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  1. Fantastic from page one. Can't put it down
  2. Video uses a lot of data, text, web pages, and music don't use all that much in the grand scheme of things. I'd "guess" roon initially would need to pull down a lot of meta data when it indexes your library pulls the artwork, content etc. Still nothing near a single movie's worth of data. Assuming you could get past the initial hurdle you only have to be connected to roon around once per month...from what I've read it varies slightly on the timing of when it tries to connect. But it is around 30 day. That connection to the intent is to prevent piracy of Roon software licenses. You would also need it for updates which they are constantly improving...thus the monthly/annual/lifetime fee. It is constantly evolving. I've read about several people on Roon forms that have limited connectivity and they make Roon work. 2nd houses off the grid and things like that. Personally I think it is worth the effort. I only have cellular Internet too. Minus the last 3 months I too have had a 10GB limit. They just throttle you back to 600K speeds when you go over the 10GB limit they don't cut you off entirely. I say minus the last 3 months because I've discovered a plan from T-Mobile business where you can get a Data only SIM card (thing that is your service on a cell phone) that has 100GB a month. It has been working out very well for me, the last 3 months, for my business. Now that post covid I'm home 100%. I needed more data to support clients where I have to remote into their systems and lot of Zoom screen shares. Point being I got Roon to work with a 10GB limit for over a year. The amount of data is not that much.....ONCE you are past the initial set up...which I too did on a 10GB limit. Now if you want to stream Tidal/Qobuz that would be a different story. I'm reasonably certain you don't currently do that nor do you want to. Like me you want to access your entire local library. In a perfect world you would be connected all the time, but I am certain you don't have to be. Roon is not for the weak at heart tech-wise. You need to know a little bit about connecting things on a a network. Initially it not quite plug and play. It is if you buy a Nucleus, but they are expensive for what is basically a headless computer in a nice case. I'd guess if you have installed Linux and configured that you know enough to download the Roon software, install it and plug a few things into your network. Does your sonic transporter have a Solid State Drive (SSD)? The Roon database must reside on a SSD. It does not have to be big, only 64GB from memory. Once you have the Core (brains of roon) running (Win10, Linux, ROCK, Mac, etc.) you can simply hook up your 5TB drive via USB for the music file side of things. All of my music resides on "spinning" hard drives....which means slow compared to SSDs.
  3. Interesting. I find just the opposite. According to Roon I've just just under 100,000 tracks of FLAC files. Anything that really matters to me is on Vinyl as well (so I have it on both). Out of my, say, 500 vinyl LPs I found I probably played the same 50-ish when I'm serious about listening. Like you I listened to the entire album and thoroughly enjoyed it. I more often than not listen to entire albums when I'm actively listening, no matter the format. If I'm at the pool or hanging with the wife for Friday dinner and drinks, the next button is often employed. Too much so I might add. Since I don't stream anything all the music I have on my network is "mine" meaning I liked it enough to buy it or try it. With Roon's "Roon Radio" feature it starts playing similar music it "thinks" is like the album you just played....or in the case of queuing up an single track it tries to play stuff similar to that. It misses the mark a few times, but more often than not after about a few VERY similar tracks form my library it starts to venture off just a bit. I'm constantly finding myself saying "Oh man I loved that song 20 years ago and totally forgot about it". I'm re-discovering music that actually mattered to me. Not just some algorithm cooked up by the streaming service based on what artist is paying them at the moment. I've had 10+ systems with hand held convenience of simply skipping tracks in my library. Where Roon shines is additional content it pulls along for the ride. Think liner notes, reviews, year recorded, year released, people not in the band that played on the album/track, etc. I'm sure that is not for everyone, but for me it is what differentiates Roon from all others I've tried. Its not about convenience at all, its about immersive entertainment. The total experience. I always has Cream, Rolling Stone, Spin, etc on hand...so that is probably part of it. I get is not for everyone. But for those who simply dismiss it as a playback device they are missing at least 50% of the lure, IMO. What was a let down, the storage device or Roon? I'm confused. I can't possibly see how that factors into using or not using Roon. Actually, I can't see how the storage mechanism matters...but I've also not heard everything on the planet. I would want all my storage/network/delivery equipment miles away form my listening space and it is. As long as your toes are tapping and you are smiling while listening, that is all that matters. You at least gave it a try. Many of the luddites just like to cast stones. I'm not getting rid of my vinyl anytime soon. CDs are another thing entirely. Good riddance....same a any movie discs.
  4. That is your network and the Achilles heel for Roon support team. It like in the old days of POTS. If the telephone company knew they had a signal to your house they would not step foot in your door to help you with phone problems....Roon should do the same thing but they don't. I had some initial issues. Enterprise switches and not using your ISP's router is a big step in the right direction. Once I rid myself of consumer switches things got way better. WiFi can be an issue too, but again quality wireless extenders do the job nicely. Once I got it sorted it has been rock solid. I've easily got 1.5 of my 10 acres blanketed with music inside and out.
  5. Joe, I've done this 20x via PM See if this helps. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/196164-dacstreamers-streaming-networked-music-systems/&tab=comments#comment-2557835 For sure stick with it. Well worth the effort once you come out the other side. You know I have crappy Internet just like you. You need to be connected for the content to update and at leas once a month for licensing as noted above. I would suggest having as much as you can hardwired at first to make sure that is not an issue....even if you just run the cat-5 cables around your house on the floor. If you want to do the advanced stuff like DSP you need a fairly beefy machine. If you just want to use it to manage your stuff you don't need anything over the top. From personal experience once you think it is right for you (14 day trial period). I'd strongly suggest a Raspberry Pi as the "roon bridge" between your system and your DAC. The simplest way to get going is to run all parts of Roon (Core, Control, Output) on a single computer...then move the parts away from each other as you advance. Core on your transporter, Control on a phone, etc.
  6. List is current as of Friday 8:00am
  7. CDs with artwork and cases. Please PM with any questions. All guaranteed to play 100%. All from my personal collection. Less than Five CDs $4 per CD + $3 Media Mail 5 to 9 CDs $3 Per CD FREE Media Mail Shipping 10 or more make me an offer Entire collection of ~160 listed here plus others I have laying around $300 and free Media Mail shipping. That is less than $2 a CD. Listing is Artist - Album number of CDs and UPC where available so: Clash - Clash on Broadway CDs 3 UPC=_074646352120 is Artist = Clash Tittle = Clash on Broadway CDs 3 = three CDs in this title UPC = 074646352120 (so you can determine the version if that is important to you) 4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More! CDs 1 UPC=_075679211224 Adelaide - Over Tired & Ill Prepared CDs 1 UPC=_805367200120 Backlash-Tribute to the Clash - Backlash: Tribute to the Clash by Backlash-Tribute to the Clash CDs 1 UPC=_782857837106 Barenaked Ladies - Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan CDs 2 UPC=_826663106947 Barenaked Ladies - Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001 CDs 1 UPC=_093624807520 Better Than Ezra - Deluxe CDs 1 UPC=_075596178426 The Big Dish - Creeping Up on Jesus CDs 1 UPC=_075992576420 Björk - Telegram CDs 1 UPC=_075596189729 Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants & Jacket CDs 1 UPC= Bloc Party - Silent Alarm CDs 1 UPC=_075679381521 Blur - Leisure CDs 1 UPC=_077779788026 Bob Mould - The Last Dog & Pony Show CDs 1 UPC=_014431044328 The BoDeans - Black & White CDs 1 UPC=_075992648721 The BoDeans - Home CDs 1 UPC=_075992587624 Boxing Gandhis - Howard CDs 1 UPC=_075678292026 Buddy Holly - From Original Masters CDs 1 UPC=_076732554029 Cake - Prolonging the Magic CDs 1 UPC=_614223809229 Calexico - Garden Ruin CDs 1 UPC=_036172009725 Cat Power - What Would the Community Think CDs 1 UPC=_074486102022 Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight CDs 1 UPC=_886972378527 Cherry Monroe - The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful CDs 1 UPC=_602498831564 Chieftains - Best of the Chieftains CDs 1 UPC=_696998601727 Chieftains - Film Cuts CDs 1 UPC=_090266843824 Chumbawamba - Chumbawamba- Tubthumper CDs 1 UPC=_601215309928 Cinerama - Cinerama â Torino CDs 1 UPC=_767004240428 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah CDs 1 UPC=_616892649427 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder CDs 1 UPC=_007559686112 Clash - London Calling - The Legacy Edition CDs 3 UPC=_827969292327 Clash - Clash on Broadway CDs 3 UPC=_074646352120 Clash - Clash on Broadway - Disc 1 Only CDs 1 UPC= Coldplay - X&Y CDs 1 UPC=_724347478628 Cure - Pictures of You / Last Dance / Fascination Street CDs 1 UPC=_075596663922 Daniel Rodriguez - From My Heart CDs 1 UPC=_724354308529 Daniel Rodriguez - The Spirit of America CDs 1 UPC=_724353756420 Dave Matthews - Some Devil [Limited Edition w/ Bonus CD] CDs 2 UPC=_828765619721 The Decemberists - Her Majesty the Decemberists CDs 1 UPC=_759656037525 Doughboys - When Up Turns to Down CDs 1 UPC=_018777258524 Echoboy - Vol. 1 CDs 1 UPC= Everclear - Sparkle & Fade CDs 1 UPC=_724383092925 The Farm - Spartacus CDs 1 UPC=_075992660020 Farm - Hullabaloo CDs 1 UPC=_093624558828 Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine CDs 1 UPC=_696998668324 Fiona Apple - When The Pawn CDs 1 UPC=_074646919521 Foo Fighters - UK 4 song CD Single - Big Me CDs 1 UPC=_724388267427 Frank Black - Honeycomb CDs 1 UPC=_724347729324 Frank Black - Teenager of the Year CDs 1 UPC=_075596161824 Frank Black - Frank Black CDs 1 UPC=_075596146722 Garbage - Garbage CDs 1 UPC=_705178000424 Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience by A&M (1992-01-01) CDs 1 UPC= Golden Earring - The Continuing Story of Radar Love CDs 1 UPC= Good Charlotte - Good Charlotte CDs 1 UPC=_696998584525 Gore Gore Girls - 7x4 CDs 1 UPC=_007474747288 Hepcat - Right on Time CDs 1 UPC=_045778040629 HOLE - HOLE - CELEBRITY SKIN CDs 1 UPC=_720642516423 Hootie & the Blowfish - Cracked Rear View CDs 1 UPC=_075678261329 Hot Hot Heat - Happiness Ltd. CDs 1 UPC=_093624996897 Hot Hot Heat - Scenes One Through Thirteen CDs 1 UPC=_613505256928 Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown CDs 1 UPC=_098787059922 Howard Jones - Dream Into Action CDs 1 UPC=_075596039024 I Am Ghost - Lovers Requiem CDs 1 UPC=_045778680023 I Am Kloot - I Am Kloot CDs 1 UPC=_766483083748 James Taylor - James Taylor: Greatest Hits CDs 1 UPC=_075992733625 Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope CDs 1 UPC=_724384476229 Jawbreaker - Bivouac CDs 1 UPC=_037613033828 Jewel - Spirit [Warner Music Korea 1998] CDs 1 UPC=_475678295025 John Tesh - Tour De France 1988 CDs 1 UPC=_010058204022 John Tesh - Tour De France: Early Years CDs 1 UPC=_010058207221 Katydids - Katydids CDs 1 UPC=_075992614627 The Killers - Day & Age CDs 1 UPC=_602517872875 Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton - Theme From Mission Impossible CDs 1 UPC=_731457667125 Lenny Kravitz - It Is Time For A Love Revolution CDs 1 UPC=_724386378620 Lionel Hampton & The Golden Men of Jazz - Golden Men of Jazz / Live at Blue Note CDs 1 UPC=_089408330827 Lisa Loeb - Tails (+1 Bonus Track) CDs 1 UPC= Lit - Place in the Sun CDs 1 UPC=_007863677752 Liz Phair - Funstyle CDs 2 UPC=_811481012266 Liz Phair - Somebody's Miracle CDs 1 UPC=_724357776929 Luna - Pup Tent CDs 1 UPC=_075596205528 Luna - Bewitched CDs 1 UPC=_075596161725 Madness - Utter Madness CDs 1 UPC=_738476796126 Marika Hackman - I'm Not Your Man CDs 1 UPC=_098787120226 Material Issue - Freak City CDs 1 UPC=_731451889424 Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart CDs 1 UPC=_602517496408 Morphine - B-Sides & Otherwise CDs 1 UPC=_014431038723 Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory CDs 1 UPC=_045778675029 Natalie Imbruglia - Left of the Middle CDs 1 UPC= Ned's Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder CDs 1 UPC=_074644792928 Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Brainbloodvolume CDs 1 UPC=_074646704028 Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Are You Normal CDs 1 UPC=_074645315423 New Pornographers - Challengers CDs 1 UPC=_744861077022 New Pornographers - Twin Cinema CDs 1 UPC=_744861062127 New Pornographers - Mass Romantic CDs 1 UPC=_744861054023 No Doubt - Rock Steady CDs 1 UPC=_606949315825 Occasion - Cannery Hours CDs 1 UPC=_675640910820 Occasion - Occasion CDs 1 UPC=_675640910523 Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms CDs 1 UPC=_068944701223 Petrol Presents - Greatest Songs Ever: Cuba CDs 1 UPC=_094637092828 Pickin' on U2 - Pickin on U2: A Bluegrass Tribute CDs 1 UPC=_027297858923 Pink Martini - Hey Eugene CDs 1 UPC= Pink Martini - Hey Eugene! 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  8. Not nostalgia. Though I do get that and see its value. Just like in can appreciate it for old cars, paintings and architecture....though I would not want to live in a 200 year old house and drive a 1968 Camaro as it left the factory back in the day. For me, it is about sound quality first. Ease of use second. Probably 75% of the time digital is more than adequate for casual listening, working, working out, dinner, grilling, background noise, etc. There are times, however, where I want to forget every single thing on the planet and just listen to music. For those times there are certain pressings, remasters or original recordings were vinyl simply sounds better. If I was forced to own only one copy of every album and had to pick....I'd probably pick digital. Fortunately I don't have to, so I can have both the convenience and what I think the best sounding version is. Sometimes it actually is digital, others it is not.
  9. Just to give all options some thought. You can probably pick up a 150-200 dollar modern DAC that will sound better than any $1,500 dollar+ (when new) player from years gone by. Factor the convenience of having all of your "CDs" available without ever hunting for a case, inserting it in player, skipping half the tracks then repeating process all over again; and I would argue that ripping all your CDs to FLAC and having every track at your finger tips is the way to go. Or at least consider it. I too have tons of vinyl LPs and actually like pulling out a bit 12" piece of wax and listening to a well mastered album in it entirety. CDs were just the delivery medium for digitized music and the right tool for the time. Ripping your CDs to a lossless format will yield exactly the same musical content as the CD. The DAC will determine how that encoded music will sound. CD sales are below vinyl, new cars are not coming equipped with CD players. You already have the nostalgia and great sound covered with you LP collection. Sure Cassettes, CDs, Reel to Reel, LaserDisc, etc. will all be around till we are long in the grave....but I'd bet you would actually enjoy your "CD collection" more by spending ~600 bucks moving them off plastic than the same money spent on playing them back in their current form. I'm not sure if I would ever be without some sort of physical media...but having done it and come out the other side I'm sure I won't have CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays 2 or 3 years from now.
  10. I should have quit after a couple (few) but there was so little left, I decided to finished it off. Moving s little slower than usual this morning (afternoon). I think at our age it is the staying up late is a tough on us as the beverages....and yes that is some good juice for sure. Music just kept playing... I've not stayed up till 3AM in a while.
  11. I'm still kicking, had a crazy spring/summer. let's catch up via email or PM.
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