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  1. MyOwn

    Eye Opener

    While in the service, it was on base daycare which was out of pocket. Not free. After service it was a combination of day care, family and most importantly, the kids started elementary school which is an awesome sitter Edit to add..My family helped alot, Big thank you to my family...Mom, Pops and six other siblings ❤️❤️
  2. MyOwn

    Eye Opener

    Not prepared at all... I wasn't insinuating male or female "If it came across as such I apologize" I was 21, she was 18, when we married. My Son was on the way. I joined the service in 83 "to the disappointment of my new wife. In 89 I left the service as a single parent of two awesome kids. I used to climb in the military, My job was to install communication equipment, above and below ground... While in the service computers became a hobby...It's amazing what one can learn when its interesting.
  3. MyOwn

    Eye Opener

    absolutely yes... Might I ad.... or so we are made to believe we cant live without...
  4. MyOwn

    Eye Opener

    ^^^^ what about single parent? I did this....Living proof guys can be single parents, and damn good ones at that.
  5. MyOwn

    Eye Opener

    I grew up with Mom, Dad, and six other siblings. Pops worked for NNG as a welder, when he retired at 55 had topped out at around $21, $22, thousand a year. Moms stayed home and raised seven kids, can you imagine doing this?? Both worked there asses off raising 7 kids. Both saved for their retirement and the amount astonished all of us kids...."That are still alive" I will not ever have what Mom and Pops burned through after moving into assisted living.
  6. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    Have Aliens Found Us? The point of this analogy is that, for a caveperson, the technologies we have today would have been magic. They would have been God-given. https://www.newyorker.com/news/the-new-yorker-interview/have-aliens-found-us-a-harvard-astronomer-on-the-mysterious-interstellar-object-oumuamua
  7. MyOwn

    Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

  8. MyOwn

    New stuff from Bruce

    I don't know how to add an emoji with crossed fingers https://tubehifi.websitetoolbox.com/post/new-product-50w-push-pull-otc-stereo-power-amp-9991893Maybe
  9. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    I know a guy named Connie...Constance actually.... Workplace romance... Connie was the facilities manager where I work...Connie left to enjoy the rest of his life.... Connie is a nice dude...We didn't see eye to eye on political issues but we looked pass these things and together got the job done... He was facilities and I'm still in computers... Talk about "get ones goat"...Flipping LOL The Great Northern Railway (now a part of the BNSF Railroad) constructed a tunnel in the Cascades mountains in Washington in the early 1900s. The railroad set up construction camps at various locations along the line. Each camp had an adminstrative building with the Great Northern flag displayed out front. The logo for the GN railroad was the mountain goat, which was used in advertising, painted on freight and passenger cars, etc. In time, there developed competition between the camps for the best performance - most miles of track laid, bridges built, etc. From time to time, one camp would raid another and take their flag, which of course upset the camp that lost its flag with the goat logo. Thus the phrase "get my goat."
  10. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    Sure it does...My head hurts To much thinking about what I find is scary and contemplating what I find scary
  11. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

  12. Currently SS here, Wyred4Sound DAC to mAMPS The sound is awesome. I have Transcendent Sound equipment not being used. For the life of me I just can't let the GG and the SOB go.
  13. MyOwn

    Which one of you is it?

    To bad they fled...Should have kept playing 😊
  14. MyOwn

    The Last Reply Wins

    Not at all
  15. MyOwn

    Ha.... I caught you...

    I have a home service provider because I have to, The VPN provider I pay re-routes this outside my home service...