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  1. Well I got them all cleaned up using light soap and damp clothes. I went with a natural slightly tinted wax to seal and protect. We have used this over the last 20 years on a couple other wood furniture pieces we have. Yes the speakers sound awesome (running cds through it). Love em. I did some research and wanted to do some tube amps and decided on a new build from getdynaco so I got a st70 and soon to arrive pas-3 or M preamp. I also have a new turntable coming in on Monday. It will be interesting but something I’ve had on my mind for many year is to have vinyl (ones created from analog source) and tube amp with klipsch belles, klipschorn … but these LaScalas will fit the bill in this room. I do have other rooms I’ll need to look over if I do see a klipschorn near me at a fantastic price lol. The AA crossover sound great to me but I understand will need new caps for longevity. I wanted to get my new gear going and listening for a bit and then do the upgrade. So not too many changes at once. thanks again all, for the great information.
  2. Hooked up to 5700 front channels. Ran cd with direct through in stereo mode. Wife said “Wow” now to start the cleaning
  3. I here you. For some reason I’m drawn to the tube pre and amp…. Lol. I will hook the. Up to my denon 5700 and be gentle with it. My father inlaw still has the sansui 7070db I gave him years back, it’s like new with original box. I’m wanting the new kit dynaco pas preamp and st70 for a start. I could rethink this.
  4. I was just reading on updating the caps. I’ve done a little bit of soldering on drones and Rc cars etc.. I did lose my last nice solder station to a wildfire taking out my outbuildings and just have a common stick solder unit now, I should get a new solder unit…. But yes I’m thinking I will get everything setup (still dreading moving them up the stairs) and listen to for a while the original caps should be replaced. I was thinking should I send them off to have caps done or do it myself… I’d like to clean up the board and components so is it best to remove the xo and work on it? Seems like the way to go. Thanks.
  5. I looked them over they looked pretty good and they were hooked to an older denon ss amp. The setup and spacing wasn’t great but the speakers sounded clear and really good as I was hoping they would. I was hoping i wouldn’t hear something off and didn’t. I loved the sound and overall appearance and they seem to be survivors so i bought them! We loaded them up and drove 2.5 hours home and have them in my 1st floor hallway as i type this and plan to move them upstairs tomorrow. Dang these are heavy! Im planning to order a new dynaco st70 and pas preamp. I was looking at some vintage gear but I think I’ll take my time and start with new tubes. The vintage gear was hk citation 1 with dynaco mark iii mono amps… but maybe as i get into this I’ll have various gear as i go.
  6. My room looks like this. The short vertical wall is 43 inches and it is 45 degrees up to the 8 foot ceiling. The width of the room is 14’ - 3” wide and 26’ long. The couch is sitting at 13 foot from the tv. khorns are like 53” tall so I’d have them moved inward to get them to fit so the speakers would be 12’ apart . I’m uncertain on how they would react with the wall and ceiling dimensions. I know you can build fake corners but like I said it’s not a square wall to ceiling. Here is a couple Picts.
  7. Thanks. I’ve read a lot about what you speak of (k55v vw 55m and aa so) and yes I believe the horns are original as I’ve looked up other 81s online (at least the ones I see). The price I believe is fair for the condition possible unknowns and say cost to use JEM (I’ve read a lot about their parts) is it is needed to get everything back in spec that will be the way to go. If I was going to see an audition in a audiophiles home and all was in good care and explanations on condition it would be a different story and price. I do see a few more la scala pop up within 2 to 3 hours from me and some klipschorns… which I’ve heard in person many years ago and was impressed. I’ll hopefully begin my journey with these la scala and see where takes me. thanks again all for the information.
  8. thanks for the welcome. I may be able to get them for 1k… if I do I’ll post all the particulars and see what I need to do to get them as back to klipsch standards. thanks
  9. I offered I’d come up and look for possible 1k, explaining conditions and xo etc… he said he’d take 1k… I’ll drive up tomorrow and check them out. I’m ok with the look and they will be “upstairs” and not in every day view per se. With that price I can sort out the horns and xo and should enjoy them and not be buried in them.
  10. New here and looking to get into home audio since I just retired @60. I’m in northern calif and have seen a pair of la scala pop up for sale. They are asking $2000 obo. The history the original owner passed and the son got them and borrowed money from a friend and gave these to him until payback… well it’s been many years and they have been in his “garage workout area” that is sheetrocked and carpeted hooked to it seemed something newer for amp. They were moved into the house maybe some time ago (a year?) and now they want to get rid of them. So it appears they have not been modified? but I don’t have any pictures to make sure at this point. I’m basing this on the couple picts showing the metal that seems rough. They are in a fairly dry area north of me but a garage brings different thoughts to my head. He said there is a very small chip below the mid range speaker. He said they sound good but I do not believe he is an audiophile and they are not hooked up to anything special so sounds good or loud as he says I take with a grain of salt and I’m not able with any decent amp to check out the sound. I’d appreciate your thoughts on what you can see here. I’m thinking in my head that $1500 maybe a better price but I may be way off? I was thinking of all the what ifs like having to replace horns or upgrades etc. I’m a civil engineer and I’m very detailed oriented and I absolutely like all original gear. I plan to hook these up to a st70. They will go into a dedicated room, where I have my home theater setup that is a 1998 year klipsch speakers with a denon 5700. I plan to run these with tube pre and amps with vinyl. Thanks
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