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  1. WTB - Klipsch CF-4 Brass LF/HF Jumpers I need four.
  2. Are the edges polished & beveled? If so, I’ll take them.
  3. This Amp is Beautiful and Sounds AMAZING! I had the pleasure of listening to it a couple of weeks ago.
  4. They weren’t interested in building the cabinets.
  5. I’m considering buying the Cornscala Type B Drivers and having Chorus Size Custom Cabinets built. I don’t like Cornwall Cabinets, so I’m considering going this route. I talked to Michael with Crites Speakers and he said this shouldn’t be an issue as long as the internal volume of the cabinets are close. Does anybody know of or would recommend someone in the Arkansas area that is capable of building those cabinets? I just don’t have the space or tools currently to make it happen. I’m willing to travel a decent distance. Thanks!
  6. They just started up a new ad, now including a phone #. i texted the number, and got the same exact response. Confusing thing is that I acted like I was local, and he said cash would be fine when I came by??
  7. Identical if you delete the text about the black faceplate.
  8. Pretty sure it’s a scam. He’s taken two days to buy packing materials. Hasn’t asked for payment yet, pretty sure they are posting these adds to gather personal information. I have to say he has a really good story, lots of pics, and has been responsive to e-mail. His name is “Richard”, which seems to be a common name for them to use for some reason. Hopefully it’s legit. I’ll let you know if I’m the proud new owner, or fighting a PayPal claim.
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