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  1. I get your point. The 5 to 5.5 range doesn’t do Forte justice . We’re not talking Bose cubes here. Most believe that the upgrade kit is “worth it” .
  2. Personal preference , it depends a lot on how you like your bass , do you prefer super tight bass or extended . Heresy won’t reproduce low frequency rumble with much authority, so a cleaner tighter bass compared to Chorus may be perceived by some listeners. I don’t think of Heresy as a down grade to any other heritage speaker , they are excellent in their own way. 🤓
  3. I had Lascala’s in a small room , maybe 12 by 12 . At this distance a forward presentation is straightforward and obvious, but that doesn’t mean bad sound , I thought the Lascala’s sounded quite good in this setting . Dynamics become even more pronounced , with extremely snappy bass , and a startling crisp midrange, it is a thrilling experience with certain music and sound effects, if you enjoy a live performance in smaller venue’s , this might be for you . My preference is to sit further back , but sitting close to such power and dynamics is an interesting and satisfying experience .
  4. Reasonably low levels of ambient noise shouldn’t cause much of a problem ,as it will likely blend into the soundscape in a natural way . On the other hand , a crying baby , a hissing tweeter or a talking wife will usually be found as a distracting and annoying form of ambient noise . I measure under 50 db 🤓
  5. Volti makes claims that are easily proven wrong . I’d take all of their rhetoric with a grain of salt.
  6. Run some low frequency test tones , see what you’ve got , check each speaker separately ( to eliminate any possible phase/ cancellation issues ). A simple low frequency response test will tell the story. Let us know what you find , welcome to the forum.
  7. The RP 8000II are very good speakers, a hiss problem would come from upstream not from the speakers . These are powerful , clean ,detailed speakers with deep bass , their performance is hard to beat , I consider them to be a huge bargain .Welcome 🤓
  8. A lot of Klipschorn owner's actually prefer the AK3 or A crossover rather than an extreme slope crossover. I would explore the possibility of an improvement with the use of original crossovers designs . My recommendation would be to carefully evaluate your modified speakers to an original speaker , as the original speaker components are very well matched and sound excellent . PWK had a keen ear for what sounds good , tangible improvements while not impossible, are definitely rare .
  9. I read this on another forum, it’s similar to my opinion on new flat screen displays. That they are sort of a HD version of reality . It’s not exactly a natural look to me , the soap opera effect is another horribly unnatural look , yet many people are unfortunately watching tv this way ( default setting)🤷‍♂️ my neighbor for example .
  10. Compromise is found in home theater , the question is where are you willing to compromise ? I would suggest avoiding small screens . after all the screen size is related to the field of view , and this is the single most important aspect to achieving the immersive effect that we’re all striving for . Size is imperative here , it’s importance shouldn’t be underestimated . A 100 inch OLED display will unfortunately be too small for many home theaters , as the optimal field of view would put you in a 10 ft seating range or less . A projector gives much more flexibility in the choice of speakers , room size ,and seating position. Yes a flat screen is the easy choice , and it may be the best choice in many cases , but for a deluxe dedicated medium to large theater room with big powerful speakers , a projector offers not only more flexibility and emotional satisfaction , but also , to my eyes a more pleasant and comfortable image .
  11. Nice set up . I always liked the look of a projected image, even as a little kid I saw something special about it . 🤓
  12. Projectors are at their best in a dedicated room with controlled lighting , dark walls and ceiling , no windows please. Yes , a hassle to set up and not always convenient or flexible to use , but in the right room a huge screen and projected image is the more satisfying and immersive image in my opinion. It’s not just the size either , a good projector will provide an image without the unnatural harshness a flat panel produces. A projectors image is cast to the screen ,then reflected to the viewer, consistent to the way our eyes see the world. A direct view flatscreen projects light directly to our eyes and the difference is unmistakable. I prefer a projected image , and the greater size is icing on the cake .
  13. I would definitely modify your stud spacing to properly center your center channel . Looks like an easy modification. The projector will work fine within its advertised zoom range , but I would set it up at the distance that you are planning and double check that you can fill your screen before doing any carpentry work and leave a few inches leeway. As far as the atmos position, you will need to test that out , difficult to know if it would be acceptable or not . Don’t be afraid to change your plans, you can easily move wire position, speaker positions etc . Good luck.
  14. Some people just don’t understand the Klipsch Lascala. But This guy gets it . Speakers that are as good as these don’t deserve much criticism , instead ,show me something better .Nothing but praise here in this review 👍. Hi billybob , have a good one 🤓
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