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  1. Forte 3 or forte 4 what a great dilemma we face . How many of us expected that Klipsch would continue to refine the heritage line well after PWK ? Fortunately , key people have kept PWK’s vision alive .🤓
  2. Took another look at your post here , lots of good comment , I’ve had the Khorns since 1986 and I always kringed at the thought of removing any low bass from the big Klipschorn , and then try like hell to replace what was removed with something else that would be better .
  3. That’s a nice looking setup ,cute pic of the youngster, and protective gate🤓I see that you went absolute biggest screen possible 👍
  4. Thanks for the post , you explained perfectly what I was trying to get at, but maybe failed at , I wasn’t advocating that people should swap out there horn subs .The part of my post that you underlined really was the gist of the whole thing . BTW from my experience ,running the Khorn full range, with even just a single direct radiator , will cover a multitude of subwoofer inadequacies , because it’s only being used to cover a very small range of response after which, the Khorn takes over with full glory. ( cover to a point of course , more capacity is needed if you plan to fully keep up). I thought the topic might start an interesting conversation , oh well 🤓
  5. Yes do it ,the Lascala’s will be great in that room .
  6. Yea I agree , I’m just throwing some ideas around , that have worked for me.Have a good one 🤓
  7. Seeing double again , better get some sleep before you loose it completely, maybe you already have
  8. I guess you have gone astray , they drop off fast below 40 hz ,so no good
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