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    Altec A6'S DANLEY SOUND LABS 2 SH96HO'S, 2 SH 46's , 4 DANLEY SOUND LABS DBH218'S 2 passive 2 powered 2 Danley TH112 subs with Ashly Protea 4.24C SP Crown itech 6000 , Crown MA12000i , Peavey IPR2 DSP 7500 , QSC PLX3602 , Crown XTI 6002 , DSL P48 Processor , Ashly MQX-231 EQ , Klipsch Heresy Slant monitors 4 EAW JF80Z speakers there is more (:

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  1. Here is the SH46 network these are setup to use passive or bi amp .
  2. kg4guy

    FS Ashly 4.24C Protea processor $375

    Bump $375
  3. I have a very nice Ashly Protea 4.24C 4in 8 out in very good to excellent condition face is clean few rack scratches very nice has one stick XLR release clips just don't use it anymore . Please email at aayrassian@yahoo.com .
  4. kg4guy

    JTR subs?

  5. kg4guy

    F/S BMS 4592-Mid pair $1150 shipped.

    This seller has I believe 3 of these drivers https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMS-4592-Mid-High-Coaxial-16-ohm-2-COAXIAL-NEODYMIUM-COMPRESSION-DRIVER-XOVR/113499456839?hash=item1a6d184547:g:T70AAOSwhEhcJqbo
  6. kg4guy

    Super MWM

    Yes he still has them said that all the musicians said it was one of the best sounding rooms they had been in not only because of the bins but that was part of it.
  7. These are in excellent condition only issue is on of the terminal posts needs too be replaced 288-8L drivers MR594II horns 3156 woofers I also put new capacitors in the networks and they have a 500Hz-800Hz-1200Hz setting that you can choose from will ship I'm in Santa Barbara Cal please email if interested aayrassian@yahoo.com will not respond to PM's 🙂 $1000 pr
  8. kg4guy

    F/S SPL Runt Synergy Horn Early version SH95

    I have 3 total this is why I'm selling one or if someone wants all 3 2 are new old stock $3000 for all 3
  9. I have a single SPL Runt this is an amazing speaker great center channel its Tom Danleys early version of the SH95 same specs but the Runt will go lower same power handling. $1000.
  10. kg4guy

    KP250's in MD $299pr

  11. kg4guy

    F/S Ashly Protea CL 3.24 $250

    Please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com not PM
  12. kg4guy

    speakerlab KHorn stuff

    LOL the Danley subs are the most musical I have heard nothing like it I had a 3 way MCM stack and it was a good sounding system tri amped with an Ashly Protea processor but can't compare to Danley 🙂
  13. kg4guy

    speakerlab KHorn stuff

    Got a few to boxes in mind just need a room big enough for the subs and tops. 🙂