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    PC, EAT C Sharp TT with Grado the Reference cart, Parks Puffin Phono Pre, Mod Wright SWL 9.0 Pre, Marchand xm9 active, Decware Rachael to the top end Oris 150 with Lowther pm4a drivers, Crown XLS1002 to the low end running the goldwood 1858 18" pro driver in a 21" X 16" H-Frame OB.

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  1. joessportster

    BBB - Bass Bin Build with Zebrawood

    Boxes look Great Rich. How about posting a pic of your router jig or what ever you used to cut the circles....................If no pic a link to the tool would help
  2. joessportster

    CARY SLP98P F1 Sale Pending

    Sent you another PM concerning the Pre
  3. joessportster

    Pass Labs Aleph 2

    I am looking for someone to gift me either 😋
  4. joessportster


    I try, Thanks for the support
  5. joessportster


  6. joessportster

    Tsakiridis Artemis Tube Monoblocks

    Coincidence.........I saw my first pair of these in wood on local craigslist a couple weeks ago, almost bought them but the seller seemed a bit put off Now my cash is tied up in a new Pre-amp. Good Luck with the sale Don They are an interesting amp / company http://www.tsakiridis-devices.com/power_amplifiers_artemis.html
  7. joessportster

    CARY SLP98P F1 Sale Pending

    If I had the Scratch I would have already made an offer................I have most of the dough coming in from various sales but I dont like making a commitment to buy without the cash in hand But I have sent you a PM with inquiry Joe
  8. joessportster

    Lowther PM4a 8" Full Range Drivers Pending

    integrated but can be used with a pre
  9. joessportster

    Bi amping and level matching.

    I have both rew already downloaded and a umic, Sorry so slow to respond got all tied up with other crap and this slipped my mind which happens all to often now days
  10. joessportster

    Bi amping and level matching.

    Tom Im using an active Marchand XM-9 X-over, Both amps have gain controls as does the crossover flea watt Tubes on top and SS crown on bass, I am currently crossing at 150 Hz. I would like to cross higher but I do not like it when vocals are coming from both the high and low drivers. Yes I have a great volt meter. And yes I use a mod wright pre for overall volume The speakers are Open Baffle Goldwood 1851 18" on the bottom , and audio nirvana 15" classics on top all drivers are supposed to be 8 OHM Goldwood advertised sensitivity is 94.3 https://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/290-386-goldwood-gw-1858-specifications.pdf Classic 15 advertised sensitivity is 92 https://www.commonsenseaudio.com/an15classicalnicospecs.jpg Joe
  11. joessportster

    Lowther PM4a 8" Full Range Drivers Pending

    That remains to be seen at the moment, I will let you know first via PM if you like.
  12. joessportster

    Any Flooring guys / contractors here ?

    Yes no plans to ship, Local sales only I thought 100 each was to good a price to pass up..................I Took Both. I am sure someone will hit me up for 1 or both. There On craigslist as I type.
  13. joessportster

    Bi amping and level matching.

    Wondering if there are any other folks that Bi-amp here and how you go about level matching. I mostly go by ear but will admit that may not be the best way to set up a speaker. at times with certain material I feel like things are bass shy and yet at other times it sounds like bass overload. I realize SOURCE is and will be an issue in this regard. I am just trying to see if there is a technical approach Joe
  14. joessportster

    Lowther PM4a 8" Full Range Drivers Pending

    sale pending
  15. joessportster

    Any Flooring guys / contractors here ?

    Local Lowes is clearing out Professional sanders Varathane ezV sell for over 2000.00 new can get a couple for cheap. wondering what they cost to rent ? I'm thinking I could flip them for a few bucks. Anyone ?