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    System 1: Marantz 2325, 2252 and PM-8, Dual 1219 turntable with TBD speakers
    System 2: Will Vincent St-70, Erhard Audion Janis Phono and Aretha Pre, Systemdeck IIX turntable Cornwalls and La Scalas

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  1. Guy here locally from this forum is picking these up.
  2. La Scalas are doing living room duty and these don't fit with the aesthetic. Free to a good home. If you want to pay for packing and shipping, I'm game.
  3. I've moved to a passive Preamp, so these have just been sitting for the last couple of months. The Aretha has the following additional upgrades: Stereo/mono switch Remote control Tone defeat switch The purchase price for the Aretha today from Erhard would be about $2100 with addons and shipping This comes with a matched quad of Tung Sol 6SL7GT I have a TON of other 6SL7 varient tubes including a couple of the industrials. If you want tubes to roll in this, we can work something out to get you some really nice tubes to play around with! I also have the Janis Phono. It has loading dip switches for both MM and MC carts. The purchase price for a Janis today would be a little over $1600 new with shipping. Comes with Electro Harmoix 6922E gold pin tubes. I have a set of Bugle Boy ECC88 that I can include for an additional cost. If someone wants to buy this as a set, I'd let them go with the stock tubes for $2000 plus shipping. Original manuals will also be included. If separate I'm thinking: Aretha- $1200 Janis- $1000 I'm super easy to work with, great at packing, and motivated to sell!
  4. Limberpine


    Happy to helping! I did an email intro for you yesterday.
  5. I'm in Portland and have a set of 1978 La Scala's that are raw birch. Exactly like the ones you have. If you ever want to listen for nostalgia lemme know. Also, if there is any other gear your parting with locally, let me know. I live in the Mt Tabor neighborhood.
  6. Limberpine


    Local bar, Decibel ( https://www.decibel-pdx.com/), here in Portland runs the JJ322 and JJ243. He has WELL over 10000 hours on them in 2.5 years and only recently had to replace one small cap. He used to run Klipsch, but now runs a custom horn loaded Altec Setup. https://www.jj-electronic.com/en/hi-end-amplifiers https://www.eurotubes.com/store/pc/jj high end hi-fi amps.htm https://www.eurotubes.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=768 They are robust amps and sound amazing in his system. Eurotubes can import them from JJ for you, get them setup and then send them on. I know the owner of Eurotubes, so if you want an intro let me know.
  7. I'm putting my Audiophilleo 2 (MK1) + PurePower battery up for sale. One of the most successful and highly rated USB to S/PDIF conversion solutions on the market. Intelligent and innovative engineering and design. Plug and Play. $325 shipped CONUS and paypaled for members here.
  8. What will replace the Osiris horns?
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