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  1. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Would you go for a HT receiver or a stereo amp? I don't know if I ever want to get the center. I always feel that the ht receiver have more bang for the buck, but on the other hand I feel like the stereo amps for the same price with less options are better haha.
  2. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    If I could afford that Luxman, Id be so happy haha.
  3. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I don't know if it's I this thread, but about the Yamaha not being the best for the music I listen.
  4. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I've tried finding Acurus here but it's not or very very hard to find :(. I read a lot of good stuff about Yamaha and NAD for the RF7's. I'd like to try something new, like a good preamp with a seperate power amp, like a Sunfire Stereo Amp which has 300 watts each on 8 Ohms. But I don't want to 'risk' getting something finding it's not the best and then letting go of it again... I listen music where bass is important, mostly electronic music as well. A few others (I believe Bill) said that the Yamaha may not be the way to go for this kind of music. I'd like to have more watts per channal as I have now, I currently have 80 watts and it's sufficient, but I feel more watts would benefit my RF7's since my source volume is very low.
  5. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I tthink the Hegel is out of my budget for now, I also dont know if I want a seperate preamp or an intergrated, I do know I want something newer, so not too old. Anyone else with more ideas? What are ya'll using with your RF7's?
  6. Klipsch RB-81's as nearfield?

    Yeah I think the rp160m are nice, the dealer also mentioned Epos K1. But can't find any real reviews so I'll pass on that. Is there a bigger monitor currently than the rp160m? Also, is this new horn an improvement over the rf7 mark 2 horn?
  7. Heya everyone, I've been looking into replacing my Tannoy System 800's for something that's a little more forgiving (the Tannoys sound great, but if the recording isn't the best I can hardly listen to it). I had my eye on the RB81's purely, because it has an 8 inch driver. My main music type is best described as bass heavy. Hence why I was looking at the RB81's. Has anyone got any experience with using them as a nearfield monitor? I'll be sitting about 1,5 - 2 meters away from them as they'll be placed on my desk. If anybody has tried any of the other Klipsch bookshelfs as nearfields I'd like to hear from them as well. I saw some nice deals on new RP160 I believe. Cheers!
  8. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    WIll probably go to the used market, at least for the Preamp haha. How are the Emotiva power amps? Are they any good?
  9. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Bill, Okay, and what pre-amp would you suggest? Or is the pre-amp less important than the power amp? I do want a remote, I had a setup where I had mono amps borrowed from a friend but I had to manually turn them on and off, and since my 2.0 is in my bedroom I didn't listen much since I was too lazy to go out of bed just to turn them on for let's say an hour, a remote control is a must..
  10. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Also been using the C375BEE?
  11. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    What would you pick for Home Theater then? I'm very interested in picking up the centrer channel to match the RF7 II's one day, it's the RC 62 right? Or is it the 64? I think my best bed would be a very good receiver with pre outs, or a processor so I can play around with different amps.
  12. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I'll check the amps out and see what there is in the used market. I had a NAD C356 with DAC and I found it to be quite bright, I was using it with Tannoy D700's, is this the amps sound? If so, how do they sound with Klipsch's?
  13. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Bill, Will the low damping not kill my Klipsch's? What is then best to look at? I currently look at pure raw power, but since the RF7's drop that low in impedance I think I'd be better off with something that is very stable at low impedances right? I was looking at some Meridian stuff. Used though, new is to expensive haha
  14. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I was thinking the best to do is get something with pre outs. Since the most amps with good damping factor are insanely expensive. The NAD M3 for instance only has a damping of 150 I believe, and those old Rotel RA 980's have one of a 1000... If I have pre-amps I get the best of both worlds, since I want a remote. Having a set of B speakers would be awesome as well to.
  15. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    Hi Bill, thanks for the reply! I don't really have a budget in mind, I was hoping to go check out the used market, I can't decide between an intergrated or seperate pre amp and amp. I saw a nice old Meridian, I've also seen a Rotel Ra 980 BX, if I take this route I'll be using it as a power amp, since it has a damping of 1000 and I think I need this high Damping for my Klipsch. Is the damping factor the most important to look at? I need at least a 100 watts since my Mac (my only audio source) puts out an ridiculously low volume. I'd like an optical in, but this is not a must, I mostly play streaming audio from Deezer or just MP3's. I have zero interest in going to lossless since a lot of my music is not available lossless. I also like to get a matching center for the Klipsch but in my current setup they're close together so I don't need one yet.