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  1. I was just saying the other day to @CECAA850 and @rockhound how the purchase of a pair of these at this kind of price, might be the absolute best value purchase on a set of speakers that I ever made, and they both agreed. I can promise, anyone that buys these, will not regret the purchase. Sorry friend, but if you were closer to me, I would have them sold for you, and that probably would be the case with others that own a pair.
  2. Good Morning Forum! Cup #3, sun is shining and we kidnapped our granddaughter Maylie, yet again to spend the night. LOL Went out to dinner last night, did a little shopping and then home for our typical night of music, dancing and singing. Our time with her is always special, and the fact that she absolutely loves music makes it all come together. I may have had a little influence since she's been born and she turns 4 next month. Drum kit is her birthday present from me, but won't be a surprise, since we spent time picking it out together. At her age, the right color pink was an essential part of the decision. LOL Better get the sausage and bacon cooking, she'll wake up soon and we'll be making waffles. Have a great day!
  3. So much to say, and so little rope. LOL
  4. You will fit in fine at SWAG 2, if we ever find a venue for the next one. Weren't you checking your area? That way, you can bring your drinking rig to compare to the other ones. LOL
  5. If I get a vote......................or if my vote counts........................or if my vote gets counted...................Long pause LMAO That looks sweet and I would vote for that, especially if you have guys in the shop to do it. Very Nice. That said, did you consider having the aluminum corners done the way they are on the original? I know a guy.
  6. Nothing wrong with controlled hallucinations, as long as you're not driving or operating anything mechanical. LOL
  7. Probably will look great regardless, and will depend on what you think and how much more time, effort and MOJO, you want to put into it. Your welding skills are amazing compared to mine. Mine are limited to, "I know a few people that are great welders and they do my welding"
  8. You can always go back and do it if you think it's necessary. The important thing is that you have music and really big speakers, and you've got that in spades, it appears. I have a big building to put up this year, and a friend that lost a barn recently (way under insured), and looking at steel because of the huge difference in material costs right now.
  9. That's funny! I've built things and then thought......................where the hell am I going to put this. LOL
  10. You didn't lose it, it's just old age and not remembering where you set it down. LOL So where is this pair going to live when you're done?
  11. I think most of us do that from time to time. I still have some herd thinning to do myself before considering anything additional. One of these days I'll have a set of La Scala's, but not today. Somebody buy these so I stop looking at the post and wondering what could have been. LOL
  12. I think it looks great! Can you weld up a scrap piece to compare the look to what you already have? You should have just made 2 of these and then just used the original for a center. LOL
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