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    Just basic AVR's right now. Want to get to the point where i find the speakers that i never want to sell or upgrade and buy gear for those speakers.

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  1. 2 RSW 15 for sale $750 kansas

    Price is for each. He's willing to ship. He's willing to do 1,300 for the pair + cost of shipping but the cost of shipping puts it over my spending budget right now. Still a great deal.
  2. 2 RSW 15 for sale $750 kansas

    Im not a part of that FB group so i sent him a message asking if he's willing to ship to Houston. Don't know if he will get the message because we are not "connected" and i think it goes to his junk folder. Doubt he's willing to ship anyway.
  3. 1976 KHorns - Dallas $2500

    neve rmind ,i just saw they're sold.
  4. ALK Universal Crossovers For Sale

    Do universal's work for Chorus II's?
  5. JBL Studio 590s

    Weren't these on sale for like $500 a pair at one point last year? I would have jumped on them had I known about them at the time. Didn't know anything about these until I came across the Z Reviews video on YouTube. Not a fan of the look with the grill off. Overall, the RF-7 II looks much more elegant and aesthetically pleasing especially with those copper drivers, but I wonder how much of brand new speaker prices is because of wood veneer and finish? The JBL looks like a theater speaker, which is fine by me but all the plastic makes it look cheap like a early 2k era speaker and I'm not a fan of those gray drivers. If the sound is similar to the RF-7 II, then some of the reviews that say the 590 are too bright makes sense as I thought the RF-7 II was too bright for me as well. For 1k, I'd rather wait and find a pair of La Scala's or even CW with room to spare for a x-over upgrade.
  6. Forte III

    @finebokeh How did you get the custom rack veneer to look like the same distressed oak? I want to get distressed oak FIII's and possibly keep my CHII and give them the distressed oak look. Yours is as close as i've seen it look! Can you please list the products used? Thanks!
  7. I love both. I found the CHII outperformed my LS with deep/low voiced male singers, but other than deep low end, the LS wins at everything else. I can't afford a really good subwoofer for the LS and have no clue what would actually match it well, otherwise i'd keep the LS. Have all for sale in order to try and fund the FIII because curiosity gets the best of me. Maybe i'll regret it, but Klipsch keep their resale value and a great thing about older models is that if you are patient enough, a great pair at a great price will come back around eventually(might require some elbow grease to pretty them up, but i love that part!). Well, except the CF-4 ver. 1. Never seen one for sale and dying to try it out.
  8. World Series

  9. Anyone get these Khorns for $1000?

    OMG....I need to move to Florida...so many great deals. Wow.
  10. Klipsch La Scala's - $1500 (NW Houston)

    Still not a single text or email showing interest in either of my la scalas, is there something im doing wrong or is the market just that dry right now with the holidays coming up? Maybe i just need better photos since i just assume most should know what they look like just by seeing the front, there's no pretty veneer to show off...it's just such a pain in the *** to carry them out and pose them for photos in better lighting lol.. **i even lowered the price like last week by $400
  11. Let's Go Yankees.....

  12. Klipsch LaScala Industrial

    From my point of view(i have 89 la scala industrial splits with k-43s and AL xover), first thing to do is swap out the AL for an AA. Were all Industrial La Scalas stock with AL networks?
  13. Klipsch La Scala's - $1500 (NW Houston)

    Bump burried under duplicate threads
  14. Klipsch La Scala's - $1500 (NW Houston)

    Yes, thanks. They are now each(pair) up on craigslist and OfferUp. The goal out there is to maximize profit of course. But for you guys, $2,300 is the goal to have enough funds for Forte III's. I know that's not necessarily "Alert" status as i'm sure most were hoping 1,500 for all 4, but I've got my mark to reach as well. I am open to trading the lesser value La Scala for a pair of CF-4 version 1's with a little bit of a cash as well. Wouldn't mind giving those a try for a while and @LeeW says I can come to demo the Forte III at his place some time, so I need to get that situated, though I respect the opinion of many on here and Cory who are really hyping the FIII. In the end, the only reason this is even up is because i'm young without my own home, so eventually 4 giant La Scalas isn't practical for someone in my position. BTW you got that right about the Texas market. Very strange market over here. You'll see Forte's for up to 1k and Chorus II for up to 1,800 lol. It's ridiculous.
  15. Klipsch La Scala's - $1500 (NW Houston)

    $1500 for the one with the new crossovers, $1100 for the AL with a bad diaphragm(Again, I have a replacement unopened that I never got around to installing). For a veteran forum member, I can do all 4 for $2,300 which places each pair at $1,150. But, veteran forum member only...don't want some guy joining up right now after reading this and PM'ing me with just a few forum posts or a 10/13/17 join date lol...