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  1. Bought an excellent condition set of those in factory boxes yesterday. Chorus II on the left, Chorus I on the right.
  2. Bought an excellent condition set of those in factory boxes yesterday.
  3. I have a pair of excellent condition Klipsch Chorus II Oak that I would like to trade for a pair of similar condition Klipsch Chorus II Walnut. I would be willing to kick some money in as well depending on condition. I’m also willing to travel a decent distance to facilitate the trade.
  4. I just picked up a set of Chorus II’s, and am thinking about selling my KLF-20’s in Med Oak. Excellent Condition, Crites Crossovers and Titanium Tweeter diaphragm’s. Purchased from original owner. Only bad part is that I’m located in Arkansas.
  5. I’m getting back into Home Audio and need input/advice on picking speakers. i don’t want a huge footprint, so I’ve narrowed it down to Chorus I, Chorus II, Forte II, Forte III, KLF-20, KLF-30, or CF-4. Chorus II is my choice at this point, due to having comparable drivers to Cornwall, but smaller footprint. i don’t have a space issue, just don’t like the look of huge speakers. I would Most likely go Crites Cornscala Type B if I did though. What would you recommend and why?
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    Most likely he has anything you may possibly need, fictional of course!!
  7. KlipschKLF


    More info: IP: ISP: QuadraNet Inc (CA based) User ID: Dertguit E-Mail: rifoscers@gmail.com
  8. KlipschKLF


    Forum user "Rightmas" just tried referring me to Richard to by a set of Chorus II's. Richard Mahaffey 10516 San Marino PI NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 (505)871-0790
  9. WTB - Walnut Chorus II, Walnut or Cherry Forte II or III, KLF 30 Cherry Willing to drive within 8 Hour radius of Little Rock, AR Dan (501)425-1174
  10. I will be going from Little Rock, AR to the Atlanta, GA area Jan 30th. Let me know if you need anything hauled there or brought back.
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