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  1. So I have a Well Temper Armadeous TT set up with the cartridge "Audio Technica AT-VM95EN". A.T. Offers several styles of stylus for the same cartridge body. I am looking for info / opinions on which stylus would offer the best sound QUALITY. one item of note is the Well Temper tone arm has a FIXED headshell position, NO adjustment is available except for azimuth, tracking alignment, and tracking force I have the cart VTF set at 2.0 Gram (suggested is 1.8 to 2.2) Azimuth is level to the eye, and VTA is level to the eye as well I am playing ONLY high quality New or Like New Vinyl with the original stylus I notice some background noise and I am wondering if a different stylus might mitigate that noise The stylus I have now is the Orange Elliptical Nude Options available are: Red Microlinear Nude Green Elliptical Bonded Brown Shibata Nude Blue conical Bonded White conical 78 RPM (I know I dont need & cant use this one) So which would you opt for and if yo can explain why
  2. Big A$$ toroidal Transformer is under the Capacitor board
  3. Pass Clone sounds great but I am sticking with my tubes, No issues price is 800.00 plus the ride and fees (if there are any fees) Paypal accepted for payment Description below is from the builder Matt Roszkowski, He builds and sells a lot of both SS and Tube amps on USAudiomart and Audio Asylum with great feedback "For sale is a recently built First Watt DIY Aleph J clone. Chassis is the 4U 400mm Dissipante chassis from DIY Audio and HiFi-2000. This provides plenty of heatsink for this circuit. The amp is 18 x 17 x 7.5 inches, weight is 37 pounds. The power supply is a mono supply, like the original First Watts. I used Schottky diodes, and they make for a very clean supply. 60,000 uf capacitance per rail. It is a nice quiet and stout supply. Quality parts were used on the DIY Audio signal boards. See the pictures. Wire used is Mil-spec Teflon coated copper wire. There are both xlr and rca inputs. If using the rca inputs, the xlr must have shorting plugs, as supplied, installed. The sound is pure First Watt, with solid bass, nice treble extension." I agree with Matts assessment of the amps performance.....................Thanks for looking amp is located in NC 28351
  4. Contacted the builder. He agrees something wrong electrically under the hood, Advice is "DO NOT POWER BACK ON" Contacted the seller spoke with his tech this morning he said its weird we played it for 1/2 hour prior to shipping etc... Etc... ETC...... But they agreed to accept the return. So I lose Time, Tape, and I bought a bunch of tubes for that amp. Tubes will hold or increase in value so no real loss there. I just dont get to hear it 😑 All packed up and awaiting shipping label for return trip to Houston Texas
  5. Yes it is disconnected / shut down as soon as I saw the issue (actually the wife saw it and said " thats cool looking "............To which I said no it is not, took a pic and shut it off swapped tubes tried again etc...etc...etc...Appreciate all the suggestions but it all greek to me. I fear this amp is headed back to where it came from, or to a tech for repairs. Not that old built in 2017 and supposedly has only 80 hours use.
  6. So I am afraid I know the answer here but might as well post the inquiry. I just received this amplifier a high quality build by Radu Tarta its a shiny eyes 45 I put the tubes in fire it up and the left tubes plate is glowing red while the right side appears normal. Obviously the left tube is getting a good bit HOTTER I swapped out the tubes for another good testing pair and same result the plate glows red on the left side Both tubes do bias out correctly at 2.5 As the same result happens on more than 1 pair and swapping left for right tubes the left still glows red after swapping sides I am fairly positive the meaning is something is out of spec on the amps left channel. Thoughts anyone ?
  7. PM sent and responded to follow up
  8. I am not bothered by it still setting, In fact I am kind of happy. You are right though they do sound VERY GOOD and IMHO they are easily worth the 1500 Will sells them for 950 is a bit of a steal
  9. I had an ear problem in my left ear certain Freq. at anything above Volume X would cause a buzzing / vibration sound. The issue has not been as present of late I took a mandatory break from speakers for 5 years and since coming back to them the issue is MUCH less present. Try Listening off axis as well, that sometimes helped back when the issue was a constant nuisance
  10. Wife + Audio = 😒 for a lot of folks..................................I guess I got lucky My wife supports the hobby she figures its better than Harleys, Drugs, Booze, Womanizing, Bar Hopping, This List could get pretty Long
  11. Sounds as good as it looks, I promise I will not cry if it fails to sell
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