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  1. I just bought a pair of ‘84 La Scala and unfortunately they have the AL crossovers and had replacement Radio Shack tweeters that look more like mid horns. Looking for replacement XOs and tweeters. Thanks
  2. Had: Heresy 1.5s Heresy 2s Super Heresy Forte 1 Forte 2 (x2) Chorus 1 La Scala Belle Klipschorn Still have: kp260 Forte 2 Shorthorn (x2)
  3. These are the same oak grain patter. One was sanded and walnut stain applied. Ok so here’s the deal now. If some one wants em just pay shipping. So sorry to offend Captain Wood Worker with less than cabinet grade speakers risers that sit on the floor beneath the speaker. These were sold with a pair or Forte ii I purchased from another forum member in Chicago. I can’t comment on origins or build quality other than they hold a forte 3 5/8” off the floor.
  4. The oak veneer is on both sides. I bet it was a cabinet or bookshelf at one time. These are more solid than the walnut ones currently used.
  5. Yep they look homemade. Here’s behind the bottom panel ...
  6. I think you might be correct the router edge is different when I look at my walnut risers.
  7. Nice pair of “homemade” oak risers that fit the forte..... “Free” just pay shipping from Chattanooga. I tried to make them work with a pair of walnut but found the proper set. Thanks
  8. Just pay shipping. Thanks
  9. Just got the woofer back from repair. Sealed, patched and reinstalled back on the board.
  10. Looking for a single badge. Thanks
  11. So I wanted to add these images as I clean these up and get them back in service. I have a pair of 1959/1960 shorthorns purchase from @greg928gts I will be installing a matching set of EV15WK, cleaning the woodwork and matching the grill cloth.
  12. Fresh coat of paint and these made it inside.
  13. Is there a published response curve of the high frequency for this k62 driver and horn? I have read its the same as the k61.
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