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  1. Wanting to trade Medium Oak KLF-30’s for Mahogany KLF-30’s. These were owned by an Ex-Klipsch Manager since new. I have the original boxes, packing material, and literature. Speakers were checked by Klipsch Engineers for glue/baffle issues, and crossovers we checked/adjusted to be in spec. Willing to travel to make the trade. Also have the matching KLF-C7 in factory box.
  2. Anybody have any info on Klipsch Rebel 7? Appears to be an early Heresy design. IMG_6461.HEIC
  3. How do the check out Ohm wise? if good, I’ll take them.
  4. Stopped by to look at these since they were local. The speaker with water damage will need new veneer IMO. Too bad the cane grill cloth is discontinued, because they will need new grill cloth on all of the grills to look nice. Previous owner used some dark stain on them to make the wood look darker, but unfortunately got the stain on most of the grills during the process. I don’t see how you could get that off of the grills. Just my two cents.
  5. Priced kind of high for the work/expense involved to bring them back in shape. Shame they weren’t taken care of.
  6. I have a mint SX-1080, and a nice SX-1050 that m thinking about selling. Let me know if you’re interested.
  7. Hoping someone here has some info about BSC Speakers. Only info that I can find is that they were an Arkansas company with four stores; Little Rock, Tulsa, and two in the Fayetteville area. I acquired a set of BSC-9 Speakers today. Heavy speakers, cabinets are made out of 1” thick wood.
  8. Looking for a Marantz 3650 Preamp to go with my 300DC Amp (May also consider 3250B) Also looking for Marantz 1250 & 1300 Integrated Amps. Send me a PM.
  9. Very Nice! I’ve been considering doing a similar build, but with the dimensions of a Chorus I.
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