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  1. No longer available. Thanks Klipsch Forums!
  2. It really tied the room together
  3. Sold, packaged and shipped. Thanks Klipsch forums!
  4. You can never have enough computers or audio equipment. All the better when you can combine them. I think you of all people are really going to enjoy the 2-way active thing. Know anything about ffmpeg, MKV files and the like? I'm slogging through it but would like to jump to the front of the like you are doing by riding Rudy and my coattails with this process
  5. Not knowing your exact location for music, computers and your preferences for working on a big monitor and keyboard vs laptop with small screen/keyboard. Consider where I started out and where I ended up. I know you are more than tech savvy and get this. Just telling you how I evolved and it is WAY better. You don't even need to now carve out time for measurements. You can just fit them in to free moments you have throughout the day. Started out with: High powered laptop on my lap in listening room USB for mic into same laptop Mini jack sound out of headphone from same laptop to stereo RCA ends to Preamp Power cord to laptop because you get carried away and lost in what you are doing and laptop runs out of power That is a lot of cords in your laptop sitting on your lap and you squirm in your chair a bit and either the USB or the Headphone out becomes disconnected. REW does not like it when the mic is removed. You are flipping back on a small laptop screen between Xilica and REW. Xilica does not do tiled windows all that well. Small screen, hunched over in listen chair is not conducive to typing. You are listening to 20-20,000 sweeps over and over. Eventually I said enough is enough. Ended up with: Old laptop you probably have sitting around unused Install REW software only, not xilica Tuck it away in same location your equipment is with mini jack and USB always connected to preamp Ethernet cable to this laptop Ethernet cable to Xilica permanent power cord to laptop as the batter is probably shot Install Xilica software on your "good" laptop/computer with dual 24" monitors, full keyboard, mouse, desk, appropriate work chair etc. (mine work location is on a totally different floor) RDP from work station to crappy laptop in listening area. Run REW from the RDP session Do all your Xilica tweaking on your work station Now you sit in a good work area (with good posture) controlling the entire mic/REW rig remotely. You are not listening to high pitched sweeps for hours on end - Huge bonus your ears will thank you. You never move around and pull one of the many (mic/sound out/power) cables out or screw up the mic position. When you get around to the EQ wizard you will see that the low powered laptop may take actually minutes to optimize. If you have a wiz-bang-super-computer they take seconds. Jut pull the REW file via RDP to desktop of super computer and double click to open REW on your "real" computer. Now run your EQ optimization on the fast computer and transfer those settings to Xilica PEQs. Because you have real keyboard and mouse it is way easier because of dual monitors. One for REW and one for Xilica full screen. Your super computer will find actual Xilica box on the network. No need to be connected directly to it as long as Xilica, old laptop and good computer are all on the same network. I'm pretty sure you have to give Xilica a fixed IP, but it has been a while since I set it up, maybe not just need to know it so the Xilica Xconsole can be configured to find it. Questions?
  6. rplace

    Hey JimJimbo. Why?

    After 15 years on this forum, I don't think that is possible for him.
  7. This thread has killed off their inventory. The elves are trying to ramp up productions. They are scratching their heads as to why the sudden increase in 4 X order over 2 X.
  8. I do both. Save 30 to the device and from time to time archive all 30 off to the PC. You never know when you are going to need to go back in time 2 years and make you speakers sound terrible
  9. Years ago. I try to avoid it now. I did sort of like computers back in the late 80s to early 90s when it was kink of like a club with a secret handshake. Today I hate all things technology. Closet Unabomber.
  10. Perfect just needed to get my mind off of starting with "speaker"
  11. Looking for input from all you speaker builders/tweakers. I've been googling quite a bit but can't seem to find adjustable feet for my project. I want a fairly long bolt or threaded shaft and rubber bottoms. Not the greatest picture but something like below near the bottom of the picture. A Couple of days ago I ran across a picture of some where the rubber cap comes and there are spikes inside. I can't seem to find those again not even in my browser history. What is out there?
  12. Don't even think of the using the front panel. Forget it is even a possibility. Just hook up a PC wired or over your network, search online for the tutorial video and you will be good to go. If I had one complaint about Xilica is that their software if for sure designed by engineers not software developers. Not very intuitive but gets the job done. If you liked Windows 3.1 you will love it.
  13. You can save 30 on the device. Just load up the one you want and save it with a different name, then edit as needed. Load up the original once done.
  14. Still available. PMs and Emails all answered. 2-days left on my motivation to move it quickly.
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