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  1. SOLD I will let the buyer reveal himself if he feels the need Joe Thanks to all
  2. All PM answered Bart is coming by in the morning to have a look if he fails to make it here, or passes on the amps I will notify next in line Joe
  3. I know they are worth more I always discount prices here on the forums I have them listed elsewhere for 200 more and thats still below market..........Times are hard though. appreciate the words
  4. Hey Bryan..............Long time no hear.Hows that VPI Bro in Law pick it up yet ?...........If I had a larger abode I might hold onto them and get a pair of Klipsch, Your Recommendation speaks loads being one of the chief culprits in my journey down tube amp hell, Still have that Cyrus Brenneman Cavalier Kt88 10 WPC beauty ? I have not seen 1 again since I ignorantly let that one go....................Stay safe my friend (We all have regrets of the gear we let go, systems always seem to catch back up)
  5. Try the pics now the forums limits will not allow me to post much I was trying the copy image and paste to get past the 2mb limits apparently it does not work very well
  6. can email better pics for SERIOUSLY INTERESTED folks Reasonable Offers considered
  7. The monos were serviced by "The Audio Lab" Proprietor a couple years ago. Brought back to speck electrically retaining the original cosmetics. Keeping the electrical as close to original as possible also. The amps have seen VERY little use since the service. I plugged them in today for a couple hours with no issues at all. The gain and hum adjust pots all work. The only thing worth mentioning is the tubes "ARE NOT MATCHED, & NO RECTIFIER WILL BE SUPPLIED" but the 5u4 are cheap to get if you dont have a pair. 1 barrier strip screw is missing and 1 bottom plate screw head is broken off Selling 100 Percent "AS IS" the amps are 60+ years old and while they sounded fine playing them here I can not and will not offer any type warranty / guarantee The amps present well from a few feet away but close inspection will show there age the chrome has some pitting and rust. see pics. I did not try to clean them any as most of the screen printing is still intact and I did not want to mess it up any more than age has done (Its at least 75% intact) As you can see in the pics the original badges and stickers etc are still intact. The amps are easily worth the asking price but I will entertain REASONABLE offers Not looking for trades unless its something I can not resist so feel free to reach out but I would much prefer a $$$$ deal. I have many more pics available to SERIOUSLY interested parties. I will accept paypal but prefer gift or Family / Friends on this one as again they are sold AS IS with NO Guarantee or Warranty. You are welcome to pick them up and hear them or I can ship on the buyers dime. Location is 28351 North Carolina
  8. Hey Bobby to my Knowledge all the winged C had the circle C with the wings on the glass unless rubbed off. As it looks like your tube still has print on it and no C with wings. I would bet someone put the tubes in a box they had laying around. I could be wrong though..............How the cardersounds doing, did you get them set up to your liking ?
  9. Volume has very little to do with it. Its the way the speaker projects the Freq.
  10. Certain speakers towed in BEAM like a laser into your brain can even be un-listenable if your hearing is sensitive enough. In those cases Toe out puts the listener off axis making listening more enjoyable. I have had both over the years. It is 100% listener dictated. IMHO
  11. Like the title says Pass Latest version of 1.6 ACA 15 wpc in mono or balanced, 5-6 wpc in stereo..........................Both amps are basically as new but to be conservative I will say cosmetics are an 8 and functionality is 100%....................Comes with the Power supplies also the latest best version by MeanWell. At this price you are paying for the Kits and the build is free. Built by an experienced tech not me. 750.00 plus the ride and fees (Or use gift to avoid the fees) I put a silver permanent marker dot by the inputs & outputs used for mono operation. PENDING
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