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  1. rplace

    Khorns Walnut MD/DC/VA/PA

    Thanks! No idea on tweeters, tell me how to tell the difference. If bigger number = newer I'd bet the older version as I've had them since at least 2010. No mods beyond what I've listed from creation date. Mids are the stock 1987 type, is that K55-M, perhaps? Silver and flat not the gray domed. For sure not the soldered or push pin. The Belle has the Push Pin, older gray domed type. See blow from Dean when I questioned him about what crossovers I have when I was playing with the attenuation settings. If you are truly interested in them I'll go take pix of Mids/Tweets/XOs. Though, I have the feeling you are not in the market. Thanks as well. I put that in just because I think the never driven hard is such a crock of sh!t. Loud volume can't hurt these babies, only extreme abuse can. They have been well played, loved and cared for. Mark IIIs, VRDs, Carver, Scott, Wright, Sunfire and probably more. All sounded great. That made me laugh. I agree a terrible match, what was I ever thinking. Wile mine is not super vintage it is still made in USA, Chicago in fact. Just like the khorns, not old not new.
  2. rplace

    NOS Heresy pair!

    For sure, neat in its own right....I'd like to have them just because.
  3. rplace

    Khorns Walnut MD/DC/VA/PA

    I'm the 2nd owner of these beauties. I know everything there is to know about their history. They have only been moved twice in their life. From the Gramophone store, 1987 in the Baltimore, MD area to the original owners house and to my house from his in 2004. I guess 3 moves if you count the trip up from Hope. I don't really need or want to sell them but they are out of my music room and sitting near my pool table in poor corners with tile floors, windows and glass framed half marathon posters all over the walls. Surely not an ideal listening environment. I'll probably regret selling them but it seems a shame to have them sitting unused. Hopefully the next person will love them as much as I have. They are in really good shape. Not perfect but darn good. All corners are crisp and straight, no water/flower pot marks of any kind. These are perfect for being the show case of your main living area. Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. Truly fine furniture, not beat up frat house casts off in need of a winter's worth of restoration. If you were really motivated to make them better than new they could probably use a woodworkers fine toothed comb to rejuvenate the veneer. They never needed any attention as far as I was concerned. Just dusted and oiled from time to time. Multiple forum members have seen them and remarked on what great shape they are in. The sound fantastic as you would expect. I'm selling them with Crites tweeters and DeanG crossovers installed and all the original parts included. If you have dreams of a killer home theater I have a single Walnut Belle with Crites tweeter and matching DeanG XO. I had all three crossovers built at the same time. The Belle includes the original tweeter and XO as well. I won't sell the Belle as a single speaker until the Khorns are sold. I'd really like to see them stick together if at all possible. The only exception is that I'll sell the Belle to @sunburnwilly for a good price to get the pair back together. For the time being I don't have any interest in shipping them. I'm very close to I-95 Exit #80 in Maryland. Close to Philly, D.C., Northern VA, Delaware, NJ and NYC. If you are seriously interested and need more pix I have a digital SLR. But please don't waste my time or yours kicking the tires. These are the real deal. If you want a pair of Khorns that ready to use, not a project come get them. Again if you are serious, I can move them back into my listening room for a test run with tubes or solid state gear, vinyl or CD/FLAC. Come hang out, have a beer and leave with a pair of Khorns. $2950 for the pair of Khorns Crites and original tweeters, DeanG and original XOs. I've not given any thought to the Belle because I figure it is a long shot you want all three. Cell phone pix limited in size due to the forum rules to follow. The Lava Lamp is on one because of recent forum discussions and so you can tell the two apart if we need to discuss which one is which in PM. Oh, BTW they have been played loud....like they should from time to time.
  4. rplace

    The Last Reply Wins

    All the guys in FL can count to 21 but they have to pull down their pants after removing shoes and socks.
  5. rplace

    Pulled Going to offer in lots of ?

    Jewel cases for about $0.36 each with free shipping and you won't have a scratch on them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-pcs-Black-New-Single-Standard-DVD-CD-10-2mm-Jewel-Case/112473608322?epid=13007698099&hash=item1a2ff31082:g:pnEAAOSwgu9ZYA00:rk:11:pf:0 Please buy these from Joe so I can stop coming back here to see if they are sold. I really don't want to sort and rip that many CDs and I'm sure I have a lot of them...but I keep thinking I need to buy these.
  6. I bought this for a project that I never followed through on. I had a music hall MMF 5 at the time and it was a great table. I bought this one with no dust cover power supply or platter. As far as I know everything else is complete. All the little bits for the arm are present like the weight for the anti skate and the finger lift. Belt also included. I also have two round inserts that I believe a fellow Forum member made for me. My plan was to experiment with a couple of other arms I had at the time. Again that never materialized. I really just want to free up the space I'm thinking 50 bucks is fair but if I'm out of line make me a reasonable offer. Plus shipping and PayPal fees or F&F. If you're just interested in the arm $30 and I'll scrap the rest. To be clear this is not a complete table you would need to source the power supply and a suitable platter. Motor and bearing is present.
  7. rplace

    denon 103r anyone ?

    I'd guess it's the cartridge. I've had both the standard 103 (non-R) and the 103R Denon, vanilla version as well as both R and non-R from Zu. I wanted to like/keep the R because it cost more, thus had to be "better" and because of all the hype... I figured I must be wrong. I eventually trusted my ears. To me the R is too bright/harsh. I think most of the love you read about it is from non-horn/Klipsch users. I've spent the bulk of my vinyl hours with the two Zu versions and just last year sold the R. Zero regrets.
  8. rplace

    Happy Birthday Carl

    HBD, man! One day away.
  9. rplace

    College football 2018

    I'd rather shower at PSU than cheer for OSU! Go blue! Northwestern by 3. See ya weak schedule ND.