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  1. Dont know why they are showing up when I look ? when I sign out and view as a guest they are still up, Have no clue why they are not showing for you
  2. My only internet is tethering to my cell phone for 10Gb monthly...................What prompted this is I have had a problem with music fading in and out at random. Upon looking that up everything was pointing to Windows 10, I tried Linux Mint, Problem persisted, I tried older versions of J-River MC, Problem Persisted, I tried 3 different DACs, Problem Persisted. I was positive it had to be PC / Software related. I have found threads discussing a failing tube or cap could cause this. I am now on that hunt. My internet access does not currently allow for optimal use of Roon, Sadly I am still with J-River and have a Small Green Computer sonic transporter i5 setting in wait I dont understand these companies that seem to assume everyone has decent connectivity. It effectively leaves out a LARGE portion of the population from using there services. There are a lot of posts on Roons own site speaking about this, with no clear answers
  3. Cant afford them, "I'm on a low budget" Sadly with all Tims positive comments on the sound I would be tempted................ GLWS
  4. I am guessing Roon uses Bluetooth to see my I5 Transporter. In that case my pc or ? with the roon ap would need bluetooth as they are not hardwired ?
  5. I somewhat get it here's my scenario. I have a sonic transporter i5 (small green computer) it works. I have an external Hard drive with near 5 TB of music. I DO NOT have consistent internet access. My understanding is. I download a ROON ap on my PC, Phone, Or tablet................That ap will recognize my i5 transporter, I connect the i5 to my DAC via usb. I connect my external hard drive to the I5 Transport. and the Roon ap will tell the i5 transporter what to play off the Drive Does my dac have to be a ROON recognized DAC ? With J-River I have to tell the PC what device to use for sound and I have to tell J River the same. Can anyne explain this better or ? Thanks Joe
  6. I wish I had known that Roon basically requires Internet access to operate steadily Other players like J-River you simply download it and you can then stay offline, I am checking around to see if I can possibly load Linux on the i5 transporter. If they say it is possible I will likely pull the ad and set it up that way
  7. Bought this as I was considering making the move to Roon, Instead I put Linux on my PC getting rid of windows and I am happy with the results. So I am not switching over. Here is the info from the seller where I bought it. "Sonictransporter I5 music server from Small Green Computer offered by original owner. Mine doesn't have an internal drive for music, so you would need to use an external hard-drive. I bought this a few years ago (maybe 2016?) and used it happily for 2 years until it died. It was sent off the SGC, who replaced a board, and returned it to me a few months later. However, being a impatient Type-A, I splurge on a more expensive server before getting this unit back. It's been sitting in the pictured box since then. I verified that it powers on, is recognized by the local network, and plays tunes, so it appears good to go. No cosmetic issues, and as mentioned, it was gone over thoroughly by the folks at SGC. Seller pays USPS shipping within" I powered it up and it seems to work as described except of course I do not have ROON..........Will sell it for 200.00 plus the fees and shipping
  8. That had to be one hell of a hole..........................I worked installing sewer and water lines and we did get into some holes that were dangerous. Those were over ones head height. He must have been down on his knees or ? https://news.yahoo.com/rolling-stones-tour-manager-mick-183007026.html
  9. Seller on USAudiomart has no feedback he lives in Newport Beach, CA. I would pay you for your time Biggest issue is the seller does not have the packing, so it would be best if you had experience packing and shipping audio equipment All assistance appreciated
  10. I snagged a set of Supravox 215 2000 exc drivers, Supra suggests a power supply of 6-12 VDC and 5 amps. I am curious about the possible heat build up of the coil. I have been known to listen for several hours straight. Any concerns I should have about long term sessions. Thanks to all
  11. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisacg2e-klipsch-cornwall-iv-full-range
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