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    HOUSTON, Tx. (N.W.)
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    *International Adventures, SCUBA Diving ! ...and euphoric SOUNDWAVES, via KLIPSCH !
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    JUBILEE Room , (2.1 / 5.1 Dvd Audio) :

    - 2018 (L/C/R) JUBILEEs
    w/ Faital Pro HF20AT Drivers
    - Klipschorn / K-402 for SURROUNDS
    - Xilica XP-4080 DSPs (2)
    - Danley TH-50 SubWoofer
     -  Marantz AV7703
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE cd Player
    - Pioneer Elite DV-47A 5.1 DVD-Audio
    - CarverPro ZR1600 Amps (10)
    - Crown Macro-Tech 3600vz Amp

    Bedroom 2-Channel (2.1) :
    - Ki-396-SMA-ii Pro
    - (2) CarverPro ZR1000 Amps
    - Parasound Halo P5 Pre-Amp
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player

    Home Theater (5.2.1) :     
     - (4) RF-7 iii TOWERs (all corners)
    - La Scala '89 Center (Crites mod)
    - RC-64 i i i Back-Center'd (Height)
    - (2) RSW-15 Sub-Woofers
    - Marantz AV7703 11.2 ch PRE
    - (6) Carver Pro ZR-1600 -MONOs
    - Sony 75" Z9D 4K Ultra-HD TV     
    - Sony UBPX-1000ES 4K Player 
    - Jolida JD 100-A TUBE CD Player
    - Pioneer Elite DV-47A SACD  

    FOR SALE :
    - ANTHEM Statement D2 Pre/Pro

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  1. I have a pair of K691 drivers, NEW IN BOX...if you are interested !
  2. I'm clueless, ..but I can't wait to visit you, brotha...when this is all done !
  3. I have a DynaMat'd single K-400 FOR SALE !! Also, a A55G Ciites driver ...available. (under 50 hours use, at low volumes.... pretty much still NEW) And a K77 Tweeter ...available. 281-469-1111 Craig LeMay
  4. I've got what you need. *YOU still looking for these single drivers? Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  5. MY k-402 / kHorn Bass bin Jubilee 5.1 surround speaker
  6. I am LOOKING for a UDP-205 . *Anyone here have a connection ? Contact me, asap : Born2Rock@Comcast
  7. Mark, What other brand would work, for a 2" compression TWEETER ? Whatcha using ?
  8. Cesar, WE need to find out what TWEETER driver is used ! I assume they are 2" compression tweeters ? Does anyone know that answer? *WHAT DRIVER is used for the 3-way Jubilee TWEETER ? Then, I can get a few more of those k-510 Horns . Then , I'd grab these Crossovers, for some fun.
  9. I like the idea of using on amp with a 3-Way Jubilee !! I have 2-way Jubilees , using Faital Pro compression drivers. ~I assume this 3-way crossover is specifically for the Klipsch components that come with the Jubilee 3-Way, correct ? If I went 3-Way , I would certain consider buying these crossovers . *What Klipsch component model # is used for the TWEETER duties, with THIS crossover ? Is it readily available to buy to add to a 2-way expansion ? (OR, can any other BRAND Tweeter be used with this specific 3-way Crossover.)
  10. I believe ADAM Hall purchased that spcific, and also become a Museum member. I will hit up the Garage sale area. Thank You, ~Craig
  11. Hey guys, ...shot in the Dark here ! I am seeking a single K-510 HORN to modify a LaScala as 2-Way, ...for a center channel speaker , to pair with my recently purchased K-396's. ANYONE have access to a single K-510 for me to purchase, please ? Craig LeMay 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  12. I am seeking a SINGLE k-510 HORN, ...for modifying my LaScala as a 2-Way Center Channel, to match my new K-396 speakers. Anyone have a SINGLE K-510 HORN for sale ? Craig LeMay 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
  13. HOLY ship....I can't wait to come visit YOU now ! NICE, VERY nice !!! I assume you have some fancy Persian Rugs to throw down, for that WAR against "the acoustic bouncy-bouncy's " !
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