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  1. Looking for a decent pair or 2 of 45 tubes anyone have anything to offer Joe
  2. Good luck with the sale Bobby, I would like to hear one of these one day, unfortunately I cant use an Integrated
  3. Bring it to my house and leave it then you wont have to sweat the paint job.
  4. Not going to beat around the Bush here this is an outstanding amp at what I paid ("800") That said as often happens we see something else we want to try so here it is at a stupid price 400.00 plus shipping and the amp with 2 sets of drivers and 2 sets of power tubes included all the drivers are NOS GE 8532W, the Power tubes are 1 quad of HYTRON 1626 NOS, & 1 quad of KenRad 1626 also bought as NOS. and a single Rectifier JJ GZ34. The amp was professionally built out in Ca by a guy that sells amps on the Bay. He supplies the Schematic as well so thats included. there is no bottom plate, The amp is set up to support 4,8, &16 ohm speaker loads. Amp can be used alone or with pre-amp it has built in gain control, Built with high quality parts as seen in the pics. beelow link is another of the builders offerings "https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handmade-3...743459?hash=item442f253423:g:RZ8AAOSwCyVcdOvU" This amp is easily as good as the decware SE84 I just sold. I have used it for 18 months on and off has approx 200 hours on it and the hytron tube set. $400.00 plus shipping Payments preferred are cash, check M.O., or paypal friends
  5. My room was much smaller, and I could not position them even close to his setup. You are right though we rarely are able to copy a system in a different venue Mad man with obviously tons of space 😁 My biggest eye opening speaker experience was initially cornwalls going from infinity rsll no more driving the flame linear to safety shutdown. Pure enjoyment of a speaker though came much later with my now Open Baffle setup the imaging is to die for especially when you are a sound stage ***** as I am
  6. Great stories so far Thanks guys. I ended up going to Buffalo NY area in the winter to buy a pair of Khorus when I got to the guys place it was in a poor neighborhood I questioned stopping 2 k cash and alone. I did stop and went inside the guys row type home small with very narrow steps that made a 90 degree turn half way up to get to a bedroom where he had been using them maybe 10 x 10 not very big at all. They were in decent shape we fought them all the way to the van that stairway was FUN even having Khorus I was still never able to emulate what had hooked me. The ones I had heard in the guys home were the top upgraded pair at the time firehawk if I remember correctly.
  7. Curious to hear about others moments One that has stuck with me. I went to a sellers home to audition a pair of Deja Vu amps he had a pair of Talon Khorus speakers set up about 4 feet off the rear wall and 4 or so feet off the side walls. Playing vinyl he put on Jack Johnson Brushfire FairyTales the song was Posters. The drummer strikes the cymbol several times in this song near the top sounding similar to a bell. I had heard the song several times and liked it. In this mans setup the bell shimmered and floated across the room left to right just as clear as could be. I find myself always going back to that moment trying to emulate that with every setup / system I put together I have yet to duplicate that experience. I have several moments like this that I find myself going back to in an attempt to get that sound. What say you ?
  8. Got the TB drivers today packed well with quick shipping Rudy is the man. Buy with total confidence friends
  9. Thank you Gents for the kind words Upgrades include caps and input transformers all offered by Justin at an increased price point. I have upgrades available in the tube department as well for added $
  10. This was Justins personal amp I bought it with expectations of needing a headphone rig for a family situation. That has all changed with dads passing so I no longer need to worry about headphones. Iinfact sold my Sennheisers. The amp has the input transformers and sounds superb with headphones or speakers (I tried both and really enjoyed myself) This amp was around 2800 new I gave Justin what he was asking. Will sell it here for 1100.00 you wont find a better deal on this amp, can use as an integrated or with a pre-amp. Payments accepted are cash, check, money order, or paypal friends & family pics in a bit
  11. I have heard several tube amps I can live without Had they been my first experience I would have walked away questioning others logic / tastes. Tube hiss due to poor design is an instant no go here, Amps with hum that can not be dialed out wont last a week. Bobs Lat is a decent amp but not to my overall liking. I have heard better IMHO Im listening to better as I type this Simply put BEST is in the "OPINION" of the person stating same, as opinions vary and rarely conform to others views, I still submit its not helpful or wise to call X Best when giving suggestions to a beginner😊
  12. Rudy where are you at on those tang band drivers ?
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