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  1. Taken last fall after Denise had gotten her the outfit knowing how adorable she would be in it and yet another excuse to get her more shoes (boots) of which we've probably gotten her 30-40 pair in a couple years. LOL
  2. I understand completely. We've only gotten to see our granddaughter outside a few times including this past Saturday on her birthday. Typically we would have her at the house a couple days a week, we're redoing her bedroom currently and facetime with her about every day.
  3. I laughed at first but then quickly realized that the future liability suites seems limitless. You made me come to work, I got infected at your store, you coughed on me...............
  4. If you are looking for that, there's not anyone in Washington or in many of the states that are going to give that to us. It's sad and I would like to see the same thing, but it will never happen without a clean sweep in our congress and that's won't happen without 10's of millions of people waking up and thinking clearly. If we all continue to ***** and whine, trade jabs that have no real substance, facts or thoughtful alternate ideas, we all become fixated with our own finite ideas, beliefs and pure hatred of certain people or political tags which is really why we remain cyclic with our entire political system. Our entire congress passed this, so if you think this package is terrible, for whatever reason then logically, wouldn't you blame, and hold responsible, the entire lot instead of pointing fingers at one party or one person. You would think that on just one of these threads that goes off the rails because of emotional responses and personal fringe beliefs, we could collectively come up with an idea for change that we can all agree to. Just thinking out loud and please understand that currently, the business I run is shut down, I have 6 people laid off while trying to decide what the best course of action is, the manufacturers that we get product from are shut down completely and my wife is laid off for the first time in her life, so I understand as well as anyone, what the problems are currently. There are many intelligent people on this forum, when is it time to tap those resources for something positive besides audio? I truly hope you are all doing well and can survive the virus as well as the economics we all face.
  5. You got that right and I would add to that the politics need to be completely out of this crisis, but it's pretty clear that none of them have the ability to do that. The video with the Korean Dr. was just clear and honest answers to common questions without any BS and really, that's all we need as well.
  6. Going to need a lot of rails and a place to take millions.
  7. Why aren't people making masks out of HEPA grade HVAC filter material? Much better rating and I would assume that it may even exceed the N95. Just throwing it out there for those who need something that is a better option where real protection is needed. It can be used just like any other material if you take the edging off and flatten out the pleats and there should be a good supply of them out there. Just looked and there's crap on youtube about it as well.
  8. Agreed! Nice place for sure and looks to be a great vantage point for picking off zombies.
  9. I'm glad you got confirmation of what you and your Dr. already knew, but scary because accurate test results are so critical. Are you feeling better today than yesterday? I'm curious how quickly you climb back up the ladder to 100%.
  10. Great news, I just got a response from Rudy and though he's still in the hospital, he's feeling better and appears to be on the road to recovery! I'm sure he will tell us all about it when he's back at home.
  11. Agreed! I think I commented that it was the best packaging for shipping that I had ever seen. Maybe the people that do the packaging need to be in charge of QC on the actual build and assembly of the drivers.
  12. It's unbox, solder extensions, build wings, get another amp, a dsp unit, test mic and then rely on @Rudy81 (hope to hear from him soon) and @Chris A and others, to educate you enough that you don't fry the drivers. Just slightly more than plug and play.
  13. 18 days Last night I made final preparations for swag, packed up the truck and it's fully loaded with speakers, amps, extension cords, mics and the laptop. I almost forgot to get the massive amount of Chili out of the freezer and load it in the cooler but the bottles of bourbon are in along with a special glass from which to drink it from. I really hope I left enough room for @richieb Heresy slants that I have to pick up from @Budman while heading through Cincinnati. I have a couple of stops to make driving through Kentucky and @Woofers and Tweeters suggested a few liquor stores to check out where I might be able to score a few more bottles of hard to find bourbon. it's 5:00AM, 40oz of DD coffee in the travel mug, just kissed Denise goodbye and getting on the road. If all goes well I should have the slants picked up and a few more bottles of bourbon in the truck by noon, I've got to make it to @Paducah Home Theater and experience Cory's newly finished listening rooms, can't wait to hear the C4's and H4's. I'm going to really be pushing it to try and make it to Memphis and meet up with @jimjimbo grab some dinner and a few drinks before calling it a day and getting some rest so I can get up early and try and make it to Hope by noon. Made it and it's time to get this gear out of the truck and set up in the Barn, wow, this is a really cool place, plenty of room and couldn't ask for nicer weather. There's @Dave A with the van, I'm going to help him unload those monster MWM's, they're freaking huge, can't wait to hear them. Looks like @Chris A is pulling in as well, more big freaking speakers, I'm going to holler at @babadono @USNRET @Seadog to get busy and help setup, I'm not doing all of this myself. Finally, there's @CECAA850 in his new ride, damn, look at all that booze! I hope he didn't change his mind about trading the LSI's so I better confirm before we get them hooked up. Where the hell is @rockhound, he lives closer than anyone else and he needs to get unloaded so we can run back to his house and load up the 942 rig. I need to find some straw bales before @Thaddeus Smith gets here and tell him that he's responsible for moving them, he's going to be pis$ed. Hey Dave @Mallette, what are you doing over there? Medicinal purposes my ***, I hope you brought enough to share. That must be @Rudy81 getting his ESS stack out, I'm going to ask him to put them on top of Carl's (soon to be mine) LSI bins, I really want to hear that combination. @Coytee isn't here yet, but I'm sure he had to stop quite a few times along the way for bathroom breaks. So many new people to meet @ZEUS121996, @WPS, @Trippigs, @Davis. What's going on Lyle @Rivernuggets, I finally opened up the RB61's and they were in perfect condition, exactly what I would expect from you. I hope when @ssh gets here he brings some of the cigars from last year, I think they were called Rare Air, really smooth for sure. Here comes @totalcomfort with the camper, I think he's staying onsite and will be the security officer at the barn for the weekend. @kirby those are some big freaking horns, can you get @CarlMay to give you a hand moving them in? Finally, music is playing, Carl's doing his thing shaking the hell out of vodka, Jerry's drinking a white claw, really, maybe I can find him a little pink umbrella to put in it. LOL, I think it's time to get a fire going and get a nice pour of Weller 12 and just listen for a while. Good Times. Just 18 days ago, that was still a possibility, wow, what a different reality we all face now. I hope all of you and your families get through this time safely and that i will see you all in September.
  14. I'm not sure, one more thing on my list to research. Thanks! LOL
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