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  1. jwc

    CARES Act PPP abuse?

    Thank you for applying for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan with XXXXX XXXXXXX. Bank. Below is an overview of the next steps with regard to your application. Once we have all of your information, the Small Business Administration (SBA) requires us to verify the accuracy of your application. That means that we must review your payroll calculations and all documentation that you submitted, and certify that your loan request is based on accurate numbers and calculated correctly. This takes time, and we appreciate your patience. After we verify the accuracy of your loan request, the next step is for us to submit your PPP application to the SBA through their system, E-Tran. All customers for whom we have received an E-Tran approval from the SBA will receive a notification to that effect at the end of the day. Due to the volume, we are not able to reach out individually as each approval is received. If you get to this point and decide that you want to cancel your application for any reason, please email XXXXXXX XXXXX with your request. Once we receive the E-Tran approval and we have a complete application with all required supporting documentation, our PPP/SBA system will send you the SBA note and borrower final application to sign. This is the key step. Please remember that, as a condition to the PPP loan, you must certify in your PPP application that current economic uncertainty makes your PPP loan request necessary to support your ongoing operations. In other words, if a PPP loan is not necessary to support your ongoing operations as a result of the current economic uncertainty, you are not eligible for a PPP loan. Once you sign your note, you can expect that funding will be forthcoming. If you have a XXXXXX XXXXX Bank checking account, we will deposit the funds into the checking account or use ACH. Please note that, at this time, the U.S. SBA has not released the SBA note to the banking community. We hope to receive that today, April 7, 2020, but we will not fund approved loans until we have received the note from the SBA. We know you are eager to have your application approved and the funding in your account. Please bear with us as we work through the extraordinary amount of loan applications we have received over the past few days. We will continue to update our XXXXXXXXX page and will post to our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) with the latest information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  2. jwc

    CARES Act PPP abuse?

    We sent 3 applications through 3 local banks. All three processes were different. One asked us for superficial information and it felt like a prescreening. There was no information of our expenses or anything. Another at least asked us how much money we need but nothing else. The third asked us all kinds of stuff. We provided the payroll information/cost (actual documents). We provided some business financials and business information. Off to the races on who can accommodate us. jc
  3. jwc

    CARES Act PPP abuse?

    All joking aside.....no kiddin'. Diz I hope you were successful. My small business has 35 employees. All but about 8 are drawing unemployment. Last Friday and Saturday, we were making tons of calls to get this PPP going. The bankers were confused as hell and they didn't have all the answers. The Gov "system was down" for awhile and the banks couldn't do anything. We got the application done with the bank that could figure it out the quickest....as we as many...are concerned the funds will run out. No doubt, without the funds......we will close. Our bills are huge and they won't stop. We can't provide jobs now either. Our fear is...even if we get the loans...the gov has extended/loosened the unemployment rules. If we get the funds, our staff may not come back and stay on unemployment. Why not? They may be able to receive more money for doing nothing through the end of the year. I haven't thought about politics one bit during all this. I don't care who is sitting up there. There will be many shattered dreams regardless. I haven't been in my house in 3 weeks. I haven't touched or hugged my wife in 3 weeks. I'm exposed to COVID at work. Extended family many miles away and alone. We all could keep these kinda statements up.... Sadly, yea.....There will be those that poach this process of government stimulus. jc
  4. bump this one time..
  5. Thanks for the tip. I have shipped with this method for decades a substantial amount of times. The tubes are in a rigid box with some "compression" with closing. The amp is bubble wrapped... then in peanuts with "compression". The two boxes are touching nothing but peanuts and closed with "compression". There will be no shifting. I purposely show my packing.....as Ive done this multiple hundreds of times. If you shake the box.....dead still and quiet. I probably shipped out about 40 heavy items in the last 3 years including vintage tube amps and other amps and vintage receivers. On ebay....I show the pictures of how I package just like I've done here. So far....no issues. jc
  6. That appears very similar to a 510 for sure
  7. I'm selling this with some regret but it's time to move on. I need to further simply my system and purchase a DAC and make room for additional audio components. My son streams movies and music a lot so I'm gonna gear the system for that. I have put up a review of this unit before: Here is the website description: https://www.ampsandsound.com/products/kenzie-encore-headphone-amp Watch my video. I have three sets of tubes: This unit doesn't have the Coupling Auricaps. Justin wasn't offering those at the time. He and I discussed various upgrade caps and I was gonna do it on my own but I chickened out. You could touch base with him if you wanted me to ship to him for a change out to whatever cap you want. Unit sounds great the way it is....I just contemplated a change. You know how it is. I've sold a lot of stuff here before. I've done my best to explain the condition and functionality. Now, this unit plays clean in my system. I've sold tube stuff before and realize tube stuff can be finicky. I didn't experience that with this unit. There are three sets of tubes here in case a particular one you find faulty or not to your liking. Fedex ground shipping insured in CONUS: $1350 PP Friends and family or a cleared check. jc
  8. Her ability to get these difficult to find Bourbons isn't by lottery. Basically, some places will get the opportunity to get the bourbon by luck, connections, or volume. She said what she has to do is buy a whole bunch of cheap stuff in order to qualify for the buy. Then she has a hard time unloading the cheap stuff. In return, she charges a pretty penny for the bourbon desired. When talking to two of the liquor store owners here locally, they can't get any of the stuff listed. But one told me the way he can get it .... is that I would have to agree to buy some barrels along with it to get the bourbons of desire at a cheap price. Problem...is the barrels are typically not that great quality.....plus it is a $hitload of bourbon that I may not like.
  9. BTW. I had some Blantons this weekend. It was good....but I wouldnt fall over myself to buy it. I bought my 4th bottle of Town Branch (not the malt) Finished it. Sub $40. Hard to find but when I see it ...I buy it.
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