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    Just basic AVR's right now. Want to get to the point where i find the speakers that i never want to sell or upgrade and buy gear for those speakers.

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  1. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    For someone like me(a newb) with no knowledge on active set up or biamping or EQing, if i wanted to put a 402 or 510(both nearing 1k in price i assume?) on top of my LSi doghouse, i would need an active crossover like the Xilicia XP-4080($1k+) and i'd need separates to bi amp which i also don't have. I just use a Marantz SR7007 AVR and i watch movies and listen to music and play games all through that and my gaming PC. I'm completely turned off by the idea of spending several thousand or more when i'd much rather spend the 1k or so on the horns+driver pair and whatever it would cost for a pair of passive 2 way crossover networks. But, there are no passive crossovers that i could use the k510 or 402 on my LSi bass bin, correct? The idea of a KPT-904-N plugging right into my AVR and enjoying is much more appealing to someone like me. Spending big money on separates and or active crossovers etc doesn't appeal to me until i find a dream set of speakers that i know i'll keep for the long haul and then i can build my gear up around it over time. I guess i'm not smart enough to figure out how to do active set ups but im smart enough to see the price for wood veneer and aesthetics doesn't equal the price of a plain black pro speaker that can outperform the home speaker.
  2. Anyone? I know the best way is to just move it and test it out but these guys are heavy and then having to move the tv and tv stand and gear and rearrange everything. It's a pain in the ***. Im just curious how surround for movies would sound with 3 front and 1 rear surround. I'm assuming all surround sound information will be sent to the 1 surround speaker? now what if I wanted to use 2 more KLF-10s as rear surrounds? I know I could do the KLF-10 as surround and then the single LSi as 6th channel, but for surround music, I would want the LSi to be sent the surround information, not the KLF-10s. So would connecting only a single LSi in one of the left or right connections for surround and then 2 KLF 10s as what would essentially be the 6th and 7th channel rears work? I would only use the 6th and 7th channels for movies with 7 channels otherwise I'd just go direct mode for 5 channel movies and tv and music which no sound would come out of the 6th and 7th channel KLF-10s
  3. Quick opinion since we were talking about La Scalas, would it be better for me to do 2 front LSi and 2 rear LSi, OR 3 front LSi and 1 rear surround LSi? (i have 4 and not likely to get the 5th any time soon)
  4. I appreciate it but don't have the funds as of now and though I know it doesn't need to be black or split, I at least prefer it black and near the same year as my current LSi so it doesn't have the metal horn. You should just go for it and sell the other one which should be no problem. Good luck and thanks again!
  5. NFL 2017

    Awful first half even with the Watson TD run bc we had nothing going and he can't save us every game with big runs. The more he relies on that, the more teams will adapt and the more turnovers we'll have imo. At least the D showed up this half.
  6. Looks like the same seller. Great prices!
  7. NFL 2017

    Root for the Texans of course! Hope we don't ruin Watson's confidence too early and he has a good bday 1st start!
  8. Of course i get that, but space is limited(i have the back LSi connected perfectly snug in a closet though haha) + new crossovers for both pairs starts to get costly, then add to that a single LS for center with all the same parts for perfect timbre match. I guess at minimum, i could just get 3 new networks for LCR and then have the back surround LS as stock. In all honesty, other than space limitations, i kind of want to just settle in with a new speaker and not have to drive myself crazy with ideas of modifications/upgrades. The itch is a disease! Conversation with myself every day: Crites A? A/4500 + CT120 tweeters? AA? AL-3? AlK universal? DeanG? Don't worry about that yet! Find a single La Scala center first! But the AL xover sucks and everyone says so! Fastrac La Scala mid? A-55G driver? Change the K-77 for Alks eliptrac hf? Change all K-43's to Crites? Upgrade 1 pair and then do the next pair much later? All at once? Nah! Go 2 way! I do want to stick with Klipsch made, but dude, you don't have enough space for the k402 Jubescala, just forget about it! DO IT! What about the K510? It would fit perfectly into the HF section of the LSi split! Yes....yes it would..."the little horn that could" Those mumps are beautiful. Wait...but i don't know anything about EQ'ing and i can't afford to go active xover on top of it...so forget it! Sell the Chorus II to help with funds! NO! NEVER! Could i? Should i? My precioussssss.. Just do the K402 for your L/R and the K510 for the center and leave the surrounds as stock! Just do it you fat hobbit! I feel like Gollum and i'm going mad. I would love to just sit down with some Forte III's using my Chorus II as surrounds and just obsess over finding a suitable center for the FIII and call it for the next 5+ years and just enjoy the music and movies without just starring at my speakers and wondering what upgrade or modification to do next.
  9. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    What about a Jubescala?
  10. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Which speaker would that be?
  11. That's a good idea(hex head). I have rustoleum black spray paint I used on the horns that I can quickly paint the screws again, but the hex head might be a really nice subtle change, though i wonder if the hex heads are too fat and protrude from the horn oddly. Do they make flatter ones?
  12. I maybe have seen those. Were they the ones that you turned into a 3 way with a fostex tweeter? If the ones i'm thinking of, i thought they were too "orange." I want to find the closest match i can find when i look at it side by side with a Klipsch copper cone or badge or like the ones used on the new Amp knobs and screws IE:
  13. Sorry i took over the thread without contributing. I think for the distressed oak look, a gray finish on the stripped or sanded down raw oak could give the look you want. Verethane makes a "weathered gray" finish. Also as mentioned, they make a weathered accelerator as well. For the grills: Several off white cloth options here: https://acousticalsolutions.com/product/acoustone-speaker-grille-cloth/
  14. Thanks but I think it's disctracting. Too many screws. Also some of the screws have a different head so they look different. Here's a closer photo