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  1. I wouldn't say that at all, but until I can have a bottle of each in front of me (April) I couldn't make that call. Loved the Weller 12.
  2. Cost does not reflect higher quality IMO, it's just like audio, the least amount that you can spend to satisfy your taste is enough. On my second bottle of Amador, and at 40 per bottle, I like it just fine, although with the same $40, I would still get Taylor Small Batch, which IMHO, is the best $40 of bourbon that I've ever had.
  3. Sounds like they may have changed their policy based on the amount of orders they are getting. Now to work out the Klipsch forum discount and dedicated technical assistance rep. @Rudy81, get on that, as you seemed to put this train on the tracks.
  4. I would imagine that we have a couple accountants here and they will be able to help you. I'm not giving anyone advice on taxes, with the exception of pay the least amount you can within the confines of the 5000 page tax code.
  5. Can't wait to hear that @Dave A, I'm not sure how you being in the left mouth will affect the sound, but I know that @Chris A can measure it and let us know how to EQ you out.
  6. I just received a tracking number. Wow! I'll take it, at least I know it's been processed.
  7. Should change the name to BBAG Ball Busters Audio Gathering
  8. LOL, this is all about it, with the exception of those that are drying out in January and they can't play right now.
  9. You are pretty rock solid down to about 70 or 80 on most of the Heresy variants. I'm not familiar with the KEF or the specs. What does the bass unit give you for low end frequency response?
  10. Welcome to the forum! I would choose the KP250's, I've had both and prefer the woofers used in the 250's, but they are all really good speakers. I run a subs with them. Are you planning on running one? They don't really dig down that low.
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