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  1. MechEngVic, Thank you for the detailed response and sharing your own experience with an add-on super tweeter. One thing for sure, I do not want to smear the midrange in any way as this area of sound is by far the most important aspect of a speaker's design (my opinion, of course). My preference would be for the sound presentation to have more depth and height and not be quite so localized to the corners. I think a bigger room would help as I am only back about 14 feet from the Cornwalls in my dedicated music room. As your post describes, it is all about compromise. Andy
  2. Well, 10KHz may indeed be a little high. But, I don't think one would want too much overlap with the K77. Of course, with a 1st order network the rear firing tweeter would only be down 6dB at 5KHz and 12dB at 2500Hz. I would just have to grab a handful of different value caps, and listen to which one sounds the best - it should be pretty obvious with a little trial and error. I would think the effect should be subtle for the best performance; after all, the Cornwall is a pretty well balanced speaker as is. But then again, the whole idea may just be a bust, which is why I was asking... BTW, lovely room you have there, Gary. Thank you for posting. Andy
  3. Here is a link with a basic discussion on rear mounted "ambience" super tweeters: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/rear-firing-tweeters I tend to trust the experience and knowledge of the people on this forum, hence the question. I am considering using a couple of super tweeters in this application to possible give my Cornwalls a more open, "less confined-to-the-box sound". The rear tweeter would be reversibly mounted on a 45 degree angle near the top, rear of the cabinet with an empirically determined (read: by ear) 6dB/octave crossover point (single capacitor) around 10,000Hz. The Fostex FT17H may have potential: https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/bullet-tweeters/fostex-ft17h-horn-super-tweeter/
  4. What do you all think about rear mounted ambience tweeters in home applications?
  5. Thanks, Dean. Yeah, I kind of figured it was the same as the A & AA, but was not sure. Andy
  6. The K77M seems to be a little more efficient than the K77. Is there a difference in the sensitivity ratings of these 2 tweeters, or is it possible the old alnico version have magnets that are weaker due to age?
  7. Does anybody know the crossover points of the AK2 & AK3 crossovers?
  8. Careful purchases after research has always worked well for me too, so I hear you. As far as reusing one of your Shure cartridges for your "new" turntable, well they need to be matched to the tonearm (as you may already know). The cantilever on the cartridge has compliance rating that must be taken into consideration when mating it to a tonearm. A higher mass tonearm, just for example, a 16.5 gram all aluminum (not graphite) Thorens TP16 MKI tonearm will demand a less compliant cartridge cantilever vs a 7.5 gram graphite Thorens TP16 MKII. Think of it as buying shock absorbers for a motorcycle vs an F350 diesel truck; a motorcycle shock will be much more compliant vs the F350 shock. Neither shock is necessary better than the other, just suited to different applications. It would be ridiculous putting an F350 shock on a motorcycle and vice versa. Likewise, it would be ridiculous putting a high compliance Shure V15 V on a 16.5g tonearm; it will mercilessly bounce up and down riding the groove (think of a motorcycle shock on an F350) and sound lousy, but would a reasonable choice for a 7.5g tonearm. Ideally, the tonearm cartridge combination should resonate around 9 to 11 cycles per second (this can be seen on a test record and is cool to watch). So to answer your question and reiterate: It depends. Your cartridge should match your tonearm. I personally like medium to higher mass tonearms to accommodate moving coil cartridges, which typically have lower compliance vs moving magnet types. I want that "magic midrange" from my set-up for lifelike vocal reproduction - both cartridge types can do it, but some of the moving coils speak to me. Your mileage may vary, of course. There are volumes that could be written on this subject; perhaps others want to chime in. Many audio people (ahem...present company excluded, of course) do not understand the cartridge can not be thought of independent of the tonearm it is to be used on. The marriage of the cartridge and tonearm is critical to proper set-up and good sound. Andy
  9. I guess I am a bit late to the game, but I would recommend selling your Thorens TD166 and consider buying a Thorens TD145. The TD145 has an automatic stop feature that lifts the stylus at the end of the LP; it works great.
  10. Thank you for the replies. Plenty of knowledge on this forum. Andy
  11. I am not convinced the AK2/K55M is the ideal Khorn combination. Maybe the tried and true K55Vs, alnico K77s coupled with fresh AA networks?
  12. Greetings folks, 1) Would the A55G mid horn driver be properly voice when used with the AK2 network (Khorn)? 2) Would it be beneficial to upgrade the AK2 to the AK3 when using the A55G (or even in general)? 3) Do you all still consider the A55G to be the "bee's knees", or has that impression cooled off a bit? 4) Does anyone know where the A55G is made? Best regards, Andy
  13. Karlson3, Thank you for the reply; that was exactly the information I was looking for. I guess your forum name comes from the Karlson speaker? Andy
  14. Greetings, What would be the effect of mounting a 6.5" full range with a whizzer cone onto an oval slot measuring about 6" x 3"? Would it sound okay or would I have to route out the hole? I am trying to upgrade some digital piano speakers and the oval grills look good, plus routing the holes has tricky access. Thanks, Andy
  15. Great replies so far! I want to broaden the horizons of my LP collection, so thank you for your help (I tend to trust the ears on this forum). BTW, I am listening to Chet Atkins in Hollywood on YouTube - fantastic! Andy
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