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  1. Thoughts anyone? https://shop.gsgad.com/collections/horn-subwoofers
  2. Dave A. The horns you made me fit perfectly and sound great. The black horns are Fastlane bought from ALK Engineering. Thank you very much Dave these fit right.
  3. I would interested in a epic 510 or Jubilee with a 510 that has a top like the LaScala.
  4. I do not think so. I would not sale my Belle speakers for less than that.
  5. Yes a CF-5 would be really cool !!
  6. And there it is the one that I need for my Belle speakers. Thanks for all your hard work
  7. MF sorry I got my M and F mixed up. I have Belle speakers and they use Z bracket tweeters. You ae building a a replacement for them? Thanks Brian
  8. This is what I want and I can send you a K77-M to use and you can ship it back when I buy the first pair. Thanks Bian
  9. How about a Emotiva XPA-5 gen 2 for $800 and I can meet you for the exchange ti save on shipping.
  10. I take a First watt J-2
  11. There is a guy in Austin selling CF-4 for $ 800.00 the cabinets are ugly but tou could refinsh the or even paibt them black.
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