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  1. GLWTS, I'll get this information to a few people that might have an interest.
  2. I have gone out to dinner with people and said that I would leave if they looked at their phone one more time. Sometimes it's my wife that I'm saying it to. I don't even take a phone into a restaurant.
  3. I've always loved the looks of those amps and wanted one, but only at the kinda price you picked it up for, as to the CD player, you're this deep, what the hell, but I understand, I only use a cd player in the shop and all ripped files in the main rig.
  4. Some people need to read things multiple times to comprehend, so I'm just trying to help. LOL It isn't happening with anyone except you and Jerry, and I send out group texts quite a bit with work. Odd for sure.
  5. If you don't need a smart phone, don't get one but for business, being able to send and receive e-mail, have multiple navigation choices, use the internet when you're not at a computer a camera, note pad, voice recorder, construction calculator, there's no way I would give all of that up and go back to a flip phone. On the non business side, video calls with my granddaughter, nieces and nephews, keeping up with friends, great golf apps, are all things I use. That said, my phone stays in a holder that is in my driving line of site while in the truck and I use a Bluetooth earpiece while driving to make and receive calls, read and reply to text messages, dictate notes and check e-mail and am never distracted in the least, but that's me.
  6. Totally agree and it's just something to look at each week, nothing more, nothing less. Having teams go undefeated every year in college ball IMO, just means that there are too many fluff games scheduled instead of more conference games and better out of conference match ups. The only thing I'm sure of is that there won't be 7 big 10 teams in the top 25 in a month, they just haven't played any real games at this point, but that starts to change in the next 4 games. That list is going to look a lot different as things start to take shape.
  7. Pre season rankings are 95% BS with the exception of the powerhouse programs ranked in the top 6 or so, the rest are a bunch of people guessing, but it all shakes out after about 6 weeks. @jimjimbo Michigan hopefully has another quarterback in the system, because you're right about Patterson, I was sure he was going to come out this year and be much better than this. I'm glad that PSU decided to show up in the second half and though I've already expressed that I think it will be a fair season at best, had we been beaten by Buffalo, they were shooting off the line in the entire first half. The LSU/Texas game was a fantastic game to watch and Bama has a couple teams that should give them a run, but still a pretty easy schedule until the end. What the heck is up with Maryland? I guess we'll see in 2 weeks and I'm sure they will be ranked in the teens after that blow out. College football time, the world is right again!
  8. When we did the Bourbon trail, I didn't even know that Old Forester Distillery was in Louisville. We stayed overnight and did Angles Envy and then headed to the track and onto Bardstown to take other tours.
  9. I'm sure it will be a memorable show and a great time.
  10. Just asking, but when is the last time anything was done in Indy? Events like this one are difficult for most people, that aren't in close proximity to Hope, to attend. Indy is a 5.5 hour trip for me and though I like going to Hope for the pilgrimage, it's tough to handle more than one trip there in a given year.
  11. We were neighbours for years, and during my time on the coast, I stayed for some and left for others. To each their own. You make your choice and live with the consequences.
  12. Just talked to a buddy in Beaufort S.C. and he's going to ride this one out, though they've evacuated quite a few times over the years, depending on the storms. He's not going to get flooded in the home because we put it 9' in the air, but in that area, it's mainly about the water at this point and the rain and tidal surge specific to when it is at its worst. Right now, it appears that they will have a big push in the early hours Thursday AM that will catch a high king tide. I suggested he reconsider and he'll have a few hours to do that, but being on one of the outer islands, there reaches a point where the decision will be made for you.
  13. I love this time of the year! sucked that I couldn't watch Clemson last night, but I guess I don't pay enough to Directv. PSU/Big10/Every other college team that's fun to watch. On average, I will record 7-9 games every week and watch them as I have time. From what I did get to see of the Clemson game, they again look like a pro team and can't wait to see them play a quality team. Pre season rankings area joke for the most part and though I'm PSU first and foremost, with Stevens transferring to Mississippi State and a lot of unknowns, I was a bit confused as to why they got ranked there. Looking at the schedule, and I do hope I"m proven wrong, it could easily be a 9-3 or 8-4 season, the way I see it. I'm not a Franklin supporter and don't believe he can recruit as needed to get that program back to where it should be, but we'll see. Jim, I will be pulling for Michigan to beat OSU and IMHO, if they don't do it this year, and take the big 10, they'll be looking for a new coach.
  14. Couldn't be him, appears that he's reading, or maybe just looking at the pictures, then maybe it's him.
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