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    RIP Steve Albini

    Here ya go @Marvel https://news.lettersofnote.com/p/nirvana
  2. rplace

    RIP Steve Albini

    Too soon 😞
  3. Congrats on the new Jubes! I'm also using Hypex mono blocks for the low end and First Watt J2 for the top for my active crossover system. Different speakers for sure, but I owned Khons for many, many years. Also several tube amps and preamps have come and gone. I don't see the Hypex/J2 combo going anywhere anytime soon. Just some food for thought on the J2/Hypex combo that seems to work for more than one member here. Enjoy the road finding your perfect match....er, matches. Side note, I've not been keep up on the new Jubilee threads. Does the active crossover that comes with them allow for you to play with the crossover points, slopes, delay, etc. or is it a preprogrammed box from the factory. Any idea who makes it? The speakers look fantastic and I'm sure sound out of this world. I'd expect nothing less from the electronics.
  4. That sounds to me like your laptop has USB-C, correct? I only see USB-C on the DAC. So I would be shocked if a C to C cable did not work. Like @Marvel says it will need power. Absent that, if any port on your laptop can charge your phone, use that one. Try not to use a USB Hub between laptop and DAV, if you can avoid it. I've had on and off problems with CD-players for ripping CDs, Monitors, Microphones, etc. with a chain of USB devices that went Laptop>>cable>>USB Hub>>cable>>Device. I also seem to remember (scary) a previous Dell Laptop that had USB-C/Thunderbolt dock port and 1 USB-A port that was powered and two USB-A ports that were not powered. So try your cell phone on all ports of your laptop and see if any/all charge while you wait for the DAC to show up. If you really want to cover all of your bases pick these up....super handy once you have them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BJ8YQ2LM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  5. This I really don't know. I could probably read up on that particular DAC but I'm pretty lazy. Every time I've done it it has been A (2.0/1.0 or 3.0 below) on the computer's end and B (USB 2.0 Type-B) on the DAC's. But I would not be surprised to learn of a C to B since C is becoming more and more prominent. Does your DAC only have "B" or does it have "C"? If C then I'd expect they have that (c to c) nut cracked. Post a link to your DAC or a picture of the back's connections plainly in view.
  6. Not the sound your hear, but the data to be converted by the external DAC, bypassing the computer's DAC. Might sound like I'm splitting hairs but it is a huge difference. Not anything, in any form, that your brain can make sense of. I didn't read the entire thread so apologies if this has already been said....but it does not quite sound to me like you ( @Jeff Matthews) quite get this. Your computer has a DAC in it. That is why your computer speakers, headphones form headphone jack, etc. can make Analog sound. The DAC has C=converted the D=Digital bits (00110101011010101s) to A=Analog .The stuff you, as a human can hear. When you connect your computer via USB to your External DAC, you bypass the computer's DAC (possibly less quality, debatable) and some software (a driver) on the computer let's your computer and External DAC talk to each other. Now the computer can send it's digital bits to the external DAC for conversion to Analog for your ears to hear and your brain interpret. In case it is not painfully obvious yet you should have alight bulb showing above your head and drawing the conclusion, counselor, that a "Streamer" or "Bridge" is nothing more than a computer that can take digital bits from somewhere - Internet, computer, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and give it to your DAC for conversion. The DAC may have an amp built in or you may connect it like any other piece of gear as a source. Think in CD player terms. Back in the 80s/90s. You had: A CD with data, no music, just 1s and zeros much like your computer files or internet stuff form Qobuz. To get different data you had to change the CD in the player The CD player also had a way to get the data from the CD to the DAC. The laser and associated software This is kind of like the streamer/bridge, not really but close enough The CD player's DAC did what they always do Convert Digital to Analog <<<<< end of trying to help Jeff, time for some pot stirring and general audiophile (I hate that term) anarchy >>>>>>> Therefore, logically, nothing can make the data sound "differently" in the digital domain. The data is simply data. As long as the data gets there correctly and in time (solved probably 40 years ago) you don't need a $10,000 dollar USB cable, or audio quality switches in your network or fancy linear power supply for your computer/streamer supplying those bits to the DAC. But the industry as a whole would love you to think so. A turntable is a system comprised of many parts, not just a single thing called a record player. So is a tape deck (rollers, heads, motors). While a record is playing, jumping up and down on a poorly isolated floor, a noisy motor, bad groundings, the sensitivity of the stylus and pick up, dust, pressing quality of the vinyl, plus many other things can all influence the sound the turntable produces. Everything is in the analogue domain. The so called external DAC. It is not one thing either, it is really a collection of parts making up a system. Some in the digital domain and some in the analogue domain. It is the implementation of the DAC chip and everything that happens after the digital is converted to Analog that you can hear. The Wi-Fi/wire getting the data to your DACs analog side matters 0 (zero) not 1 (one) bit - pun intended. But people that don't know each other will debate that endlessly on the Internet because they Believe it does and they have spent the money and want it to be true. Expectation biases and confirmation biases are very powerful and very real. As I get older I find it almost as interesting and entertaining as music and the Hi-Fi hobby.
  7. Channeling your inner J Mascis?
  8. I'm not a fan of numerous monthly reoccurring fees. As much as I get dragged into the digital age I still like own it. Plus when the Internet is down/out you can still listen to music. Give Roon a look. Many over there love Qobuz. Glad you found a working solution.
  9. @Jeff Matthews I'm in the process of organizing/downsizing/de-cluttering my digital accumulation of multiple backup drives and my main storage system. PM me if you might be interested in some of my "stuff". If you are looking to convert your CDs or Vinyl to something to store on site (your home) and have access them in a meaningful way this would be a way to jump start that process. I've spent at least 2 decades perfecting my process.
  10. Which one? CBS, Mo-Fi, other? That album is my pet project. I've probably had 25 version of it. Currently probably 10+. Single Wally, Double Wally, Friday Music, Gold Foil promos, blue Epic re-release. Every time I see one in a used record shop if it has a orange CBS label and no barcode I buy it. Side one is pretty iconic in my book. Out of all the high dollar ones I've tried I liked the Mo-Fi the least. Kinda noisy. Love the blue on your P3, nice!
  11. You got it, check your PMs. You are going to love that Joe Henderson disc. Sorry man, just grab that Breaking Point off ebay for ~100 and call it a day. You got the (bit) coin. 😉
  12. Sold, thanks Klipsch forums! I've got 6 wonderful Blue Note RVG CDs up for grabs. Pick any 2 and I'll ship them to your door for $25 or all 6 for $70 shipped. I've been tracking down a lot of these to see how they stack up against vinyl. Somethin' Else is an all time classic. The others are more on the hard side (read expensive) to track down. 4 of these I had to source from Ireland of all places. You can see the EU copy protection logo on three of them. So "rare" if you are into that sort of thing. They play fine on all CD players and RIP to FLAC/Wav without issue. I've never really been sure about the US vs EU versions of CDs but some do have different UPCs and Label numbers on Discogs. Some have alternate takes not on the original albums. PM if you need additional info or pix. One has a cut-out slice on the spine. All the physical CDs look virtually untouched. Somethin' Else was new in the shrink-wrap when I opened it up for a single spin. Oh, the best part if you only want Freddie Hubbard's Breaking Point and have money to burn, some nut job has it on ebay for $99.79...no joke https://www.ebay.com/itm/225693290379?epid=3055217&itmmeta=01HRA8EHKB7BA2E2X8D8DTTGH8&hash=item348c5e4f8b:g:cp0AAOSw-LxjA~hZ&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4HtKsWd4LMBpIkQot5OkcdcVjVBHqLG5KeuD5wfwGUuxW30WBm8pBLoWqDAR5GqWbITu9rNk6kio%2BjERU7uZtc0ufMl5sbRvsvppxVqYcwrpXIsUGQOUs4E6av6zmOTPf%2BbVQXr9J3aLT5g%2FeT0jA5M%2BADC0CS0bGi26dw0BCggOf5UKqLX3J6TMbjAS6kPaMATFwbf%2FFUXvKV5YYLXjLSfDhLXolt%2BwF%2BQqL%2B5vLokiPFsghxZiy6u9P%2FfSHJlh0b%2Fc12Bs%2F%2BeCh9TDqMmFt9jhv88OpHNOCVUeMsUBpB3d|tkp%3ABFBM4Jm6yMJj
  13. Watch this before you decide. If you can match the color/texture at all I bet you can get close with CA/super glue. I didn't realize you could polish. It. Seems to be used for a lot more than just gluing things together.
  14. I picked up a couple of telecaster bodies off. Craigslist. Really only wanted one but ended up with two. You know how that goes. Previous owner had put an arm rest over the factory fender "road worn finish" where the wood was exposed. On the black one you can really see the two holes in the finish of the black sparkle paint. I'm no woodworker or paint expert but can follow along to some videos online. Plus I needed a project in the final cold days before spring arrives. A shopping trip on Amazon for black glitter and Starbond super glue yielded pretty good results. New necknstyle for me. 12-in radius roasted Maple. Have only been playing it a little bit here Saturday morning and digging it so far. Never having done it before. It was a bit nerve-racking when I started to sand the super glue drop finishes and an area about the size of my thumb around those tiny holes got all scratched up. 600 grit followed by 1500 2000 and 3000.... And finally meguire's scratch X polished her right back up. Touched up another by the bridge and on the top and bottom edge. Five or six chips in all. I'm more than pleased with the results.
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