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  1. In a setting where I am trying to have conversation with background music, I prefer more speakers at a lower volume. This avoids loud spots in the room. I would prefer 3 pairs of Heresy (with sub) to one pair of Khorns. Unless you bar is setup to feature music? I own Khorn, LS and Heresy. I use Heresy in a 20x30' gameroom. They do a fantastic job! I've tried other speakers in there and none cut through the room like horns.
  2. 1986. I had a high school buddy who's Dad had Khorns driven by Rotel Amps. The room was about 25'x60' (huge). The music was the Moody Blues. I was already into audio, but knew that night that I would own a pair one day! Then, I was age 16. At age 53, I finally had the place for them.
  3. I used LaScala in an LCR setup for my theater room for years. An opportunity for Khorns popped up and I jumped, maybe too quickly... I immediately recognized the advantages of them digging into the base region deeper. I expected that. However, I did not expect increased clarity and detail. Considering the top hat uses the same drivers, I assumed I wouldn't hear a change, but I did. I also noticed a difference in dynamics. The best way I can describe it is that with the rooms walls being used as the last fold in the horn, the Khorns dynamics grabbed the room differently. It's like I could sense that the room was more involved with dynamic passages. Another thing I didn't anticipate was imaging struggles. With my Khorns being the older variety, they must be tight in the corner. In doing this, the axis crossed about 7' in front of my listening position. My room is 18' wide x 30' deep, Speakers on the short wall. For the first year, this bothered me enough that I would have considered going back to LS. However, since my speakers aren't seen, I was able to twist the top portion of the Khorn to a different angle than the base bin. I found the right spot and am now very happy. This "twist" is not shown in the picture. In your room, you will likely appreciate the improvements if you sit close to 12' from the speakers spaced 12' apart. Too much outside of that window and you may loose full advantage of soundstage and imaging. I usually make money when buying and selling vintage Heritage speakers. With that in mind, I would buy the Khorns and find out for myself.
  4. Most of my listening is from the laptop via blutooth! It may be the worst possible path, but I've compared side by side with CD and "if" I hear a difference, it isn't worth the expense of a nice DAC. I hope to be proven wrong someday by experiencing the difference. Until then, I'm happy as a clam.
  5. A few comments. I used LaScalas for surrounds at one point and found they didn't offer anything that Heresies weren't already doing in that role. So, I believe that smaller surrounds are perfectly fine. Not tiny though. I used some 6.5" in walls at one point and it was NOT good. I recently switched all of my surrounds and overhead atmos to the JBL 8330a pro cinema surrounds. This is the best performance I've had out of surrounds. Timbre matching hasn't been a concern at all. They don't fit your criteria, but I make the comment for a reference point.
  6. @bobdog our rooms have a lot in common. I use Khorns and 2 DTS10's as well. It took me 10 years of fiddling to get what I wanted out of them. Been happy since and don't expect I will ever change. Your install looks good!
  7. I enjoy having other brands too. I have 5-6 pairs now and I hope to have a larger collection at some point. Each speaker has a different attitude and suits a different mood. If I'm wanting to sit alone in the dark, in a small room with a glass of wine and some softer, delicate music, the Infinity Kappa 6 are my preference. If I'm in a spunky mood and having whiskey with a game of pool and blues, the Heresy are my taste. If I want to throw in a concert bluray and feel like I'm in a stadium with a cold beer, Khorns!!! I'll let you all know what drink goes with the Polks.... LOL
  8. In case you hadn't seen this, I've enjoyed it several times. He hits the nail on the head!
  9. Congrats! You got a fantastic buy by today's market! Most would have paid $2k for those. I don't need a pair and couldn't walk from those for even $1500. I'd buy a set to have in storage for that price. I used LaScala for a decade before moving to Khorns. If you run a subwoofer with those, you aren't missing much from the Khorns. Wonderful to hear your wife's impression. My wife had the same...and had the same again when I changed to Khorn. Nice to have their approval. I wouldn't be afraid to change the caps. I used JEM. Pull the entire crossover out. Break it apart and clean all connections well. I used a little sandpaper on all connections and then Qtip with alcohol. Sand all the spade connectors too. Honestly, I didn't hear any difference with the caps and cleaning...but I feel better about it. I would enjoy hearing ongoing impressions and experiences!
  10. I'm running a pair of Danley subs along with Khorns and LaScala. They seem matched very well to me. Enough that I haven't changed in 12 years so far... Understandable that they are difficult to fit in the decor without hiding them.
  11. I've been using the Dayton HTA100 for about 2 years now, with a pair of Heresy 1's. I feed it through the BT on my laptop. There can't be a single complaint at this price. Heresys sound great! I did hook them up to a better amp (SS) and heard the difference, but...come on...it's usually $160 on Black Friday. For that, decent amp with phono input, sub out and bluetooth. Wow! The fit, finish and feel are better than expected too. I want to try the HTA200...that adds a few things, including twice the power and a remote. BTW, no remote has been a non-issue, as the laptop does it. I believe you'd have to spend 10 times the money to appreciate it.
  12. Some great stuff here lately! Thanks everyone!
  13. Feeling this one tonight!
  14. I installed all 4 of mine in about 5 hours time, and I'm not a pro. If I had to pay, anything over $500 would seem too high for my taste. Of course, there is also the liability of cutting into someones drywall and having to fix a mistake. That risk alone wouldn't be worth it. Maybe $1k is fair...
  15. I just needed one myself. I had a few that worked in my "jar". Almost certain you could go to a hardware store and match up one pretty easy.
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