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  1. Jacksonbart alive and well. Saw him last week.
  2. To throw out an idea of something totally different...that is space friendly. Spend 15 minutes looking into Dutch & Dutch C8. Available in multiple finishes. Active, smallish, room correction, DSP. I think I'm heading down this road in my next space.
  3. Totally agree. While mine might not be professional they are way more than acceptable. I had no idea what I was doing. Got some auto bondo, basic supplies, read a bit, tested one piece and took my time. Time is the problem...it will cost you $1,000s because you don't do it every day. As long as you have the time you can get great results. I'm happy cutting a 2x4 but as a carpenter, zero skills. This was my first time around. Speaker grills were in as a test fit when I took the pix, obviously not there during the actual work. Lots of different options on veneer types and how to attach it. Read a bit, ask questions, make up your mind. Then just jump in with both feet. Textured black is so boring...unless a Frat house or a garage. I'd never put them in an actual living space.
  4. Mine is under a 2nd floor deck. So no direct sunlight. It is the "cheaper" shade version. In that location a standard TV with sunglasses still was a no-go. Guess it all depends on location. I tried for a week to make a sub-$1,000 indoor TV work. I can blast this with a garden hose from all directions and leave it out 365, zero problems. Good luck. Let's see pix when done.
  5. Sorry, no. But I'm on my 3rd blistering summer (house faces south) and winter (complete with snow) and my Seura 65" 4K is going strong. Zero regrets even considering the silly, high price. It is a true dream to view/use. Yes you can buy a regular TV and replace them ever few seasons, but before you do try putting your existing TV outside, in bright sun, with your sunglasses on. See if you can tolerate watching TV for any length of time. If so great. I could not. Its like having the right tool for the job, yes you can make an adjustable wrench work, but.... My wife routinely remarks on how it is the nicest "TV" we have ever had....including our 96" screen and 4K projector. https://www.seura.com/products/outdoor-tvs?keyword_session_id=vt~adwords|kt~seura+outdoor+tv|mt~e|ta~444677795008&_vsrefdom=wordstream&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=seura+outdoor+tv&utm_campaign=Outdoor+TV&utm_source=adwords&hsa_cam=197067476&hsa_ver=3&hsa_src=g&hsa_ad=444677795008&hsa_grp=10337374196&hsa_acc=2055108595&hsa_tgt=kwd-300656282819&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_kw=seura+outdoor+tv&hsa_mt=e&gclid=Cj0KCQiAt8WOBhDbARIsANQLp97OIG2dJYQI7o1LyV5BM3Oe3LCBNpksV2tOczS5QoXArp7zHnCBafAaAsvfEALw_wcB
  6. Happy New year CCC, I'm old school...not digging the latest C addition.
  7. Early on, Bear-Scatts not looking too terrible. I would have thought 21-zip by now. Knocking on the door
  8. Not to mention heads up kick off recovery, after the pick-6. They looked absolutely terrible from the moment they had 10 points early on. Perpetual 3rd and 10 last two possessions. Happy for my sister and @DizRotus Neill.
  9. B1G showing up for bowl games. Purdue and Sparty not pretty but a W is a W. Well done.
  10. Happy Festivus. Time for the airing of grievances. Don't forget the feats of strength
  11. Lots of ways to skin the cat...just know that your ripped CDs can be played back over your home network to just about any room you want. Roon is the icing on the cake but in no way manditory.
  12. Initial impression is positive. A couple of listening sessions. One with very familiar music and one where I concentrated specifically on High Rez DSD files. With the familiar files it appears to have some more detail without adding edge/etch. Seems to me as if single instruments/details are more individualized or localized in space. That said it is not jaw dropping, huge difference, must experience or pick your overused phrase. It also seem to be me as if I can detect differences (improvements maybe) in better recordings and higher resolution files more than run of the mill tracks. On several average recordings I don't notice much/any difference. I'd say if you have the spare cash handy and want a new piece of gear, it is worth finding out for yourself. I don't think I'd go into debt or sell a kidney to acquire one. I don't think I'd sell a piece of gear I already love to get one. I'm hoping as I have longer to live with it I notice more enjoyment/improvements. That happened to me with the Aries II to Venus II switch. Initially, I did not think there was a difference that justified the price. As I've spent a year with the Venus II, I'm very happy I made the move. A/B-ed a few tracks with Gaia/Venus combo vs vinyl and I think I'm getting to the point where the format matters less and less and it is simply which version/mastering is best. At least 75% of my music there is a negligible difference. As digital goes I'm happy on two fronts: 1) I started way late in the game with a serious set up. No chasing things and burning through cash for the last 10+ years. 2) I did make the attempt to see if a digital configuration could compete with my well synergized vinyl rig. I think these days with the right equipment either is a valid choice...but why choose, have both. A while back I swapped out my Audio Nirvana drivers for my Voxativ drivers. Having dedicated baffles and pre-programmed XO configurations for both in my Xillica makes it like having two speakers for the price of three 😉 That was much more of a difference.
  13. If you are looking to rock a bit
  14. You sure about that? I don't know anything, nor do I really care, but looks like TuenIn was mentioned above... https://blog.tunein.com/listen-to-live-mlb-games-on-tunein-898cbe2f7562
  15. Last I checked I have over 7,300 albums or 96,000+ tracks with at least 26,000 of those tracks from SACD/DVD-A. I can't imagine digging through jewel cases, plunking one down in the tray then finding the CD Player's remote. Then listen to 2-5 tracks and repeat. Rip your CDs/SACDs and put them on a network that the Lyngdorf can see and you won't know the difference between your local library (everything at your finger tips) and streaming...except for the SQ improvement using your local tracks. I guarantee that Lyngdorf has a better DAC and newer/better implementation than your SACD player. You lose the FM tuner, but make a long playlist with Puppy-Approved tracks and play that when you leave the house.
  16. Didn't see the rest of your equipment. If you are keeping everything separate and only want an amp...you mentioned Pass Labs, so why not look into Nelson's First Watt offerings. Lots of good feedback form Klipsch Forum members on all First Watt fronts. https://www.firstwatt.com/ If you are looking for simplicity, less clutter and fantastic sound check out the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 integrated. it handles just everything under the sun from phono to TV duties. The RoomPerfect (room correction) is a breeze to use and really makes a noticeable difference. Well under your budget and quite the deal, IMO, given everything it does and how well it does it. https://lyngdorf.steinwaylyngdorf.com/lyngdorf-tdai-1120/
  17. Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho
  18. Happy Festivus to you Cornman. ~5 minutes.....maybe a new record. I couldn't even get the post at AK finished.
  19. First the real Gems. Johnny Griffin - The Congregation - Blue Note RVG Edition Steve Turre - Spiritman - Smoke Sessions Records Eddy Henderson - Collective Portrait - Smoke Sessions Records more info https://smokesessionsrecords.com/ See picture below for the rest of the titles like: Von Freeman Dianna Krall Melody Gardot Vincent Herring The Blue Note and two from Smoke Sessions are worth the asking price alone. PayPal Friends and Family gets them shipped to your door for $40. PM for other payment options/prices
  20. Assuming you are copying/pasting from another application so you are not typing in your entire list....right click and "paste as plain text". Plain text won't try and format as you have it on your end, on your computer into this editor. Just and FYI, and not like you need to care about my $0.02, but I figure if the guy/gal can't make a post that I can read (yes all back on black on my end) then I'm not going to bother jumping through hoops to buy from them. HTH.
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