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  1. rplace

    '56/'57 Klipschorn restoration/repair

    Are these the 999 ones from eaby in Perrysville/Havre de Grace, MD? If not sorry for the thread hijack. If so you say "helping" who bought them? I'd seen them on CList for a ridiculous $3K then on ebay with a more realistic starting bid. They were about 10 minutes form my house, but I just didn't need any more speakers let alone a project. I was very happy to see they sold, as I was afraid with the estate sale looming and the people wanting them out they might end up parted out, used for scrap wood or in a dumpster. Again happy they found a home. Best of luck getting them back to their former glory. Any chance you helped pick them up? If so did you see an Jazz LPs that might be offered in the sale or other interesting items?
  2. rplace

    Best speaker for my space

    Do you have them sitting on top of something? Looks like it in the picture but might just be something in front of them. If so take them off whatever they are resting on. Play around with placement a bit toeing them in some and moved off the back wall as suggested above.
  3. rplace

    Been Jeeping in Ouray and Telluride

    Pix not showing for me. Telluride is beautiful. Durango is a cool town if you want a good burrito.
  4. rplace

    College football 2018

    ODU knocks off VT. I dislike me some hokies. Go back to Blacksburg with your tail between your legs. Interstate rivalries can always be tough.
  5. rplace

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    HBD man!
  6. rplace

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Better than a cup of coffee to wake up to
  7. rplace

    La Scala Split Project

    Use the vinyl to make a cardboard template out of a manila file folder, then spray paint it white with a little overspray on purpose. It will look like a hardened road cabinet form back in the day. BTW, outstanding thread. I've come back to it many times and really enjoy it.
  8. rplace

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Good to hear. Thanks for checking in. Best of luck moving forward!!!
  9. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I just found out what southerners really mean by that when they say it to us damn yankees. And I thought it was so sweet when little old ladies said it.
  10. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    True if you have a VOIP or some other non-traditional land line. I actually have that because I have an all in one cellular/Internet appliance that converts to a standard line for old modular jack phones. I may have incorrectly assumed since Gary said answering machine and not voice mail it was an old skool land line with nothing special. Since he does not have a cell phone I was going with old school. Entirely possible he has a bundled service with voice/phone/cable in which it could be Voice Mail. Semantics I guess but a distinct difference between answering machine and VM. EDIT: Before Mike gives us 57 links with 6" pictures each and makes this page unreadable One of my favorite Replacements songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4QYJG8AxSw
  11. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    That is great Gary @Tigerman. If you left a message then he has to have phone service at least. Good news!
  12. So different horns and possibly drivers?
  13. Guess I should back up my Raw comments.....typically they are finished by some dude with a broom. Those look super nice. The ones that never get finished look pretty darn good too.
  14. They look worth the time/money just in pictures. Is that the Klipsch badge between HF and LF? Got any close up pix? What veneer? Nice and light but does not look like oak grain from that distance?
  15. As with anything used it is worth exactly what one other person is willing to buy it for. Condition, finish and location play a huge role. Beat up raw birch that need new crossovers and require 10 hour drive each way for $2000 is probably not a smart use of your time and money in my book, but if you have to have them because you have every other type of wood finish and simply must complete your collection of 25 pairs of Khorns I'd say have at it. Likewise, I'd say if there was a pair of Teak Khorns the next city over for $3,500 and I really wanted them I'd be off with money in hand and hope to resell my OO or WO more common pair to offset the premium for the Teak. Zebrawood in perfect condition would be worth a ton to me, probably not everyone else. Some people might really want a black ash pair because they don't care about looks, sound only or they fit perfectly into their décor. I'd not take them for $1,000 if the stipulation was I had to live with them the rest of my life. I'd rather listen to Forte IIs or Cornwalls that looks nice over anything black in my particular house....but that is just me. Now factor in the enjoyment you get out of them. Is waiting 18 months to get a pair for $2,000 vs $2,500 really going to change your life? That is 18 months at easily $50 a month enjoyment (my personal enjoyment value). So you saved 500 bucks but lost 900 in enjoyment. Well done Mr. Rockefeller! For the most part I've found the "average" Klipsch forum member to be a tight a$$ when it comes to $$$. Where did all these used Khorns come from? Somebody bought them day 1 new and thought they were worth MSRP or much closer to that than the typical used selling price, or bragged about buying price on this forum. I don't think we are the norm here. We obsess over this XO or that phase plug. Really, is a soldered midrange driver going to put you into audio bliss and an AK-2 going to make you vomit every time you drop the needle? All that said, if you are talking common OO or WO, nothing to special and they would look good to anyone casually passing through you living room I think $2,500 +/- is a good starting point. Up for upgrades that matter to you, down for condition or black/raw. Exotic woods or they just speak to you in some way so you gotta have them...get out your wallet. Nice to have but you really don't need them....throw out a lower offer and see what happens.