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  1. Awesome when you can say I'm done. .. I signed the paper work to pull my pension starting June 30th. I will continue working full time for the next 7 years gathering my normal paycheck along with with pension check. Time to adjust living only off the pension payout 🍻
  2. MyOwn

    Beer Drinkers

    I have not tried Celebrator...But I will in the future 🙂
  3. ^^The Munsters is good stuff, admit it @oldtimer
  4. Me too, I couldn't wait till the next episode. I haven't seen the remake.
  5. Loved it too.Fear is the only darkness Fe
  6. MyOwn

    Beer Drinkers

    Having a couple of these tonight. Reddit has a showerbeer place. LOL...Don't click if you don't want to see folks in showers with beers... https://www.reddit.com/r/showerbeer/
  7. MyOwn


    ^^ @oldtimer You are Correct.. Never meant this to be about me...Just trying to respond to a pretty cool thing that is happening right now on Mars.... Again,,,Just my thoughts...
  8. MyOwn


    Money is a ***** right? believe what you want. If I say I believe in something outside of the norm. I'm ridiculed. No worries... no more far fetched from what we grew up with. Any way.... humans have been preparing for leaving this world we know for a long time... Just my thoughts....
  9. MyOwn


    Mars we go 👆.... Perhaps Contact with Aliens Will Happen by the end of Century
  10. MyOwn

    Lets see your pets

    @mr clean Thank You sooooooo much for this...You don't know how much this helped me today ❤️
  11. Living it...Avoidance you bet...
  12. Happy Friday to all here at Klipsch Forum... So in my world.... "Not Kidding"... a dude zip-tied his ball sack...called 911 for help... "maybe he didn't think to have diagonal pliers available to release him self from bondage???? LOL No Chit
  13. MyOwn

    YouTube Spinning

    You ever have one of those "keep rewinding to the beginning of the recording moments? This is mine today after work. I hope you enjoy? The Lyrics.... Evil shadows they are falling And the misty-eyed are calling To a god so far People, troubled times are coming Still you wonder why I’m running I will take no part [Evil:] (I know it was you this time; I know it was you this time; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes; you lie, you lie) [Chorus:] Unholy so vile How can you justify a lie? One more sacred alibi Concealing your crimes Until the end of time Oh why It’s you that should be crucified Echoes of your true intentions Well I guess you failed to mention What was in your heart Now I say it all so clearly What you did to them has nearly Torn us all apart [Evil:] (I know it was you this time; I know it was you this time; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes; took them like a sacrifice; you lie, you lie) [Chorus] [Vocalizations] You say on your knees that you don’t believe now Don’t question a thing at all Just receive what you’re meant to see Now fall On your knees Evil shadow they are falling And the misty-eyed are calling You will break their heart [Chorus] The broken how they cry They only gave you heart and mind How can you justify? They loved you Now father don’t deny You took them like a sacrifice We finally know the truth about you Oh yeah You’re unholy So vile How can you justify? Oh my, how they loved you Oh yeah Concealing your crimes But now they’ll see this time The blind will deny you The Music https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=NGIDdzh2RhI&list=RDAMVMNGIDdzh2RhI
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