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    Just basic AVR's right now. Want to get to the point where i find the speakers that i never want to sell or upgrade and buy gear for those speakers.

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  1. Won't match unfortunately.
  2. He originally had the RC-7 at $250 days after I paid $300 for a really beat up cabinet(but I still felt it was a good deal..well as long as it was working like he said it would) that ended up having a blown woofer and spent another $167 for 2 new woofers because I couldn't find another original k-1083, + hours of sanding and trying to refinish. I had already accepted a partial refund for the blown woofer the moment I saw this RC-7 in Austin for $250. My RC-7 didn't come out too good, but it's passable. The newer woofers look beautiful on it. I wish I had the original woofers though, I would buy his RC-7 and RS-7's and use the 2 RC-7's as mains in a smaller room with those RS-7s as surrounds and wait to find another deal on another RC-7 for an RC-7 front 3 in a bedroom. I wonder how that would sound. Hmm.
  3. Looks like it says k-23. Still, don't see any stamped serials anywhere though and it doesn't say serial anywhere on the tags which is odd or maybe I just can't see it. Oh well, still super stoked! Today was a good day.
  4. Can anyone tell from the photo if the driver and passive are original?
  5. I just opened up my Fortes to put in the ti Diaphragms in. I had done it before but I took them out to hear stock again and I previously never even bothered to look inside and so I took my flashlight and looked inside the cabinet and I found the tags glued to the inside! 1987! Now to see if they are matching serials but for that I want to look for a stamp on the cabinet. Very happy right now!
  6. PM sent
  7. LOL. The Houston market. I hate it.
  8. I'll let you know Pat, I have seen your pair on here and on craigslist. Walnut? If so, that's my fave
  9. Is that still a thing with newer LED TVs?
  10. It's a 55in that's 48.5 lbs
  11. Good to know! Next up! To sell the original K-1083-SV woofer for some funds and then see if I can get a hold of DeanG for his RC-7 crossover upgrade if he is still around anywhere.
  12. Finally ready to give it a test but no idea where to place it. TV on top of it would be a big no-no I assume?
  13. Maybe a stupid question, but my new woofers just arrived and as I'm excitedly installing I realize I can't get them going just yet as the terminals are too small for the new woofer. Please don't tell me my only option is to solder. I don't know how and I don't want to spend another penny on this speaker which has been a money pit for me ever since I got screwed with purchasing it from eBay with a blown woofer and having to sand and refinish the cabinet only to still have all the deep gouges show through. Tell me this is an easy fix I can do right now and not have to wait another week for something more to ship.
  14. I ordered a matching pair because I didn't want two mismatching woofers with plans to put the functioning original K-1083 up on eBay to recoup some of my funds for the new woofers.
  15. Just received a message in response to my same question. They said it is the lack of magnetic shielding that makes it so much lighter and that it is my only option to repairing the RC-7 and it should, in their opinion, work beautifully as they have compared and tested. I suppose my only option is to test them. They sure do look more aesthetically pleasing compared to the older darker cerametallic and black dust cap!