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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I should pull the plug on the Pontus. The only thing that’s holding me back is I’ll be the third owner of it. It shouldn’t matter but I was hoping to get the unit off of the original owner.
  2. I have a chance to get a Pontus II for 2k cdn or and Aries II for 850 cdn. Is the pontus worth the upgrade?
  3. Thanks. What about steamer? I was thinking of just grabbing a wiim mini or pro when it comes out. But I’m not sure if that will sacrifice sound quality
  4. Are there many Klipsch enthusiasts in the Toronto area? Are there any meetups? I’d love to connect with other Klipsch fans in the area
  5. I sold my Hegel h590 and now looking to get some tubes for the cornwalls. I have a wilsenton r8 with a pair of heresys in my other listening area and love it I did a comparison of the hegel h590 vs the r8 with heresys and I have to tell you….. what a night and day comparison. The Hegel is a lot more reserved and laid back vs the r8. With the tubes the heresys came to life. The Hegel really seemed to play it safe while the r8 seemed alive and fun. I can’t believe I enjoy a 2k tube to a 14k solid state. my question is does anyone have experience With the wilsenton r800i? Seems like it will be an upgrade from the r8 im currently running a bluesound node to the r8 but looking to get something for the cornwall system. I’m Thinking about a denafrips Aries 2 or Pontus 2 paired with a streamer. does the streamer have much to do with audio quality or is it the dac that determines that? any feedback is appreciated thank you
  6. I’m not sure what kind of amp that is?I’m not sure what kind of amp that is?
  7. I’m not sure if I should go off of the 8ohm speaker outputs on the amp or the 4om outputs. Or if I should run parallel after the speakers daisy chain
  8. I got this one on recommendation from SVS if anyone has a better alternative I’m all ears. Or eyes? thanks
  9. I still need to clean up the wires but here is the turntable set up with the wilsenton. Very nice sound even minus a sub for now
  10. It’s more so how to hook up the speaker line to the line converter. I read somewhere to tap the 4ohm leads feom the back of the amp for the signal. Then I read you could daisy chain from the speaker to the line level. I just do t want to damage anything. Is is my first tube and I’m a total newb thanks
  11. Thanks for t he reply. I’m using an SVS pb-3000. It only has low level inputs. I ordered a line level input so I’m hoping that works. I’m not familiar how to hook them up thin I found lots of instruction on joking up a REL sub but not much on a regular tube. I did hear ocdmikey on YouTube mention it’s a horrible idea to use the speaker terminals for a signal. So I’m kind of lost
  12. Another Update: I Hooked up my turntable and phono preamp and using I’m the preamp in the wilsenton minus the sub for now the preamp in the wilsenton sounds so much better than the bluesound. A lot better. So far the bluesound has been pretty flawless. A couple glitches between the bluesound app and the Spotify app but a quick app restart and it sorted itself out. im really loving the sound of tubes so far!
  13. New update my bluesound node came today. Super easy to set up and have it running as a preamp right now to the wilsenton as I don’t have high level inputs on my subwoofer and I’m using the sub out on the bluenode. compared to using the Hegel as a preamp it’s night and day. The Hegel sounds so much better. I have ordered a line converter so I can use the preamp in the tube amp to see how it sounds before investing into a new dac. any input on which dac to look at would be appreciated. I was looking at the denafrips Aries 12 I think it’s called. also if anyone has any experience hooking up a line converter any input would be great thanks for all the help
  14. That’s what I was thinking. The headroom is nice but I really don’t need all that power
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