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  1. I have found that my body has a hard time with vodka, tequila and bourbon. Don't get me wrong I love them all...but all will make aches and pains appear over time... Or could this be the mixer???? Hmmm
  2. The Bruiser..... https://www.transcendentsound.com/bruiser.html https://tubehifi.websitetoolbox.com/post/new-product-50w-push-pull-otc-stereo-power-amp-9991893?trail=15
  3. I really don't know about this.....True? Know your whiskey.... https://www.realmendrinkwhiskey.com/know-your-whiskey-the-difference-between-bourbon-and-scotch/
  4. Enjoy Tarheel 😉 Beer...Warsteiner at my end, Oh and Cat Powers playing.... Hiring some one provisional to get past the normal hiring practices gets my goat. Provisional is for 1 year The person hired provisionally will get the position after the end of the provisional date. The position will be posted internally after the end of the provisional date. The posting will be written with the hires credentials...
  5. Not me but I will be. Me too
  6. So, at work today I had a conversation with two gals while soaking up the sun and killing ourselves with smoke. The conversation turned into men with beards and long hair pulled into a bun. This turned to shaving and being clean cut. This turned into why do woman shave? I had to quack it 😊 https://womenyoushouldknow.net/pit-stop-a-quick-history-of-women-shaving/ https://mentalfloss.com/article/22511/when-did-women-start-shaving-their-pits https://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/625/who-decided-women-should-shave-their-legs-and-underarms/
  7. How about this? Outside of music, I find this kind of stuff interesting....The data is there to back it up. https://www.michaelhorowitz.com/Word2016.php
  8. Wow!!! https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world-hilarious-mug-shots-gallery-1.14220
  9. @wvu80 Thank You for this.... This cured the Pissy mood I was in this past Tuesday. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Chicago Music.. My Tuesday work day was most productive jamming to these guys 😊
  10. Yabba Dabba 🍺 Those characters are, in fact, from DNA sequences that were used to encode the album in a spray can. https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/17/massive-attack-mezzanine-neural-network/ https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/10/massive-attack-dna-spray-paint-can/
  11. Posted this in RTM...If you don't visit.....
  12. Love the Negras my friend. Hope all is well with you... All is good at my end. sick of working, LOL..about another 8 years left... If I was Prez, I would make mandatory retirement at 55 with medical bennies..... Why??? "Who the fluck wants to work till 65????
  13. Got some BECK'S flowing at my end and some ....
  14. Sounds awesome Tarheel....Meet Odin, I'm a doggie Grandpa....LOL
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