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  1. KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    Come on. 99% is an obvious exaggeration to just say that most people I’ve come across through the boards dislike the ti mids. Crites says the same and does not recommend them. Seems like you took it as a personal attack on your own speaker. Has nothing to do with the CWIII. That speaker was built with the ti mid in mind. What I refer to is people putting the Ti mid diaphragm from the HIII and CWIII into Fortes, Chorus, KLFs etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Klipsch Cherry CF-3 single speaker in WA $400

    Odd looks like a cf-2 the way those drivers look so small compared to the horn Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. K-horn pair KBPL Milwaukee, $3500

    Love those grills but the wood looks too dated for my taste. Still excellent looking quality Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. forte II w/ A-55G Mids?

    So if the A-55G or K55 fall just shy of the output needed for the tweeter, would this be easier to find a suitable tweeter replacement or a crossover change to lower the output of the tweeter if it can even reach that low? It's odd because it seems those few who have done this in the Chorus II are already raving about it as is. The Titanium diaphragm had the issue of overlap and there were some who also thought it was fine as is without the bandpass so i wonder if it's just not having proper A/B comparison to really hear where the issue lies.
  5. Ultimate Chorus II Upgrade

    @Born2RockU When you upgrade your KHorns to A-55G's sell me your K-55's so i can try this on my Chorus II's because i don't think i can afford the A-55Gs right now. You have one extra k-55 from the La Scala you already made switch to A-55G right?
  6. Crites Website Down?

    In your latest update you mention bobcrites@gmail.com as your email, but i've been in contact with you via bobcrites@mac.com. Don't use that one anymore?
  7. Ultimate Chorus II Upgrade

    Wow! That’s great news! Have you ordered one? I’ll wait to hear from you on if it works and if it should work for the A55G as well as the K55. Hope he didn’t just say he did it but only updated the text Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Super Bowl thread and Poll

    That Tom sure is terrific. Is he GOAT already or after this win? I'm sure most older gents here would still take Montana. I grew up a Niners fan because Jerry Rice was like my Michael Jordan of football and i was never much of an Oilers fan even though im a born and raised Houstonian(Texans fan ever since inception), but even i have to acknowledge Brady passing Montana.
  9. Normally when these questions are asked, people will vote for what they own. In this case, i have no shame in saying i am a bias Chorus II owner. I do however understand the size issue. Bigger is always better, but if you have a small apartment or small room, the Quartets will be great. If you can talk the Chorus II owner down closer to the upgraded Quartet cost, its a no brainer even if you live in a tin shack. If the significant other thinks they are too big, you slam your nuts on the dresser with authority and she will understand. I ended up selling 2 pairs of La Scala's and kept the Chorus II, not just because of size and easier ability to keep throughout a lifetime, but because i felt i needed to invest way too much in 2 pairs of new networks to replace the degraded and hated AL's and i also needed to invest in bigger and badder set of dual subs to match for movies and eventually find a single La Scala for center and upgrade those crossovers to match as well. So i totally understand the size issue among other issues. Do i regret it? Yes. I wish i would have kept 1 pair. But, i love my Chorus II as far as overall balance for 2ch. I prefer them over the Cornwalls ive heard or KLF-30s or RF-7 II's. Short of KHorns, La Scalas or going PRO, there's not much better than the Chorus II even in stock form. So like Dean mentioned, you buy the Chorus II now and you save up for a pair of crossovers from him, and now @jjptkd is figuring out a way to use the John Allen A-55G driver with adapter on the Chorus II's.
  10. RF-7III review, for whatever it's worth

    @Born2RockU Check out Cory's RF-7 III review!
  11. Ultimate Chorus II Upgrade

    looks like he had to drill his own holes of the adapter, that right?
  12. Ultimate Chorus II Upgrade

    I think i remember that thread. Someone who put it in Forte II's but i think he had different horns also. Was it @SWL?
  13. Ultimate Chorus II Upgrade

    So they made the stock CHII mid horn with the right thread for the A55-G? Crites sent me a part used for adapter but he doesn't know if it fits in the cabinet with the A55G installed...there looks to be a good 4 inches of space with the stock horn and driver so i dont see why not: Selenium ADF 25-25 bolt on adapter. Wonder if you have to make new holes in this as well?
  14. Ti midrange upgrade for Forte I

    It's odd really...it's a love or hate topic with most on the forums and our resident crossover guys in Crites and Dean both preferring the stock as well. I always wondered how many guys used the titanium combo with the sonicaps and not a PIO cap in the mids or something with a warmer signature sound + tube amps or warmer sounding SS. I read through this thread, and most seemed to love it especially the SET12 guy who apparently has amazing sounding Forte II's. He didn't even feel it necessary to install the crites band pass, neither does @moray james IIRC. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/replacing-klipsch-midrange-diaphragms-wi.388280/ I personally think about at least giving it a try and finding out for myself and if i don't like it, i can always keep them around if i get a pair of HII or KLF-20/30 speakers. But, most of all, i'd prefer to find a way to use the A55G mid drivers with adapters in the Chorus II's. Not sure if it fits. @Born2RockU ordered a single A55G mid driver for his La Scala center, so maybe if i can order the adapter, Craig can let me try and see if it fits into the Chorus II cabinets and demo it at his house?
  15. Marantz 1060 vs Luxman R-115 for Chorus II?

    I just manually checked the volume knob maybe the first time ever(ive always used the remote) and the knob skips or barely adjusts the volume so maybe it does need deoxit, but could that knob have an effect on the sound from the separate internal amps though?