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  1. Hello Klipsch Audio Community, I am happy to say this is my first post on the forum! I have recently discovered JWC's MiniPunch design, and I am very interested in building a pair. I have thoroughly read through all the posts on this forum regarding the MiniPunch and I have been in touch with JWC, who has kindly provided answers to my questions regarding construction. From what I have read and looking at the couple of rough measurements that have been posted for the MiniPunch, it seems response begins to drop around 600Hz. My dilemma is that I run JBL 2440s on 2390 lenses (+2405 tweeters) and the lowest I can cross is 800Hz. Is it possible, that with the right driver choice, the MiniPunch could be comfortably run up to 800Hz without much drop in response? I assume the design of the cabinet itself is going to impose a cut-off no matter how well spec'd the drivers put in it are. Will the cabinet itself even allow a set of drivers to get up to 800Hz comfortably? Can any members that have MiniPunches offer any comments on this? I have been educating myself on Thiele/Small parameters and driver suitability, but I still admittedly have much to learn. Through my own research, comparison and application of T/S knowledge the driver I am considering is the B&C 12NDL76. https://www.bcspeakers.com/en/products/lf-driver/12-0/8/12ndl76 My reasoning for this driver being a possible contender: - High sensitivity at 800Hz region - High EPB of 238Hz, making it very suitable for horn loading - Fairly low Mms -The impedance curve doesn't look 'wild' at 800Hz Is my reasoning misplaced? JWC mentioned to me to look at the performance over an octave, so in this case 80Hz and 800Hz. The chart for the B&C 12NDL76 shows 83dB at 80Hz and 100dB at 800Hz. There is also the slightly more powerful, but less sensitive B&C 12NW76. https://www.bcspeakers.com/en/products/lf-driver/12-0/8/12nw76 In comparison to the DL76, this has a Fs of 40Hz rather than 50, and 100W higher nominal power rating. I'm not sure if this offers any advantage in this situation? Any suggestions, wisdom or advice would be greatly appreciated. I very much hope I can get the 'green light' I am looking for so I can go ahead and build a pair of MiniPunches! Thanks, J.
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