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    HOUSTON, Tx. (N.W.)
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    *International Adventures, SCUBA Diving ! ...and euphoric SOUNDWAVES, via KLIPSCH !
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    JUBILEE Room , (2.1 / 5.1 Dvd Audio) :

    - 2018 (L/C/R) JUBILEEs
    w/ Faital Pro HF20AT Drivers
    - Klipschorn / K-402 Horns for SURR.
    - Xilica XP-4080 DSPs (2)
    - Danley TH-50 SubWoofer
     -  Marantz AV7703
    - Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 BluRay/Dvd-Audio Player
    - Nelson Pass'F6', 2ch. Class 'A' amp =25w/per channel @ 8 ohms
    - CarverPro ZR1600 Amps (8)
    - Crown Macro-Tech 3600vz Amp

    Bedroom 2-Channel (2.1) :
    - Ki-396-SMA-ii Pro
    - (2) CarverPro ZR1000 Amps
    - Xilica XP-2040 DSP
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player

    Home Theater (5.2.1) :     
     - (4) RF-7 iii TOWERs (all corners)
    - La Scala '89 Center (Crites mod)
    - RC-64 i i i Back-Center'd (Height)
    - (2) RSW-15 Sub-Woofers
    - Marantz AV7703 11.2 ch PRE
    - (10) Carver Pro ZR-1600 -MONOs
    - Sony 75" Z9D 4K Ultra-HD TV     
    - Sony UBPX-1000ES 4K Player 
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player
    - Pioneer Elite DV-47A SACD  

    FOR SALE :
    - ANTHEM Statement D2 Pre/Pro

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  1. For anyone else interested in putting a updated K-691 2"compression-driver , into their LaScala's (with K-401 horns) ...I have TWO brand new K-691 Drivers for sale ! (I can ship ASAP) Born2Rock@Comcast.net ~ Craig LeMay
  2. The LINK...and they are NOT under $2000 for a pair, sadly. https://bottlehead.com/product/mon-amour-2a3-monoblock-amps-kit/
  3. I have a newly used ( 5 hours max) Crites 55G-mid driver for sale, and even the the LaScala horn, if anyone want to buy !
  4. WHOM EVER buys these, I have BRAND NEW K-691 Compression DRIVERs available, ...for those K-402 Horns ! {Born2Rock@Comcast.net} 281-469-1111 TEXT
  5. Not mine ...just passin the good word. WHAT YEAR is this KHORN ( 1950's ?) ...and WHAT Crossover is used in this? Is this possibly an extremely 'early' KHorn ? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1407698186059478/
  6. THEY SOLD Today ! ...right down the street from me ! Literally, down the street 6 minutes !
  7. ROOM treatment, is EVERYTHING ! Get that right, and you are 75% there, ...with your Klipsch ! ~Enjoy the Journey.
  8. YOU ARE WELCOME !!!!! {LOL } ~Happy Holidays 2019 !
  9. I don't want to be rude here, ...but you may regret NOT using an XILICA with the JUBES ! An Xilica XP model is the easiest to use, and most certainly greatest budget-friendly DSP on the planet, in my opinion ! That paired with the perfect PreAmp and Amps are THE winning combination, in JUBILEE Land ! I recommend you demoing a JUbilee/Xilica system near you. If near DFW area...go see CHRIS ; He'll make a believer out of you, I guarantee. Best of luck on your journey to audio euphoria.
  10. CHRIS, How ya doin', brotha ? ! I am almost finished with my travels for 2019; ...11 international trips this year, has been crazy ! ( ...on Nov 26th , I return from a 1/2 month in CHILE !) ...I'm off December. (My vacation from VACATIONING !) I'd love to come stop by, and pay ya a visit and experience your 'Danley-style' tuning. And, even attempt to get my 5.1 'low-rider' Jubes, dialed with ya., soon. Hope all is well. Craig LeMay 281-469-1111
  11. YOU are welcomed ! Hey Oily , where in Netherlands are you. I visit there quit often. I Will be there next week, again. (My wife is 100% dutch, born near Hook Van Holland)
  12. All you need is a SUB ! ....for the 2 missing lower octaves ! Cool rig !
  13. The tune is off Jeff Beck's 1989 release ' Beck's Guitar Shop " ...tune # 3 , titled 'Behind The Veil' ! On eBay for as little as $5 . https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=jeff+beck+guitar+shop+cd&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=jeff+beck+garage+shop+cd
  14. Here is a 'low-resolution' video (to fit on our page here) ... a TOUR of my 5.1 JUBILEE room upstairs. *Notice one of my 2 cats sleeping on the Danley subwoofer. JUbilee Room - August 2019.html
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