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  1. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649748419-klipsch-belles-in-walnut/images/3317987/
  2. Ive done both, swapping left and right of the horn monos, and tried different all together. I have used the same track and the sine waves. It has not presented itself again. Loose connection ? what ever it was everything sounds fine now Mike Sanders supposedly listens and tests each amp prior to leaving his shop. I am sure though a part could fail. but as everything sounds fine I am thinking it was a fluke more than anything Joe
  3. anyone use or know of a decent 9 pin straightener at a reasonable price ?
  4. Come on Maynard get with the NEW view that says "Government intervention into your life is OK" Hell we all know the government only does things above board and for the betterment of man kind. You old guys just dont get it.........................OOOOOoooooHHHHHHH I am one of those old guys 😵, And I live in North Carolina Regrettably.......................................I do however speak my mind where ever I may be, both my boys have been taught to FREE THINK................I pray some of it has sunk in. Over Reach by the powers that be ? I think so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I personally think Vinyl still has the edge in SQ when in the right setup, Thats not really at debate. I am wondering with the current trend of sellers getting CRAZY with prices. How long some might think the trend can be maintained before the trend collapses again, this time mainly over the pricing ?
  6. I dont stream either, I do not have decent internet service to allow streaming. I have though Ripped a LOT of CD and have music stored on a hard drive which is use for 90+ percent of my source. The advantage to this is of course I can choose my DAC, and I have 10,000 CD but a mouse click away and they will fit in the palm of my hand. In 83 I was in Germany and I ditched vinyl at the time as well. I have however picked it back up a few times. On the proper setup I find vinyl can be as quiet as a CD with no background noise. In those cases the Sound Quality is superior. Though IMHO it is not 400.00 for the vinyl version VS 30.00 for the File / Disc superior (Diminishing returns and all that) I sold my last large collection back when I was injured at work and by todays standards I took a BEATING, I am constantly seeing LP I sold going for 10 to 20 X what I got. Hell I sold out again just over a year ago and some of those Prices have doubled+ I did not learn my lessons well though as every time a good TT Setup pops up for sale at a good price I am pulled right back into the mix. I currently have a VPI TNT 3.5 with Graham 2.0 tonearm and, Zu Denon 103, along with various other upgrades. This time I told myself I will only BUY HIGH QUALITY vinyl, 180 gram, MFSL etc... I have approximately 60 Lp. Those LP on the TNT sound simply superb
  7. Been Pondering this myself lately, I just can not understand the INSANE prices of vinyl even at places like Walmart. I personally grew up with Vinyl, I also lean to the sound of analog. While in the past I would have argued the virtues of vinyl. I must admit that with some of the new DAC's it is easy to get VERY CLOSE to the analog sound of VINYL. So close infact why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars for a piece of vinyl when the file costs 15 - 30.00 be it download or actual DISC This leads me to think, eventually people will wake up to reality. What say you ? Joe
  8. Appreciate the info gents I will get with Mike Sanders see what he thinks Joe
  9. First setup: Speakers NEW 97.8db 1w1m, 18" single driver, ( https://www.lii-audio.com/product/one-pair-18-inch-full-range-speakers-superb-scale-soundstage-with-new-imaging-f-18/) Amps are NEW Quicksilver Horn Monos, (http://quicksilveraudio.com/products/horn-mono-amp/ ) Pre is Schiit Sys Passive, (https://www.schiit.com/products/sys) Source is Line Magnetic LM502ca DAC, (https://www.line-magnetic.eu/images/line-magnetic/pdf/Manual-LM-502CA-web.pdf) Scenario: Listening to this setup last night John Lee Hooker, The Healer, "Dream" At approk 40 seconds John sings Dreeeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmm its rather low tone wise, I get distortion from the left speaker. I replay that same part of the song and the distortion repeats same as before, I try it a few more times and every time same results. I switch tracks to some recorded Sine Waves I Have and that speaker goes crazy buzzing / distorting. The other driver sounds fine no issues at all. I am thinking bad driver at this point so I clean the gap on the driver Try the tones again and the problem remains. I give up for the night resigned to the fact I will need a replacement driver This morning I remove the drivers from the baffles and decide to try them open air, Problem remains much as it was the night before. I decide to swap drivers from side to side fully expecting the problem to switch sides. IT DOES NOT, The issue remained on the left. Damn must be a NEW tube swap the power tubes Problem stays on the left side. Swap the driver tubes, problem stays on the left side. That leaves the amp itself. I swap amps and the problem is gone.......................😒 Now the question. as the Drivers are very sensitive and the amps have LOW Gain one would think match made in heaven. With the little SYS Passive and the volume at 90+ percent of max. Could the amp be clipping ? Why wouldn't both amps Clip at more or less the same point ? I put this setup together HOPING for a single source with no gain other than the amps, and as short a chain as possible. Thoughts appreciated, before I contact Mike Sanders I was hoping someone here might have some insight Joe
  10. I have a pair of these in great shape, No damages a little dusty from storage, cost was 130.00 each new will sell the pair for 130.00 plus fees and shipping Link to actual cases https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EA3S46/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Raw drivers with under 100 hours total use, never soldered, great drivers I just have no use for them now. They were mounted in sealed enclosures never over driven. Have original packaging buyer covers fees and shipping from 28351 in North Carolina. Asking 175.00 for the pair
  12. The overall meaning of my comment was not directed at you but the new member RickD's comment. My calling the amp Ugly was enough about the appearance. I also made it clear that the sound was superb . I selling the amp on that merit, I will also add that if sound were the only merit to sell an amp, I would have asked 1000.00 for the amp it is that good.
  13. Your right beauty is in the Eye of the beholder, But this was an add selling an amp, It in no ways asks, nor needs anyone's negative comments about their OPINION of what the amp looks like. If you don't like it, Move along and keep your ill informed comments too yourself. Its called curtesy, Seems some folks have no concept of the word or use there of.
  14. AND SOLD....................Thanks to all Joe
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