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  1. jwc

    AA crossovers by Dean***SOLD***

    I see. This is a mod design AA. Threw me off with the 6uF. Understand.
  2. jwc

    AA crossovers by Dean***SOLD***

    I apologize. My comments were not meant to derail your sale. Just looking for clarification
  3. jwc

    AA crossovers by Dean***SOLD***

    That's an AA?
  4. jwc

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    1133 is the mid driver 1132 is for 2 way. Does play to high frequencies. The new and the old version.
  5. Let Eric Joy know you are coming and that you want to hear Heritage.....just to make sure they are still hooked up for a demo.
  6. jwc

    FS:3 Way Jubilee crossovers 500.00

    No. There is a bandpass on the midrange
  7. I'm not able to make that comparison. Mark and I were surprised with the nice bass response of the Khorns when they were streaming music through them prior to the live music. However, we didn't sit down and audition them with our favorite demo tracks. The CWIIIs seem to be a big hit for that store and there was a lot of travel through that room. They really did sound very good. GHT has a new showroom and they have an invested interest in the Heritage line. You guys should come check it out. jc
  8. jwc

    FS:3 Way Jubilee crossovers 500.00

    Guys this a unique pair of XO's that work well with dual 12" woofers as stated above. This type of network won't become available very often.
  9. The Concert system that I bought.....and now mostly gone....had woofer boxes from The Speaker Exchange.