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  1. rplace


    I think you should go back and read my first paragraph. I'm not basing Rolex at all. I'm point out the type of people that typically, not always, buy one. Trying to help you not make a common mistake. If you don't want/like the help or I come off in a way that offended you that was not my intention. Like so many things there is a lot to learn, a lot of information and misinformation. BTW, there is only one Omega "moon" watch. That is why I put it in quotes. It is a manual wind, not automatic movement, with hesalite crystal, not a sapphire crystal. Depending on how much you want to argue about it a bunch of other things. There are many, many variants of the Omaga Speedmaster Professional including the Dark Side of the Moon, Light Side of the Moon, and Grey Side of the Moon. None of those are "The Moon" watch. All are Omega Speedmasters. Generally if it has a manual wind movement and a hesilite crystal most would say it is a moon watch. Sound familiar like the Heritage vs "extended" Heritage or Heresy 1, 2 or 1.5. Not official monikers form Klipsch but something for speaker/watch geeks to spend days/weeks/months arguing or discussing depending on you point of vew If you are so inclined one of many sites with a decent explanation https://www.fratellowatches.com/speedy-tuesday-incoming-question-about-original-moonwatch/
  2. rplace


    I know quite a bit about watches. Initial advice about a Rolex would be don't get one unless you have looked a many, many other brands and it just speaks to you have you simply must have it. Any watch that cost more than say $50 is nothing more that jewelry that is slightly more functional. They are very personal so you should get what you want not what you think others want to see. Rolex, for the most part, is the watch a guy with some disposable income buys because he knows nothing about watches and want to impress other who know nothing about watches. It screams douchebag to most that knows about watches. They are sort of the Bose of watches, except for the fact they are actually wonderful time pieces. Don't get me wrong any serious watch guy should probably have one and I've been close to buying several a few times. They have inhouse movements, are incredibly well made and have a cult like following, especially the vintage ones. I don't think you would suggest people buy speakers based off of a bunch of old farts on a gun/car/skiing forum so my advice is start poking about places like: WatchUSeek https://www.watchuseek.com/ TimeZone http://www.timezone.com/ Once you have a brand you are interested in they have a forum for each brand great resource Breitling Source Forums https://breitlingsource.com/phpBB2/ These guys are brutally honest and lots of Rolex love for a Breitling site Some of the best advice I got when I bought my first nice watch was don't buy used for you FIRST watch. You might save a several hundred or thousand dollars but there is nothing like putting the first scratch on it or knowing you are the only owner. You wear it most every day and look at it many times a day. Also there are many fake and franken watches out there, especially in the vintage market which is really hot now. You for sure have to "buy the seller" not the watch if buying used. Some of the fakes are really, really, good. Others total crap and easy to spot. If it is not yet on your radar give an Omega "moon watch" a look. It can be worn with blue jeans or a tuxedo tons and tons of history. Great looks easy to change up the look between the classic stainless bracelet or black leather strap. If you are serious about a dive watch give the Breitling Sea Wolf at least a glance. I love the yellow face but it is not everyone's cup of tea. If you are into aviation IWC/Bremont/Breitling are obvious choices along with Bell & Ross. B&R is a love it or hate it sort of thing. I like em, but never bought one fearing I'd grow tired quickly. Buy whatever you buy because you like it, not because it is a limited edition and you think it will go up in value. The vast majority of the time it will NOT. When you are ready to buy PM me and I'll put you in touch with one of the biggest watch buyers/sellers in the country. They have several "real" stores and have been around forever. I guarantee he will take better care of you better than anyone else and you will get a genuine, real watch from an authorized seller cheaper. I recently put a friend in touch with him who wanted to buy her retiring Navy pilot a surprise retirement watch. She got exactly what she wanted cheaper than gray market prices. If you don't yet know what a gray market watch is you are not ready to spend several thousand on a watch. Not trying to be a jerk, just helpful and not sure where you are as everyone has to start somewhere.
  3. Look great, bet they sound better. Any thoughts of an active crossover down the road? You can try endless combos anytime you want.
  4. If all the drivers work in the Heresy I'd pick that up for sure. Find another pair down the road and have all 3 the same you can't go wrong with that set up.
  5. I think the letter of the law was applied. That said the best horse did not win. While #7 may have gone off its line and impeded 1 or 2 others it would have in no way (IMO) kept any other horse from crossing the line first. If anything "toddy" would have finished higher than the eventual winner after the best of the best was DQed.
  6. Killer @Rudy81 Rudy!😎
  7. For sale Klipsch Reference RB-15 Bookshelf speakers. Very nice condition. They have been hanging by their wall mount for 10+ years I'd guess - up away from any harm. I'll have to check the box archive (attic) but I think I have the original boxes, manuals, etc. If not they will be packed securely. They are black. No idea on value. I'd let them go for $150 or there about. If out of line on price let me know. Sound fantastic, just not seeing any use. Open to trades if you have any interesting Vinyl, tubes, etc. If there is any interest I'll get pictures just shoot me off a PM. http://images.klipsch.com/RB15_635042118904020000.pdf
  8. @Dave1290
  9. Nice flip the slant risers around so the tweeter points more toward your ear when sitting
  10. Bruce, I'm sorry don't really know what else to say but when I read your post and the above I felt the exact same way.
  11. I've been trying to come up with an idea to cover it up, but my front 3 are so big I can't seem to come up with a plan. @kevinmi and @avguytx My wife and I actually get a lot of use out of our HT. We love movies and watch 1 or 2 every week in the fall/winter and several throughout the warmer months. A projector and screen really makes it feel like a night out at the movies, so I don't see myself abandoning it and going music only. I recently switched from Khorns with a Belle center to 3 large Oris horns. No difference between the Belle and the tuba looking Oris. They both are magnets for my eyes. Lights off and eyes closed helps but that is not a full solution.
  12. I don't have the luxury of two dedicated room for 2-channel and Home Theater, but my first love is music. Lately I find myself more and more annoyed by my center channel speaker. Mind you it is not playing but my eyes are constantly drawn to it when I listen to music because of the center image. It's really starting to bug me. It never did until the last couple of years. Anyone out there do a lot of 2-channel listening in a dedicate HT and have a similar experience? I need to know how to ignore it and stop focusing on it. It seems to match up with about the time I got rid of my BBX with Cream phono stage preamp and got a Lehman Phono stage. That really improved both the width, depth and center image of my vinyl set up.
  13. Better pick up a spare also, just in case.
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