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    Receivers - Concept 11.0/16.5, Marantz 2030/2070/2325/2330/4400, Pioneer SX-1250/SX-1980, Sansui 9090/G-9000
    Components - Marantz 120/1200, 150/1250, 112/3200/140, 3800/510M, 2130/3650/300DC
    Turntables - Concept 2QD, Micro Seiki DD-35, Micro Seiki DD-40, LINN LP-12
    Speakers - Klipsch Forte II/Chorus I/Chorus II/KLF-30/Epic CF-4 ver 1, Altec Model 14, JBL 4430, Pioneer HPM-100, Heath AS-101, Norman Labs Model 8/10/431, Realistic Mach-1

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  1. I picked up a set Saturday. Love the way they sound!
  2. Sorry, I have sold this. I updated the add.
  3. Either they selected the incorrect model, or posted the wrong pics. Pics are definitely Chorus II. Seller definitely needs to clarify what exactly they are selling.
  4. Definitely Chorus II, there’s a pic of the tag.
  5. KlipschKLF


    I wouldn’t sell my Cherry CF-4 ver 1 for less than $1,800.
  6. Klipsch Chorus II (Walnut), Excellent Condition, Sequential Serial #’s $1,800
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