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  1. Like the title says Pass Latest version of 1.6 ACA 15 wpc in mono or balanced, 5-6 wpc in stereo..........................Both amps are basically as new but to be conservative I will say cosmetics are an 8 and functionality is 100%....................Comes with the Power supplies also the latest best version by MeanWell. At this price you are paying for the Kits and the build is free. Built by an experienced tech not me. 750.00 plus the ride and fees (Or use gift to avoid the fees) I put a silver permanent marker dot by the inputs & outputs used for mono operation.
  2. Quote from the builder about the amp below. (Bill Hirsch well known builder on AK Forums) "SKA GB150 - a DIY amp based on design by Greg Ball. He's one of the 5 best known amp designers in the DIY world. 150 wpc and very clean. Built by me and cased in a repurposed amp case. New PSU (oversized) and new amp boards" Bill told me he had 250.00 in parts alone, would like to sell if for 250.00 plus the ride and fees OBRO.............. I never tried to use the output RCA on the back of the amp I frankly have no idea what they would be used for
  3. I have 1 tube and the box I realize 1 is of little use unless you have a pair and would like a back-upthen thiss could be your lucky day Selling AS IS but it does work, I have no idea how many hours are on it. I put it on my Heathkit IT-21 tester and you can see the results in the pictures attached 350.00 gets it and includes insured shipping to your door. Paypal friends or gift only on this as it is being sold with no warranty AS IS..............I did play it for approx 1 hour in my transcendent pre-amp it sounds fine to me
  4. Pretty happy with the speakers..................Now trying to get my amps / pre amp synced up...............................So far sounding better with no pre-amp just running a pair of Y cables off the dac and then to my 2 amps (bass and uppers). Using J-River to adjust volume working nicely.
  5. the amp went from California to Hawaii and then to me. I am not dis regarding anything I thought I was pretty clear on the fact that I want it outta the chain, (Perhaps not so clear) My goal is to take it out of the chain all together. I have used De-oxit many times for various reasons, it is good at what it was made for.
  6. Appreciate the advice, But the amp is only a couple months old and the pot makes no noise as though it might have oxidation etc... So not sure what cleaning the pot could possibly do. At any rate the builder said if I cut the grounds the pot basically becomes a dead end and no signal passes through it. So gonna give that a try will update results. Fingers crossed, praying to the rock gods the distortion clears up..........................
  7. I have a 6l6 amp with a volume pot that I believe is causing the signal to break up at certain volumes. The Pot is not working properly as turned fully 1 direction mutes amp but barely turn it the opposite direction and you are at full volume with another 7/8 of dial turn remaining that makes no difference in sound. The amp builder said I could defeat the pot by cutting the grounds but this keeps signal running through the pot correct ? The Pot is a W.L. B1M which would indicate 1 Meg Ohm. In my lay understanding that is the Pots max not necessarily what is being fed it in my amps case. Disconnecting the grounds leaves 2 leads on the pot. If the amp were powered up and I read the Ohms between the remaining 2 leads (Carefully of course) would I get a measurement telling me what size resistor to put between those 2 leads there by totally taking the pot out of the signal chain ? If I am correct is there a best type resistor for this purpose ? Any knowledgeable help appreciated. Joe
  8. 6 year old thread why Why WHY.....................................🤣
  9. joessportster


    So I was going to keep this forever but I moved to a 15" full range driver and no longer need to limit the bass sent to that driver (I now get to run it Full Range) so I have the Marschand setting around doing nothing which is frankly a shame. Very versatile and SUPER easy to use You can choose your desired X-over point and then adjust gain to both the low pass and high pass as well as adjust damping for the bass Superb sounding Active for a Bi-Amp system Chips included are 300Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz, 150Hz through 250Hz in increments of 10Hz, then there are 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, & 110Hz. Thats a total of 117 chip sets at 15.00 each set for a total of 255.00 for the chips 1200 for a new xm9 you would be looking at 1450 new, 100% functional, Face is an easy 9 in condition top has a mark or 2 overall an 8 IMHO for cosmetics........This has sweeps for level adjustments not the latest stepped. I think the sweeps allow for finer tuning My Price is 450.00 plus fees and the ride (and I will include that sweet case pictured 😄 ) SOLD
  10. Not sure how the Devore would equal an OB but at 12K a pair I dont need to know
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