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  1. Yes, and for sure, if you can get away you should come down. The place is huge. I can attest to that, but a friend would have carefully calculated the route and mileage, told me which side of the road it was on, look for the sign that isn't lighted, it's not on a red dirt road, you know, some useful information. Full disclosure, this has been the road trip from hell, which usually doesn't happen to me, so, here's how it went. Altered plans due to Beta and left a day later than expected, forgot to pick up @MookieStl and about 10 miles into Kentucky, pulled over in the rest area and started the bourbon search, called ahead and was told they had everything, including Weller 12 and it was only 5 miles away, but I had to exit off and head back North a few miles to get to the liquor store, no problem, except I'm dragging a trailer and thought I was going to rip the jack off (yes, I said jack off), because the parking lot was tiny and pretty big grade changes, but hell, they have Weller 12........................not, lying bastard$. Get back on the interstate, no big deal, but in the 15 minutes it took me, there was a major accident, just past the rest area I stopped at, 3 tractor trailers and 1.5 hrs later and I'm on the road again, but not going to make it to Memphis, so I'll push and at least make it to Nashville. I stopped at no less than 5 other liquor stores only to confirm that those bastard$ in KY that own the stores don't have actual bourbons that I'm looking for, and if they did, they charge 2,3, even 4x's the normal price................but one nice fellow let me know that the pappy and weller release was postponed until October and I could come back then, right, bastard$. It's all good, don't care and onto Nashville, where I try to rip the jack off a few more times because it's a poor design with horrible clearance, but they gave me a great deal, since mine hasn't been built yet and it's a rental, so, "drag it like you stole it". Get to the West side of Nashville, so I don't have to fight traffic in the morning and check into a Hampton, cause you know, if you stay there 100 times you get a free night stay next to a liquor store that might get the bourbon you're looking for and only charge you 4x's the price, anyway, I had pulled up the rate on my phone, $87, fine, same rate I'm paying in Hope but the girl behind the desk, must be related to the people that own KY liquor stores and lets me know, because I'm an honors member that she can get me a room, in the her fine hotel, that is 20% full, for a great rate of of $129, bitc*, out to get my phone because I had to show her the rate I pulled up minutes before, I did and she told me to get that rate, I need to book it on my phone and pay for it that way..........................bitc*, I said, "that's pretty stupid and I know you can do an exception and change it yourself" so $97 it was. LOL Yes, another paragraph, but I have to get all of this out now, although it's going to be better after bourbon for sure. I go to park "the rig", and of course, out of all the Hampton's I've stayed at over the years in 10 or more states, you can't pull around this one................the bastard$ put trees on the rear of the hotel instead and now, if not for my trailering prowess, a hole lot of swearing I get to back the thing out around corners because there was no other way. I'm out, great, then realizing I just over payed for a room that I might have to park 500 yards away and walk. I did get it maneuvered around and put it in so that nobody could be a dumb *** and park me in. ( one small success) Realize, I forgot my My Pillow, I'm really hungry so Waffle House and coffee sounded great................................didn't really sleep all that much, should have done Waffle House and bourbon. We're not done yet. Pulled up the weather this morning and found out that Beta decided to move a bit North than had been projected and seemed to put I-40 in the center of the rain from Hope to Nashville, great, I really wanted to go to Dave's and check out his gear (not junk), but this could be a long drive and if the rain gets to heavy, I'll just stop and get a room I thought, so back in the truck, and I'll check out a few liquor stores in the area and look for a specific Belle Meade that Carl sent me a picture of. I first went to Publix, right across the street, pretty flat and a big parking lot, great, except it's not a liquor store, just beer and wine......................yes, lying bastard$, but they did send me to a great store about a mile away that the prices were amazing, huge selection, except for anything that's made at Buffalo Trace, including Weller, but there it is, the Belle Meade that Carl said I should look for. Today, was going to be a great day indeed. Snapped a pic, sent it to Carl to show him the my score, and his text back, well it's close, fuc&! I should have looked a little closer at the picture, but hey, he also said it should be good, so still a decent day, and on the road I go. That's all for tonight, but there's more, much more. I'll finalize the adventure tomorrow when I realize someone stole the trailer with my gear in it.
  2. Yes, He's coming. Just invited me to stop in and see the rest of his gear and creations since I was so close
  3. On the road bitche$. Long day to Nashville, but on the way and so far non of the gear broke lose in the trailer. LOL. Looking forward to seeing you all.
  4. LMAO, so the animals and hay and then $300 per year for five years.
  5. To that offer, yes, but if you were serious, you know I would work something reasonable out with you. 1 Beef Cow, 18 chickens, 3 goats and 50 bales of hay and we can start negotiating Are you sure you can't join us? Wishful thinking on my part and not busting balls about your decision, but there's a little time to change your mind, just saying. LOL.
  6. Monday morning around 5 or 6 is the plan as of this moment.
  7. The driver is listed as a 6ohm, but tested out closer to 5 and honestly, I would have no clue how to answer what it is cabinet and driver combined, but tell me how to test and I will. I'm powering it with a QSC DCA1622 bridged putting out about 1600 watts and would love to hear it with another amp to compare as well. If I remember correctly, when I spoke with GSG about the driver cabinet combo Kevin stated they measured out around 4 ohm, but don't hold me to that.
  8. K48K's are tentatively sold. Finalizing shipping details.
  9. From Top to bottom 1. Still yet to be 100% identified Klipsch 15" cast frame 4 ohm 2. Klipsch K48K 15" cast frame 4ohm woofers 3. Klipsch K34e 15" stamped frame (these are out of the Cornwall 2's) and providing they sell, will get reinstalled in them. 4. Crites, CW1526c 15" cast frame 5. Eminence Kappalite 3015's
  10. As Carl said 28, and as to how the sub is doing......................I'm loving it. Many more hours and the driver seems to have reached a new level after about 20 hours or so and seems to be in the zone now. Blends well even with my mini punch rig, though it's intended purpose is the handle the sub duty with the EV's. I'm really staying a bit reserved until I can hear it a/b with some other subs. Maybe 4 and 4, can't remember.
  11. @RandyH000 Those are a new (never hooked up) pair of Eminence Kappalite's
  12. Just so we're not purging Thursday morning prior to the drive. LMAO
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