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  1. Danley Sound Labs J7 and 4 Danley Sound Labs TH118's lol over kill for your needs .(:
  2. It's a Speakerlab bass bin with Klipschorn HF section with AK3 networks I built a back around them like the TSCM so they wouldn't be dependent on walls they sound amazing >
  3. https://data-bass.ipbhost.com/topic/742-riccis-skram-subwoofer-files/
  4. Crown itech 5000HD BSS OMNIDRIVEHD™ DSP processing with IIR filters and linear phase FIR filters great sounding amp on highs and lows extremely efficient .
  5. kg4guy


    Great deal amazing subs
  6. A very nice Faital driver price is plus USPS flat rate shipping.
  7. Just back from service from Ashly unit is in very good physical condition and is ready for years of service.
  8. $200 for everything the K77-M has a new diaphragm.
  9. I have a very nice pair of K55-M's they read 10.8 and 10.7 and a singe K-77M K-55-M's $200 pr K-77M $50 . please email me at aayrassian@yahoo.com I won't answer PM's
  10. I have 2 new BMS 4552nd 16 ohm drivers will ship.
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