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  1. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Part of the reason I bounced back and forth between so many different speakers. Though top end has never been an issue for me with single drivers. Some fostex are well known to require top end augmentation
  2. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    1 more thing, The speakers do in recording room ambiance like nothing I have heard before, Example: John Lee Hooker, The Healer, I swear I hear echos behind me this has happened on a couple other recordings as well, it is not my room because I have open space behind me for at least 10 feet. I pick up on other boundaries inside the recording as well. of course this is more than just the speakers it is the system / source as a hole. Same system different speakers I did not hear this.
  3. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Detail, and imaging are superb, Realism is more subjective IMHO, I think they sound pretty real (true to the instruments, vocals)
  4. joessportster

    Awesome unreal guitar

    I found a Harmony Classic H174 from the 60's in the local habitat for humanity, I cant play just could not leave it setting there Thought the boys might like to fiddle with it but no I picked up a ludwig acrolite snare the same day...............
  5. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    There is a lot of hype on Davids site which seems dubious I know I felt there was a lot of bragging happening. I must admit in all seriousness though the 15's in the BR cabinet have pretty much blown me away. Simply the best single driver I have had / heard to date. I have had several over the years 2 or 3 lowther setups, 2 or 3 fostex setups, a couple different Zu offerings, Hornshoppe horns, With them all I was always left wanting. I am pretty happy with the Classics, truly full range IMHO and very efficient.
  6. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Me To Perhaps more importantly The wife likes as well As long as she does not try and claim it.
  7. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    The ones setting on top of the Tuba Subs are the Madisound BK16 Kit with the 168E Sigma Drivers, we use them with a tuba sub for a kind of Home Theatre 2.1 Sounds pretty dam good https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-16-folded-horn-kit-pair/ My 2 channel speakers out front are the Audio Nirvana 15" Alnico Classic single drivers in there 5.6 Bass Reflex cabinet ( I really like these ) Bass is stupid low in a single driver with 2.5 WPC http://www.commonsenseaudio.com/nirvana.html http://www.commonsenseaudio.com/an15classicalnicospecs.jpg
  8. joessportster

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    I use the TV as the monitor for my PC based music source, when setting across the room it is easier to see. And the wife likes it up higher Happy Wife=Happy Life
  9. joessportster


  10. joessportster


  11. joessportster

    Tube recommendations on a budget

    Cool, I just made an offer we will see how that works out, Thanks
  12. joessportster

    Tube recommendations on a budget

    I am looking & thinking about buying 1 of the large lots of 50 - 100 tubes is there anything in particular to look for, OTK or ? They dont offer up dates so much and it seems like China has more to offer now than Russia, Price is already going up on just a pair. I keep seeing 40.00 for a pair. would any of the following be a good choice ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Package-with-30-vacuum-tubes-6N8S-6H8C-6SN7-CCCP-NOS-great-condition-1967/163194867473?hash=item25ff2c0f11%3Ag%3AdvIAAOSw7yZbPraJ&_sop=10&_sacat=0&_nkw=6h8c+tube&_from=R40&rt=nc https://www.ebay.com/itm/85x-Vintage-Radio-Tubes-6N8S-6H8C-1578-6SN7-NEW-Same-Date/163128786114?hash=item25fb3bbcc2%3Ag%3Ar~YAAOSwWDRbOUdH&_sop=10&_sacat=0&_nkw=6h8c+tube&_from=R40&rt=nc https://www.ebay.com/itm/50x-6N8S-1578-6SN7-ECC32-USSR-Double-TRIODE-NEW-NOS-MATCHED-DATE-BOXED/302537724718?hash=item4670a7532e&_sop=10&_sacat=0&_nkw=6h8c+tube&_from=R40&rt=nc
  13. Went to Habitat for Humanity looking around for a door, saw a heavy large rack setting in the middle of the store empty (I had seen it there b-4 always with product stacked on it) I thought I know they wont sell but what the hell wont hurt to ask. The young lady working says she does not think it is for sale but leave my name and number and she will ask the manager. In my pessimistic manner I tell my brother no way they will sell it I contemplate not leaving my info. I end up leaving it, drop off my brother head home, pull in the drive and the wife looking confused says someone called about a shelf. Call back and the young lady says manager will sell it for 50.00 Load up some hand tools and away we go. I just knew it would come apart as it has bolt heads at all the joints. AARRRRGGGGHHHHH Spot welded Dam it, Pay for it pick it up following day with trailer. It will not fit through the door, modify it a bit carry it through the door in pieces and put it back together in the house. The whole time the wife is trying to take possession "I like that shelf" Over and over (anyone married knows what that means) Now all set up and playing music or movies Looks pretty good IMHO and only 50.00 Shelves are a birch plywood with solid oak trim, and reinforced underneath with MDF for a total of 1.25 inches thick and heavy as hell. Pic of my 2 channel set up / 2.1 HT setup As I type the wife comes up Leans over my shoulder "I like that shelf"
  14. joessportster

    Decware amps with K402

    My Zen Taboo came in yesterday the EL-84 sounds as expected very musical more than enough oomph for my single drivers but ultimately it will be in the bedroom for late night headphone or another smaller single driver setup. I like the fact I can keep speakers and headphones hooked up and flip a switch between the 2 (Makes it much more versatile) The amp sounds very good probably not the last word in detail / resolution but for a 2nd system it will do nicely. The Cary 45, and / or welborne DRD 300B sound better IMHO.
  15. joessportster

    Expectations, where do your lie ?

    I must agree