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  1. Garage-Man Cave System

    Need pictures ASAP
  2. Used Klipschorns for sale

    Hilarious.....old thread brought up in Garage section. I threw in a few "likes"
  3. Awesome setup. Non digital active xo and tubes on top. Outstanding.
  4. ...........yea it is. Miniature......my daughter loves it. My kids have taken over my cave
  5. FS: Klipsch KP-456 with grills, logos, handles, wheels, and covers I have a pair of KP-456. These have an interesting history and there aren't many like it. They spent their life with Ram Sound. They have wheels, many handles, locking machanism from HF to LF and grill covers with logos. They also have the big rubber feet. They are easy to move around. I also have the custom Cloud Nine covers made just for these speakers. Rare item. They have the thick padding to protect. You can look at the last uploaded picture ans see what the speaker looks like with the cover on it. It is the one with a klipsch woofer box on top of it. I believe they started their life as KP-450's. Then they were changed with Klipsch factory parts to a KP-456. They have the 456 crossovers. They can be biamped or stereo amped without an an active XO. They have dense foam wedged on top and bottom of the K-1132 for "shock" protection. This can be removed if wanted. Note the rubber ring that is on the 1132 is "shifted forward" for the dense foam to be wedged in there. I left it this way. If you remove that foam...then you can slide that rubber ring back on the driver. Note on both sides of the LF is some black covering tape. This I believe is from previous "flyware". There is included paperwork on how to "fly" these speakers. I have the original locking hardware that came with them as well as the jumper XLR cable (common on Klipsch pro then) to connect the HF and LF for stereo only play. I also have the original paper work cut sheet and the other sheet that speaks of the locking mechanism of the cabinets and other features. I said I would never sell them but space is taken over by some other purchases and my son is now into the Klipsch speaker love. He is all into KP-600's right now and he and I are in discussion of possibly another purchase as early this fall. On the speaker pictured to the right, there is a "darker spot" in the middle of the HF grill cloth. You would not be able to notice it unless you got at a certain angle. Can't tell if was previous wiped clean by somebody or not and maybe shows as "more black" as the the surrounding fabric has slight dust. I don't know. It is hard to see but is there. You would never notice it unless you were looking for it. I've done no cleaning on these. I also HAVE NOT removed the grill cloth to look at the drivers/horn. However, I can tell you, the original owner of all this stuff here....... was meticulous with his Klipsch. Please note that I have not discovered an obvious functional flaw. These are vintage speakers that were on the road. $1400 pickup only Georgia area code 30116. cash only pickup jc
  6. Looking for another pair of K-43 woofers

    I would have responded to this earlier but I have some that I will eventually sell. I have several. Thing is....I have a ton of stuff to sell and those are packed up deep in all my $hit. My plan was to offer them up this summer. jc
  7. Clever. Thanks.
  8. FS: Bob Crites 500Hz High Pass for K402/Fiatal HF200 8 ohm I don't have the drivers. These worked great but I have no need for them other than looking pretty and a story. I thought about scraping for parts....but I just can't bring myself to doing it. $100 personal check and cleared or PP F&F. I will pay ship fedex insured in CONUS only.
  9. SOLD

    Oh my Justin, what will you replace this with? That thing looks sweet.
  10. What do yall think about the performance of this sub if you "stood it up" on it's side and put in a corner. Not sure how much Bonehead comes to the forums anymore. My room would never do the center placement like pictured above. I would have to do two of them as a stereo pair......1802 or 1502. I'm not ready to order.....but just curious.
  11. imaging ?

    Seems like centuries ago I heard those Carvers. Can you still get parts?
  12. imaging ?

    Claude. Show us a picture of these Carvers in your room.
  13. imaging ?

    What do think about a Klipsch 396 on a stick?
  14. imaging ?

    Does a fat baby fart? IMO, lascala one of the best imaging speakers.