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  1. 1% THD at 322 watts 8 ohms .01 THD at one watt 8 ohms
  2. Yes , but loudness does come into play here . As the spl increases , transient peaks can be clipped and distortion happens . Fortunately tube amps tend to mask this much better than SS , but it happens, and to compound our concerns , the tremendous dynamic range that we love about our Klipsch heritage speakers , could be compromised if we were to over play the amp . It really comes down to how loud you play . Sounds like you don’t tax your speakers much , so I do think that Shakeydeals comments are important here . I also believe that others should carefully consider as to how many watts are sufficient for their own particular needs . 🤓
  3. 104 db/ meter , gives us reasonable protection against clipping . 96 db as in the Heresy II , much less so , particularly as the room gets bigger and the listening distance increases . It’s really about how loud a guy wants to go . I like to have the capability to go extreme once in a while. It would seem ridiculous to me if I couldn’t fully play my Klipschorn / Lascala front stage to its full potential , maybe I’m missing something here , or maybe not 🤓
  4. No criticism to anyone else’s setup , I’m sure your system sounds awesome . Low watt amps will clip earlier, that’s just the math . I like power , always have , in cars , motorcycles etc. Can’t an amplifier be excellent ,and powerful ? I agree that if we’re talking strictly music , then power isn’t as big an issue ,but I also believe that some people take the low power idea a little too far , and that the power of an amplifier is an important consideration.
  5. My system is integrated , multi channel music / movie . Yea , most of the time a few watts are sufficient. But I like to step on the gas once in a while , clear the carbon out of the horns , show my quests what a high powered system can do , and send a shiver down their spine while I’m at it . Most people don’t have a clue what a great movie scene can sound like , but it takes power efficiency and great subwoofer capabilities to get the job done ,weak amps aren’t for me , but to each his own 🤓
  6. Eight watts is not much power , it’s a level of power that will leave many systems prone to clipping, especially at any appreciable distance. Certain music and special effects can be enhanced to an exhilarating level of pleasure and intensity when played loud . We may not want to listen at the higher levels for long , but sometimes shear unclipped power is the secret recipe for delivering a moving and memorable experience . All things being equal ,power is a good thing ,as is the high efficiency that our speakers deliver .
  7. We can rebuild them , we have the technology. We have the capability to make the worlds finest Heresy, better, stronger, and with lower bass . It might cost 6 million dollars, but what the H. 🤓
  8. It’s a lot more difficult to buy speakers today , I remember years ago when audio stores had dozens of speakers set up and ready for A/B testing , that was the good old days . Back then the buyer could make an informed decision about what they were purchasing and the manufacturers knew that their products had to hold up to this scrutiny . Today many speaker brands benefit from the lack of meaningful comparison that was once common . On the other hand , the great speakers , like Lascala or Klipschorn , they are routinely overlooked by many enthusiasts , never to be heard , people just aren’t aware of the giant leap in performance , including the shocking live performance quality that truly sets these speaker's apart from the common ordinary stuff , it should be easier to demo the AL5’s that your interested in .
  9. I’ve experimented with stacked Lascala’s for center channel , the top one upside down tweeter to tweeter . The vertical alignment with identical speakers made it difficult to detect any change in sound quality.
  10. Good article , makes me wanna go out and buy another set for my collection 🤓
  11. Is the legendary sound of the Klipsch Heresy worth it ? Yes , but it’s not so easy , because the RP 8000’s are also a very capable and beautiful sounding speaker . It comes down to personal preference and maybe how much you value deep bass. A lot of people don’t like the early bass cutoff on the Heresy , I don’t mind it so much , but many will prefer the deep low end of the RP’s . I find the Heresy to be slightly warmer and the RP slightly more detailed, both are truly excellent. Welcome to the forum 🤓
  12. Klipschorn will sound great in your room. The window is no problem . Good luck 🤓
  13. Agree, Every speaker connection is a splice of sorts . 🤓
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