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    Marantz NR 1606 HT. NOSValves NBS Preamp. Technics SL-1200MK2PK. 2 McIntosh MC1201's. Classic Cornscala.

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  1. Very good speaker. I bought a pair at the same time you did. Don't sell them....I think they were the best of the KG series. Yes I would change out the capacitors....I'm an Auricap fan
  2. Yea. Really like to see pictures
  3. Does anybody have a frequency response of this speaker. Does it require EQ? Is it really usable down to 800 hz?
  4. In honor of my past bud CigarBum https://www.barrettfh.com/obituary/robert-greene
  5. Man. What is wrong with me. I'm on that thread. Embarrassing. Anyway, RIP to all those guys who were passionate about this place.
  6. First time I've seen this thread. That list of those gone is sad to think about. I had no idea Roger passed. Anyone want to share the brief details of that? Seems it wasn't so long ago he and I were discussing that huge KP600 system that he has. I would add CigarBum to the list. Bob Greene from North Georgia who passed about two years ago. Retired Railroad man that I visited often. He had a cabin full of Klipsch. jc
  7. He started with 5. I got the first two. Mint
  8. PM me pics of what you have. There are 3 different horn assemblies in that system
  9. Impressive review Audioholics: Klipsch RP-1600SW Measurements & Conclusion https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-reviews/klipsch-rp-1600sw-sub/conclusion
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