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  1. One advantage to two different amps is that you can match the different power requirements i.e. a more powerful amp for extra damping on the bass drivers vs. a super clean low wattage for the mid compression.
  2. MenloBob

    Heresy 2 plus build

    I’m going to use hockey pucks for feet in my next speaker build...
  3. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Thanks. Turns out the 30s were a scam anyway.
  4. MenloBob

    Heresy 2 plus build

    Those are beautiful even in raw birch.
  5. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    I may drive up the California coast for a pair of KLF-30s this weekend. Seems like an almost ideal box with the dual 12 drivers. @Emile what are the dimensions of your 510s? Need to figure out if they will fit in place of the KLF-30 horns.
  6. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Yeah I think I'm going to do the single Super H2s first, measure them and then look towards dual 12s in the summer when I have more spare time for cab builds. I'm looking forward to meeting a bunch of you in Hope in a few weeks.
  7. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    What driver should I use for the two 12 approach? The Eminence neo high output or LF? I won't be using passive crossovers and will have plenty of clean power to drive them, so maybe the LF would give a bit more bottom extension? I guess I need to setup a PC to run some modeling software..
  8. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Thanks for all the feedback. If I could put Jubes in my house and stay married then I absolutely would. Where I live square footage is obscenely expensive, so removing a bunch of furniture for huge speakers is not a viable option. One goal of this project is stealthily getting any speakers in my living room, which is currently decreed an "electronics free zone." I can sell the Heresys as they aren't huge and I already have them. In fact step one will be getting them out of storage and building nice stands and just running the H2s for a while. I will be completely bi amping the 510s with active crossovers and eq, so I can easily balance the bottoms with the tops. With the single 12s they won't play much below 50, but I'll be powering each 12 with a bridged IcePower 125asx delivering well over 200w per driver. The tops will use a 125 in stereo. Really the goal here is to get the 510s in the house as a foundation for experimentation in the future. I'll never have room for 402s, but I'd like to experiment with wide dispersion, constant directivity 2 way systems in the space I have.
  9. MenloBob

    Seeking advice about 3 channel LaScala setup.

    If the Scott has pre out for L+R you could use a small 4 channel mixer to adjust relative level and L & R mix to center.
  10. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Have you done any sweep measurements with REW?
  11. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Too bad I’m 3000 miles away. I’d love to help get this going. I really think directly driving the 12s with a strong amp and judicious EQ will get you close with what you have. Here’s my concept for a Heresy version. These will fit in the space I have available (while allowing me to stay married).
  12. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Is the Marantz 1060 driving the 12s? Maybe you need more power to tightly control the bass driver. Perhaps swap in the Crown from your pro system. I think if you get this setup dialed in correctly the Forte cabs should be plenty big enough for the room. Bands play small venues all the time with single 12" in smaller cabs than your Fortes. They won't play super low, but they should be able to move a lot of air with those new Eminence drivers.
  13. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Do you have the 510s covering the top end with the forte cabinet only driving the 12"? If so how did you setup your MiniDSP for the crossovers? Do you have a measurement mic?
  14. MenloBob

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Any progress on updating the Fortes?
  15. MenloBob

    2way Cornwall?

    The K510 is highly regarded but hard/expensive to come by.