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  1. I don't think this table will. The kids all love it. I probably do too, I never seem to play though. Played some 30 years ago.
  2. I don't know much about the table...the kids play it's nothing fancy. Was a garage sale find.
  3. Maybe the pics will work this time? I think I posted way back in this thread, but time for a refresh anyway.
  4. Maybe the pics will work this time? I think I posted way back in this thread, but time for a refresh anyway.
  5. You can find significantly newer pairs for thousands less.
  6. Nice speakers! I just brought a pair home a few months ago. One in a Jeep Wrangler, the other in a Honda Fit.
  7. I have Khorns and 3 LaScalas. That's pretty close to matching. It's nice, but not one of the "couldn't live without" factors. I ran Heresy for years as my rears and there isn't much difference.
  8. I'm gradually changing. I just find such joy in letting it rip! Historically, peaks around 100db. These days, more like 90db and sometimes as low as 85db. Movies are a bit different. I very much enjoy peaks of 110db or so in action movies. Mind you, those higher peaks are almost always in the 30hz and under range. I wouldn't enjoy that so much in the upper register.
  9. I have some LaScalas that don't have a job in my house right now. Don't know if this makes me want to sell in the high market or continue to hold? Might be a good retirement strategy, as no other investment I have is increasing at this rate!
  10. I can certainly understand that. My room is 17.5' wide and I wish it were wider.
  11. I just changed from LaScalas to Khorns. When paired with the subs, the differences are subtle to my wife, but significant to me. I'm glad I changed. I did so only because I was able to do it without financial risk based on the elevated market. If your corners are less than ideal and you employ a sub, I would be at peace with the LaScalas.
  12. Just moved Khorns in a Wrangler...one at a time!
  13. That was a fantastic playlist! Listened to the entire thing. Thanks.
  14. These inflated prices do help me getting my wife on board easier! I have LaScalas that I planned to sell. I get excited at what they might sell at, but my wife reminds me how much I love them and that the value will always be there. She's right. . So I just gave them a job as rear surrounds.
  15. Sometimes you ask questions that aren't necessary or try to solve problems you don't have. I hooked up my Macbook to the stereo using the headphone jack and played some of these links. Quality is not a concern. There may be a difference on paper, but it would be splitting hairs in real life. Looking forward to using this thread to expand my musical pallet.
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