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  1. Just throwing this out there. I've been through at least 2 bottles of the Old Forester 1910 and 1920. Prefer the 1920 but like them both. Anyone here like any of the other Old Forrester products better?
  2. Nice pic. Havent seen it for a long time.
  3. No not extreme slope. Roy let us hear the CW4 with different active crossover settings. Not everyone agreed what they liked the best. We then got to see the raw curves of different slopes. The highest slope was the 24dB. To my liking, was the 12dB between the woofer and mid. Again not everyone agreed. The final product was a 12dB with an extra "pole" in there that made it closer to 18dB. Roy would play with that last component in the chain to get the phase right. Something I could never do with my novice skills. jc
  4. Good stuff. Just finished a bottle of that
  5. Are you "passive biamp" these?. I assume so since you installed an attenuator. Any external EQ?
  6. We had it. Overrated. It was good....but not something as good as weller 12. There are many other bourbons Id rather have. It was liked by the group....but not a show stealer.
  7. Agreed. I have that 4 roses too. Fair. Left on shelf for those who want bourbon and coke.
  8. Excellent score. Hard to get that stuff around here.
  9. I used to drink scotch and bourbon neat for years. Not anymore.
  10. Now....you have some real bass slam. 8 cast frame 15s in your face. Love it.
  11. Now....you have some real bass slam. 8 cast frame 15s in your face. Love it.
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