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  1. 396 has very clean, snappy bass for a reflex speaker. Ive had more than one pair of scalas and heard many i. Different rooms. I believe the 396 so called clean bass would rival the scala. The top end will be two different animals really.
  2. Here is where bought...... https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-delta-15b-15-driver-16-ohm--290-419
  3. I built a system for a guy a few years back and he later got a divorce. I made a center channel that had two 16 ohm 15" woofers wired in parallel and between a mid an tweeter. This was to keep up with Left and Right channels that has 402 horns. So they never have seen pro use. Worked just fine a couple of years ago when I took down the system. The inner gasket is a paper material that is thin and can see it became stuck to the cabinet. The front Gasket is perfect. $100 for the pair shipped insured in continental USA. PP Friends or send a check cleared jc
  4. "MWM bins with a passive crossover" Condition of these, style and internals.....would make it easier to make an assessment.
  5. I have 4 of these. They slam in horns
  6. jwc


    Your price is fine with me....but .....Im in Georgia. You still against shipping? Original shipping materials? Jc
  7. jwc

    Super MWM

    Im talking about dips after 100Hz. I doubt that would matter with 1802 or "subs". It matters for basshorns...or LF. Yes the jube has a substantial dip....making the horn longer....could make that dip worse.
  8. I may have over looked it. What driver? B&C 21SW152? On the website, He has you under "finished subs". So you got this already assembled and painted?
  9. Great to hear these replies. I'm considering getting back into tapes and recording. I joined tapeheads.net some time ago and I'm trying to learn more than I knew in the past. My high school and college years, I had a Aiwa AD-F660. Great Player and recorder. Made so many recorded tapes for myself and others and it was my source for my playback tapes in my Alpine 7327 car tape player. http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/aiwa-ad-f660-208.html
  10. jwc

    Super MWM

    You have a pm
  11. jwc

    Super MWM

    That image is with the peaks already taken out with EQ. Granted.....that system to me sounded better than the jubes. Everything has a compromise. I would wager Dave may have deeper dips. That doesnt mean it will sound bad. It is what it is.
  12. jwc

    Super MWM

    Here is where Roy had the 402 on top of the MWM inside the chamber. He EQed out the peaks. This is old and probably posted in many past threads.
  13. jwc

    Super MWM

    Dave, you gonna be able to run a curve on these? I'm sure they will go low. However, I'd like to see if any big dips after 100Hz..... as that long horn has no vertical expansion.
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