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  1. So anyone.... if not Roy.... want to take a guess at the FR specs on this beast? Will it play out past 200Hz?
  2. Uh. This is a freakin steal.
  3. As many times I've seen them, I guess I should've layed on the floor and looked-up inside. Not very astute of me. When they were in the barn at Bodcaw, they sounded very punchy and authoritative...more than I remembered before. I was hearing them before you added the Sub in the middle.....which frankly didn't "add" as much bass as I was assuming either. Roy, were you using the standard PEQ's or "boost" on the LF's during that demo? Nothing new there? jc
  4. First I've ever seem those triangular braces.
  5. This Sale is on "Hold"
  6. Yes. That is much more advanced bracing than I remember. I just haven't pain attention in awhile.
  7. https://www.google.com/patents/US7506721?dq=dana+moore+horn&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwisvLPAjPvTAhUIYiYKHaPPBQ0Q6AEIXTAI
  8. Jamboree is somewhat different. Interesting....There is a horn in the Klipsch Museum just like the Jamboree. Made by RCA sometime in the 1930s. Jamboree patent by Dana Moore unless Volti bought it from him.
  9. How about $775 shipped/insured paying with paypal with me paying the fees?
  10. I wonder what woofers are in them
  11. I have a favor to ask the group here. Can someone who recently ordered Jubes show a close up(s) of the internal bracing of the Base bin? Looks to me like it has changed once again to a "more braced" cabinet with a little better cosmetics. If you look earlier in the thread, you can see the obvious difference between Rigma's and Hendrix's Jubes. Hendrix the earlier. Rigmas was bought several years ago too. Looks to me the bracing is even a little different??? Maybe more CNC fitted? thanks jc
  12. sale pending (off forum)
  13. Bump and price reduction
  14. Hmm. I thought your 510 did.
  15. What really sucks is that you live in Maine. A man that hooks up McIntosh power to test a resistor......I need to drink a few Beers over there.