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  1. A fun read 😀 http://www.alcohol-stuff.co.uk/information/where-does-vodka-come-from I'm done for the night, Taxi????? Uber?????
  2. I would never do this.... Purity laws in Germany vs here... You are absolutely correrct
  3. https://www.thespruceeats.com/great-german-beers-353201
  4. I ponder every waking moment... Not just drink, but because this is 3 minutes to Miller Time.... I do wonder why I can handle clear alcohol like vodka and tequila... my body rejects bourbon...I like the taste of bourbon, my body the next day does not like it...
  5. How about just drink and have a good time without psychoanalysis
  6. Happy Friday to all here at Klipsch Forum... I'm baby sitting my daughters guinea pig....Name is Taco and nick name is Sir This little critter eats more than I do, he gets a big handful of Timothy Hay twice a day along with a few sliced cucumber and carrot each feeding. Beer tonight is Warsteiner Pils.
  7. Flippin Yummy....To bad I couldn't morph your way and have a shot or two with you.
  8. RTM 44 and clear... This coming.... Friday sunny and 56 Saturday sunny and 58 Sunday partly cloudy and 45 Monday Snow
  9. MyOwn

    That Was Quick

    I've only got 4 years here and 11 warning's.... Warning's happen when drink flows and I open up about what I think.... Warning to all... Don't drink and talk on the internet...
  10. Happy early Friday folks...I'm officially ending this year right now... I'm skipping the rest of 2019 and all of 2020... moving on to 2021... 2021 will be better...I hope... 🍻
  11. Soooooo... Back in my meat purveyor days, the company had all the local Wendy's and McDonald contracts.... All are different portions of beef "Bull meat and Cow fat meat" Have you ever seen either in a box? Yummy 😑 Make you own at home so you know what your getting.
  12. Go Victor.... There is no magic bullet and you are responsible for your own health and wellness. http://vitratoxdistributor.com/
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