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  1. I'd be interested to hear how a K402 sounds on top of my bass bins..
  2. Plus this will give me the incentive to actually finish them. They're still raw birch...
  3. I could be talked into it if @babadono is up for splitting the driving from the Left Coast. Anyone bringing Jubes?
  4. Any progress on these, Rosey?
  5. Yes, it;s Roon. Put the Roon core on your HTPC. You can even stick with windows if you want. Roon will see your AVR as an audio device that you can control from anywhere in your house with a laptop, tablet or phone. Use Pi4s as extra endpoints for other zones around the house. Or get your hands on some Chromecast Audios (they're still available from ebay or the UK). A CCA is a stupidly good endpoint for Roon. In fact one drives my DSP for my 4 channel K510 rig. Sounds amazing. Feel free to PM me with questions, I've been a Roon user for a couple of years now and been doing linux audio on Pis for maybe 4. I submitted a couple of bug fixes even for Volumio's airplay support.
  6. With dual 15 Kappas these will be monsters.
  7. What do you have in mind for the LF drivers?
  8. I've been thinking of building a 4 channel version for my K510 actives. Have you tried playing with the nutube plate bias to adjust the second harmonic component?
  9. Too bad you're so far away from me. I think the K510s on top of the LaScalas with and active crossover would be the best of both.
  10. https://www.us.marantz.com/us/products/pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=avreceivers&ProductId=AudysseyMultEQEditorApp
  11. I see two paths forward here. You can keep guessing or you can measure your system response and know exactly what’s going on. If you’re running Audyssy then it will try to autocorrect to flat response in your room. It’s quite likely that you just don’t like the sound of flat response and need to make some manual eq adjustments to get the sound you have in mind. There’s an app you can get for your Marantz that will let you manually change the EQ curve for your main channels. But step 1 is to get a measurement microphone and take a response sweep measurement from your listening position so you know where you are starting from. There are many of us here that can help you with the technical aspects of this. I run my system with three different response curves: flat, some midbass enhancement and significant midbass enhancement. Each one of these curves sounds best depending on the quality of the recording. My guess is you will like the sound of a low shelf boost of between 2 - 6d centered at 200hz. This will emphasize the low string of a bass guitar and the thump of the drum bottom end without muddying the vocal range.
  12. From the size almost certainly. Anyone see the prices? The ones I saw start with a 2 and have five digits.
  13. Would have saved me a lot of time building my own, but at least the ones I made fit exactly where I need them to go..
  14. Looks like are wishes have been granted, K510s in a 2 way home tower. Hopefully the LCR speakers will be orderable separately from the subs for 2 channel. Thanks team! https://www.klipsch.com/cedia
  15. Those are K510 two ways with 15” bass drivers. Essentially the home 396 we’ve been pining for.
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