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  1. Hot Sauce...Flippin Funny to watch 😊 Cheers folks.... Trevor Noah describes why taking a dump is so profound
  2. I came across this on another audio website. Any validity to this? If so where can I find the article? Thank You for your time. FWIW, I remember reading about demonstrations Paul Klipsch used to give back in the 50's regarding live vs. playback of recordings. He would use the Klipschorns against a live performance, and was able to achieve a result where the audience was not able to easily tell the difference.
  3. @Sam S. Phones....From a security stand point only. iOS is a better option... Not only did I come to this conclusion on my own, I also had local law enforcement confirm it.
  4. MyOwn

    Iron Butterfly

    Wow!!! Stop!!!! With your B/S....Your a smart guy "Know doubt".....Stop with the attacks....
  5. MyOwn

    Iron Butterfly

    @polizzio Pay No attention 🍺
  6. @LoudTrombone Welcome...There is a lot of audio knowledge here on Klipsch Forum... 🍺 My Brother turned me on to audio. The day he came home from church with their old PA system. I couldn't tell you who manufactured the tube pre-amp, power-amp or the tower speakers he brought home. This for him turned into an excellence thing and his and my journey began.
  7. MyOwn

    Iron Butterfly

    This cracked me up. I don't watch The Simpsons but I know this song "front, backwards, and side to side. LOL
  8. MyOwn

    What I Got Today!

    Thanks Schu, I've had my eye on Wyred's MS for a while. 😉
  9. MyOwn


    From Channel D Pure Music Home Download Support Contact News News Press June 2019 Has iTunes been "discontinued?" Folks have recently been bombarded with attention-grabbing headlines about Apple "discontinuing" iTunes. The actual truth was announced on June 3 by Apple at the WWDC keynote: Apple will be renaming iTunes to Music. As very humorously pointed out by Craig Federighi during the keynote, the functionality unrelated to music (TV, podcasts, iOS device support, etc.) will be delegated to separate apps or the OS. This is a welcome development. Unsurprisingly, Apple has retained the code base that enables interapplication communication, allowing Pure Music to interact with and control the new Music app, the same as with iTunes. Changing Pure Music to support the new Music app instead of iTunes amounts to changing a single line of code in Pure Music. (This change actually makes the Pure Music application binary one byte smaller!) This is, of course, distinct from the changes needed for the 8 byte memory addressing required in the upcoming MacOS 10.15 ("Catalina"). But, that issue is not related to iTunes at all. We've already been working on it; see the topic "64 bit memory addressing / notice in High Sierra and Mojave" under the heading Newest Topics. What about existing iTunes music libraries? The Music app included with the MacOS 10.15 Developer Beta distributed during WWDC imported our own 70,000+ song iTunes music library and associated playlists in a few seconds, and hit the ground running. The headlines proclaiming "Apple Discontinues iTunes," as far as Pure Music is concerned, are much ado about nothing. Apple refocused and renamed iTunes to Music. We see this as a very positive change, improving the performance of Music (née iTunes) and Pure Music after Apple releases the upcoming MacOS 10.15 to all users, likely in late September 2019. June 2019
  10. You know what? Happy weekend 🍺 🍸
  11. MyOwn


    Yes he does...LOL
  12. MyOwn

    What I Got Today!

    So what OS is running the unit?
  13. MyOwn


    Not sure this is relevant..... My day "every day" is based on time.... My work, my personal life, I know how long it will take to do a task or run to the store or go out to an event and get back home to sleep for the next day... I'm always early...Early Bird gets the worm... Am I a freak?
  14. MyOwn

    What I Got Today!

    In your quest, did you try MAC Mini with Channel D Pure Music, to the DAC, to the amps, to speakers? I have not tried media with a player. I'm interested with using the 2s connector, currently using USB from MAC Mini to the DAC
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