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  1. A packaged unit is a different animal with different costs involved since everything, including the air handler is all together. It's been a while since I've done one, but I have no problem, letting you know what reasonable equipment costs are if you let me know the specifics on the equipment (model numbers) that you are being quoted.
  2. American Standard and Trane are the same equipment, though you will typically pay more for the Trane badge and the "certified" Trane installer. I've had quite a bit of American Standard equipment installed on my projects over the years as well as plenty of others. If I'm not mistaken, they were absorbed by Ingersoll-Rand, but in the big picture, there are a handful of manufacturers that make all of the traditional "forced air" units and brand them under 100 different labels. No offence to any HVAC contractors but it's a game with huge margins to the average consumer that doesn't have a clue what equipment actually cost. @Tarheel I'm assuming that this is a package heat pump unit or does LF have a separate heating source and this is a split system with a charged line set and an interior furnace with the A-coil inside? I purchase a lot of equipment during a year (40-60 units) and have multiple installers and to give you a reference, on a new A/C or Heat Pump install (split system including running the electric/line set and installing the A coil), my labor cost run about $800. As an equipment reference, I currently install more Bosch heat pumps than any other equipment, which are a hybrid system developed using a lot of the tech from the mini split world for use in forced air systems and I can tell you, that all the pieces and parts cost me around $3,000 for a 3 ton unit. If you're replacing, you would obviously have to pay to have the old unit pumped down and removed but that should be a reasonable charge if they're installing a new system, another $400-$500 should more than cover it. Just trying to give you some negotiating information but the biggest thing you can do is to keep the unit cost and the labor as two separate items when talking price. Don't get hung up on smoke and mirrors with labels and brands, look at warranty and equipment ratings. JMHO
  3. Nice job on the project. Nothing wrong with having a specific goal that may not conform with others general thoughts at all. I did a rear ported cornscala because it fit my needs and room.
  4. How about pictures?
  5. I really wish I would have seen this, but was away on vacation. Would have made that drive no problem. Nice deal.
  6. August is a tough one for me as well. Sounds great but really has to do with when. Looks to be a little under 4 hours from here, no big deal with that but the last 1/2 of August, the wife and i are gone on vacation. I'll keep checking the thread and would have to let you know when a date is decided.
  7. Good Morning to all and I hope all of you have a fun and safe 4th of July.
  8. Pete H

    Margarita Recipe

    @rockhound you know my opinion; give everyone a couple drinks of some smooth tequila straight up, maybe a little KY crafted bourbon as well and you won't need any freaking recipe. On a serious note, in the past, some Cuervo Black as the primary with the right amount of Grand Marnier, can make most off the shelf mixes just fine.
  9. I've always had Stihl and bought a Kombi motor and attachments about 8 years ago with blower, edger, pruner, weed eater, tiller and sweeper and it just never misses a beat. I gave away my 15 year old Stihl weed eater that started as well as when I bought it. It doesn't have the automatic string feed on the weed eater head, but after so many years with Stihl, I can load a spool in about 2 minutes without any trouble. I have chain saws and a full pruning saw as well and they never have given me any problems at all. Great equipment.
  10. I do as well after getting 2 things in the last few years. 1. Mesh safety cover for the winter, easy on, easy off no more water bags. 2. My Dolphin auto vac ( I should have gotten one of these 10 years ago). i actually don't spend much time at all regarding maintenance with the exception of a few hours when I open and close and monitoring my levels which stay pretty constant after dialing them in the first 24 hours after opening, but I'm really particular about water balance and laugh when I stop by my local pool supply and hear all the people complaining about their pool water and spending hundreds of dollars to try and fix what they screwed up. I normally end up educating a few people waiting in line to have their water tested about proper balance and how much time and money they can save if they just dial that in in the first place. I know the owner pretty well and he laughs when I have them check my water to make sure that all my reagents are good in my test kit.
  11. Done with the coffee, another glorious day in Ohio, 3 in a row, must be the end of the world or something. Been rolling since 7, done mowing, weeding, checking the pool, now it's time to break out the pressure washer and get rolling on the concrete/deck and maybe even the truck. Hope you all have a fabulous day! Cheers.
  12. Pete H


    Very nice indeed! Right after you sell them, you're going to sit down with a good bottle of scotch and try and figure out why you did such a thing. GLWTS, I think.
  13. SABA audio gear from Germany
  14. Yard was still a bit soggy to put the Steiner on it, so the wife said that if I gassed up the cub cadet, she would get it done, reluctantly, I said OK. LOL Just cant beat the last 2 days, but we both know it will be short lived.
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