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  1. Great to see this Dave. Can't wait to see the bracket. I really like that solid block of wood look.
  2. Pete H

    Parental Phrases

    When I didn't want what mom made for supper it was a couple of different phrases. 1. Think about all the starving kids in Africa. **I can't tell you how many times I suggested they should send the food there and help out those kids. 2. You're going to sit there until your finished, even if it takes all night. ** Never ate it anyway, but there were some late nights. Needless to say, I got my *** beat more than once and saying "that didn't hurt", "are you done yet" or "is that all you got" never shortened the duration, but eventually broke their will. LOL I also learned how to cook at an early age to have some options.
  3. Pete H

    College Football 2020

    I've been saying for a few years, Franklin was way overrated as a coach and recruiter, they have no quarterback that can help them compete with other top tier programs, and should have never signed him to an extended contract, and it's got a spot light on it now. Sad times in Happy Valley.
  4. Sincere concerns for those that have family members that are positive, for what it's worth, I don't want to see anyone get this, but it's everywhere. Waiting for them to cancel my shoulder surgery in a couple weeks, I hope not, but that is my expectation at this point.
  5. Pete H


    A family was driving behind a garbage truck when a dildo flies out and thumped against the windshield. Embarrassed, and to spare her young son's innocence, the mother turns around and says, "Don't worry, dear. That was just an insect." "Wow," the boy replies. "I'm surprised it could get off the ground with a cock like that!"
  6. I probably average about 20-30 precast foundations a year. It's the only thing I'll even quote. I've been using them for over 30 years.
  7. There are a lot of manufacturers and typically, it's about which company is closer and offers the specific panels that you're looking for. ACME is out of Virginia and you can get there panels with MgO installed, which has some specific applications, but all of the SIPs are pretty much the same. 20 years ago, I convinced a modular manufacturer to build some homes using the panels and as most other things go, the average consumer won't spend the additional funds upfront, to save over the long run, or pay for the structural advantages. They are used a lot in Post Frame construction, and as soon as I settle in on a property, my construction building will be built using all SIPs.
  8. You can also look at SIPs panels. Simple, quick, extremely strong and it's your insulation and sheeting all in one.
  9. Pete H


    Keep her happy. GLWTS
  10. Pete H

    What I Got Today!

    Happy for you. Enjoy! What are they replacing?
  11. Something is wrong for certain. I used 3 different horns and drivers with Cornscalas, fastracs, ZPX and Goldwood 450's and they all smoked the stock midhorns.
  12. Great to see this Dave! Will be following closely.
  13. I was very relived to listen to your message on Friday night that it arrived safely, and that you have no regrets. I've heard many people criticise that turntable, and it's nice to see someone that has another table be able to give a real opinion. Bottom line to me is always, if it sounds good to you, then it's good. We'll be taking soon.
  14. I use a flat pack for one build, and this is the treatment I get. LOL
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