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    Altec A6'S DANLEY SOUND LABS 2 SH96HO'S, 2 SH 46's , 4 DANLEY SOUND LABS DBH218'S 2 passive 2 powered 2 Danley TH112 subs with Ashly Protea 4.24C SP Crown itech 6000 , Crown MA12000i , Peavey IPR2 DSP 7500 , QSC PLX3602 , Crown XTI 6002 , DSL P48 Processor , Ashly MQX-231 EQ , Klipsch Heresy Slant monitors 4 EAW JF80Z speakers there is more (:

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  1. kg4guy

    ALL gone sorry

    Sorry guys after talking to Xilica the software won't work on these Danley units
  2. If anyone is interested in the Xilica 4080 Danley has new old stock DSLP48 ones for a very good price contact me for price .
  3. kg4guy

    For Sale - HIPs

    I have a new Klipsch silver logo for these if you need one looks like one is missing I'll send for postage cost .
  4. Awesome glad you got them my friend .
  5. https://www.musicgoround.com/product/40084-S000093273/used-klipsch-forte-ii-speaker-cabinets-large-full-range
  6. I have 2 used PSD2002 8 ohm diaphragms Free both read 6.1
  7. No longer will ship for sale locally only.
  8. Found some old photos from previous post here I had .
  9. I'm in Santa Barbara, Ca email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com will ship Frieght . Thx
  10. Got a very nice pair of Altec A6's 288 drivers variable crossover 500Hz or 800Hz or 1200Hz new caps needs one terminal post.
  11. kg4guy

    Super MWM

    Go with a Crown itech the difference is large on subs compared to the XTI's
  12. kg4guy

    Super MWM

    can't wait to see these bad boys done .
  13. I have a very nice Ashly Protea 4.24C 4in 8 out in very good to excellent condition face is clean few rack scratches very nice has one stick XLR release clips just don't use it anymore . Please email at aayrassian@yahoo.com .
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