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    HOUSTON, Tx. (N.W.)
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    *International Adventures, SCUBA Diving ! ...and euphoric SOUNDWAVES via KLIPSCH !
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    JUBILEE Room , 2-Channel (2.1) :
    - Klipsch JUBILEE 2018's w/
    - Xilica XP-4080
    - Danley TH-50 SubWoofer
    - Parasound Halo P5 Pre-Amp
    - Parasound Halo a23 Amp
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player
    - CarverPro ZR1600 - Jubilee's LOWs
    - Crown Macro-Tech 3600z for SUB

    KHorn Bedroom 2-Channel (2.1) :
    - Klipschorns ! ...and Sub

    Home Theater (5.2.1) :                     
    - (4) RF-7 i i i TOWERs (all corners)
    - La Scala '89 Center (Crites mod)
    - RC-64 i i i Back-Center'd (Height)
    - (2) RSW-15 Sub-Woofers

    - Marantz AV7703 11.2 ch PRE
    - (2) Carver Pro ZR-1600 -MONOs
    - (4) Carver Pro ZR-1000 -MONO's

    - Sony 75" Z9D 4K Ultra-HD TV     
    - Sony UBPX-1000ES 4K Player 
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player
    - Pioneer Elite DV-47A SACD  

    EXTRA :
    - H.K.'s Citation 7.1 THX Amp
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  1. Born2RockU

    For Sale Crown Macrotech 3600vz ....

    That's CORRECT ! ...and it's all mine ! What a pleasant experience purchasing this CROWN amp from SWL. An Incredible deal indeed, and he even shipped it Double-Boxed from Twin Lakes,Wisconsin ....all the way to Houston, TEXAS ! An Incredibly informative Klipsch veteran, he is. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone, ...if they are purchasing products from him. He replied to every text / email promptly and even stayed in contact everyday...thru the whole process of shipment, too ! Thank You again SWL ! ~You rocked my world ! -Craig
  2. Born2RockU

    For Sale Crown Macrotech 3600vz ....

    Cashier's Check...in the mail ...arrives Wednesday.
  3. Born2RockU

    For Sale Crown Macrotech 3600vz ....

    DEFINITELY out of the BOX Thinking, huh ? Actually , the acoustic's in my HUGELY combined Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen area is NOT optimal for listen to music. Too much space and reflections to fix, to maintain a beautiful living room setting, in my house. Thus, the reason I mounted a RC-64iii above my head, ...for a Near Field (L/C/R) Stereo Music listening approach, ...along with those RF-7iii's flanked to each of my sides (L+R) = a TOTAL NEAR FIELD experience, ....and believe me ...it worked ! {Talk about SEAMLESS with the RF-64iii above your head, ...it fills in Left/Right imaging gaps perfect !} I can't stand listening to Music , with my FRONT STAGE (Rf-7 iii's and LaScala setup) . The seating area is way to far away ...for that large room. {So, you can take the LaScala (and front RF-7iii's) out of the picture for MUSIC listening.} Now for MOVIES the LaScala is KING for the Center Channel THEATER listening, in this large ROOM. I would never use a LaScala and RF-7iii as a MUSIC setup .... totally MIX-MATCHED TIMBRE's ! BUT with MOVIES , I really doesn't need to be TIMBRE matched, for me. DOES THAT EXPLAIN- Dave ? PS- I have a dedicated 2-channel JUBILEE ROOM , upstairs above my Living Room ! ~Rock On, ... Craig LeMay Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  4. Born2RockU

    For Sale Crown Macrotech 3600vz ....

    IS THIS STILL AVAILABLE ! Craig LeMay 281-469-1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  5. Born2RockU

    New! home theater build project

    INCREDIBLE work ! Thanx for all the fotos...it certainly helped.
  6. Born2RockU

    2018 Pilgrimage Swap Meet and For Sale Thread

    Fun, fun, FUN!
  7. I completely get that I would buy one closer to where i live if i could just find one! (I live on Aland Islands, we speak Swedish but belongs to Finland) closest ive found would be from Germany so unless i find one soon ill probably go for a new one from there. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dang...all the way to Germany...is still a long way ! I have an idea. How much would it cost to send a 45" x 18 x 18 box weighing 100 lbs to you from TEXAS 77429 to you ? ($175 USD maybe). Find out the price; ...I can get speakers close to whole sale price, new ! *How about a set of RF-7 iii's for $2500 USD ? *Find how much that cost would be...
  8. TOO risky...and i have a buyer , demoing tomorrow morning ! Obviously, much easier to have a person arrive here and walk away with item. I'd hate to see what condition this HUGE speaker would end up in, ... traveling from Texas to Europe. First off...shipping would be ridiculous, ...possibly a $300 cost. By the way, where in Europe are you ? (My wife is 100% DUTCH)
  9. Born2RockU

    5.1 & 2 channel music in same room

    The IMAGING + DEPTH of the music would go 'out the window', if played in MULTI-CHANNEL. For discrete 2-channel listening, it is usually all about the SoundStaging ! ~ If that is of no interest, then I'd go to town in Multi-Stereo mode ! (Just my two cents, my friends )
  10. IN a THEATER setting, the RC-64iii Center speaker is just added as a Back-Height , BUT, many times I set my system into 'ALL- STEREO' mode, and SHUT OFF all my front speakers (L/C/R) for some incredible 'NEAR-FIELD' 3-channel listening, with just the BACK PAIRs of RF-7iii's (L /R) ...along with my little secret, an RC-64iii (Center/Height) speaker. ~ HEAVEN on EARTH !
  11. Great EYE , my friend ! LaScala for Front CENTER, ...and that mentioned RC-64 ii (as Back-Height, when all played in STEREO) ... to be replaced in 3-days, with the latest RC-64 iii arrival ! (...just got CORY'd again !)
  12. Born2RockU

    Photos of RF-7 III next to RF-7 II

    Michael, ...agreed 100% ! I certainly do NOT like those tiny 'black-rubber' pads either, that came in the iii's box for their angled Plinths. I used these white Furniture pads ! ...and just love them. They certainly assist with scooting these RF-7iii speakers with ease, across my new Granite floor.
  13. Born2RockU

    *S O L D * FOUR (4) HERESY ii - consecutive Serial #'s

    I just listed them for 10% higher on EBay to cover all of the site's FINAL FEES ! Contact me directly, so we wont deal with eBay, ...if so desired ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-2-KLIPSCH-HERESY-ii-BLACK-Speakers-Original-BOXs-CONSEC-Serial/323070654162
  14. *A L L S O L D * FOUR (4) H E R E S Y ii (consecutive serial #'s) in B L A C K S A T I N $700 per pair ! Speakers are in nice condition ! (see pics)