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  1. joessportster

    Heresy 1 for sale 450.00 pair

  2. joessportster

    WTB: Oris Horn

    Where did you get original lowther surrounds ? Was that when Jon Ver Hoven was still running lowther america ?
  3. joessportster

    Turntable Advice

    If you want to improve your sound look for a better cartridge in your price range. Doing a sideways swap for a newer table will not garner near as much improvement as a better cartridge. You already have a couple decent tables. to get a better sound from the tables you will need to spend more than a rega can do. IMHO Your tables are pretty much on par with the P-3
  4. joessportster

    WTB: Oris Horn

    Build the H Frames with the emminence alpha 15 a pro. Trust me you will not turn back. I have had every bass unit you mention above plus a few more supposed highly praised units and I can say without any hesitation the H-Frame has stomped all others guts out period..................... the build is super easy and the drivers are under 80.00 each for under 200 you will have the best bass available to go with the Oris horns. Plus you already have the exact bass amp I am using. Rudy knows......................
  5. joessportster

    WTB: Oris Horn

    Back when Rich bought his 150 horns the guy was also selling a Pair of pm6a lowthers. I got to looking into repairs. Jon Ver Halen is no longer a dealer for Lowther, and the new dealer I spoke with David Dicks stated. He could only get ORIGINAL lowthers repaired by sending them back to Europe and having a complete cone / spider replacement which was close in cost to a lower end pair brand new. Now please understand I only mention this because I recently looked into it as stated. Jon may very well have some parts left from his years of selling, dealing with lowther but its nice to be fore warned. Good luck guys
  6. joessportster

    anyone here into Pop Art ?

    Guess its my week for art, found this one today. Signed artist Print Limited with C.O.A.
  7. joessportster

    anyone here into Pop Art ?

  8. joessportster

    anyone here into Pop Art ?

    I must agree.....................I did not pay anywhere near that figure ( not like I could )
  9. joessportster

    WTB: Oris Horn

    I hear ya. the Oris is hard to beat............Good luck with it, split a new pair with rich perhaps
  10. joessportster

    anyone here into Pop Art ?

    While not about the Artist I did find out whom the subject was in the 2nd Painting it is Julie Strain, the likeness is very good, the 6-1 is her height, she was a penthouse pet of the year in 1993, she was born in 1962, she acted in over 100 "B" Movies and was unofficially known as "Queen of the B's" Too Cool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julie_Strain
  11. joessportster

    anyone here into Pop Art ?

    Found these today, I dont usually buy paintings because I dont know enough about art to make an informed purchase. We infact left the store and 10 miles down the road I told the wife I wanted to go back and get them. Now I just have to find a place to hang them. I looked on line but could not find anything about the Artist Scott. I just like to look
  12. joessportster

    WTB: Oris Horn

    a 150 is a 32ish inch horn and the 200 is only 20-24 ish inches (From memory) this is the mouth On another note, you guys are greedy , the sheer nerve of wanting an oris center. I balk at the very idea. would be curious to see how an oris would integrate a a center, first thought is it would be to much of a distraction, and behind the screen would defeat the purpose. Perhaps just a horn with no bass module ? Good luck with the search, I fear it will take a while to find used.
  13. joessportster

    TUBA HT Amp ?

    I remember those subs, HEAVY Bas#$%ds..........They sure would thump though..............Sounds like someone in Ohio has a very nice HT
  14. joessportster

    TUBA HT Amp ?

    Feels & sounds Pretty good, the floor and couch are vibrating quite nicely, the wife commented from the kitchen a couple times, and the boys were startled by the bass impact
  15. joessportster

    New ? Bass / midbass on 2 way speaker setup

    Ahhhhhhh The crossover chips arrived this AM Keeping all vocals on the full ranger was a priority as well as adding some impact to the Bass. 250 was a bit to high I was getting vocals on the Bass driver muddying things up a bit. swapped in the 200 Hz chip. UREKA no vocals on the bass driver and Bass impact has improved, now have the TUBA sub kicking in around 50 Hz and we are in BUSINESS.................There is no substitute for the foundation, I have to say it is a much better presentation when you get the bass dialed in deep with impact Puts a big ole smile on the face ......... ! other thing I have noticed with the setup My ears are not affected as much. When listening at higher levels certain freq. would cause a buzzing / static in my left ear on all box type speakers & Horns, with the OB I have not run into that issue even at very high levels ? Curious...........