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  1. joessportster

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    Thanks so much guys, I have some Norah Jones, and Ricky Lee, and yes Thebes Thanx I had to pull my head outta my 3rd point of contact I have added a couple of these to my J-River selection and will have to look into some others mentioned.
  2. joessportster

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    I have mostly avoided female Vocals and so am woefully out of my element. After recent acquisition of Jennifer Warrnes Famous Blue Raincoat I find myself wanting more female vocals of the same type quality. I often hear different folks here speak fondly of female vocals and so here I am asking whom you all think stands out in the crowd. I have some Adele, Patricia Barber, and Diana krall and while they are good I frankly feel like they pale in comparison. Could be I obviously have not heard a great recording by any of them Strange how ones musical tastes change over the years...................
  3. joessportster

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

  4. joessportster

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

    Hello thought I might answer the questions here Yes the switches are still available, and the picture is a perfect representation of the switches from ALL SIDES the wood on front is EXACTLY the same all the way around the only other thing to see is the top plate which is in full view above....................Joe
  5. joessportster

    Oris 150, Vifa Onken, Lowther PM4a

    You dont ever travel south do you ?
  6. joessportster

    Oris / Lowther setup near NYC

    Got all excited and did not realize the owner posted the oris here as well in garage sale..............................dis regard
  7. joessportster

    Oris / Lowther setup near NYC

    Anyone looking for a superb horn setup may wish to look into this, price is pretty good they were just posted on audio karma (you have to be a subscriber to view bartertown) offer consists of oris 150, lowther pm4a, and the onken bass cabinet with driver 1500.00 (a steal IMHO) if they were close to me I would already offered to buy. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/oris-150-vifa-onken-lowther-pm4a.827451/
  8. joessportster

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

    as there is no power to the switches I would say mechanical
  9. joessportster

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

    I would tend to agree, but I always defer to the builder that way no hard feelings, Dkalsi I will send to you to test for your needs you cover shipping, If they work pay me, If they dont send them back. I can fit these in a flat rate box I am sure so shipping would be around 18.00 ish Joe
  10. joessportster

    Schiit sys passive pre / swwitch

    Sold thanks Carl
  11. joessportster

    Schiit sys passive pre / swwitch

    Thanks Carl, 35 may seem high but when you buy from schiit at 49.00 they charge another 20ish to ship so you end up close to 70.00, I think 35.00 shipped is fair, The thing works like a charm and I know it can be used in reverse Big thread over on head-fi
  12. joessportster

    Ampsandsound custom speaker switches

    I dont think so, but you could ask Justin He built them. Joe
  13. joessportster

    Pass ACA with Linear supply and B-1 Pre amp

    Trade pending, Thanks Adam
  14. joessportster

    Schiit sys passive pre / swwitch

    http://www.schiit.com/products/sys They can describe better than me, bought it new a couple months ago and have since used maybe 20 minutes then back in the box. As New sell for 35.00 shipped
  15. As I always do I jump in Deeper than makes sense to most humans, I have a pair of the ACA with linear supplies I use as my Main amps on a Bi-Amp setup and I LOVE them, They are Keepers for sure. so when a 2nd pair came for sale locally I thought Huh why not. Backup is always a good thing. (Right ?) I also had in my mind a 2nd system (as though my space would magically expand and allow for such, Just another lame justification for buying spare gear) Of course I had to have Linear power supplies for the new amps and so bought those as well. I played them and they sound as expected pretty much exactly as my current ACA sound I bought the B-1 off Rich here it is an actual Pass build and it to sounds fantastic, I would be using it but I wanted to Bi-amp my Mains and so Have a custom pre from Justin at ampsandsound that I use and the B-1 sets gathering Dust (NOT COOL). The ACA hold proper Bias and sound great, they are the original 2012 boards they also have upgraded speaker terminals. The build / solder looks very professional I would also consider trading for other Pass amps, or SET Tube Monos / OTL (Just because I cant help myself ) 1000.00 buys everything, both monos, both Linear supplies, and the B-1 Pre-amp, Buyer covers shipping