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  1. Bought this as I was considering making the move to Roon, Instead I put Linux on my PC getting rid of windows and I am happy with the results. So I am not switching over. Here is the info from the seller where I bought it. "Sonictransporter I5 music server from Small Green Computer offered by original owner. Mine doesn't have an internal drive for music, so you would need to use an external hard-drive. I bought this a few years ago (maybe 2016?) and used it happily for 2 years until it died. It was sent off the SGC, who replaced a board, and returned it to me a few months later. However, being a impatient Type-A, I splurge on a more expensive server before getting this unit back. It's been sitting in the pictured box since then. I verified that it powers on, is recognized by the local network, and plays tunes, so it appears good to go. No cosmetic issues, and as mentioned, it was gone over thoroughly by the folks at SGC. Seller pays USPS shipping within" I powered it up and it seems to work as described except of course I do not have ROON..........Will sell it for 200.00 plus the fees and shipping
  2. That had to be one hell of a hole..........................I worked installing sewer and water lines and we did get into some holes that were dangerous. Those were over ones head height. He must have been down on his knees or ? https://news.yahoo.com/rolling-stones-tour-manager-mick-183007026.html
  3. Seller on USAudiomart has no feedback he lives in Newport Beach, CA. I would pay you for your time Biggest issue is the seller does not have the packing, so it would be best if you had experience packing and shipping audio equipment All assistance appreciated
  4. I snagged a set of Supravox 215 2000 exc drivers, Supra suggests a power supply of 6-12 VDC and 5 amps. I am curious about the possible heat build up of the coil. I have been known to listen for several hours straight. Any concerns I should have about long term sessions. Thanks to all
  5. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisacg2e-klipsch-cornwall-iv-full-range
  6. Of the 10+ EL84 amps I have owned over the years the FFX138 is hands down the best. Superb resolution, great micro dynamics, clarity to die for and very nice extension up top without getting harsh. I am really enjoying it
  7. Very Nice with the right setup and source its hard to beat. I don't care for Wills attitude of late, but his builds are nearly always stellar. I have owned several ST70 and variants. Wills builds are at the top of the pile IMHO
  8. Dacs are like any other piece of gear, Research, and testing are required. I have gone through at least a dozen DACs in the journey. When you get the right one you will know it. DACs absolutely have differences in sound. The trick is getting one that meets your preferences, as well as exceling at. Detail, Resolution, Clarity, Decay etc... I have seen you sell off amps etc... DACs are no different, If you want first class digital it will take a bit to get there. Have fun
  9. Pick them blind folded likely not but I can tell you and anyone else that after a few hours with Higher res info I certainly am looking to go to red book. I find a LOT of the higher res stuff gets brittle and harsh
  10. High quality Gainclone Amp based on LM3886TF chip. Film caps at all critical signal path locations (see photos). Robust, regulated power supply features large toroidal transformer, 2 x 12,000 uF caps, and LT1083CP linear regulators, all in a separate chassis. I purchased this meticulously handcrafted chip amp from an Audiogon member a while ago. Its 25 WPC produced superb clarity and detail, good solid bass and nice extension If you've always wondered if the hype surrounding Gainclone amps (remember the well-reviewed but expensive 47 Labs version?) is true or are just looking for an affordable entry into the Chip Amp world, you probably can't find a better value than this one. Price is 250.00 plus shipping I will cover the fees Pics are the actual amp offered
  11. Only if someone takes the bait..........................So lets not, and keep the thread alive in memoriam as it was intended 👍
  12. Latest acquisition: Finale F138-FFX Premium Build EL84 SEP ( Only wish it was burgandy to match the AuPre) The BMW Metallic Brown is quite handsome though. Warming her up now. Tons of glowing reviews and premium build quality
  13. Hey Charlie Love the Blue Bass Bis with the wooden horns. Lets hear some impressions of the Otto Man Labs Teceract (46 amp) I keep watching for another to pop up
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