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  1. So WTF is gonna happen to the Weller line? Wont see anything till next year? Blue? All stores sold out.
  2. I also wanted to add.... the Old Forrester 1910 ....growing on me too. I picked up another.
  3. Whistlepig Straight. Bold....and that isnt the alcohol im tastin. Growing on me. Town Branch Malt. The most malt Ive ever tasted in a bourbon or scotch. It is good. Wheated Jefferson. Cinnamon and smooth. Very good. My step dad was here last friday. Tasted lots of my bourbon. He liked the Weller Special and the wheated jefferson the best.
  4. jwc

    Tone Audio on LaScala

    """Trust me; you’ll never have nearly as much fun with a $200,000 pair of Wilson XLFs as you’ll have with a pair of $1,500 vintage LaScalas. Whether you’re an aging boomer trying to relive your youthful glory, a young newcomer to the audio world, or somewhere in between, a pair of these speakers are a must."""
  5. Mac amp and preamp are sold. Estate sale rep says the "lady" is firm on these prices...... Belles $3000 LaScalas $3200 Khorns $7900
  6. Being with the deteriorated elderly is courageous and honorable. One should do all they can to be supportive and I can respect your efforts to encourage others to do the same. However, I unfortunately seen those attempts tear a families apart, legal issues, horrible decision making by the loved ones, and further suffering of the patient. It isn't a perfect world. I'm sorry, you won't be able to convince me otherwise. I respect your opinion. So who is gonna be there to pick up these speakers?
  7. Not sure how this thread went into care of the elderly. As a physician, I've seen time and time again the elderly and their progression into needing care. I will tell you, it can't always be the case of family solely taking responsibility of a deteriorating loved one. It can make matters worse. I've seen thousands of scenarios.
  8. I called them. There is no auction. Everything is tagged. First come First Serve.
  9. Great deal by a great seller. I've been there and heard em. They are in a nice house and well cared-for audio equipment. jc
  10. At a nice restaurant in Missouri. Nice bourbons there and had this.... .never seen it before. It is good.....quite suprised. If driving through Missouri.....u should try it.
  11. Im on a list to get this. Cant wait to try it
  12. I had some of that at the cheshire inn in st Louis. Ill be looking for that when I get back home
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