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  1. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    networks "behind the screen"
  2. This is it Guys

    Super. I'm jealous.
  3. More like "derailed"; Only to be put back on track at a later date.
  4. CES 2018: Klipsch Blog

    So can this be used like DAC? http://assets.klipsch.com/product-manuals/HP-Amplifier-Manual-v01WEB.pdf http://assets.klipsch.com/product-specsheets/HeadphoneAmplifier_SpecSheet_V02.pdf Has a line out with fixed or variable output. AMPLIFIER TYPE Dual Class-AB (TI TPA6120A2) DIGITAL ANALOG CONVERTER ESS Sabre32 ES9018K2M Pretty cool
  5. I really like the 396's. I would love to have em' one day.
  6. Looks like price or rarity aren't a limit here. Vote for KP-600's
  7. I have 12 of these. 2 of them will be in my blazer with rockford Fosgate amp
  8. Got these ksm with mc275 and kenzie encore preamp. Went down different path to tonight. Still for sale
  9. Ebay K402 and K510 with drivers

    I didn't realize for a pair. If was pickup and close by....that would be tempting.
  10. Ebay K402 and K510 with drivers

    Yea. Price is too high.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Professional-KPT-402-Horn-KPT-510-Top-with-B-C-DE75-Driver-Pair/202174037847?hash=item2f1282ff57:g:KgQAAOSws0JaTp3d
  12. That's a good tip. I'll try. However, I have looked at the tubes before and not notice anything. Then a sudden noise and then fuse blown. I do have a little more trouble shooting to do before I call it an amp issue. thanks jc
  13. I've had my share of Genelex KT88 with a short life in one of my MC275's. I'm suspicious one of my amps does something to shorten their life. Loud noise then fuse blows.
  14. Xpa amps , jubilee xover, Crites center channel

    nice 8 tracks GLWTS