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    Receivers - Concept 11.0/16.5, Marantz 2030/2070/2325/2330/4400, Pioneer SX-1250/SX-1980, Sansui 9090/G-9000
    Components - Marantz 120/1200, 150/1250, 112/3200/140, 3800/510M, 2130/3650/300DC
    Turntables - Concept 2QD, Micro Seiki DD-35, Micro Seiki DD-40, LINN LP-12
    Speakers - Klipsch Forte II/Chorus I/Chorus II/KLF-30/Epic CF-4 ver 1, Altec Model 14, JBL 4430, Pioneer HPM-100, Heath AS-101, Norman Labs Model 8/10/431, Realistic Mach-1

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  1. Klipsch Chorus II (Walnut), Excellent Condition, Sequential Serial #’s $1,800
  2. Klipsch KLF-C7 (Med Oak) Factory Box $500
  3. My shipper is paying for the Amp in Cash on pickup. I have used them several times, and we have established a business/trust relationship. They are even fronting the $1K, and I will pay them on delivery. Also getting the original purchase invoice for warranty transfer.
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