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  1. My suspicion that the XRT28 had better mids
  2. Audyssey has not worked out for me
  3. Awesome seller with an awesome deal. I love mine.
  4. jwc


    Wow. Nice to hear from you and dropping in. All is well. jc
  5. I have one like this. Very good racks for the money. Somebody should jump on this. BTW....you can put the middle shelf on the top. As you can see, the OP has the middle shelf with shorter legs in the middle. I would pull this and put on top...and the "VTI" logo would be on top shelf. GLWS
  6. Sad news to hear. We lost a true Klipsch fan and a friend. If you didn't know Bob, I'll sum up to say he was intelligent and witty. He certainly focused on doing the things that made him happy. An example would be his love for sitting on his front porch and gazing over the Georgia mountains. It was there, I got to hear past renditions of his life in places such as Vietnam and the Railroad industries. I have yet to tell this sad news to my son who really took a liking to Bob. My son has a love for the past and you could walk around Bob's house and ask lots of question of the historical items/ collectibles he has scattered about. Each item had a great story. He had a prized possession...."the Bell". I wish I had met him sooner and I wish I my own life wasn't so dern busy that I could have made more trips to visit him. My son asked for this time and time again. I'm gonna find some photos and such to post here to share memories. RIP Bob. Teresia, thank's for your lovely hospitality. jc
  7. That is my understanding as well.
  8. I have a pair of those AH! Noise killers. I used to used them on my la scalas many many years ago
  9. I have another tube from him that is almost 1 foot long.. Huge. And it has mercury in it too. Yes. I'm aware. Thanks. The Reason for posting; he put a MASK on it. He had one on his face that matched it. I should have gotten a picture.
  10. I ended up keeping it. Put it to use.
  11. jwc

    CARES Act PPP abuse?

    Yes. We have about 35 employees. All but about 8 was on unemployment. We have almost all back on payroll now. Our concern is people filing for FMLA....and the new rules.
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