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  1. Glad you're OK as well. If you're going to worry about the long term if they don't total it then consider taking the check and trading it or selling it the way it is and getting out of it anyway or you'll always attribute everything to the accident. It looks to me like a $10,000 bill, but you'll know soon enough.
  2. I was, but my friend did not take my warning seriously. LOL
  3. You need a great coach that has a ton of recruiting power in the region and a long enough contract to completely rebuild the program. Not gonna happen in a year or two.
  4. Very nice indeed. GLWTS and with the medical issues.
  5. I don't get that line at all. Iowa has no offense at all.
  6. For those in Ohio that are trying to find specific items. https://www.ohlq.com/ A note about Bookers after helping a friend do some work yesterday and took Bookers over for him to experience, his exact words: "I named this stuff the Devil! Had about 4 more beers at the Mexican restaurant last night and almost couldn't walk into the house. Passed out before 8:30...it may be smooth and good tasting...but it's the Devil...lol" We didn't drink all that much, but this kicks like shine!
  7. Waking up at 5 in the morning, only to find out that you don't have that bag of coffee left in the pantry and not having enough left for your first cup. Having to make a trip to DD at 5:05 in the morning.
  8. Sorry Jerry, Somebody please buy this amp so I don't have to ship stuff back to him and work out a swap. The amp has been sitting in the closet for a while and is in excellent condition. I saw it there in April.
  9. How many days until you tap those now? They are for the big retirement party right?
  10. Or think a little outside the box and buy a used pair of RF7 2's and buy a really good amp and pocket the difference until you decide to upgrade again.
  11. Carl, you should have made that deal after a bottle of bourbon.
  12. Pete H

    NFL 2019

    Sometimes it was just the fans that were brutal on both sides and should have been fined and ejected.
  13. I run a sub with everything including Cornwall 2's, RF7's and other bass bins that dig down to below 40. I've never put a sub on something and dialed it in and then thought that the speakers sounded better without it, but that's me and I don't listen to any pipe organs.
  14. Pete H

    NFL 2019

    it was all bad and stupid considering it had zero impact on the outcome of the game. I think there was also a leg to the tender region as well.
  15. Pete H

    NFL 2019

    After watching it over and over, I'm not sure that Rudolph doesn't deserve a fine and at least a game suspension as well. Agreed, under any circumstances there's no justification for what happened, but had Garrett not done what he had done and the focus was on what Rudolph was doing up until that point, he would have been the one in trouble from what I've seen on the film. It's all bad for football and they have to set precedent across the board.
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