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  1. I went and checked it out. Everything seemed to work if he splits the system up I might get the MR71 tuner. Also if I did not already have a MC7270 I would have tried to talk him out of because is in good shape. I picked up the McIntosh MC240 which was a sacrifice for me because I wanted to go see Big Boy 4014 in Houston that day.
  2. it is a model 1 deck. I would have tested it but I do not have any tapes. Everything else worked so I would guess it does.
  3. Rick if you are not interested in the KV-4 and are driving through Beaumont on you way back I will gladly buy it from you.
  4. I got to know what amp will be replacing the citation?
  5. I used red LED's in my amp need 1.5v so I had to buy a dozen to insure that I had a matched pair
  6. https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/monthly_2019_10/1835829269_20190623_200405tweeter.jpg.be50d50de91759623f753a612e676517.jpg I bought the one on the rite from Dave at Fastlane audio and the did not fit rite. It turns out that my Belle speakers have a weird size k77 tweeters so Dave A made me the ones on the left for me they fit like glove.
  7. I said the same thing to Bob Crites a C700-A500G, CT120 and a pair of Faital 8FE200 Woofers and I am in.
  8. I really like mine and would definitely buy them again! Sorry I corrected it. I would freely by them even if money was tight and needed to post bail I might choose to sit it out saving the money so to be able to afford them.
  9. I really like mine and would definitely buy them again!
  10. Yes it was very close call for me 2'' more and it would been the house. Carl just lives a few block away I hope every thing well.
  11. Yes they are Supper Texans covered with 1/2 Baltic birch and Walnut veneer. I do not have the drawings for them sorry.
  12. I will be using a pair of those 18 X 10 horns in these
  13. I am working in some Super Texans going to veneer them in walnut.
  14. A pair of double H frames and MiniDSP sound great you can blend the perfectly.
  15. One pair of Heathkit tube 2-way crossovers (Joe bought them from me and then returned them bc one had a hum or a buzz so that would be something you would have to get fixed and the sale price can reflect that) I might be interested in these if the price is rite. Thanks Brian
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