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  1. Looking for a pair of vintage 2A3 tubes. Let me know what you got.
  2. I've spent the last many, many weekends (and weeks). Measuring, adjusting, repeating and even started over from scratch at least twice due to what I have learned from Chris and stumbled across blindly. Last Sunday and this morning I've just been listening to 2 or 3 different presets...each with different plusses, none yet have I gotten like Chris'. All 3 put a big smile on my face. Odd thing is what I had before sounded better than anything previous. Now its even better. I whish I still had my passive Khorns just so I could give them another go and make sure I'm not just wanting them to be better. I'm still having problems getting the impulse right. Seems like it just is what it is based on the other settings. @Chris A is there specific ways to influence it or will it just sort of fall into place when you get all the "other stars aligned"?
  3. Tell me more please. Assuming the things on the bottom are adapters? I'm listening to mine as I type with 1940s Ken-Rad and Tung Sol mouse ears Really like the ability to listen in passive mode and it not have the tubes turned on.
  4. I can't decide to laugh at this or roll my eyes. I would suspect PWK rolling back and forth in his grave trying to find the BS button. How about a badge that just say Corny?
  5. rplace

    The Irishman

    Yes, limited release until then because none of the mega-plex's wanted to have it for such a short run (3 weeks in November). What I read was that they wanted 60-90 exclusive showings. Netflix said no. So only small, independent theaters are showing it. I live in the middle of nowhere so no "real" internet access thus no streaming. The wife and I really wanted to see it and this was a nice excuse to skip work for a day and travel to a great location and spend the night in a nice hotel. The movie was just the catalyst for a great day/night of movies, Belgium beer and good food. If you don't have a dedicated home theater I think this one should be seen on a big screen in the dark. Make the effort to catch it out, don't settle for a 50+ inch TV or worse a phone/tablet. Not many movies these days worth the effort. I think this is one of them.
  6. They have been there since 2005. I can do pull ups on them. They are not going anywhere. Pretty simple to mount. 2x4 on the ceiling, 2x4 on the wall, cut plywood to desired angle on the face leave at 90* for wall/ceiling. Lifting heresy into place, holding and driving lag bolts is the tricky part. I'm sure it would work for any plywood built speaker. Not sure about MDF but I'd bet you could make it work.
  7. rplace

    The Irishman

    Not really. It's a movie. Lots of movie discussion in HT, no?
  8. Heresies are not that big once up on the wall. Here is a shot of mine
  9. rplace

    The Irishman

    Made a big effort to see this. Between travel, DC hotel prices, food/drinks, etc. I bet I have the better part of $1k in it. Long but in a good way. More relationship driven than violence like Casino or Goodfellas. Cool art house type theater with good sound. Well acted and we'll shot. Lots of good Michigan references (Red Fox @DizRotus) so that was cool. Pachino maybe the weak spot as Hoffa. Great costumes and old cars. Great dinner and fun Friday away from the house with my wife. Worth every penny and the effort to see it. I couldn't imagine streaming it on a tablet. This movie deserves a big screen. Go see it while at the theaters.
  10. I've had mine hanging for about 15 years. See my 2nd post in this thread about 15th on the page. If you need more info let me know. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/172998-klipsch-heresy-height-channel-mod/&tab=comments#comment-2203791
  11. @ClaudeJ1 can I get an explanation of why the woofer mount piece #9 has the oval cut out and the 4 corners trimmed back? Not doubting the design just curious as to the why behind it. If the corners were square I'd think a more air tight fit. If the hole was as round as the drivers metal surround (like a cornwall in motor board) I'd think more sound getting out easier or less restrictive path for the sound. I'm sure it has something to do with it being a horn, but can't really figure out how that helps.
  12. Ha, this way you can buy 50% less cables, cut them in half and you have everything you need in and out of the Xilica
  13. Any idea how the Eminence Alpha 15 might perform? I have two just laying around. Just curious is all, if the Kappa is the better I can't see cheeping out for $200 bucks if it is the best you have found. https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-alpha-15a-15-driver--290-407
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