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  1. MF sorry I got my M and F mixed up. I have Belle speakers and they use Z bracket tweeters. You ae building a a replacement for them? Thanks Brian
  2. This is what I want and I can send you a K77-M to use and you can ship it back when I buy the first pair. Thanks Bian
  3. How about a Emotiva XPA-5 gen 2 for $800 and I can meet you for the exchange ti save on shipping.
  4. I take a First watt J-2
  5. There is a guy in Austin selling CF-4 for $ 800.00 the cabinets are ugly but tou could refinsh the or even paibt them black.
  6. Cool I will take thanks 23 293 40 304 41 307 51 315 56 319 114 320 116 327 117 412 188
  7. No I have asked many times. If you find more than you need I will help with the $ good luck
  8. GD Now thats funny you know thats funny
  9. I ordered a pair last friday the price seems to good to pass up. I will be following your progress I have Belles and Cornwalls but bought them to play with Altec 420b that I have.
  10. Dean how about http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma CP385ND-1.htm it looks like a nice driver.
  11. brians7

    WTB JBL-2245H

    Thanks for you offer. I had one I bought off ebay but it turned out to be reconed with a 2240 cone it was not listed as such that is why I looking for one. I am going to recone it since I have no need for a 2240 just hated to do so as it looks new. Sorry to waste your time.
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