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  1. I queried Vladimir, "the Russian guy" because the "pie" badges previously listed on ebay had been removed. His reply, "I`ll start to make new badges after 10 of March."
  2. DMH

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    Actually that's not true. In Joe's situation "anything is not better than nothing". There is a technology to resolve his problem and it's not physical therapy. If he followed your advice he would end up with more problems. If one gives advice, one should know something about the subject, preferably be an expert or refrain from giving one's opinions. When that someone gives erroneous advice he exposes his ignorance in the area.
  3. DMH

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    Joe's situation is a very severe problem that requires extremely specialized care. Simply using an exercise ball or inversion table won't do it. I believe in this video Dr. Bergman explains what can be done to help assist the body to heal after botched surgeries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWlGszPkAhY
  4. DMH

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    I understand and you are absolutely correct on avoiding another surgery to repair the surgery because you will end up needing another surgery and the process will repeat until the entire spine is fused, then you might as well give up. You are fortunate in that you are only taking a minimal dose. Many (the vast majority) back surgery patients end up severely addicted and a premature expiration date. There are solutions to your problem if you are willing to abandon medical doctors. I have a deformity (misshapen from birth) in my sacrum that I found out about when I was 17 years old. It causes a similar problem as yours in my lumbar spine. I've never had surgery nor have I ever taken pain killers. I do require regular treatments to reposition/re-align the lumbar vertebrae or I end up being in so much pain that I can't walk.
  5. DMH

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    When does "X" become an addiction? Can you stop taking it? Perhaps you are addicted if you can't stop? Pain medication has its place to resolve acute problems. I'd be the first one to demand a shot of morphine if I was suffering a severed limb or some other similar trauma. But what about long term pain? Perhaps you should be asking why you have chronic pain? Maybe you could eliminate what's causing the pain and not have to take the pain killer?
  6. DMH

    Class D amplifiers are cool

    William is an excellent resource and was helpful when I first became interested in building Pass amps. It's too bad that he had to leave... a big loss to the Klipsch Community. I got in communication via email because I had questions with my current Aleph J amplifier project. The good news is that he's still helping.
  7. Steve Guttenberg posts a raving review of the Klipsch RP-600M bookshelf speaker on this YouTube video. I would certainly consider purchasing a set of these speakers if I was shopping for an inexpensive hi-fi system and I stumbled upon this video. In fact, I have a buddy that's planning his first system and I'm going give him the link. Steve has a large following on YouTube judging by the fact that this video has been posted for only 10 hours and already has 6,216 views. I'm not a big fan of the guy but even so my hats off to him for this excellent promotion! https://youtu.be/0V5nZWWHh48 https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-600m-bookshelf-speaker
  8. I've had good results in the past with Reflector tubes. Because they were so highly rated I went ahead and purchased a quad of Reflector 6P3S on ebay for $27.95 including shipping from Moldova. I figured, what do I have to lose? After 20 hours these tubes sound really good! My Horn Mono's are powering individual K-402 & TAD 4002 drivers with passive crossovers via a JM Peach preamp. In this application these inexpensive tubes sound excellent and that's comparing them to Tesla EL34's, Gold Lions and KT88Z's. These are the less costly 6P3S tubes instead of the 6P3S-e. I like them so much that I went ahead and ordered a matched set of the "e" versions for $58.00 including shipping. They also produce a very pleasing blue fluorescent glow.
  9. DMH

    Amazon Deal of the Day: Bose QC25 Headphones

  10. You're right on the money Chris! Memeplexes is good way to put it. I couldn't help but take notice of the many critical comments of Steve. You might get your kicks making fun of the guy and that's okay. Nothing wrong with that, except why cut down someone who's on your team? You might want to consider what a positive asset he's become for "horn speakers" and the Klipsch company. I think any audio opinion leader that breaks the long standing audiophile propaganda line or dares to broach the foolish fixed ideas on horn speakers (senselessly repeated by mindless robots for way too many decades) is okay. How about leveling some nasty remarks on another "audio opinion leader" that cuts down horn speakers? In the following video, this guy actually labels horns as sounding "colored"! My opinion is that he should know better! He doesn't sell horn speakers, so maybe he finds it beneficial to pan Klipsch as a marketing strategy? It didn't work with me... I'm definitely not going to purchase a PS audio product after viewing this video.
  11. Yes, it's a great promotion for Klipsch and the efficacy of horn speakers. Why it took him so long to figure it out is a mystery, perhaps he got wiser with age?
  12. Steve Guttenberg's recent YouTube video. Steve is an opinion leader for many in the "audiophile" community. In the video he promotes Klipsch speakers and actually says he's "starting a "one man campaign" to raise awareness of horn speakers".
  13. DMH

    Amp Camp Amp

    With LaScala's you should have more than enough power. Are you just using your cell phone and not going through your preamplifier? If so the low volume is because of not enough gain. With most power amplifiers a preamplifier is needed to drive the amplifier to full output, typically 2V. Years ago before SS 5 watt amplifiers with horns filled auditoriums. I built the ACA's for experimentation and had no problem with not enough power with my LaScala's and I am accused of listening too loud by my friends and family. Average or slightly larger than average size room. Most computers, what many use with a DAC, only has on average 1V of gain. Not enough to drive most power amplifiers to full output. A preamplifier is needed. I have to agree with wdecho, ishwash's low volume has to be caused by insufficient gain. I built a pair of ACA's thinking that a single ACA wouldn't supply enough power for my K402/TAD jub clone speakers. With only one amp, I was surprised when I measured over 105 dB A and there was still 1/4 more on the volume dial of the Peach. The source was an Oppo 205 preamp through a Juicy Music Peach preamp.