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  1. rplace

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    Agree, I don't think the chassis is as big a deal as the guts. I know next to nothing about these things, but would think if all Point to Point wiring it just needs to be big enough in some manor. If using a printed circuit board obviously it has to fit the dimensions of the board. How about a limited edition NOSValves phono stage and no preamp? Any takers. I'll start the Kick Starter page ;-)
  2. rplace

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    Let's pool our money and get a few others in on it for say a limited edition run of 5 and make it worth Craig's while. Everyone has their price, right? I'll even deliver any and all along the way from Detroit area of Michigan to east coast (Philly to DC) so no worries on shipping once they are built and out the door. That has to cover Toledo (yuck), Cleveland, Pittsburg, Harrisburg, Philly, Baltimore, D.C. Come on @NOSValves Craig
  3. rplace

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    PM me with your must have price....ya just never know.
  4. rplace

    WTB/WTT NBS pre

    For the record, I'm still looking
  5. rplace

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    Get in line OP😠 https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/182318-wtbwtt-nbs-pre/ If you don't need the LOMC phone stage I can point you in the right direction. PM me
  6. rplace

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Saw the end of that game while waiting for the tip off of UofM v MSU. Easily beat Duke
  7. rplace

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Mmmmmm, crow for breakfast. Yum. Congrats sparty.😐
  8. rplace

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Not so expert here says UofM in a nail biter comes from behind in the last 45 seconds to win by 3.
  9. rplace

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

  10. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    #3 I was thinkin' that maybe I'd get a maid Find a place nearby for her to stay Just someone to keep my house clean Fix my meals and go away A maid, a man needs a maid A maid
  11. rplace

    What I Got Today!

    LPs not the Greyhound. I'm guessing @dirtmudd will like upper right...DMM
  12. I know you are looking for 5.1 music, but if you need a good concert fix with tons of great camera angles and really good sound; Perfect Square concert, circa 2004-ish from R.E.M. is pretty darn good. I've got several concert DVDs and my returning guests always ask to see that one again and again. The running joke during dinner is - I think I hear REM warming up in the basement. Check 1, 2....check, check.
  13. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Don't mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns
  14. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Top of his class, Magna-Cow-Laude, 2015
  15. rplace

    Two way KPT-402/K-69-A active settings

    No apology necessary. I was wondering if I was not thinking about things correctly. I've had my Xilica for only about 6 months and still learning. One day I love it the next I swear I'm gonna scrap it and go back to passive networks. @Chris A knows all the secrets. He is a great resource and will help you get on the right path.