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  1. You should move to Texas and try and sell them for 4k. These people are crazy here lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2 way with a 15” woofer would be amazing. The pro 396 is popular for a reason. Maybe if a Chorus III has no market as it’d be in direct competition with the Cornwall III and Forte III, they could make it different as a 2 way Chorus III with K510 and 15” driver + passive radiator- though I’d like to see the passive larger than the direct radiator. Or maybe a “CF-5” k510 d’appolito design! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Walnut guy all the way but I do quite like cherry as well. If you ordered from Corey you could probably ask for natural cherry for a much lighter tone such as the cherry Forte IIIs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. IIRC I just pried it open as hard as I could without damaging the wood with a metal putty knife bc the plastic wasn’t strong enough. Remove the screws first of course. Of course if you’d rather be more careful than me, there are better ways. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I remember I had to pry mine open pretty hard Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Take a KLF-C7, get a replacement FIII mid horn + k70g driver and drop it into the KLF-C7. The k70g is used as a 2 way in some PRO surrounds-which brings me to the next best option outside of 1. A Forte III center(which still isn't ideal given the passive radiator creates more placement issues-i personally own a single Forte III as a center speaker), is to use a KPT-1260H Klipsch pro surround speaker which uses the same Forte III 12" woofer and the mid horn/driver combo as a 2 way. 102db sensitivity. Built-in 8° downward angle with 15° angle option for different placement options.
  7. They may say just Walnut on the label, but i don't think Klipsch has ever distinguished what kind of cut of walnut veneer they used. Usually only label the finish such as oiled or lacquered. California Black Walnut and Australian Walnut being two recent walnut veneers they've used by name to distinguish from regular walnut veneer at a premium price of course.
  8. I don't know what exactly the pattern in the wood grain is called, is it figures? cathedrals? Whatever it's called, it has those that really stands out from the plan sliced flat cut walnut used on most of the klipsch products from that era ie: Modern KHorns and the new AK6 use walnut veneer that doesn't look so flat cut basic walnut anymore Subtleties like that which can make the veneer look much more luxurious. Though those Khorns for sale have that old oiled look that a lot of WO Klipsch products from their day have that i really don't like at all. It makes the walnut look too red toned. I really wish i could find an old pair of Walnut oil'ed Chours II, strip/sand them and give them a natural lacquered finish on top of the raw walnut and sell my black Chorus II and match my Walnut Forte III center. My Khorns are raw Fir, and since i can't sell them as is and be happy with the pay out, i'm thinking of going big with figured walnut veneer one day when funds permit.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Those are gorgeous even though I’m not a fan of KHorns with the collar. Too outdated looking for me. But I gather that some people just look on the klipsch site and see the price for new KHorns and come up something they believe is fair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Your idea of Restore a Finish and #0000 steel wool is probably good enough to remove the water marks. They do make Restore-A-Finish with a bit of varnish to add some darker color to help hide all imperfections. Assuming of course these are just raw birch La Scalas with no finish. Another option is Danish Oil with a bit of dark varnish. I've used Walnut Danish Oil and Dark Walnut Danish oil. If you want to keep the natural Raw Birch look with some natural pretty glow. You can use the Restore a Finish and steel wool to remove water marks. Dry off all residue with a paper towel until nothing comes off anymore/maybe even wait some days, and then you can just use Natural Watco Danish Oil too. Just 3 coats should be good enough. Danish Oil can leave a beautiful shine/glow to the natural wood. You can again use #0000 steel wool with the Danish Oil on the last application. After you clean off all left over residue. You can leave it alone and let it dry completely over a few weeks and then you can apply Feed N Wax as a bit of extra protection. An example of Walnut Danish Oil on sanded raw oak Chorus II's(nothing else done to it-though i did apply a wax top coat later): (Keep the grills!) Also, no idea what you'd do about the backs of the dog house. Really tough to get back there. I've only repainted Industrial La Scalas black and even that was tough. Can't imagine stripping/sanding and staining. Seems a daunting task.
  11. That doesn't look too bad at all, it's just the wood grains are too big and open. The oak Klipsch uses these days has a more aesthetically pleasing grain pattern now. You should look into purchasing some white or red oak with tighter grain patterns and veneer the speaker and start from scratch with the distressed oak appearance. Oak veneer isn't that costly either.
  12. Just saw the 2nd page of the spec sheet you mentioned. Interesting. Hadn't seen that before!
  13. Is the top hat enclosed? You mean like the 60th anniversaries? If that's your question, it doesn't appear to be so. Only the LF bin is enclosed it seems
  14. Interesting. Are those version 3? Gotta be verrry careful with shipping too if anyone is considering them because any damage to them with no parts replacements would be a nightmare. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. @wvu80 Dave, got any help on the serials/version, price average?
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