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  1. It doesnt have the 8ch analog out or hdmi in. I was trying to make my big mac AVR up to date with the addition of those addons Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. MY MISTAKE. The Evolve II-4K DOES pass HDR and Dolby Vision. Using it plus a 4k hdr switcher with the 8 analog outs of the Evolve II-4k will keep your legacy AVR up to date! My only issue left will be that i can't bypass the McIntosh MHT100s processing for 2ch via my Tube Dac unless there's something i'm missing as i'll need to free up the analog in for the analog out from the Evolve II-4k, so a tube pre amp will be in my near future, which Evolve+Switcher(Roughly $320 investment) helps save my money so i don't have to spend $1400 or more on an Oppo for that HDMI In. Lower cost 4k Blu-Ray players image looks just as good according to reviews.
  3. Grr. Just realized the Evolve II-4k is HDMI2.0 and only passes regular 4k. Back to square 1. Might just have to shell out the big bucks for an oppo or just give up and use basic optical audio connections for all my devices
  4. I spoke with th guy who runs essence and from my understanding, i'd only get uncompressed 2ch pass through. So the front L/R would get True HD and Master and what not, so even if you could use optical to send compressed audio to the center and surrounds, whats the point of my L/R being uncompressed when it's just mostly ambience. The Center would be the most important to get uncompressed audio for voice, but obviously best to have all speakers uncompressed. Basically I think it's coming down to Evolve II($299) plus an HDMI 4k HDR switcher($19.99 https://www.amazon.com/Koopman-Switcher-Selector-Wireless-Supports/dp/B07PFHWHQT). So i'd get 7.1 analog out from the Evolve, plus 4 HDMI INputs with the switcher for my Blu-Ray player, Streaming Device, and PC, Game Console. Only i'm not sure how the switcher would connect to the Evolve. I'll have to email him and ask if these 2 devices would work together. This would all be solved if mid tier AVR's had pre outs for all the speakers, but they usually only come with 2ch pre out these days. My AVR can use all 8+2 Zone amps as stand alone power amps to send to another processer. Definitely don't think i'm going the Oppo route as I want to save up for a good Tube Pre Amp for 2ch with home theater pass thru.
  5. I have a legacy AVR i don't want to upgrade because tech seems to advance too fast leaving your fairly new thousands of dollars investment-a dinosaur. Likewise, Blu-Ray players seem to be on the way out in favor of streaming. So investing in a high end blu-ray player seems scary as well. First of all, i know i need multi-channel analog out to have my AVR play current surround processing such as True HD and Master and Atmos etc. Here are my considerations: Oppo 203: PROS: -Has been updated with Dolby Vision, so everything up to date. -Audiophile quality/Gold 7.1 analog out/SACD/DVD-A playback -Top tier built DACs -HUGE PLUS? HDMI IN- If streaming is the future, you can always add your streaming box or game console-BUT does it add upconversion and the oppos built in processing to make the streaming higher quality than just directly into your TV HDMI? CONS: -Pricey. -How long will Oppo support last? Panasonic UB9000: PROS: -All the same pros as Oppo 203 except probably $400-600 cheaper-NEW. CONS: -NO HDMI IN -NO SACD/DVD-A playback Essence HDACC II-4K: At $600, As you can see, this HDMI DAC has lots of inputs sort of like an add on for your legacy non HDMI or older HDMI AVR's. Does this serve me at all though? If i plug in a blu-ray player via HDMI, and R/L analog out to DVD IN on the AVR-will i get current/up to date surround processing pass through the AVR? Evolve II-4K HDMI v2.0 / Multi-Channel DAC: At $300, this gives 1 HDMI IN and 1 HDMI OUT, but i get the multichannel analog outs. Same price point as the mid tier Panasonic Blu Ray player with analog outs. I'd continue using my Samsung 4k blu ray player. No more HDMI IN's for streaming box to get highest qualtiy audio. Help me choose!
  6. I know they're black and made to look like its floating but you can still see it at certain angles and this one looks like something under the cabinet is propping it up to keep bottom from scuffs or scratches Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Lol it was more of a question to ponder for potential buyers as it does look like there are no risers. Perhaps still in package. I do recall the Forte III risers not being attached so maybe these aren't and he never put them on Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. No risers?? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. Well since no one replied and one day maybe someone inexperienced like myself with such a device comes along, I figured it out: So if you have a multizone system with it's own preamps(the McIntosh CR16 has 4 separate pre amps)- you just connect your speakers to your power amp and then power amp to UNBAL L/R OUT on preamp. (I haven't figure out what kind of old balanced cable input that is and why only 1, but my McIntosh power amp doesn't have balanced so I used RCA unbalanced). Connect your devices to the AUDIO INPUTS ie: PC DAC to any of the AUDIO INPUTS you see EXCEPT AUX if you're going to combine 2ch with an AVR. If you want to use the device as a 2ch preamp with "Home Theater Passthrough" or "Home Theater Bypass" like many stereo integrated devices are now coming with to combine best of both worlds-simply take your rca or coaxial cable from ZONE AUX IN L/R into your Audio Video Receivers PRE OUTS for L/R. Then, if your AVR has a data input like other McIntosh, connect 3.5mm from ZONE AUX IN data to AVR data, but if it doesn't have data input, simply stick one end of your 3.5mm jack only half way or to the "ring" part of the tip which creates a tip to ring short and now you can use the AUX input on the front panel with your AVR-which is why you needed the AUDIO AUX INPUT free to be used. That's it. Now you've got your 2ch separate from your surround sound. Photo example of tip to ring-stick the end into the DATA jack to the "ring" and leave the "Sleeve" sticking out. Have yet to figure out if I can use my Center channel in ZONE 2 yet, but I don't see why not since you can play all 4 separate pre amps on same input. I'll need to buy an rca mono adapter first then out to center pre out.
  10. I thought the Chorus II was much lower than 650hz crossover which is used with the Forte III. I remember reading something about that when i tried titanium diaphragms in the Chorus II and people were in agreement that the titanium would sound better crossed higher than the 500something hz crossover on the Chorus II-now proven with the Forte III. The online specs were also incorrect IIRC. I could be mistaken.
  11. Here's an image of the inputs/outputs Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. I just bought a McIntosh CR16 not having any clue what it really is. I know that It can be used as a 2ch pre amp with 4 separate preamp built in, but I'm curious if theres a way to use it along with an extra channel on an AVR. My Marantz SR7007 center built in amp AND pre out have very faint/low volume output and or very scratchy. I got it to work for a bit after using deoxit but the issues are back and as we know- center speaker is most important for movies/tv. So I'm curious if I can use my 3ch power amp plugged into the CR16, 1 zone as my mains and another zone as a center only- the rear of the CR16 has zone aux in and balanced and unbalanced outputs. How would I accomplish what I'm looking to do? Left and right power amp rca to zone 1 unbalanced outputs and then left and right aux in CR16 into the Marantz pre out? or multi channel input?? Same process for the single center speaker? Another important question: I'm all PC based so if I'm HDMI via PC GPU to the Marantz, I wouldn't be getting the benefits of the CR16 pre amp? Or In that case, the marantz only becomes the DAC?? Or would I need to get a separate USB dac plugged into the CR16 aux in audio input to get the full benefit of the mcintosh pre amp for music and then switch back to the marantz hdmi for movies?? Appreciate any incoming help! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  13. I'm glad i came across this thread as i was looking at used Oppo's or the new Panasonic players. Don't mean to derail, but my question is regarding the use of an AVR/control center and if i have a purpose for it? All i use are: a samsung ubd-m8500 4k blu ray player and my PC in which i do all my lossless music listening to, multi-channel music ripped on it and played through foobar2000 with necessary codecs but downsampled to PCM as my AVR doesn't do DSD. That AVR is a Marantz SR7007. No HDR and only 1 working HDMI input in the front plus the monitor 2 out to TV. I use my PC on it via my GPU(NVIDIA GTX 970) hdmi out to the Marantz. So i do HDMI 2ch and multichannel music along with movies/games/browsing. I'd just swap HDMI if i wanted to watch a blu ray disc. The Marantz amps went very faint/quiet/barely audible even at full volume and the pre outs sounded bad as well-cutting in and out and making scratchy noise,so i figured the Marantz was done for and packed it away and used a cheap yammie in it's place until i decided to one day use DEOXIT on pretty much the entire Marantz interior and the volume. The Amps worked again, all the pre outs worked again with the exception of my center pre out. While it works, I find it still has a lot of noise even when not playing anything. Scratchy noise and hiss and it seems to be lower output even with 320wpc fed into it. Oddly enough, the built in CENTER amp sounds just fine, but i want to be able to use the pre out to separate power amp. @Born2RockU can confirm as i took the Marantz to his place to test and the center pre out was definitely much lower output than left and right or surrounds. Kind of tired of the Marantz issues so my question is will one of the top of the line Panasonic or a used Oppo work as my pre amp using the speaker outs directly to a power amp, HDMI in from the TV, but how then would i used my PC with it(excluding optical-no dsd, etc or coaxil-only 2.0)? The cheaper Panasonic DP-UB820 or the top of the line UB9000 have HDMI VIDEO OUT and a dedicated HDMI AUDIO OUT, but would my PC work with the HDMI OUT? Wouldn't it need to be IN? I was thinking DisplayPort2.0 to HDMI fed to TV for video for which i would need to turn off the digital audio in NVIDIA Control Panel, then HDMI from HDMI AUDIO OUT on Panasonic to GTX970 HDMI. Would this work and would i benefit from skipping the AVR altogether?
  14. Depends on room size. If you got plenty of space, invest in your crossovers, new tweeter, dual soldered k55v if you don't already have it and some separates upgrades or a nice integrated for the cost of a pair of FIII.
  15. I do remember seeing you have a pair as well, but Craig lives down the street from me and i get spoiled there listening to his Jubes as well😁 - all from Cory as well!
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