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  1. Sorry I won't be much help there as I don't subscribe to any streaming services nor do I use YouTube. Archaic, I know. After 30 years in the software industry I'm more Ted Kaczynski than Amazon Prime, as I value my privacy. That said, I'm very happy with my Nvidia Shield Pro. I only use it for PLEX but would find it hard to believe there is something better/easier for anything you wanted to stream...I'm sure there are cheaper options. If you can't identify an issue (grounding, noise, isolation, etc. they should be obvious) but think/wonder if it could sound better with something inline between source and DAC why not just pick a few you believe the reviews/hype on and try them? return or resell as needed to scratch the next itch. Its what most of us do with most A/V choices. Most people when asked by someone else what XXX should I buy. Will just tell you what they have and why they love it and why they made the choice (correctly of course) they did. They have done their own reading, investigating, research. They have arrived at that point with their own biases and external influences. There is a reason they already have it. I can't tell you how many times I've asked about XYZ, been told to look at ABC or DEF but still bought XYZ. The one thing I did not do that with is my most recent DAC. I was hell bent on a Mytek Brooklyn DAC +. Months of reading, searching, posting on forums. Eventually I bought something totally different, a R2R NOS DAC, based on numerous comments on how analog they sound. Glad I did. Good luck, let us know where you land and what you hear...or didn't hear.
  2. For what it is worth my system is 100% USB. I was not advocating a different connections to the DAC since you seem keen on that after my initial questions. I'm more unclear on the unwavering devotion to the PC. I'm also wondering why the video streaming is a deal breaker? Maybe some more information on the system as a whole. I've got thousands of CDs ripped to FLAC, 100s of DVDs/Blu-Rays ripped to .MKV and endless digital pictures all on a home network somewhere independent of any music/video device. They all play where/how I want them to. They all sound great, IMO, for the device they are intended to play on. Those devices could be casual listening outside, LoFi, or a dedicated room. Nothing plays directly from a PC....but just about every device is in one way or another a computer. Except my turntable and stacks of wax.
  3. Wouldn't a simple test to check for USB problems be to sit in your listening position and have a 2nd person pull the cable out and see if you can hear a difference? The buffer will let the music play and the offending noise from USB can't be there any more.
  4. Agree. That is why I asked @jwc this I don't get why you would be looking for improvements and not willing to explore all options. Absolutely an option. However, I am constantly wondering why there is so much love for the Node 2i only to turn around and feed a DAC with it? There are 100 or more ways to skin this cat 50+ of them probably very good solutions. I'd guess most don't fully understand the technology involved and with all the good press and an attractive price point the Node 2 just "works". I fully get plug and play and ease of use. Easier to spend $500 on something that is plug and play than learn something new, source a few bits and spend 15 minutes putting them together. The constraints of PC and 100% USB and no RPi makes me think the mind is made up that there are improvements to be had. Best to pick a few items within the allotted budget and try them and make up ones own mind. If you hear a difference, maybe even an improvement, in your own room with your own equipment then you know. That difference/improvement may only be in your mind, but it does not make it any less real...right? It a hobby and we all love chasing that next incremental "improvement". Its literally what we all do or we would not be here. I've probably spend $2,500 alone on various 6SN7 tubes. No doubt the older, rarer and more expensive for the most part were better...they had to be, right? Just my opinion, so not worth very much, but I think the less you understand the technology the more likely you are to believe there are hidden secrets that can be unlocked. The audio industry has always needed believers not skeptics in order to perpetuate itself. Keep moving like a shark or you die. Many parallels to other things that require belief over proof.
  5. So you want USB out from PC to "some magic box" to USB input of DAC? To be more clear you are not trying to eliminate the USB as to what is feeding your DAC, correct?
  6. Is the goal to improve the sound by removing the noise? But the constraint is the source of the noise (the PC) has to remain? Furthermore, a Rpi solution like allo digione or hifiberry digi+ pro is not an option because your not "doing the whole raspberry thing". If so have you considered a DDC from Denafrips to sit between your PC and DAC? https://www.denafrips.com/ddc If I'm wrong above, what are you trying to accomplish over your current configuration? I'm assuming USB out from the computer, please correct me if I'm wrong. What would be the input to the DAC SPDIF/I2S/AESEBU/OPT?
  7. You got it! I think you have my email info but I'll PM you with it.
  8. @joessportster I used 2 X 3TB drives because at the time that was an insane amount of storage and the 3TB drives were pretty expensive. It will do RAID or JABOD (Just a bunch of Discs). So my guess would be that you could put two 8TB drives in it, not use RAID and have 16TBs of total storage...but you should verify that. For all interested. This is basically a small, self contained computer. And like all computer stuff they change quickly. It has served me well for the last 5-6 years but realize this is not the state of the art for 2021. Like most of my gear, I buy pretty good stuff. This was a nice piece of kit when sunk 100s into it. Now it is just sitting on a shelf, I'd like to see it get some use beyond the graveyard of old gear. For a point of reference a current 2-bay QNAP of about the same quality would run $325-375 + tax/shipping/etc. today. Obviously it would be like buying a new laptop today versus one that is older. Newer, faster, cheaper. And by cheaper I mean price and quality. I was surprised how much more beefy the drive caddies are on this old one compared to my new one. The new ones are like fragile, plastic toys.
  9. Oh sorry, I should have mentioned no drives are included. There are so many variations on drives (speed, reliability, size need, cost, etc.) that these are rarely sold as a package. As an aside you typically would buy enterprise quality drives for as NAS over "PC" type drives....but lots of people use basic drives in a NAS. Personally I want to put it in place and forget about it. I do have two identical 3TB drives that I suppose could be added. PM for details.
  10. Not sure if there will be any interest here so I'll keep it brief. I'll update as needed based on interest. For the past several years I have been using this QNAP TS-219P II as Networked Attached Storage (NAS) for all my music and movies stored on my home network. The only reason I'm selling is because I've upgraded to a 4-bay QNAP. A 2-bay NAS is perfect for running RAID 1 where two drives are mirrored. Meaning they have the identical data on them. If one drive fails all the other data is redundantly stored on the other. Both drives are hot-swappable....you flip a lever on the drive caddy, pull the bad one out and put a new one in. The redundant drive copies all the data back to the new drive and you are back in business never having any down time. $100 PayPal Friends and Family shipped to your door. EDIT: This is for the QNAP NAS hardware only no hard drives are included. Accessories like drive caddies and power cord are included. Everything that was included when new is supplied. QNAP info: https://www.qnap.com/en-us/product/ts-219p ii/specs/hardware
  11. I know what you mean, Trump Pence signs with black spray paint through Pence are all over my area. Scary.
  12. I thought I might have that one wrong...guilt by association with RichieB....plus you got the haircut.😉
  13. I must confess I typically record it via DVR (sort of like that thing you used to have with tapes that always flashed 12:00) and skim through it. The fully funded pensions and tennis balls on walking devices made me think of all my MUCH older Klipsch forum friends.....oh crap did I just use the F word.....er, acquaintances. BTW, glad you double-tapped or whatever @thebes and the cool kids are calling it these days. They have TVs in WV, who-da-thunk?
  14. I know back in the day you all loved the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. But as you've gotten older you tend to fall asleep quickly after your warm milk and your teeth go into the cleaning glass. So you probably missed this on SNL this past weekend. This one is for @DizRotus @richieb @Tarheel @jimjimbo probably @CECAA850 and the rest of you usual suspects that has had everything laid at your footsteps since the day you were born. 😉
  15. You've seen me post these RVG disc in the past, they typically don't last a day when I do. 10 titles see below. $100 PayPal Friends and Family and they will be shipped to your door via Media Mail. Many of the particular tiles below are pretty hard to come by. I've been slowly hunting down over 150 of these 24-bit beauties. All sound fantastic. Some have bonus tracks or alternate takes not on the original releases. Most in this lot are in particularly nice condition. Please ask any and all questions.
  16. Well acted, beautifully shot. I feel like it was a movie for movie people....maybe even movie insiders. Actually, I liked the extras more than the movie itself. I feel like I've seen the same story at least a dozen times. Still worth watching. Put it on your list for a rainy day, not a must see this weekend. Carry on!
  17. Bummer. Be better. Good juju x 2
  18. rplace

    RIP Marvin Hagler

    Not marvelous, RIP
  19. Welcome. Assuming you are using windows give this a try. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/image-resizer You just right click the photo and make it smaller. Does not get any easier. But you do have to get the pictures on the computer form phone/camera. Slightly more work is an external hosting site that you put your pictures and tell the Klipsch site where they are located. The 2MB limit per post is a PITA, so is managing how much storage Klipsch gives you. Flip side is this is a great site for anything Klipsch. I've got Split industrials, but never opened them up. Plenty here that are well versed in XOs and LSI. Good luck!
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