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    Altec A6'S DANLEY SOUND LABS 2 SH96HO'S, 2 SH 46's , 4 DANLEY SOUND LABS DBH218'S 2 passive 2 powered 2 Danley TH112 subs with Ashly Protea 4.24C SP Crown itech 6000 , Crown MA12000i , Peavey IPR2 DSP 7500 , QSC PLX3602 , Crown XTI 6002 , DSL P48 Processor , Ashly MQX-231 EQ , Klipsch Heresy Slant monitors 4 EAW JF80Z speakers there is more (:
  1. Othorn...

    I have had 3 of these clean bass down to 25Hz Claude J has one of my Othron 21's maybe he can add some info .
  2. K-55M drivers x 4

    Nice pair sold still have the ok cosmetic ones remaining.
  3. K-55M drivers x 4

    Sale pending on the nicer ones.
  4. K-55M drivers x 4

    I have 4 K55M drivers 2 in nice cosmetic condition and 2 in ok all are functional $90 pr for the ok ones $115 for the nice ones email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com will not respond to PM's.
  5. JUB Clones on Ebay

    Well maybe Bob Crites can comment according to him he has a pair "I have sold sets of these speakers to New York and to Alaska, and the well known crossover and speaker builder Bob Crites has a pair of my Jube bass cabinets that he has tested to over 130db of volume with no cabinet resonance. "
  6. JUB Clones on Ebay

    These look to be a good deal http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jube-Bass-Horn-Cabinets-Folded-Bass-Horns-BLOWOUT-PRICE/292179796461?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  7. F/S Danley DSLP48 Xilica processor (Sold)

    You are correct I'm selling this only because I got one of the Danley 20K amps that has DSP.
  8. Don't need this anymore I have a Danley amp with DSP this is 4 in 8 out used maybe 4 hours in new condition. $700. OBO http://www.danleysoundlabs.com/dslp48/
  9. Great amps Crown (SOLD) only has 1650 hours on it very minor bend on rear rack ear please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com.
  10. F/S VOTT A6 speakers minty

    I'm in Santa Barbara , Ca.
  11. F/S VOTT A6 speakers minty

    Got a pair of A6 Altec VOTT speakers in near mint condition new caps in the network also has N1285-8B network with 500Hz-800Hz-1200Hz crossover point choices. $1500
  12. F/S Danley Sound Lab SM100's pr.

  13. I have a pair of these in excellent condition $1200 plus shipping http://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/loud-speakers/synergy-molded-horns/sm-100/
  14. Klipsch vs. Bose (video)

    Most of Bose home audio isn't all that good but the pro equipment sounds very good.