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  1. More on BASS This one will make the neighbors happy. Trust Me, would I lie..............
  2. Another. by hell Check out track a day in Tunisia...............If this does not cover the wall from side to side, You need to adjust your speakers.
  3. Another Great Album I blame you all for ending up on my play list. I may have to stop coming around here
  4. It was not that long ago you could not have paid me to listen to this music. I was a music bigot, If it was not in English, not Classic Rock, or Rock I was not interested. I blame you guys, Its all your fault How dare you convert me. A farmer tanned redneck that was raised in Ky. What will they find in my music collection next.
  5. Check out the whole LP named the same. Bass is flat out amazing and the LP offers up some great sound stage as well. Recorded VERY WELL
  6. Is future maintenance an issue ? PL USA made, Line Mag China Based. Do they have tech support in the US ?
  7. Appreciate the Offer but Im Broke......... Joe
  8. Hey Bobby. Glad the PL gear worked out for you I thought it would be great sound on any of the klipsch Heritage It was OVERKILL on my setup. The otari is working fine and sounds great. I got my Bulk Eraser and it works great as well. I have yet to record anything but that will come soon enough. Im not doing anything to the Blue & Black Boxes the rest are getting erased and go from there. You wife was right the otari is a better deck than a pioneer 909. The 909 is quite delicate I had one and it did not stay long, then in shipping the PCB got cracked I had to cover the repairs
  9. I have settled down my system is the same just the FR drivers have changed, For me thats settled
  10. Playing as it pertains to dealing with people. Tire kicking etc... I am still using Open Baffles just a different full range driver up top (Jordan Eikona-2)
  11. Tired of playing so listing these at my BOTTOM dollar Thats right 1395.00 new get this pair that are near mint 300 hours 500.00 + shipping Price is firm at 500..............I used these with SET amps never over driven they work great in Open Baffle. I also used them in a 5.6 Liter Bass Reflex Box with Front port and the Bass was WAY BETTER than any Full range driver I have heard in the past MUCH MUCH better than any of the ZU or Tannoy I have heard in the past. Simply put if you build the box for these it could easily be your last speaker upgrade. I heard Open Baffle and was smitten I have been putting all my attention to that design. These drivers did VERY good in Open Baffle as well. Will ship double boxed 18 X 18 X 12 and weigh approx 23 pounds thats 2 boxes at that size and weight This is the original boxes and packing. these are listeed elsewhere so can close at any time
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