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  1. Pete H

    What I Got Today!

    @babadono Hope to see "Hotel California" in person some day. Looking fantastic!
  2. I think "Jackson Bart" was the king.
  3. I still don't understand the whole toaster thing but was surprised and then saddened the meaningless crap to get post count up to join the BS Forum. And how did that work out for everyone? LOL
  4. Define respected scientists. Isn't Fauci a respected scientist? I've seen many respected scientists be thrown to the wolves because they don't follow the narrative. I don't think there's anyone on this forum that is on the extreme of global warming, meaning that nobody has gone off grid to live so they can "save the planet", nor do I think anyone is on here that wants to scorch the earth and eliminate all life. The reality, when all the dust settles, and you're sitting face to face with most people with reasonable intellect, it's not a matter of being 180 degrees apart, and in most cases, can come down to ego or insecurity or power that defines your final position. This, was not any attack on you, just my thought for the day. At the end of the day, we should all be able to admit that we really don't know the answers, and let common sense and logic prevail. If you continue to argue with stupid people over things that you don't have the absolute answers to, well then, you may have to have someone else, evaluate your intellect.
  5. Went to see Floyd a few times in the mid 80's, without Waters, and when everyone started standing up and going nuts, at 2 of the shows, Gilmour simply told everyone to relax, sit down and enjoy the show, and paused long enough before starting, that they actually listened, which was fantastic.
  6. I have a Weber Summit Gold that I bought used off of CL for $350.00, I put $20 worth of cross tubes in it, it will get up to 700 degrees, it's blown off the deck and took 3' shots on 2 occasions and it's about 10 years old and going strong. For a gas grill, no complaints.
  7. Pete H

    What I Got Today!

    May need to give one a shot.
  8. Pete H

    What I Got Today!

    What is it about this one that makes you smile?
  9. Pete H

    What I Got Today!

    What other DAC's are you including in that statement? Just curious, as there are so many different flavors.
  10. Pete H

    Super MWM

    @Dave A I still have 5x5 available here but 18mm, never been able to get the 25
  11. Pete H

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Knives out, good movie, got stabbed is the sequel and after that, it's bled out in a non stick carbon steel pan. Generally a happy group of non stick pan fryers, with some exceptions. Fry on people. LOL
  12. Pete H


    More than a few of us own these, many others have listened to them and I'm searching my area for multiple pairs for friends that after a listen said "will you sell them" LOL It is my sincere and personal opinion, that you won't find anything remotely close to these for the $$ GLWTS
  13. Pete H

    Super MWM

    As soon as I get a construction/building/office built, I will. Just trying to get by until the market settles out so I'm not $50,000 to deep into the build. Currently, trying to work with what I have, doesn't leave room for the sets I already own.
  14. Pete H

    Paging Ceptorman

    That's weird, I just PM'd him and tried to call him again this morning.
  15. Unfortunately, we have lost quite a few members in this past year. So sorry to hear this and trust he's at peace.
  16. Let me get this straight (not what you're after it seems LOL), you want water infused with pot extracts because you're not drinking (a depressant) for a pick me up, and THC might be the answer? LMAO Might I suggest, adjusting your alcohol free goal to 10 days, check the box, get a nice stiff drink, smoke a big spliff, take a really long nap and you will be fully refreshed and feel great, or that's what I've read. LOL You know I'm just busting stones.
  17. Can't wait to hear these Dave. I may have to load up a couple sets of speakers and head down there soon. I need a break, and the drive and listening might do me some good.
  18. Water, in it's purest form, has no taste and no smell. All of that, comes from things in the water that aren't water. I gravitate to Fiji when I'm traveling as well, but water that costs more than beer, soda, fruit juice, or anything else on a per ounce basis, is totally about marketing and square bottles, not where the water might come from.
  19. Pete H


    My Chevelle could handle 9, positioned correctly, and a 1/2 barrel strapped in the trunk, sitting in its own ice bath, with a long hose to the drivers seat. That was another time, but one I will never forget. LOL
  20. Pete H


    Not just one for sure. When I was 15, I purchased a 69 SS chevelle from a friend that had to have a 74 Camaro with a roll bar and high jackers. That was the one that got away, as i sold it when I enlisted, thought I really stuck it to them when I did, but that was not the case, long term. Out of the service and got into BMW's and had a 318, then a 325 and then an older M5, and that was a lot of fun too. 100% a truck guy now, and have been for a lot of years, and love my Tundra, and will love it more when I put a super charger on it and pick it up about 3".
  21. I'm assuming the same thing, but never looked close enough to know the correct answer, but I'll ask a friend that owns one and confirm. I know someone that is reading this has one and you would think they would have said something. LOL
  22. Open the lid and add charcoal. LMAO, sorry, couldn't help it. I have a few friends that have them and for very long smokes, that may be required, but they are extremely efficient. A simple charcoal chimney fired up about 20 minutes prior to adding would work fine, and an area to move the food over to add the new is pretty straight forward. They are so well insulated and controlled that starting with the correct amount of fuel for the smoke is going to work in a lot of instances. Just my .02 worth.
  23. That's what Waffle House is for. LOL Was the cast iron hot enough? I've done them successfully in the past, but it takes a fair amount of oil and really hot when they go in. Kinda like stir fry potatoes.
  24. That's a great website for sure. I've smoked on many different rigs, starting with the old Weber kettle, and you can get great results from many different devices, once you understand how they function best. In the end, it always comes down to time, temperature and the smoke delivery system.
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