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  1. Cant tell but maybe this says PWK...
  2. Well the modified Type B is a clear improvement over the Type E for my collection of parts... is it a simple adjustment on the t2a terminal connections and add a 4uf to modify the current Type E? Should I be looking at different designs? Thanks
  3. These would pair nicely with the khorns in Knoxville...
  4. https://knoxville.craigslist.org/ele/d/sevierville-klipsch-klipschorns/7294047633.html
  5. Ok so I have k42 k55v and k79... I would like to modify a type E crossover. Is this an easy cap swap or something different? Cabinet will be a taller HIP think front ported 1”ish x 14”. The mid horn length will be roughly 3”.... Thanks for the help. Tyler
  6. Klipsch "Bell" horns https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/stockbridge-klipsch-bell-horns/7292638054.html
  7. I am looking for a pair of script La Scala badges... Thanks
  8. Thanks again Carl! These will work great. ...do anyone have a pair of the A/4500s? I know the consensus is the AA/k55v , but I will plan to use the K55m for now.
  9. I just bought a pair of ‘84 La Scala and unfortunately they have the AL crossovers and had replacement Radio Shack tweeters that look more like mid horns. Looking for replacement XOs and tweeters. Thanks
  10. Had: Heresy 1.5s Heresy 2s Super Heresy Forte 1 Forte 2 (x2) Chorus 1 La Scala Belle Klipschorn Still have: kp260 Forte 2 Shorthorn (x2)
  11. These are the same oak grain patter. One was sanded and walnut stain applied. Ok so here’s the deal now. If some one wants em just pay shipping. So sorry to offend Captain Wood Worker with less than cabinet grade speakers risers that sit on the floor beneath the speaker. These were sold with a pair or Forte ii I purchased from another forum member in Chicago. I can’t comment on origins or build quality other than they hold a forte 3 5/8” off the floor.
  12. The oak veneer is on both sides. I bet it was a cabinet or bookshelf at one time. These are more solid than the walnut ones currently used.
  13. Yep they look homemade. Here’s behind the bottom panel ...
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