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  1. It appears John did not think much of the amp, AS he saw a rather large difference between the 2 channels I have to wonder if there was a possible poor quality part involved or tube though I suspect he tests the tubes. Its curious, Everyone I have read glow about the amps sound. I will post impressions when it arrives.. Joe
  2. No but I did try a DAC with the same Saber Chip. Found it very analytical and dry. It lasted a few hours and out it went
  3. Nice deal, No space personally but GLWTS
  4. I have yet to meet them, Perhaps I travel in the wrong circles
  5. I often wonder why any artist Musician, Actor, or ? thinks the general public give a chit about there political or other beliefs. I can not think of a single time I ever spent any money because I liked what 1 of them had to say, I have on the other hand stopped spending money. I do get a kick outta it when they make fools of them selves. Some Preach on and on telling us how to live while they do exactly the opposite.
  6. Hey Maynard: Yes using SET amps a pair of DHT 45 amps, I also have a pair of wright 3.5 2A3 amps, a Yamamoto A0-8 45 amp thats supposed to be here tomorrow (Holding breath). I do not have any tech's Local to me. I need to move 😃 I went back to the TB1808 drivers and while the sibilance is still there its not as forward and we can live with it. I am also hoping the Yam. A0-8 will help I know its a better built amp
  7. Chris I have read some of your posts and I really appreciate your informed input. I just simply dont understand 3/4 of it, I am a PC Novice at best. I wish it were not so, I do stray outside my box from time to time in an effort to learn. Hard for this old dog to learn some stuff, when having to go back and forth a dozen times to figure out 1 small part of a topic. Not to make an excuse and not looking for sympathy just stating the facts. Growing up in a POOR household riddled with abuse & scorn, no one so much as mentioned collage or higher learning. I struggle with some of this stuff we call a hobby. I am happy overall with the sound I can generate 90% of what I now know has come from learning online here at the forums and folks I have met here. Thanks again for your efforts Chris
  8. I have 1 room available and to be frank it S&%#S. Wood floors and drywall all around with drywall ceilings. Echo Testing shows it to be very LIVE which I already know is a bad room for audio but I live in almost a tiny house and the room is what it is. Its the living room as well so no treatments can be used currently. I have future plans for a better situation but for now I must remain
  9. Been there my obsessive compulsive behavior to keep improving, Getting the best outta what I have always leads to a point where musicality is lost to a degree. Its like there is a step to far, its hard to find the perfect balance between staying musical and getting reference quality sound
  10. I read part of your thread on this, way above my head
  11. Im with you, It makes me crazy. The wife has been kicking me in the rear for introducing her to sibilance Im hoping that will be the case, as I am sure Priscilla is. Sounds like a good description. Im running 45 amps which are not generally thought of as "REFERENCE" I have found many amps considered reference un-listenable, dry, & anemic. I wonder if the drivers would calm down with a few more hours of break in....... Perhaps some tube swapping is in order thats the 1 avenue I have yet to investigate.
  12. I am curious to others issues with Sibilance and what you found to be the main cause in your setup. Reason: I have a High Rez Music File FLAC of Ryan Adams Live at carnagie Hall. The wife & I have listened to it for years it is a favorite of ours we always enjoyed it. I put a better pair of full range drivers in place and immediately sibilance was overwhelming. I switched back to the older drivers thinking it would solve the sibilance. WRONG !!!!!! 😡 With the older drivers in place the Sibilance was still present. My theory is with the older drivers the sibilance was not as forward and therefore never really noticed, Once heard up front and present there is no forgetting it, I will hear it no matter the drivers. I have switched Pre-amps, Amps, Gone back and forth, the sibilance is forever present now. Looking onliine it is discussed quite a bit in terms of recording and how to limit the effect through mic placement. I am now convinced it is part of the recorded source and having a more revealing system made it stand out enough that it affected the enjoyment of the source, regardless of the system and changes one might make after in an effort to diminish its forwardness. Funny how the brain works
  13. I will listen to Offers PM me with those please Joe
  14. As stated they were upgraded with Curcio Mods some performed by Curcio and Some by ? I do not know how to BIAS them because I am not tech. knowledgeable. Joe Curcio will walk you or anyone through the BIAS procedure if you can answer questions like quoted below sent to me by Joe Curcio. "What is the value of the power resistor connected to the cathodes of the output tubes? Are there individual resistors connected to each output tube or one shared resistor?" The amps will power on and I suspect run as long as you can BIAS them. I asked Joe Curcio about the fact they sat for 6 years he stated it was of little concern, just make sure BIAS was good Hope thats clearer. Joe
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