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  1. Good point on the upgrade kit with the foam being reused from the H2. Your replies and help are much appreciated. Andy
  2. Winglet, Thank you for the thread; it was informative, however I did not see anything regarding the Heresy III’s damping configuration (a bit of a mystery). Respectfully, Andy
  3. 001, when you say around the woofer do you mean a U going below the woofer in the bottom of the cabinet, or an upside down U between the squawker and the woofer? BTW, Altec used to place insulation on the top and 1 side but we are talking Klipsch…
  4. Greetings, I am restoring a pair of Heresy I speakers that will require a new pair of woofers. The replacement will be the Klipsch K28e, which is also found in the Heresy III & IV (the III is sealed, while the IV is ported). The restoration project will keep the original, sealed configuration. By my calculation, without any damping material (like the Heresy I originally was designed), the K28e with give a Q of about .9 which leaves the system a little under damped (if .7 is the goal). My question is how much damping does the Heresy III have? I would be interested to know the material, the size, the thickness, and how it is placed in the cabinet. I figure Klipsch has correctly figured out the correct damping for the K28e in a Heresy cabinet, so the information should be helpful for a proper restoration. Also, I am quite willing to buy the part (foam damping) from Klipsch if they sell it. Thank you, kindly, Andy
  5. (Moved to technical/restoration.)
  6. Welcome to the forum! Personal message sent to you (from me). Andy
  7. Hi Barbie & Paul, I had not seen it until today. Please know I am happy to be a part of the Dope From Hope book campaign. Thank you so much for all your hard work making this excellent project come together. Also, congratulations on meeting the financial goal! May many more get on board before the March 1st deadline. Respectfully, Andy PS: I am strongly considering buying another copy for our local high school to help educate future generations in regards to audio fidelity.
  8. Very nice work, John - top shelf. The Mac 2100 is a lovely, vintage amplifier worthy of restoration. My 2105 is still going strong; the Mac guy bench tested it about 5 years ago and it “exceeded factory specifications”. It is incredible how good those old autotransformer amplifiers can sound. BTW, it is good to see you posting here on the forum. Andy
  9. Agree. Well dialed in Heresys can be quite good, but the Cornwalls are a step up.
  10. Schroedinger, What are you thoughts on the Heresy III versus the Cornwalls in your listening room? Andy
  11. I have a pair of B2 crossovers that I tried out (good caps, Litz 245uh inductors). To my ear there is some perceptible improvement at the squawker’s crossover frequency (600Hz), but the balance of the mids and and high frequencies is perceptibly worse to my ear (slight recess of the mids coupled with brighter high frequencies). The B Network is closer to the voice of my Khorn vs the B2 Network, no question. This comparison is just my experience and my opinion; if someone loves their B2s, great! - it is only their ears they have to please. BTW: The B2 does provide better tweeter protection, but I have never had an issue with the B Network and blown tweeters (I have never been afraid to crank ‘em up with my rather powerful Mac amp).
  12. Congratulations! The Cornwall is truly a fantastic speaker that does well with all kinds of music; there are few complaints about Cornwalls here on this forum. 1977 is a good year for the Cornwall. Your speakers should contain the B Networks (which are my personal favorite), K33B (or just K33) woofers, K55V mid drivers, and the K77 alnico tweeters. Happy listening! Andy
  13. A couple more thoughts…. Klipschorns and your Yamaha speakers are much different speakers serving different applications. If setup properly, the Klipschorn will approximate live music at low to high levels with dynamic realism and very low distortion. They are accurate and well balanced, but are certainly not near-field “ruler flat” monitors one might use for mixing a recording. Klipschorns are quite room dependent because the room itself actually becomes part of the speaker; the corner of the room becomes the mouth of the bass horn. The deepest frequencies need some room before the best (and deepest) sound is realized. As a musician and long time audio enthusiast: Many speakers offer a quality listening experience, but typically “Speakers sound like speakers, but Klipsch sounds like music, especially the Klipschorn.” I think it is important to understand exactly what type of listening experience you are after. Warm regards, Andy
  14. Nominal impedance: The woofer is 4 ohms, the mid is 16 ohms, the tweeter is 8 ohms. The DC resistance will measure lower: 3.2 ohms, 10.6 ohms, 6.2 ohms respectively, would be fairly typical. A well designed folded bass horn is beautifully accurate. The bass also has a coupling effect in the room giving it a clean, tactile feel; in a sense you are standing in the mouth of the bass horn. One of my favorite things about Khorns is the way the sound carries out into the room without “dying out”; the sound will even follow you into another room - it must be some kind of acoustic coupling phenomenon (I hear it, but I never seen anything written about it). In my opinion, a Klipschorn which is not properly setup in corner (not perfect, but reasonably well) will not sound very good. A big rectangular room with the Khorns on the long wall is ideal. Placing on the short wall will dramatically reduce the performance, but may be acceptable for some. I personally think the worst setup for Khorns is a room that is too small (say 10’ x 12’). Khorns need some room to breathe. Others may disagree, but these are my personal findings. Big room, corners, long wall = audio bliss. Compromises begin as each parameter is violated.
  15. As of 2/15/2023, $62,600 of the $83,000 goal has been met: 2 weeks left.
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