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  1. It works, and it looks sweet , maybe not for every situation though 🤓
  2. It can be tough to fit in a Lascala center . But it’s worth the trouble . Front projection with a transparent screen is a good solution , as is a Lascala mounted above the TV upside down and tilted towards the listeners .This is a great looking setup . If room isn’t an issue then definitely go Lascala , you’ll never regret it .
  3. Anything but Lascala would be a downgrade, as the center is arguably the most important and prominent front stage speaker. Good luck.
  4. “Forte II great condition stock” or stock Cornwalls , look at those . My advice is that if you like the Klipsch heritage sound ,Keep them stock . Lots of backyard mechanics and tinkerers believe they can improve the sound of these already great sounding speakers , but be careful , it’s much much easier to degrade rather than improve on their sound , I’ve listened to my share of “upgraded” / modified speakers that left me disappointed and shaking my head . 🤷‍♂️
  5. I didn’t realize the scale of it , there’s also a bunch of videos showing it’s collapse 🤓
  6. Lascala / Klipschorn are the Bionic Men of loudspeakers , better , stronger, faster . 🤓
  7. Tom05

    Knee Replacement

    Also , my advice is that if it’s not bothering you too much , you may be able to hold off for awhile , you’ll know when it’s time to get it done . For example , does it hurt at rest ? If not , that’s a very good thing . How much pain when walking ? Is your knee stable? Does it affect your gait? I know a few people that had the surgery and were not happy with the results, something to consider.🤓
  8. Tom05

    Knee Replacement

    I had one done at 55 , I reached a point where the pain was no longer tolerable . I had injured it in a motorcycle accident about 35 years prior and developed arthritis which eventually destroyed the meniscus. The accident left my knee unstable and susceptible to knee sprains . After knee replacement the pain is gone and it’s rock solid , no more dislocations and sprains . I felt that it took a year to reach its max strength. In my case I received a double benefit, no more pain and gained stability.
  9. Unwanted opinions about people and products aren’t normally considered to be slander . But as a loyal Klipsch enthusiast , I think he should be arrested immediately .🤓
  10. Rel instructs owners to run their mains full range , including with home theatre . This allows the Rel to sound bigger than it actually is ,which is not a bad thing ,especially when being paired with the mighty Klipsch Lascala , they also claim better integration this way . I agree with this , and I believe that there are other advantages as well , particularly in the case of Khorn and Lascala .🤓
  11. For music , I would run your LS full range ( as you are currently) and augment the low end with a big corner loaded HSU . Hard to beat this set up. This will allow the LS to provide all the impact and immediacy that we love about the Lascala , and merely pick up where the Lascala falls off 🤓
  12. It takes very powerful , quality subwoofers to measure up and play with the LS . Go big , real big and and in multiples . This is of particular importance if you’re high passing your LS speakers .🤓good luck
  13. Hey billybob , have a nice weekend my friend 🤓
  14. Lately she’s been quiet on the diamond, but has been talking about a new car , I like this idea a lot better , she’ll look good in a new car , she deserves one , she’s been a good sport with my endless Klipschorn / theater talk , hardly even rolls her eyes anymore.🤓
  15. A few years ago the wife’s best friend got a three carat diamond ring from her husband (dirty bastard) . Of course my wife now thinks she needs one , except she likes the ones that are just a little bigger than what her friend has 🤷. Ive been telling her that three carat diamonds are actually too big , very likely to get in her way , more apt to get stolen, don’t sparkle as much as the smaller ones 😉,and could theoretically hurt her finger🤫 . So far as luck would have it, this B.S seems to be working , I think she’s afraid of hurting her finger 🤓. Klipsch Jubilee, Khorn and Lascala , are like big diamond rings , most everyone wants one , but it’s very very convenient , to deny these awesome big speakers , after all , their expensive, hard to place into a room , difficult to get approval from the little lady, and besides ,in theory they could hurt your finger . I think most of us know what’s going on here .🤓
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