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  1. They've been on my list for a while, not because I need them, just always wanted a pair if they came up for the right price. Been through quite a few sets of RB5's and though I know the 5's can't possibly compete with the 75's, they are amazing in their own right, considering the amount I paid, between $120 and $200 a pair and at one time I think I was up to 4 pair, but have taken it down to just one.
  2. But not when you replace it with Bourbon or Tequila. It's not the Atkins diet, but I'm sure it started with an A or maybe it was AA, something like that, I can't remember.
  3. The market has traditionally been really strong, but for what you can buy RF7's for, unless you just don't have the room, I personally couldn't justify the price, but would make a kick as& pair of studio monitors.
  4. Once again, we seem to have beat this horse to death.
  5. Just add bacon and it'll be alright.
  6. I would agree with what Rick said about accessories for less, if you are going new. I've purchased multiple units from them and the prices are hard to beat.
  7. Those look very nice Dave! Is that one of the super MWM's with the 402 on top that you're finishing to match as well?
  8. Pete H

    Vintage Cast Iron?

    That's weird, I do eggs using cast a lot, typically on a cast griddle, which I have 3 different sizes of. I will say that I coat them well with olive oil, butter, or bacon grease, depending on what else is going on, but I also do eggs using mid grade stainless as well and have no issues. If carbon steel works, ( I have a couple woks that are carbon steel), you're all set.
  9. Pete H

    Vintage Cast Iron?

    You don't think we've beat this to death enough yet do you? We've just begun to tell others the only right way to do things. Heck, the freaking 1000th speaker wire debate is still raging on, I think we need to give this a few more days so I can learn how I don't know anything about cast after over 40 years of use. LMFAO. I do have some opinions on Tupperware when the time is right, but don't crash this thread, you should start a new one.
  10. Welcome to the forum. You will get a lot of opinions but as I suggest to everyone, you need to have a list of features that are "must have" and really listen to the units that you're considering and decide which one fits your personal taste for sound. In my experience, having had many different brands and models, they will produce different sound, typically, a lot of that sound will be the same or very similar within a specific manufacturer at a given price range but Onkyo doesn't sound like Marantz or the Denon models. Another consideration will be how much music versus movies will the receiver be used for, and depending on that answer, it could be more about features and which built in room EQ program might serve you better. Another approach that many hear have used it to pick up a recent, but used model that you're considering, use it, see if you like it and if not, sell it and go onto the next until you find what you really like. Sorry if that wasn't a lot of help, but nobody here, including me, can tell you what you are going to like, just opinions based on what we like.
  11. Pete H

    Vintage Cast Iron?

    A few of the cast pieces I have are extremely old and came from my mom and my father in law and I haven't worn one out yet and can't imagine doing it. When Denise moved in 8 years ago she brought over her cookware and all her non stick garbage and her eyes got really big when I threw it all away and she had never seen anyone cook with only cast, heavy stainless and copper clad. I even have a cast waffle maker that goes on the grill or open flame on the gas range.
  12. You need those on the Porsche as well and maybe a 3" lift.
  13. Me too some times, but that's why I know people like you that can guide me back to the correct lane when I'm about to go off road.
  14. I'm sure that you're going to be pleased but good to keep those H3's, because they are fine speakers as well. Would be a great personal review with you doing a direct A/B with the 3's and the new L2's.
  15. I've used their wire for about 10 years now and really that and any other cables that I've used have performed great. I've never noticed any oxidation and have changed out connectors, equipment and speakers many times, so they're my go to because of that. I'm sending you a PM on a project.
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