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  1. FS: JBL 2482 Pair

    Thanks for the props. Been getting home very late. Once the thread was rejuvenated....they were sold. Thanks for the interest. Jc
  2. FS: JBL 2482 Pair

    currently an interest
  3. FS: JBL 2482 Pair

    Yes they are
  4. DIY Ode To Old School HAMS

    Well then......man-sized watts
  5. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Here is some great info............ https://kidneystones.uchicago.edu/price-of-potassium-citrate/
  6. DIY Ode To Old School HAMS

    Now now.....I need to know this
  7. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    Those are good to have, but in this case.....I can't get to the area to be scraped.
  8. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    Yea....I finally got the guts to pry off. Difficult to do without damaging the fiberglass. The gasket is really stuck on some of these.
  9. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    I was able to pull a lid off one of the MB unit. The applied gasket is sticky. I actually have to use a small flat head screw driver and a hammer to slightly tap through the lid holes to jar loose. I do not tap on the fiberglass. So as I figured...the center pole doesn't come out. Just leave it there. I have a few of the MB modules that are bugging me because it appears the woofer isn't mounted exactly straight. Probably not enough to matter..... The one here I had to loosen the woofer inside to slightly to straighten....and it still wasn't right. I therefore removed the woofer, filed the holes in the fiberglass a little to allow the woofer to mount more center line. Looks way better but could be more perfect. There is a couple that will have to be addressed. All this stuff is in great condition for being 30 years old. I applied a new gasket/foam. The gasket on the woofer looks like new as well as the woofer/driver. jc
  10. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    Yea I still have them packed away somewhere. I haven't fully decided to sell them yet. I may now need them as back up....let me think on it.
  11. Kidney Stone Free....again

    The first recommendation (commonly asked on Boards) is to increase water based drinks consumption. Adding lemon is a bonus. If you are doing that, and add occasion tea or Cola.....it probably isn't gonna matter that much.
  12. Kidney Stone Free....again

    I trained in the 90's. Everybody continued to be fixated on calcium. Now we say: Drink lots of water and a bonus is to add lemon Low salt diet Don't eat that much animal protein Don't snack on nuts I know.....somebody from Texas is gonna work me over. jc
  13. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Yes. Common recommendation is the lemon concentrate. Add a tablespoon to your water. Cheap and easy.
  14. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Citrate "dissolves" uric acid stones only. Citrate better known to prevent stones. High amount in lemons.
  15. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    That Center nut does come loose but doesn't come all the way off the pole. Once I do that the pole gets loose and wiggles. The four screws are taken out of the lid and it does not budge. I'm just assuming it's stuck.