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  1. I need to get one of my Carvers pulled out from the computer and need a simple cheap amp that will run a set of RB5's for my computer set up. I'm talking cheap and great match ups or the best sonic quality don't matter at all, it's a freaking computer. LOL BTW, when I'm at my main computer, I'm in a great listening position for my main rig, so I don't listen to music or watch movies on the computer. Think cheap but will fit the bill.
  2. BTW, I do have a pair of 510's, but haven't pulled them out of the 396's to do a direct comparison. I also don't have the 904 dual 15 BB, just a little single.
  3. That's funny, getting ready to ship one of my faital pros with a different horn to @rockhound so he can run it against one of the 510s he has sitting in a closet. Guarantee that there will be interest in doing this. After he's done, he's going to sent it to @CECAA850 sometime in 2020 when he gets his manshop done so he can run it against the LaScala midhorn (can't recall the model number right now). I think it's a wonderful idea and was thinking of doing the same thing with one of my Beyma tweeters so i could hear reactions to it compared to tweeters that I don't have.
  4. My opinion is that any auto calibration is a starting point and then you're adjusting to your preferences using some reference that you are very familiar with. In your case, it would be one of your favorite movies with a sound track that will push your setup so that you can adjust those crossover points and volumes. I've never run any audyssey and thought "that's fantastic", more like it was providing a decent base to adjust from.
  5. Pictures or it didn't happen. You know the rules.
  6. You all booked up until then? What does your list look like? Must be pretty big, or you've set the goal bar pretty low like someone else we know that is building the "garaj mahal"
  7. You got that right, on both counts. Currently, the 396's have replaced the 250's in the shop.
  8. Love to play and enjoy watching the pros show me what I can't do. I do record the events and watch them in a much condensed version, just like nascar and everything else.
  9. I will search for it and take a look. thanks for the lead!
  10. Would love to some time. I come through a couple times a year and will absolutely take you up on that. I'll be coming through week after next, but travelling with a bunch of couples going to KY to do a bourbon trail trip, so it will have to be a time when I'm solo.
  11. Does your wife just shake her head when you come in from the shop with the latest project? LOL Did you post a build thread on those? I looked buy only found that pic at the end of another build post. If not, what are the dimensions of those beasts?
  12. Good Morning and Happy Fathers day to the many fathers and grandfathers here. Hope you get to spend quality time with your family, and if not, make it a great day anyway.
  13. Absolutely, I run an F20 currently and will be adding a second in the future, for HT purposes only, one is plenty for music..
  14. Hi Rudy, hope you're doing well. Are you still running DBB's for your bass? Have you run, even if you didn't build, any of the horned bins? Are you still using your DCX2496? I'm asking about the DCX because I am still trying to get past the GUI on the laptop for the unit that just frustrates me and when I hooked it all back up for the 3rd time last week, I'm really getting some noise through the unit.
  15. I need to search that out, I think I remember it as being the one that had the round ports coming out the bottom front. I'm going to look around now. Let me look at your build thread. Any idea how the belle bb compares to the la scala or modifed vented one that Karlson mentioned? I can build the top cabinet to be whatever it needs to be and have multiple mid horn driver combinations to play with, including the 510's and the HF200 faitals with other lenses and a few different tweeters as well, if I can just try the right bb first, heck, you never know, I might be satisfied with my 15s, but based on how much I liked the F20 over my rsw15's, I believe I'm going to like the horns better, but I've been surprised before.
  16. I looked at Claude's 1/4 pies more than once, but even standing them vertically won't work as it pushes everything out from the back wall even further. Wish I could, I know how much you and everyone else that has built them really like the results.
  17. Should probably tag @jwc as well. I believe they both went pretty deep into the abyss of building and trying different combo's. If I'm not mistaken, JWC's DBB's were one of Rudy's earlier projects with big oris horns on top.
  18. Funny, I just posted something about building a horn loaded bass bin so I could play with different horn combinations for the mids/highs. There are a ton of people that have or have had the 510's in various configurations that I'm certain will chime in, but I just have them in the 396's and haven't pulled them out to test until I have a horn bass section. I will be following this closely. If you only lived in Ohio, we could answer a few of our questions collectively.
  19. I have a limited amount of depth for my main speakers, but I really want to try a set of horn loaded bass cabinets and I'm just not sure what direction I should go. I do not have room to place Khorns or Jubs, or I would have already gone down that path, so suggesting those is out for the living room. I have a 15' wall and about 2' of depth to work with overall (the 2' includes being able to angle the speakers without having one impede on the traffic pattern. I'm already running an F-20 sub, so this doesn't have to dig down super low, I've got that covered. La Scala, Belle, modified version of one of those, something better that would still work with my space? I know I'm throwing a dart until I buy/build a cabinet, but I've had plenty of time with various 15" direct radiating drivers and of course, the RF7's that I have to hear the difference for myself where I can A/B with some of the 15's. I'm not concerned at all with the mid section or tweeters, I've got that covered, just the best (subjective) bass horn I can play with.
  20. With that unit being a rear ported center, and I'm assuming, based on the 2" overhang, that this will be squeezed pretty tight against the wall, I'm not sure how that port will behave if that's the case, as I've not had that type of placement issue with a rear ported speaker. I'm sure Carl or someone else will chime in.
  21. Way to end the thread quickly and efficiently! Hey @Rod5 welcome to the forum, no go spend some more money.
  22. For around that amount, you could look at quite a few nice horn sub builds..........................just sayin.
  23. Welcome to the forum. If she thinks that they're to big, just wait until you've had a chance to do some reading on this forum.
  24. Time for a new thread. "How High Are You" that my friends would be an interesting one.
  25. Thought the Little Pony was for you and they listened to music. My bad.
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