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  1. Al helped me with the design. The tweeter network is the same as the AB and AB-3 I added the transformer to have adjustment on the tweeter however I use it on the lowest setting and I built again I would omit the transformer.
  2. How about this. Do change the 10 Ohm resistor across the transformer on the tweeter filter 15 Ohm or if using DE120 tweeters remove the transformer and resistor all together.
  3. brians7

    K43 Woofer Pair

    I will trade you. They came out of my Belle speakers. Thanks Brian
  4. I went and checked it out. Everything seemed to work if he splits the system up I might get the MR71 tuner. Also if I did not already have a MC7270 I would have tried to talk him out of because is in good shape. I picked up the McIntosh MC240 which was a sacrifice for me because I wanted to go see Big Boy 4014 in Houston that day.
  5. it is a model 1 deck. I would have tested it but I do not have any tapes. Everything else worked so I would guess it does.
  6. Rick if you are not interested in the KV-4 and are driving through Beaumont on you way back I will gladly buy it from you.
  7. I got to know what amp will be replacing the citation?
  8. I used red LED's in my amp need 1.5v so I had to buy a dozen to insure that I had a matched pair
  9. https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/monthly_2019_10/1835829269_20190623_200405tweeter.jpg.be50d50de91759623f753a612e676517.jpg I bought the one on the rite from Dave at Fastlane audio and the did not fit rite. It turns out that my Belle speakers have a weird size k77 tweeters so Dave A made me the ones on the left for me they fit like glove.
  10. I said the same thing to Bob Crites a C700-A500G, CT120 and a pair of Faital 8FE200 Woofers and I am in.
  11. I really like mine and would definitely buy them again! Sorry I corrected it. I would freely by them even if money was tight and needed to post bail I might choose to sit it out saving the money so to be able to afford them.
  12. I really like mine and would definitely buy them again!
  13. Yes it was very close call for me 2'' more and it would been the house. Carl just lives a few block away I hope every thing well.
  14. Yes they are Supper Texans covered with 1/2 Baltic birch and Walnut veneer. I do not have the drawings for them sorry.
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