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  1. T/S data K43 Cast frame. Hodgepodge in old threads. Some gone. Anyone have this info they can share. thanks jc
  2. That is an interesting video. Thanks for posting. What if $40k played through RF7III? Hmm.
  3. OK. So both the Crites and Heil are around 4 ohms. Not sure where I got the 8 ohms from. Maybe just an assumption.
  4. Is the Heil rated on the site as 4 ohm? I see where the website says this (2.9) ohm. Your measurements though don't look like that. If close to 4 ohm.....I understand your 53.6uF
  5. 53.6 µF....reason for that? Educate me here please.
  6. debate on the passive values..... K33 woofer and Heil. ~0.8-1.0 mHy ~25uF ? jc
  7. I'm late to this. In the images earlier, what Passive XO is being used?
  8. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    OK. So we don't have the cutout, but looks like the Dayton driver is suggested on the website. So the Dayton has similar cutout requirements like Eminence and B&C. I assume Mods would be needed for the oversized 18"s like SI, RE, Mach5.
  9. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Interesting. I've had bad luck with those fine thread screws I've gotten from HD. The "wood screws" from parts express are more coarse and worked way better. They really grab the wood. Anyway. Don't want to derail the thread. thx jc
  10. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    I can't find on the site what the Hole cutout is. Anyone?
  11. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Coarse thread? Where did you buy?
  12. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    I agree. I drill the pilot hole. Then slightly hammer in the T-Nut. Then put little drops gorilla glue underneath the T-nut then hammer in flush. Then take the matched bolt with a very large washer and sinch. Leave this way overnight. The T-nut is stable......just my experience. Wood screws have worked for me when I've used them even in MDF. Certainly a quicker process. What is the consensus here for driver screws? #8 or #10 coarse thread? jc
  13. jwc

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Oh my. I wanna give this guy some business. Thanks for the link.
  14. Sorry late getting back. Cant do trades right now. Jc
  15. RAW pink noise curves of both drivers and horns (no XO). The last image has that low frequency in blue. That is my back ground noise.