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  1. We will need a little set up time at the barn to put all the x's down on the floor, it's a big place.
  2. I may have one but will need to verify.
  3. Good Morning to all! Working on the second cup this morning. Beautiful weather over the weekend, for a change and it looks like today will be another. Hope you are all doing well.
  4. @jwc suggested the same thing to me and the grills haven't been back on since.
  5. Pete H

    Covid19 redux

    I'm sure it's been mentioned in the "Bad Carl Thread" that went away, but there have been a number of studies by Stanford, USC, another in Florida and various other medical facilities that all show similar results as to much larger percentages of the population that have had the infection, but never had any of the symptoms but test positive for the antibodies. Obviously, using those numbers, the mortality rate is substantially lower than other numbers that have been reported when testing only groups with symptoms. I'm not getting in the mud to debate what all of the information means to you personally and how you will proceed as it's obvious that there's a huge distance between those that are already working and have been and those that want to "shelter in place" for whatever period of time, to each their own. My sales and office personnel are coming back in Monday, but myself and 2 other people that do contracting work, have been working the entire time. I'm of the belief that this is not going away and you've had it or you're going to get it unless you are of high risk and can remain isolated for an indefinite period of time.
  6. Pete H

    Covid19 redux

    I remember us discussing that at dinner before the concert. I would imagine that you could have a very successful practice based entirely on certain individuals on the forum.
  7. Many people are wondering the same thing. In late January through February I know of many people, including myself, that had a long lasting upper respiratory infection that lasted weeks and spread like wildfire. The coughing was unbelievable for everyone with varying symptoms regarding fever and other issues. I took off 2 days from work and it's the first sick days I've taken in 10+ years. I've spoken with Dr.'s that think they've had it as well, going back to January. Hopefully, that testing will become available in the near future so we're not wondering.
  8. Both if you really want to be safe.
  9. Randy though he's only been gone a short time, is quickly becoming a legend.
  10. I remember when gas was $1.19 a gallon and they were giving away crude oil like it was yesterday.
  11. I thought it was more like: You can get timed out but you still won't leave.
  12. Wells Fargo has had and continues to have some major issues regarding their business operations. Personally, with the exception of this situation, I couldn't see myself dealing with them, based on their track record. I hope you are all successful in obtaining these loans/grants to help you survive this time. I just need to get the doors back open, it's the only thing that might fix the business i run. Hope you are all well.
  13. Additional unemployment at a rate of $600 per week for 4 months for those that were laid off as a result of the virus. Is that going to help anyone? Nothing is free, some of us are still working, some people were and have been retired and their income hasn't changed, so I'm not sure where you're going with "paying peoples bills for free".
  14. Nice, I believe those started with @rockhound in the beginning. They are truly in their element when they have a huge room or outdoors. I try to take my own advice and have actually gotten rid of some items but I'm sure I'm not done acquiring either. Rock On and we will see you in September!
  15. My excuse for what? What's sad? What would I need an excuse for? Say what you mean and don't try and interpret what you think I meant, you would be wrong. Do you enjoy trying to start crap with everyone that doesn't have the same views as you do? Do you actually have coherent views or is it just limited to "I hate the president?" You wonder why you get put in time out, ever consider it's you and not the rest of the world. I actually think you would be surprised if there was a vote about who stirs that pot, and you not knowing the answer to that is what's really sad. Put your big boy pants on and GTFU.
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