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  1. It is a good one....and it is SOLD. Thanks Klipsch forums!
  2. Time to call Child Protective Services. How are their tiny developing brains going to fully develop if they don't have $10K worth of equipment to watch the Teletubbies?
  3. 3 CDs total 2 are RVG editions. The 3rd is The Blue Note 7 performing new takes on Blue Note classics. This is front art only. The two RVG editions are complete. $20 PPal Friends shipped to your door.
  4. Interesting piece of gear. Not on my radar. Concerns about the AKM chip availability? Perhaps with the house not built yet you have some time. That room scares me for music. I'd at least look at $1,900 into a Sonos 5.1 movie set up, that could also be whole house background music. And explore other options for serious music in a different location. Save the wife's concession for another day. https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/surround-set-arc-sub-one-sl.html
  5. rplace


    Or that someone thinks that hair is great
  6. rplace

    CD Swapping Sites

    Curious if anyone here is a user of Swap A CD or Music Boomerang? https://www.swapacd.com/ http://www.musicboomerang.com/ I'm kinda late to the party wish I had know about them 10+ years ago. Swap A CD is a bit more polished and transactional while Music Boomerang is more geared to hard core collectors. I think my Mail Carrier now hates me.
  7. Academies all around. I once had a Forte II L/R and acedemy center/acemedy left surround/acedemy right surround. For movies I don't think the latter khorn/Belle/khorn and 4x Heresy sounded all that better. Music yes movies not really
  8. No chance.... y'all too cheap... collectively no one specifically.
  9. I have no idea if this a still valid or not. But if there are any fans of Heat with Pacino/De Niro I have a digital download code. FoxRedeem.com 4N558CWPZSH6FGQ3 I only ever use the Blu-Rays not the downloads, good luck my Blu-Ray reviewing friends!
  10. Bhaaa, your right, what does accuracy matter?
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