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  1. I bought from him, It takes 10 to 14 days for media mail and the postal service is slower right now. I got all my discs plus a couple extra They were described well in fact better than described. try talking to Him Joe
  2. The Latino was a nice amp but the speakers at the time were not all that nice with that amp. If I had the latino today I am positive it would do very well on the Decware ZF15M. Being a solo driver on an OB platform I am finding the PP type amp produces a meatier SQ. while maintaining enough of the detail and sound stage to satisfy even me.
  3. Nakamichi RX202 Serviced new Belts and idler, sounds great all functions working.............400.00 Crown XLS 1002 basically as new, 3 available original box manual for 2 of them 200.00 each Altmann Attraction Dac All available options plays up to 192 files as new with orig box manual 1000.00 Border Patrol USB SEi version 24 / 96 tube dac Near Mint has Jensen Output caps 950.00 Hornshoppe Truth Pre amp with Remote control Volume 3 input and 2 output basically new 1100.00 Transcendent sound Masterpiece 300B Pre-amp with remote control volume and upgraded Caps, as well as new PSvane 300B tubes..........1100.00 Pass ACA 1.6 with meanwell 24 VDC power supply 375.00 Tang Band W-8 1808 full range drivers 3 total drivers 300.00 Eminence Alpha 15" Bass drivers 4 available used in open baffle designs 50.00 each All prices are Plus the Ride and fees if applicable, All items are located at my house in NC. 28351. All items are 100% functional and at minimum an 8 in cosmetics. I will accept Paypal, Check, MO (shipping after clears) Pics on request for SERIOUS interests
  4. That sounds like a conversation I had with my wife and my Fathers wife b-4 he passed. Just because it says it can do 3 loads at once saving time does not mean I wish to test that feature, and pay for the subsequent replacement. My wife understood. My Fathers wife got offended and took to carrying clothes to a laundry mat for a spell. She returned in short order though.
  5. I wont either now.......................Thanks a lot Carl ....................😄
  6. Its sad to admit but the wifes new samsungs are maybe 4 years old now and about 6 months ago the dryer started screeching. I took it completely apart found the belt tension-er had Stopped Spinning (nylon pulley) The spring had come off as well (I may have done that during dis-assembly) the belt had rubbed a groove in the pulley. I was able to salvage the parts remove, clean, and relube the pulley. Been working OK since but I know it wont be long in needing more work or replacement. I am definitely going to look for a manual control top load agitator type washer when the time comes and a dryer that is basically start and stop I love it we started talking about resisting audio purchases and have ended up on Washer & Dryers..................................This is what being cooped up at home gets you 🤣
  7. Damn it man allow me my dreams. No matter how far off base they may be today 🤒 Kidding of course, its not surprising that they are going down the tubes now days. I need to find and old wringer washer, I fear that would have me doing all the laundry though
  8. You have no moniker from me my friend The wife wanted a samsung set of newer style washer and Dryer. The washer drum has no agitator just has a LOT of holes in the drum it uses very little water. Supposedly as it spins the water injects through the clothes via those holes. Hogwash I say It does not work worth a damn IMHO (the dryer is fine) when it breaks down as all those electronics undoubtedly will I am getting a speed queen washer and 25 year warranty (domestic version of the commercial units found at a laundrymat)
  9. Oh this could get ugly quick 😄.............I have 40 recommendations. But as I have never heard a NAD amp I will remain silent
  10. A new business Idea. Live vicariously through others wallets 😀.............(I think I would quickly go broke )
  11. To some degree you are correct. I dont collect mainly because I usually can not afford to collect. Breaking even on an audio related item is not something I do often. I apply my Auto thoughts. IE.... I got some use out of it and that has a cost involved...............So I tend to take a loss, though I do try to mitigate the losses to reasonable
  12. I also seem to attract A$$ Holes with apparently nothing better to do than wait for an opportunity to act like an A$$ Hole, another great example of that grace you so proudly profess to extend.................I think you are full of Shit. But that's just me. Perhaps we can carry on with the good nature of the thread before being rudely interrupted
  13. So what do you do to RESIST TEMPTATION 😈 I swear I have an addiction to looking for and buying AUDIO, I tell myself its better than using DRUGS and ALCOHOL.................But I can see the Debt associated with going overboard, (Not that I would ever go overboard 😏) Our house is paid for as in no mortgage, Credit cards are all paid off except for 1, Have a tractor and wifes van pmt. I have all the bills paid in advance and I struggle with the very thought of buying anything further. I continuously look for a reason to buy and then strive to find a reason not to buy . Heres an example. I am currently running a single driver Open Baffle speaker that comes in at 100DB Eff. For an amp I am using a Will Vincent Dynaco ST70, Pre-amp I am using mainly my VTA SP-14, Source is PC based with Altmann Attraction DAC. It plays nicely at lower volumes it has great impact when you want it, Bass is such that any more and it would be boomy. All in All a Damn nice sounding setup I dare say its as good as I have heard. (thats a bold statement as I have heard a LOT of gear) When I am listening I can get completely content Yet I find myself LUSTING after these (https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649643578-dynaco-mk-iii-by-will-vincent-perfect/) I swear I have looked at them 40 times over the past week They are a beautiful construction. Frankly they are OVERPRICED IMHO but I still want them. I know the excess gain could induce noise in the HE drivers, (A Bad Thing) I have owned MK III Monos before, while they are good amps they are not great amps. I know the added power would provide better headroom and the bass would certainly improve. But to what end ? Its a sickness I tell you. This audio Bug. We need to find an extermination method. I went 5 years using only headphones after my injury and subsequent surgeries, I thought I was cured I hope its clear most of this is in jest, I am bored and needed to hear what others do to RESIST
  14. Thanks Tim. Don actually discusses the SP14 on his site, He mentions a mod he does to use a different rectifier, He warns NOT to simply put that in a stock SP14. Don makes them 1 hell of a lot prettier. If I had the need and the $$$ after hearing yours I would buy from him. I am sure there is an upgrade there in sonics otherwise why bother. Hope you are still digging on those CW IV , if it wasnt a 6 hour round trip I would buy that rack even though I have absolutely no use for it I have a difficult decision to make I guess, I was hoping the crowd would make it for me 😄
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