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  1. Boy that is a good price......................Wish it had been priced that way 3-4 weeks ago.
  2. I certainly agree that a lot of folks equate sound with price. I suppose to an extent I have been guilty of the same though not nearly to the degree of some. A fixed income and disability will force you out of that mind frame in a hurry. I must admit I am extremely happy with my current setup and in fact I do feel like it out performs many systems I have put together that cost 10 times as much. Joe
  3. Maynard do you have any impressions on the build according to the PIC ? Is it direct heated ? and are there any changes that can be made to improve the circuit, Loose the minor hum ? I put the amp on my Bedroom setup with the Madisound BK16 using the Fostex 168e Sigma Drivers and it sounds superb with a pc as source (No external DAC) I even have to eat my words as the 2a3 does add some weight. I suspect it is the higher output
  4. I can not afford EML anymore the prices on most triodes seems to have sky rocketed. If I had only known
  5. Any tube collectors here ? I would like to sell or trade this pair of Silvertone Engraved Base 245 Balloon with Black plates and Bottom getter They look Identical except for what I assume to be the build date one is 2cx and the other is 37x. & there is a small pin sticking out the side of 1 base. I play tested these and they sound great very balanced with a strong center image. Sorry no other way to test them. I can not be comfortable listening to these near 70 year old tubes, Not because they sound bad or odd but its simply a value thing I cannot get it out of my head and relax with them in the amp. so I will trade straight up for either 2 matched pairs of st shape 45's or 1 matched pair of sophia mesh plates. Or I will sell out right for 250.00 to members only (Listed higher elsewhere) I have several Pics but of course can not post here due to limits
  6. Filed taxes and indicated for Direct Deposit, IRS Status says being Mailed. I Called spent hour on the phone and was told "Some Banks will not accept tax refunds via direct deposit" Now since my paid prepper got my address wrong by 1 number it seems I may be in for a multiple month fiasco. First they delayed me to get a hard copy of my 1099, after that a 2nd delay to confirm my identity. Now this garbage. I did a search online and could not find any mention of banks ever denying to accept tax refund directly.
  7. Very Nice offer but I hate borrowing anything, I dont like the responsibility I feel. (I wont even borrow from family) now if you want to sell a pair I would take you up on that As far as the resistor goes I am not set on how I will use the amp. I am pretty much convinced I will use it in the bedroom where I will need the Volume control. I have some back loaded horns in there for low level listening at night.
  8. Yes, Though I cant verbalize my reasoning, I simply prefer the sound. Now this does not mean it will or has replaced my Aric EL84. I simply got a decent deal, I have been interested in the Waamamps qualities and thought why not Interesting take on things. The builder does not advocate the 46, (The Previous owner thought it best) Im still searching out the alternate tube discussed for the ARIC. So to bypass the Volume Pot all 1 need do is pull the pot and place a resistor on the pots 2 leads ? What size resister ? What would be a good brand / type ?
  9. Its a Waamamp.............Got it used, It sounds decent though has a hum I have to work out. It does have hum pots (or at least I think they are ) they do quiet it down but a minor hum remains, though on my speakers its not a real issue (96db). On Klipsch or ? at 100 + db I suspect it may be an issue. Of course the Hum may be ground loop or ? I have not had a chance to fiddle with all the normal suspects yet http://www.waamamps.com/waamampsstereotubeamplifiers.html
  10. Ok...........Recently Acquired an amp that uses either 45 or 2a3, It came with pairs of each and a pair of 46 tubes with adapters that convert to 4 pin 45. So whats the benefit ? I personally dont hear much difference in a cursory listen. I have not spent much time comparing but history has shown me if I dont hear an almost immediate difference I wont later hear any difference of significance. The guy that sold the amp stated the 46 was the best option. I understand we all hear things differently and my ears suffer from years of abuse so I am likely pissing up a rope, But curiosity kills me so I ask. I know I prefer 45 over 2a3. Anyone have an opinion ? Next I can find ZERO information on the adapters, I know they are vintage adapters as they are labeled ZENITH. Any info would help. I will likely try trading the 2a3 and the 46 with adapters for a pair or 2 of 45's. Any info would be great
  11. I Know you are right................Fortunately my Budget wont allow much spending..............on the + side that means more listening
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