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  1. rplace

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Happy birthday, good luck with the wedding and heat. Positive thoughts and wishes to you brother. Hang in there: be well.
  2. rplace

    Summer Concerts?

    Seems like they all come crawling out the woodwork this time of year. Especially the old fart bands making one last final farewell tour...till they need money AGAIN. Ok enough cynicism. Got any plans for a new band, old favorites or a festival? Tough to beat live music in my mind. Keep your eyes peeled for Klipsch sightings. What's on tap? For me U2 on Sunday and Roger Daltrey on Tuesday. Pretty sure that will be the closed back to back concerts for me.
  3. rplace

    78s Free to a Good Home

    I agree. I've gotten so much over the years here try to give back when possible.
  4. rplace

    78s Free to a Good Home

    Cool, perhaps you could send me a digital file or two if anything interesting once you get around to it. Glad they have found a new home (group hug).
  5. rplace

    78s Free to a Good Home

    Wow, that was fast. You two are first in line. Do you want them no matter what or do you want some more info first? PM me your address or questions. If there worth a million bucks don't tell me it would only drive me crazy.
  6. rplace

    78s Free to a Good Home

    Anyone out there into 78 RPM records? I have two albums where the 78s are in sleeves sort of like a photo album. Guessing 20 or more discs. If there is interest I'll get you some titles/pix. I had a great uncle that lived in Hartford City Indiana that was an amazing guy. Armature geologist, budding scientist, all around tinkering kind of guy. Some of my earliest memories are of him playing records for my family when we would visit. Groan , me and my sisters just wanted to watch TV. From what I recall his audio equipment was ancient by my standards in the late 60s early 70s. I bet there was some cool tube gear if I had only known. I would also guess he built some of it. No idea what happened to that. Him and his wife are long gone; my parents aren't too far behind, I fear, so I got the "records" about 10 years ago when things were being cleaned out. After all I was the only one that still had anything remotely resembling a record player. Never mind there is no 78 setting on mine. I really just want them gone, but can't bare to throw them away. Yours for the price of shipping if you want them. No idea if they are valuable or not. Tell me what to look for and I'll give you what info I can.
  7. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ^^^That poor seat
  8. rplace

    Look what the cat dragged in..

    Great wife/cat. KG4s were my first Klipsch speakers. I don't remember mine having that PWK logo on the back passive. What year? Enjoy!
  9. You really should consider Word Perfect. It has spell check
  10. rplace

    What I Got Today!

    Should have held out for LaScalas
  11. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Check power steering fluid level and belt. Drive the Z4 😎
  12. rplace

    Arena concerts?

    In recent years I've seen Neil Young, Foo Fighters with Social Distortion opening and U2 in Arenas. I was very pleasantly surprised with how good the sound was compared to prior Arena concerts in the 80s-early 2000s. Foo Fighters were simply fantastic in Philadelphia where their basket ball team plays (76-ers not Foos, Neil). My wife has also been a life long music lover and seen tons of acts over the years. We both remarked how the sound has improved over the years. I figured it must be the fact that tickets are now hundreds of dollars vs tens of dollars so simple math tells you they are 10X "better". Seriously I was guessing there must be some connection to improved technology but I have no idea what that might be. Maybe my ears have just gotten terrible. At any rate I'm happy with recent shows I've been to, much more than in the past. I'm seeing U2 later this month in the Capitol One Arena in D.C. Let's hope the trend continues.
  13. rplace

    Fedex Home Delivery? Anybody had any luck with this?

    Hardly. I'm sure individual experiences vary, but in my experience UPS is always much more professional, no contract drivers beyond USPS last mile. Always on time to the day with estimated times. Zero damage unless the packer is an idiot. The gold standard, but not cheap. You get what you pay for.
  14. rplace

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Gin I hope 🍸 Best of luck with the implant. Long journey.
  15. rplace

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    So black panther, Annihilation and den if thieves and no input. Last night watched Game Night. Decent but nothing to wright home about. Hoping Red Sparrow is better Sunday night