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  1. Looking for a single. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks
  2. http://www.acoustonegrillecloth.com/popup-swatches/designer1.html http://newcastlefabrics.com/
  3. Come give them a listen. They are pretty sweet.
  4. These were 2400$ for the pair…
  5. Looking for either match …
  6. Mr. Bissness

    K33 J

    I have a single k33j pulled from a 59-60 Klipsch shorthorn. Very nice vintage condition and sounded great when it was hooked up. Appears to be a branded p15-LL round alnico used in the early 60ies Khorns and Cornwalls. 300$ plus shipping and fees from Tennessee. Or I can hand deliver within 100 miles of Chattanooga. Thanks
  7. These really sound amazing on the el84s!
  8. Got these in a recent trade deal, but have sold all my La Scala & Belles. Comes with both sets of brackets. 500$ plus shipping and fees. Or can meet 100 miles around Chattanooga. Thanks
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