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  1. tom1066

    Super MWM

    Thanks - I need to go home and measure. Not that I have the top end to go with something like this (yet) but its on my radar, always looking for the next step. And from all the good things I read about these type bass bins with the big 402 horn, it might be the final step. Lynnville is only 150 miles from me. Once these are finished I wonder if I will be able to hear them from my basement in Birmingham. I hope so.
  2. tom1066

    Super MWM

    I have really enjoyed reading this thread. A quick question from a noob (who has never heard any variant of these type of bass horns) - How far away do you want to sit from these? Meaning how big of a room does someone need for super MWMs, regular MWMs, your quarter pies, etc?
  3. tom1066

    WTB k-500 belle horns

    I'm from Alabama - I talked to you a while back on AK about 402s. That search led me to 510s and I haven't seen them for sale either. Just curious about it and where to get them. Anyway the search continues... 1066 for me is the Battle of Hastings. It was my first password for an old ATM card when I was a teenager.
  4. tom1066

    WTB k-500 belle horns

    Sorry for my intrusion and I'm happy to do this via PM but where can you buy a pair of 510 horns?
  5. Sorry, I meant 800 Hz. Thanks for the correction. Are people using tubes or SS to power these things? I think today I am going to switch to SS and see how they do. Just curious about other peoples experiences. Tom
  6. Been reading with interest and took the plunge. UPS lost them for five days, but finally got them hooked up. And first listen has been encouraging. Couple of questions if you don't mind. Then what are placement suggestions. I saw turning the cab upside down but was just wondering. And then I'm using an ashly analog crossover at 500. I think I read thats the right setting. I do have to say it's impressive so far.
  7. tom1066

    New member

    Thanks for all the responses. I feel like I have read threads or posts from everyone of you guys, esp Chris A and his biamping FAQ. The questions regarding how to biamp, etc led me here and led me to getting a Protea (from the Garage here). I'm in Birmingham and have discussed w/ member coytee his 402s, etc over on AK after seeing all the glowing reviews here since he lives in Tenn. Right now though my weekend days and weekday nights are full of soccer, gymnastics, swimming and any other activity my four kids have going. But I know what this Dad wants for Christmas this year - its just a matter of convincing the "santa" aka my wife. Thanks again.
  8. tom1066

    New member

    Long-time lurker but first time poster. Picked up a pair of unmodified Cornwall I's a few years back and got hooked on the Klipsch sound. Been enjoying this community's knowledge and expertise - problem is now I want just want to move up into the La Scala, Belle, Khorn realm. And man the 402 horns look amazing - would love to give them a listen but I know how that goes - the pining and yearning, then the searching, the looking for a "deal", realizing their too good and very few let the good ones go and then finally forking out the cash for them. Same road I went down with my marantz tube gear but I have thoroughly enjoyed my Cornwalls with them so I know the search is usually worth it. Thanks again and look forward to learning more. Tom