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  1. Rich am I correct in my reading that this Qnap is good up to a max of 8 TB IOW 2X4 TB Drives HDD 2 x 3.5" or 2.5” SATA II HDD/SSD NOTE: Maximum raw capacity: 8TB The system is shipped without HDD.
  2. The amp is a Sargent Rayment SR-534, and was completely gone through / restored by Chris Keller here in NC, It sounds great and works flawlessly. I have personally played it for up to 8 hours straight without even a hiccup. You wont find a better tube amp at this price !!!!!!!!!! The amp has LEFT and RIGHT gain controls / pots on the back so can be used with or without a pre-amp Below is Chris description and pics of the amp as when I bought it Price for ESTABLISHED forum members is 799.00 plus shipping and fees if any (At my Price I will throw in a quad of vintage Mullard (Dynaco stamped) EL84) "Here is a wonderful example of an extremely rare power amplifier - the Sargent Rayment SR 534. Sargent Rayment audio gear is as scarce as hens teeth. It was a company out of California back in the 40's through early 60's that made limited models of tube power amps, integrateds, preamps and tuners. The company didn't sell very far outside of the west coast. However, the limited information on the web blogs all said S-R amplifiers were fantastic, if you could find them. Thus, you rarely ever see them come up for sale anywhere, and the few I have seen over the years have been beat up pretty badly. This one is in very nice condition. Stock, it sounded very good. However, when I updated this with all new PIO caps, and all new metal film resistors throughout the signal path, it brought it to a whole new level. It sounds absolutely amazing. The music just floats, with 3-D-like imaging, and mids and highs just life-like. I would compare the sound of the 534 to the venerable Pilot 232 but with perhaps a bit more "oomph" in the low end, and a wider, even more detailed soundstage. This 534 runs absolutely dead quiet, so it is ideal for even the most efficient speakers. It also runs very cool - the S-R design being more spacious underneath perhaps helps in that regard. Tubes are vintage 6AN8 drivers, a quad of Russian EL 84 Equivalent outputs, and a vintage 5AR4 rectifier. All tubes test super strong and are tightly matched. As noted, it is in very nice shape cosmetically. The front and top show almost no signs of wear. It appears the side panels had been painted when I received it, but they match pretty close. I did replace the barrier strips with binding posts and added a power switch"
  3. Use the Warranty and return them, For me personally that would be unacceptable. Paying near 4K I would expect a perfect finish, The off color is not a natural occurrence, that one would expect to see. Being real wood veneer there can be differences, stain color does not apply to those differences Good Luck with it, Welcome to the Forums
  4. There Is I have had the same issue pop up, You can send them a PM which is what I did with my Email contact info
  5. My Condolences to you and your family.
  6. I am sure they do, But Personally I could care less if I am getting a perfect WAVE. I Listen to MUSIC. I allow the one item on the Planet Earth that can tell me if I Like A or B dictate how I set up any part of my system. " My Ears ". This was the gist of the OP question as I read it "why would people toe in or Out ?" Answer because toe in or out sounds best to them.
  7. Opinions Vary ! And as all LISTENING is subjective, which in essence equals ones Opinion. Im sure the point is made.
  8. You are assuming there is a wall within a distance to reflect off of. The simple fact is NO ONE here commenting in matter of fact terms is in the ROOM. There fore you can not KNOW what would sound best. You are quoting what SHOULD sound best according to parameters used by the individuals info you are using. It is entirely up to the listener in there room, to decide what sounds best. No different than the Tube or SS argument, Or Cables do they really affect sound etc...Etc... ETC...
  9. I checked it Bobby Thanks But it was already spoken for via PM Sold.....................................ERRRRRRRR Given Away I mean.
  10. OK You Cheap A$$e$ (a group I am proudly a part of ) I started building an RCM and I found a VPI 16.5 cheap enough I abandoned the project. So its FREE to any STANDING member just cover shipping. The motor is out of a VPI TNT and is 110 volt, I wrote down how it was hooked up and will supply that if I can find it. all you need to do is wire up the motor in a housing and run a Belt or ? to the platter. Hook up a small shop vac to the included wand and you are off to the races. The bass and platter are solid maple.............................. Only caveat you must want / need an RCM and either be willing to finish the project or if it proves to much for you, you can not SELL it, you must give it to whom ever wants the project
  11. just added to my collection Restored by Chris Keller here in NC
  12. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa93ic-klipsch-cornwall-ii-full-range No affiliation
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