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    Altec A6'S DANLEY SOUND LABS 2 SH96HO'S, 2 SH 46's , 4 DANLEY SOUND LABS DBH218'S 2 passive 2 powered 2 Danley TH112 subs with Ashly Protea 4.24C SP Crown itech 6000 , Crown MA12000i , Peavey IPR2 DSP 7500 , QSC PLX3602 , Crown XTI 6002 , DSL P48 Processor , Ashly MQX-231 EQ , Klipsch Heresy Slant monitors 4 EAW JF80Z speakers there is more (:

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  1. kg4guy

    KP250's in MD $299pr

  2. kg4guy

    F/S Ashly Protea CL 3.24 $250

  3. kg4guy

    F/S Ashly Protea CL 3.24 $250

    Please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com not PM
  4. kg4guy

    F/S Ashly Protea CL 3.24 $250

  5. kg4guy

    speakerlab KHorn stuff

    LOL the Danley subs are the most musical I have heard nothing like it I had a 3 way MCM stack and it was a good sounding system tri amped with an Ashly Protea processor but can't compare to Danley 🙂
  6. kg4guy

    speakerlab KHorn stuff

    Got a few to boxes in mind just need a room big enough for the subs and tops. 🙂
  7. kg4guy

    speakerlab KHorn stuff

    I took a pair of those Speakerlab Khorn's and tuned them into a modified TSCM bin
  8. Drivers are in good condition.
  9. kg4guy

    WTB: Single or Pair of Altec 902-8B or 902-8T

    Here you go this is a good deal https://reverb.com/item/14204458-great-plains-audio-909-8a-compression-drivers-altec-replacement-802-804-806-902-ect
  10. Got an extra Ashly Protea I'm not using its in very good to excellent condition.
  11. I have a single SPL Runt its the early version of the Danley SH95 only it goes lower than the SH95 incredible sounding box great center channel please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com I will not respond to PM's Specs are 91dB SPL 65-20kHz +- 3 dB will handle 400 watts RMS
  12. kg4guy

    Heresy industrial slant monitors So Cal

    Those look familiar 🙂 if those were mine I put Solens in them.
  13. kg4guy

    F/S Altec 511B horns with K55M drivers

    LOL there is a lot of Altec 1" drivers for sale that do exactly that so I'm not sure what you are talking about. I have purchased near mint used Altec 909 drivers for less than a new pair of K55's.