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  1. Ellis Lorne Heckler Sr Thank you to one & all. Im having a hard time with this despite knowing it was coming for some time
  2. The Liver Cancer took Dad Last night, He was surrounded by Loved ones. I got to hold his hand as I did moms when she passed. His passing was not as peaceful as we were led to believe. At least he is in no more pain & his dignity intact. Rest in Peace Pop. I Love You, You will be missed.
  3. Bobby is a great guy to deal with folks I have bought and sold a few pieces with him and he always comes through. His descriptions are spot on, no surprises here
  4. Opinions Vary . My 124 has undergone a total restoration with some very nicely upgraded parts. Playing 2 LP (that I know very well) through left me wanting NOTHING, I never felt like I was missing anything sound wise. I could and will listen for hours this weekend to some other well known LP to get a better grip on the overall sound. I am very happy with the trade from VPI Classic 1 to Thorens 124
  5. Got this last week and the grace F-9 Cart today Sounding fine Not really better than the VPI Though with a much cheaper cartridge it is certainly as good. Finally a 124 in the house and making music
  6. I cant find one for the 2.2 Graham, all the ones I see are for the phantom and up which is different to my knowledge. If you know something I dont I am all ears. Will pm Dave thanks, I have to break out the camera and tripod my tremors wont allow me to take steady detailed pics.
  7. Hey Dave. I have an original part. I am trying to re-create the whole piece. I can get more detailed pics and forward them. I am happy to pay for having 1 or more duplicated (Likely a small market for a few of them) It could be out of a rigid plastic though the original is Aluminum with a small thin plexi that flips over Joe
  8. They are a great sounding amp but 1100 is high I sold 1 here last year with ZERO issues for 500. Mine was infact near NOS with the screen resistor mod added
  9. I have borrowed a cartridge alignment jig that Graham no longer makes, I am wondering if it is something that can be made via 3 d printing process. Anyone ? The snip / image below is a very close image to the older 1 I am looking to duplicate
  10. I got a Graham 2.2 with the deal, Its not a vintage arm but it is a highly regarded arm. I had 1 several years ago and they are great arms very versatile. Its not the vintage look but overall should be a nice setup. Now I just need to find a cartridge something in the MM realm. I will email you a pic. Joe
  11. Thats a Damb nice table there Justin, cost more than the balance of my system ...................I have a new to me TT on the way a thorens 124 totally rebuilt, I did a trade / cash deal. Good Luck with the sale
  12. Im in the same neck of the woods..................Thanks for the Suggestion
  13. I was FINALLY able to horse trade my way into my dream table. I have a Thorens 124 fully refurbished with a Graham 2.2 Tonearm on its way I will need a MM cartridge Any suggestions from the crowd ? I am sticking with MM because the Thorens may not act well with Higher strength Magnets of LOMC etc.......... Also my Cary Pre has built in MM phono so I would not have to use a SUT or Head-Amp etc... Shorter path for hopefully lower noise floor. I also want to try and stay away from the Grado. They are great sounding Cartridges but they are also prone to noise, I had one here on my other tables and it picked up everything made all kinds of noise. Joe
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