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  1. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I'm not so sure about this light vs dark and caffeine given my personal experience so I did some digging. Quick Internet searching, so judge with skepticism. Seems like lots of variables. I like the volume versus weight measurements and how they explain that. I weigh my espresso shots but measure by volume (scoops) for drip coffee. I often go with a darker roast on most days, but frequently have light or medium roast too. I can't say I see a "buzz" difference given the roast. I for sure do when I drink too much and don't eat something. https://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2016/11/debunked-light-dark-roasts-more-caffeine/ https://www.kickinghorsecoffee.com/en/blog/caffeine-myths-dark-vs-light For you ADD types that don't want to read it all:
  2. What I Got Today!

    My Carver TFM-25 back from Many Moons Audio. Better than new! Now only 3 more to go.
  3. RVG Edtion Blue Note Jazz CDs

    PM Back. Gents these are off the market. Thanks Rigma and Klipsch forums!
  4. The worst it taking the time to rip them and a year later when you find one that is bad. Don't skimp on the software used to rip. I started and stopped the process a few times in the early 2000s. Found the best solution for me was FLAC ripped with EAC. Once you have them in FLAC you can easily make other smaller formats like any size .MP3. EAC is a very accurate ripper. If you have a suspect bad CD you can have it test it and rip it. It also has the ability to compare rips to a central DB if you allow it.
  5. Four out of Six Nominees-Not Bad

    That Rush sucks? . . . . . I'm kidding, Rush was great in the move I Love you Man
  6. I have nine (9) Rudy Van Gelder Edition Blue Note CDs for sale. I'd like to sell them as one lot.These are not garden variety CDs from the 80s when CDs first came out and they threw repackaged digital junk on some plastic. They are very nice recording of classic Blue Note offerings. CDs are flawless. Jewel cases have typical scuffs, nothing terrible, no cracks. All artwork included. Let me know if you must have pix and I'll take some this evening. If you are new to Jazz or wanting to expand your listening horizons Cool Struttin' and Songs for my Father are two must have Jazz recordings. Midnight Blue is probably Kenny Burrell's best. Cat Walk is great and The Sermon! well, its the Sermon, google it. The rest are all very solid. No Room for Squares you gotta have just because of the title. Here are the albums. Horace Silver Song for My Father RVG Edition Remaster Blue Note CD 84185 Jimmy Smith The Sermon! Remaster RVG Edition CD Blue Note 4011 Donald Byrd The Cat Walk RVG Editions CD Blue Note 74226 Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' RVG Edition Bonus Tracks Remaster CD Blue Note 1588 Hank Mobley No Room for Squares RVG Edition Remaster CD Blue Note 84149 Kenny Dorham Una Mas RVG Edition Remaster CD Blue Note 84127 Clifford Brown Memorial Album RVG Edition CD Remastered Jazz Blue Note 1526 Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue RVG Edition Remastered CD Jazz Donald Byrd Off to the Races RVG Edition by CD Blue Note Jazz $35 net to me for all. We can work out the shipping/payment via PM. If your a well known forum member I'll ship them ASAP on your promise that the check is in the mail.
  7. The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    I bought a syringe for measuring. Again, I'm pretty good at following directions. The way I read that Cyastat thing was that if you put too much on with the Cyastat only method for antistatic you could not get rid of it unless you used the goo facial to peel it off. Since I was only interested in the goo method and measured pretty accurately I don't think that is the issue. For the record I've not tried Cyastat by itself. I don't see the point. I've been performing my tests on well know passages that are quiet and only say 5-20 seconds long. I know where the noise I want to go away was originally. For sure no noise is being added. My treatments are either helping, every so slightly, or doing nothing. It is for sure helping on pops and click that just seem to happen - i.e. static in my mind. And to be fair the LPs are already pretty decent. I'm trying to get 20+ year old LPs that were designed for the masses at $3 from the local record store to sound like 200g Classic Record pressings of Led Zeppelin. Black backgrounds and dead quiet. It is probably just too much to ask. There have always been good and bad pressings of LPs. I think at the level of our of our collective equipment is, especially on Khorns there is no room for error. Quick analogy of what I think I am running into. Long time forum member GaryMD had a Scott/Thorens/Cornwall system that every LP you played on it just sounded really, really nice. Always put a simile on your face. Simply good all the way around. He also had a BBX/VRD/Basis/Khorn system where the cartridge alone probably cost as much as the entire Cornwall system. This was a true life changing experience to listen to.....when it had the right records on it. Other times it was just not all that enjoyable to listen to. Never terrible mind you, just not the "OMG, wow can you believe that" it could be at times. When it was right it was unbeatable. With my room treatments and equipment somewhere in between those two systems and my annoying knack for just a hint of surface noise detracting, I'm not sure some of these LPs will ever be to my liking. I probably need to bite the bullet and pop for a sealed original version of one of these LPs and see if it was ever possible these were quiet from day 1. The cost of a sealed original anything these days is silly. I like seeking out old records and enjoy the hunt. If I wait long enough just about everything will be rereleased on 180g wax from the original tapes. I have a mental problem spending 25-35 dollars on a LP I once owned, got rid of, bought on CD, ripped to FLAC but now want to listen to on LP again. I only have myself to blame for selling my LPs. I can still see myself in the shop very clearly. I got less than $200 for everything. I'd gladly pay $2K to have it all back. I should probably just get over my pretentious self, chuck the turntable and go all digital. I'd most likely save money, time and frustration while spending more time actually listening to music.
  8. Over the last 12-15 years I have done a lot with CDs ripped and stored on various home network configurations. I have several hardware and software combinations. Most were fussy and only I could make them work. This is where I have landed. EAC to rip CDs to FLAC - old interface but bit-perfect and simple once configured to your liking. Lots of dials and knobs to play with if that is your thing. RAID 1 NAS to store the files - connected to home network. USB 2TB drive to backup FLAC files and keep offsite. FLAC Squisher - Make FLAC files into any size MP3 for portability. Free and easy. SONOS Play 1/3/5 speakers for casual listening all around the house - expensive for what they are. Sound very, very nice as they should. Worth the price of admission because of the entire SONOS system. Two SONOS connects to connect my digitized world to quality audio/video systems - Coax and optical out along with analog out. Also has analog line in. Brilliant piece of kit. The beauty of SONOS is it just works. It's the first system my wife can pick up and play with zero questions or problems. I think it took her 15 minutes to learn it inside and out. Upgrades are seamless. I have a tablet connected to Wifi that guests pick up and start playing DJ...zero learning curve. With the NAS there is no need to have full blown PC running all the time. I used the heck out of various Squeezebox products but it did demand a lot of care and feeding. I've also had a Turtle Beach Audiotron. Also Popcorn Hour. Too many software only solutions including some older Windows media PCs. Nothing even comes close to SONOS for the complete package.
  9. The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    I was thinking I might take a LP I don't really care about and use a bristle paint brush, not foam brush and try and force it into the grooves. However, I think given that I can feel ridges with my thumb nail on the peel that it is already getting in.
  10. The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    Sounds like you are doing what I already did. Going from memory don't have the recipe in front of me.... I marked my container with the final desired 500ml. Next I measured out the 400ml of water and XXX grams of Elvanol. Heated/stirred/mixed for about an hour. Added all the post-heat items except the water. Topped off with water to my premarked 500ml line. Net result 500ml of goo.
  11. The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    I have an Onzow stylus cleaner and have been looking very closely at the stylus for bits of crud. I'm not seeing any accumulation. I'm also playing the passages I'm concerned about multiple times. I'm an engineer by school/profession so I feel I'm pretty scientific in my approach. Reasonably sure the goo is going into the grooves. When I peel it off the top side, not in contact with the LP is smooth. The part touching the LP is bumpy and "groovy". You can clearly see tight grooves of the song and wider blank spots between tracks. It looks like a floppy, clear version of the LP. Most surely a negative image of the LP itself. That said I have thought the overall concoction is rather thick to get into such tight spaces. I'd say it is a bit thicker than honey. It for sure has high and low spots from brushing but by the time it is dried and peeled it is uniform in thickness throughout. So that tells me it is self leveling and gravity should be getting it into the grooves. Since I can feel grooves/ridges on the LP side of the peel I think it is getting into the grooves. I'm thinking I might add a tad more alcohol and water to my next batch to see if I can thin it out slightly. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with the results. I am a very critical listener. Almost to the point I can't enjoy the music at times. At times I'm too buys analyzing and trying to get the perfect playback. Also, I have a very low output moving coil (MC) cartridge, a pretty darn good phono stage. Not to mention highly sensitive/efficient speakers (like we all do here if you own klipsch). Also my room is highly treated and very quiet. All the LPs I'm trying to fix with this are quality LPs. All VG+ to NM- if I were to grade...which I personally think is a waste of time. Everyone over-grades their LPs especially if trying to sell them. To me they either sound good or do not. If I were walking around the house or casually listening after this process I'd be happy. Also, as I had mentioned before, I think this works every bit as good as my VPI vacuum. If you were a person without a vacuum and you were willing to take on this process; I would not see any reason to even consider buying a vacuum. I was ultimately hoping this would fix those records that look great but don't turn out to play great. I'm not giving up yet. I'm just not having a B-Jesus moment or dramatic improvements. I think the antistatic is well worth the price of admission alone. Especially if it sticks around for years to come. Bonus that it makes the LPs look like new. Very shiny and clean.
  12. The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    I followed the instructions exactly. Adding all the other stuff after heating/stirring for an hour then enough distilled water to make 500ml. Remember, I was a bit concerned about adding the alcohol while still hot after just taking it off the stove. As for a premature flip, I don't think so. I did the first sides about 4PM and did not flip till about 10:00 AM the next day. By then they already looked to be pulling back from the outer most edge. Sort of like the film was stiff and shrinking. Pretty sure I could have peeled them prior to flipping, but since it was my first try I was going to wait till both sides were coated and dry. I did a second round of LPs with the same batch and they did not self-peel. I think it was just the thickness/weight. So far they have all peeled in one piece. I don't see any particles in goo post peel. I know anything in the grooves would have to be very small, but I still expected to see something from time to time. All my peels are crystal clear. I had a very nicely recorded Columbia 2-eye of Simon and Garfunkel. Beautiful LP but a fair amount of surface noise. Zero improvement over what my VPI vacuum did. Which is to say not much. I'm starting to find from my own tests that it is great at making the LP look fantastic (really black and shiny) and really kills the static but as for making noisy records quiet I'm not finding a silver bullet. I do think it made one LP sound clearer and crisper overall but did not get rid of the surface noise like I had hoped.
  13. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

    Me! PE 34188 on the label, X698 on the spine of the jacket and Mastered by Capitol in the dead wax. Plenty of them out there I'm just looking for a quiet one.
  14. Separate Phono Stage

    Larry, thanks for the link and another idea to ponder. Always great to get info with first hand experience versus just reading reviews. I remember all of you Joule Electra components sounding fantastic.
  15. Separate Phono Stage

    Nobody, really? I don't recall this place lacking opinions in the past.