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  1. Go to eBay & type in “Klipsch 1.2”. There is a factory diaphragm listed. Beware of aftermarket diaphragms as they rarely test as well as the OEM part. You could also buy a complete K 1.2 speaker and harvest any parts you need. Be sure and test the current tweeter first.
  2. I hear you; my Mac 2105 is the bee’s knees! BTW, I think the meters are fantastic; you can watch them dance to the music. They also provide useful information.
  3. Yes, my speakers are the KEF version of the LS3/5a. They are in storage now (notice not sold) as I do plan on using them in the future; they do deliver a solid musical experience. I may use them in my music/piano room. I personally would not (and did not) choose them for my MAIN system. The point of my previous post was more of a response to the video you posted. I was pointing out that cones and domes, albeit some can be quite good, have their own set of issues. I do stand by faithfulness-to-the-original-performance being the best metric to measure the fidelity of a loudspeaker (but not the only). Thank you for posting this thread, RacerX.
  4. About a year ago I bought a small pair of British monitors to play around with. I was impressed by the smooth response, wide soundstage, and even dispersion of sound throughout the room. However, the speakers are now in storage because ultimately they sounded like speakers and not like music. As a musician, I know what live music sounds like; if I was led blindfolded into a room with music playing, cones-and-domes would never fool me into thinking it was a live performance. A blindfold and some Khorns; well, it is startling how well they can approximate a live performance (Dave Brubeck, Take Five at live levels, anyone?). I think a lot of the issue with even some of the quite well designed, non-horn speakers is the lack of dynamics that is ever present in a live performance. (I do realize IM distortion is also a factor, but that issue has ties to efficiency and in turn dynamics…) Interestingly, getting the dynamics right when playing a piano score is very important; it has a tremendous impact on how good the piece sounds during a performance. The same goes for speakers. Reproducing music that is not faithful (“fidelity”) to the live performance from which it was recorded is “non-fidelity” and therefore a form of distortion per Mr. Paul Klipsch.
  5. Marvel, I saw you mentioned a surgical procedure in your near future; I hope it goes smoothly with an excellent outcome.
  6. The crown recommendation is interesting. Sadly, I have never heard one. What improvements does the A version have? It looks the only the D75 (not A) has unbalanced inputs.
  7. Yes, I have heard good things about some of the vintage Japanese amps; Luxman has a fine reputation. Thank you all again for these great suggestions.
  8. BTW, I have heard the Crown studio amps and BGW tend to have noisy transformers, but otherwise sound quite good. Definite contenders. With this second system, I listen critically to very low levels in the mornings, so the amp needs to be very quiet.
  9. My daily driver is a restored, ABSOLUTELY dead quiet, wonderful sounding MC2105 coupled with a modern Mac preamp. I just love the sound of an autotransformer amp. BUT, Mac equipment is more than I feel spending on this second system. I was thinking of an upgraded Adcom 555, BGW Model 100, Crown D75, Hafler, et cetera. I am open to suggestions. Thank you very kindly for each thoughtful response.
  10. I am considering a vintage (late 70s through maybe 2010ish) solid state amp to use in a second system. Do you all have any favorites that sound good, are quiet (very important), and durable. High power rating is not necessary (especially at 104dB/1M 1W). No tube amps, please (I like tubes, but not this go around).
  11. Thank you Grindstone! That is very thoughtful.
  12. No one has called me a kid for decades; why do you think I didn’t know how to use them!
  13. Thank you for catching my oversight; it has been corrected.
  14. I would like a copy of “Dope from Hope.” I am more than happy to pay for it. Does anyone have any information about acquiring these writings of Paul Klipsch?
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