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  1. Well at least my 1003b horns are big enough at about 40 inches - now just to figure out where to put the woofers....🤔
  2. Chris - I wonder how a JBL 2384 would work? https://reconingspeakers.com/product/jbl-365359-001-2384-hornwaveguide-3732/
  3. Did this real quick and thought someone else might want it - just changed the metric to American (fractional inches); PEAVEY FH1.pdf
  4. Just wondering where you (and the amps of course) are located?
  5. Joe - I wonder if either of these different Schiit products - the sys: https://www.schiit.com/products/sys (used in reverse - so outputs to inputs and vice versa) or the other option is possibly the saga-2: https://www.schiit.com/products/saga-2. It has a remote as well to switch outputs. For the tone controls mentioned above - I have always wanted to get one of these from Schiit - the Loki - which just adds tone controls. Just a shot in the dark. Either one of your amps though I bet are winners.
  6. Congrats. Very happy for Gasly and his fans. That race was actually exciting without the Mercedes up front.
  7. What a finish! - thought the DRS was going to help Sainz for a moment there. Gasly is freaking out over the radio - great moment for the Alpha Tauri team. Or for that matter any non-Mercedes team.
  8. Gasly in first - but now almost within a second which could mean Sainz could get the DRS. Very close. Sainz now withing stricking distance - last lap!
  9. 3 laps - the interval between them doesn't appear to be changing though - Gasly may do it!
  10. The McLaren's haven't won a race since 2012? Been a while. Maybe Gasly can keep it up and pull it off. 🤞 Can he hold Sainz off though?
  11. wow what a restart - maybe Sainz will be able to get ahead of the three ahead of him. Or maybe Lando can do it - he's one of my family's favorites.
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