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  1. Bait & Switch....................Foul I Cry
  2. Thats hard to say. 1 I have never heard the dual 1229, I did have a dual cs5000 years ago and there really is no comparison. The VPI walked all over the cs5000. Where the 5000 was prone to pick up vibration the VPI is solid as a rock. There are many factors involved. I would say you could certainly expect a blacker background and better BASS. a more stable speed as the platter sort of acts like a Flywheel with its weight of 21+ pounds the feet with the balls have isolation built in. I am not big on espousing the audio verbiage. Suffice to say I heard enough to know I was not going back. Thanks Schu
  3. I will consider trading for high end Full range Drivers, Not really needing anything else but I will listen
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD: Heres a STEAL for someone on here, Only offered because I got a WHOLE package deal from Jan on the Classic 1 and I frankly do not need 2 top teir Turntables. I am offering the TNT at rock Bottom Pricing here on the forum's first in case someone here is looking to upgrade. I can Promise you wont see another in this condition at this Price 1. This has one of VPI's heavy Platters it weighs 21.6 pounds on my digital scale. Delrin and Stainless Steel, (May have lead inside, at 1 time VPI did sell platters with lead inside) 2. Upgraded 300 RPM Motor for great accurate speed, Has a 2 stage pulley for 33.3 & 45 RPM 3. I have the original 3 way pulley for added speed stability (No Belt) I never used it and did not feel like I needed it 4. Delrin Center Clamp 5. Prev. Owner upgraded the feet to the balls, (when I recieved the table parts for the feet were missing, I made spacers and used a different ball, works perfectly and 100% not visible) 6. I purchased 1 of the heavy embroidered dust covers works great 7. Includes the JMW 10.5 Tonearm with on the fly VTA and the acrylic armboard 8. this is the matched Bearing & Platter. IOW each is marked and balanced to the other 9. while the Pics show dust etc... The plynth is near mint with near 0 swirls in the piano black finish. No One has scrubbed on this plynth it honestly looks almost new. Same with the armboard 10. NO CARTRIDGE INCLUDED 11. Package is complete, get it home set it up, Put your cartridge on the arm, drop the needle. Set back and smile everytime you play an LP, Knowing you cannot improve upon the table. The only future upgrades you will ever need consider will be a cartridge or elsewhere in your system. These Tables New this turrntable was close to 6000.00 before any of the upgrades. It is EASILY worth 4k as it sets, and it sounds as good as any TNT I have owned or heard I do not have the original packing But I have shipped 2 TNT in the past and several other Turntables including a Mapleknoll Ariedne with a 75 pound pure lead platter.all with no damage. In short I know how to pack a Turntable and It will be insured for full sales Price Buyer pays all shipping charges, this thing is heavy over 100 pounds it will ship in no less than 3 boxes. It will likely cost 50.00 + for packing supplies but I will cover that. Members Price is 1900.00 FIRM Plus Shipping. It will take me 1 or 2 days to pack this securely for fedex ground shipping (Fully Insured). Payments accepted will be Cash, Check If I know you, Postal Money Order, or Paypal Friends & Family ONLY (Sorry No Exceptions) I am only going to load a couple pics if you want more I can email Joe
  5. Beauty Jan. I have been lusting after a 124 for a long time. You must post your impressions as compared to the clear audio and the VPI. I would love to hear some first hand comparisons. I may follow suit sell the classic 1 and the TNT in an effort to get a 124 if the reviews are good
  6. Here in NC they use Homework as a bargaining chip when the teachers want something. 2 years ago they put an article in the local paper and on the news. The teachers were not going to hand out homework if they failed to get X. As silly as that sounds homework doesn't even get graded. The teachers just make sure the students do it once a week typically Thursdays My Opinion on schools here is they are WAY behind on teaching what kids can actually use in this new digital age.
  7. The journey is fun and frustrating at times...............Enjoy
  8. Not sure what size your room is, I Had the same issues with bass overload. I also had an issue with cornscalas being to much "IN YOUR FACE" with the mid horn. I ended up going with an Open Baffle design. The bass is very articulate, defined and surprisingly deep. while the top end with a full range driver presents a HUGE soundstage, gobs of detail retrieval, and a lifelike presentation. My room is 13 x 16 with 8' ceilings I built my speakers but there are some supposed damn nice OB designs offered now. I know a couple folks using them that came from klipsch and they are very happy. Just a thought
  9. I think someone has hijacked you photos and using on USAudiomart https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649531778-legacy-audio-focus-speakers-rare-rosewood-with-step-one-module/
  10. Whats the new Table ??? Inquiring minds want to know (Or nosey People want to know ) You can choose!!!!!!!! Jan is a great guy to deal with and I can personally attest to the WHEST Phono stages value, They are great sounding pieces of gear well made and highly praised. I had 1 of the earlier versions some years ago and it took a mighty step up to a high dollar tube phono pre with very high dollar SUT for me to move away from the Whest. If not for an already stellar phono pre in my 6K Cary Pre I would certainly buy Whest again GLWS Jan
  11. Appreciate the offer but will pass
  12. im looking at a crown amp for sub duty, must have built in gain......................a k-2 would be awesome joe
  13. Always interested in trades. Depending of course. I am in NC 28351
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