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  1. Nice to see this thread come back to life. I bought a second "vintage" one a couple of years back. I'll have to get a picture of it. Same late 90s as my original one. Not sure how helpful it will be but this box top is a nice reference if you are shopping ebay and want a specific color combo and the seller has included the numbers. Note the 1996 copyright upper right. Has anyone had luck with the sites that tell you how to refresh your LL? Mine 2nd one is cloudy and while the lava moves it turns in to tiny blobs after a start up of long strands that looks like Silly String. Nothing like my original or my sisters from 60/70. I really want to get mine back to perfection, but don't want to ruin it or make it worse than it already is. Since I make my own beer I have a bottle capper so no problem sealing it back up. Fix a cloudy one http://www.moltenmeditation.com/lava-lamps.html
  2. I've got 650s at my pool and 525s on my deck. Every time I listen to the 525s I wish I got the 650s. For what they are the 650s are an amazing speaker. Does not look like money is an issue based on your crib, I'd get all 650s. A big stack of split Industrial La Scalas might be a nice option too. 😀
  3. If khorn/LS is out if the question my other favorite Klipsch in descending order are: Forte ll Chorus 1 Cornwall 1or2 not heard the 3/4 Forte I Heresy 1 Heresy 2
  4. Slightly off topic, but if you already have a large digital library Roon has a pretty good algorithm, at least for my tastes. It also works with Tidal. I don't use it for that, just my own music of about 70K tracks. If it is your music presented to you not of your own choosing, you will probably like it. Can't count how many times I watched a partial movie when I stumbled upon it on TV...and actually have the DVD sitting on a shelf. You? Similar with my music I am finding.
  5. I'll get out my Sharpie and change the path for you.
  6. Sunshine in a cup? Pretty sure I'll burn my mouth. Not bad actually, not my favorite from them but pretty darn good
  7. rplace

    Beer Drinkers

    Google is your friend, but you already knew that. Post count +1, right? https://www.kegworks.com/blog/beer-clean-glass/
  8. rplace

    Beer Drinkers

    Just an FYI to all you frosted mug/glass types. That is the audio equivalent of solid state console from the late early 70s. Complete with record changer and 19" TV that gets 3 channels. If you like it you like it and more power to you, rock on. Great for the B/M/C crowd or really crappy beer. For anything with the intended purpose of tasking like a style of beer beyond American Light Lager you should be drinking from the appropriate stemware given the style and at room temperature. Beers taste like its intended to, closer to 40 degrees than at 30 degrees. My beer cooler is set around 38 degrees and my 50+ beer glasses are all at room temperature. So in a sip or two I've equalized to about 42 degrees for the remainder of the gulps. If your glass EVER gets washed with soap throw it away or move it to being a water/soda/booze glass. Any residual soap in the tiniest of form will kill the head. Beer snob out!
  9. Nice! I've got a transfer switch and all the essentials hooked up. Still have to lug the generator out and make the connection. Perfect in the winter as it runs the gas furnace, but won't run the AC in the summer. Luckily it's never out more than 6-12 hours. Can't imagine days without it.....first world problems for sure.
  10. Panic level here. Out of regular coffee. Been using espresso beans (expensive) for drip in the morning. Now that is about gone. Also low on TP and paper towels. Ate the last frozen NY strip over the weekend. Time for a Costco run. Just wind and heavy rain up coats from @Tarheel inland a bit so that helps. Sorry for the shed.....golf clubs better than speakers. Again sorry but glad you are ok.
  11. 1968, Black Stratocaster with rosewood neck. Paid for an entire semester at UofM. Go Blue! Should have gone into debt. @jimjimbo @DizRotus 😉
  12. Are you saying you are looking for amplification and it could be in the form of separate amp or integrated/receiver? If so vrd is excellent tube amp. If you are actually contimplating a preamp give Schiit Fraya + a look. Gives you both passive, which is an interesting if you have never experienced, and tube gain stage that you don't have to use full time.
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