting the 20s as rears Gonna see how I like this set up first
  9. I watched King Kong the movie last night using both of the speakers it was awesome
  10. Pretty excited right now it’s all sounds amazing
  11. thanks ! Getting the speaker splitter hooked up right now so I can run both sets since my amp can handle it
  12. Mom I swear they just followed me home.
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