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  1. I too would be interested in hearing what others are doing. I bought one over a year ago based on reviews and figured how could you go wrong at the price. My experience has been less that ideal, but it mostly stems around wanting to play all my FLAC files that are on my NAS. The device itself seems to set up fine and no issues between my home network, phone, etc. I've gotten it to play .mp3s so I know all my connections are good and basic set up is correct. The various software/apps I've tried leave me less than impressed at best. Ultimately my goal was to test it out as a garage set up with LSIs, Carver preamp and an old AVR for power. I've got a couple of Sonos speakers around the house as wall as two Sons connects which give me access to all my music on my deck, living room (nice Klipsch set up) and dedicated music room (nicer set up). I was really hoping to not drop the $$$ on another Sonos connect for my garage system, but I just can't find any software that will 1) reliably play FLAC files and 2) has a decent interface. I think ultimately if you have never used the Sonos interface you would be fine. After Sonos I'm almost at the point where the sound quality is secondary and it is the UI that matters when not sitting and actively listening. For this very reason I've not even dipped my toe into Roon. I'm afraid I'll be ruined or Rooned. @jimjimbo Please keep me posted on your experience. What are you trying to accomplish with yours? If just fooling around I think you will be happy. For me I was hoping for a way to not drop another $350 for a 3rd Sonos connect which would basically just be a software package in my garage used from time to time when I'm out there messing around.
  2. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Mmmmmm, hot water. It's official I'm losing it. Got up went through my usual morning routine. Grind the beans put, water in the coffee pot, take some pills, let the dog outside while the coffee starts to brew. Corral the dog back inside. Clean his feet. Give him a treat. Walked back in the kitchen saw the pot was finished went to grab a cup.....I never put the coffee in the filter.😡
  3. rplace

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Just about 24 hours. I did not think they would last long. Congrats to both parties and enjoy! Cornman what are you going to use for drivers?
  4. rplace

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Found this picture if you are wanting to gauge them on similar wall.
  5. rplace

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    That is about the same size room I have mine in. I think mine is 13X17 and I have them on the 13 foot wall. I love them. Sold my Khorns because of them.....well not really because, but I didn't have space/need for two sets of huge speakers. I never thought I'd sell my khorns when I got them. The soundstage and imaging on the 150s is fantastic. If your 13X13 lounge is not on either side but behind I think you would be fine. I don't think they will sound fantastic once you out of the sweet spot but they will still sound nice. When I walk around my room I think they sound find off axis or different distances left/right or standing but when you sit down in the middle, watch out. They grab you. I've had 4 or 5 bass bin configurations. Lots of fun to play around with different configurations. If you are on the east coast and want to get rolling on a budget I'll help you out with Onken bass cabinets with 10" Vifa drivers. Fresh coat of paint super construction. Way to heavy to ship.
  6. rplace

    Critique this 2A3...

    Can't offer up any help on the particular amp, but I've been thinking about a new pair of 2A3 tubes for my amps. What does everyone like and why? Gimme the price no option must have and a down to earth options.
  7. rplace

    6sn7 GTB

    I've had/got a bunch of Sylvania, Rogers, GEs, etc. Can't say that I recall any RCAs. For me the Ken-Rad has a thick, luscious low end that really makes me smile.
  8. rplace

    Music Hall TT & Project arm for parts - Sold

    @Tubee1 was a great buyer. Smooth and painless. Wish they were all that easy. Thanks!
  9. rplace

    Quotable Quote

    Don't believe anything you read or half of what you see.
  10. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ^^^total Photoshop, just like the Grinch's salty nuts many pages back. You OSU boys sure are an easy target😉
  11. rplace

    Eyes To Look At Car For Me

    255 sport package just about every option except M seats. Wife found them too firm. Sadly an automatic. I had a 2.5L Z3 that was a blast. Went with the 3L on the Z4. It is almost too fast as a daily driver. I routinely look down and I'm going 70-75 in a 45 if no one ahead of me on rural roads. Just got a new starter yesterday $600. What happened to $59 for a small block Chevy? Other than maintenance....and tires 2-3 times I don't think I've put much into it but gas. Wife is 7 miles from work three times a week. Its got just 88k miles and will turn 14 years old in March. Pretty fun, but getting harder to get in and out of.....still nothing beats a drop top on a sunny day
  12. rplace

    Eyes To Look At Car For Me

    I'll sell you mine. Super low mileage. Triple black. 3.0. right up 95 in Maryland. Garage kept
  13. I'm currently using my Wright Sound tube preamp with a https://www.stereophile.com/solidpreamps/604placette/index.html After it and before the amps. Very happy with it
  14. rplace

    Am I doing this right?

    Very interesting and educational. I thought the delay was all about the difference in drivers based on my K horn and La Scala understanding with the large difference between the Tweeter and mid-range horn length. So interesting to find out that the network / filter / crossover is what affects the delay. I guess when you stop learning your dead. Also when you set up AVRs and home theater processors they typically ask for the length frim seating position. I figured that was to set various delays so all the sounds hit you at the right time. Probably is because they would have no way of knowing what your speaker crossovers are
  15. rplace

    Am I doing this right?

    Trying to school myself on things I found this. I realize generalizations are not always the best but it seemed to help me understand a bit of what I was asking above. Would any of you XO-Xperts generally agree with this? My take away form that would be all other things being equal if you could use a gentler slop you should. If my HF section is good from 150Hz and above and my LF section is good from 1000Hz and below I should be able to cross between 200-300 say and use as gentle of a slope (lower number like 6 not 48, right) as is pleasing to me, no? If I am right here than why all the fuss in years gone by about ALKs Extreme Slope Networks? I'm not trying to cast any stones here, just trying to understand things. Seems to me like if your horns/drivers would allow you would be after the exact opposite of an extreme slop network. Again, I'm just asking and trying to learn not saying Extreme Slope Networks are bad in any way.