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    1999 Klipsch KLF 30 black satin
    Klipsch KSW-15
    Carver A-500x
    Carver CT-25.1
    Carver M1.5t
    Adcom GFA-5500
    Adcom GFP-555
    Adcom GCD-700
    Adcom ACE-515
    Technics SL-MC7
    Yamaha KX-670
    Yamaha K-550
    JVC TT

    This list is currently not up to date I cannot keep track of how much gear I own…… will update one day

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  1. here’s some photos I’ve taken this winter Dirtbike photos shot on Nikon D610 tamron SP-150-600mm quad photo shot on iPhone 13 pro max
  2. thanks for the information I really appreciate it I have noticed out of the line I very rarely see the KSW-15 forsale usually just the KSW-10 and KSW-12
  3. Can anybody tell me about my subwoofer sticker
  4. I’m gonna look out for a buckle on eBay I want one they look cool
  5. I used a b-tech BT911
  6. Here’s a cool photo my brother Got of me in tadoussac quebec this summer on our road trip I miss looking out at the water and looking down from the tops of the mountains
  7. Had a beautiful Japanese maple in my backyard A few years ago but it started to die so we just cut it down it was huge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. yes I am aware I am constantly monitoring the heat of the amp making sure it is not overheating it seems to be doing really good so far it doesn’t really get too hot
  9. Thank you so much I really appreciate it that’s the information I was looking for
  10. Can anybody help me identify the year and stuff of this tag
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