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  1. Pete H


    1 for now, could be 2 but don't have that confirmation yet.
  2. Pete H

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    Just sent him the dates and don't know yet. He's in the process of getting both his hands/wrists done for carpal tunnel and trigger fingers and we have a golf trip planned for May so no clue. I know that we're not driving it again if he decides to go. Looks like flying into Little Rock or Dallas has flights hovering in the $300-$350 range at the moment. Can't find anything reasonable to Texarkana at all, the flights are double.
  3. Pete H

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    Thanks for confirming. Looks like the dates will fall in perfectly with my schedule.
  4. So are you saying that you've also run RS7's and that they don't have intricate detail for use as surrounds? I would have to totally disagree with that and is has nothing to do with heritage speakers not being fine speakers that I have and currently own a few myself, but they don't make me want to change out my RS7's that do a wonderful job as surrounds, in fact, I'm looking for another set to replace my current rears with. Now, if you find a great deal anytime, jump on it, play with a different set up and see if it's worth the space and you actually think it's a vast improvement, but that's me, and now that it's in your head, you probably won't be satisfied until you do, so if you want to sell the 7's to fund it, let me know. 😄
  5. Did you consider just finishing them black and being done with it? You could do anything from a vinyl wrap, bonding primer and paint, veneer. Just a suggestions, we all have things we've sold and then went "why the hell did I do that".
  6. Pete H

    Nice Black RSW-15 $460 Seattle Area (Not Mine)

    At that price, this should be a simple decision
  7. Pete H

    CL: RF-5 Black (JAX) Nocatee

    Not much out there that you're going to pick up for $300 (or under?) that will compete with those. Somebody local go snag them.
  8. Pete H

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    He claims that he just doesn't take pictures of opened bottles, but I think it's more likely that he's worried about what members might think about the IV connected to the open ones.
  9. Pete H

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    I think it doubles as a personal drunk meter and shocks him if he's attempting to open up a fresh bottle when he's over the limit. Could be why there are so many full ones in the picture.
  10. Pete H

    1985 Cornwall issue

    You sir are correct; fantastic group, that will tell you what you should do, how you should do it and what you should spend.😲
  11. Just did the same thing in my KP250's and Cornwall 2's and the difference is staggering, IMHO
  12. Pete H

    FYI - Hope is in a DRY COUNTY

    I don't want to start another topic, but are these dates set in stone? I'm looking at flights now to try and get them as cheap as possible, but I don't want to do it if the dates are fluid.
  13. Pete H

    1985 Cornwall issue

    You think they would have made a clean looking professional crossover for the C2's because they look like a big POS (I have them, so I'm not trashing anyone's stuff, but really.
  14. Pete H

    1985 Cornwall issue

    While you are figuring this out, I would replace the tweeter diaphragms with the crites titaniums (#CD76TiM) I just replaced them in my C2's and the difference was staggering. Replaced one and listed to them and it was clear as soon as I plugged the new one in. Replaced all of them in my 250's as well and it's well worth the money.