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  1. jwc

    FS: KP-600s with KP-682s

    $1400 $1200 for the whole rack and connectors with the 30AMP Hubbell. Has wheels. $3000 $2500 for KP-600 pair with 682 subs. Grills and covers included. Cannons included. Grills with logos and covers are hard to come by. I've reduced my price as I need to move these for space. If they don't sell at this price....will be sold piece by piece or part by part. jc
  2. jwc

    New caps and break in

    So what the hell does it mean when the sound is "smooth"
  3. jwc

    Super MWM

    I would build that one before considering the original posted.
  4. jwc

    Super MWM

    Building Big horns is fun. They sound awesome and to some....look awesome. I've built my share of them and one principle that sticks in my mind is...... is it worth the increase in physical space to gain say 15-20Hz. Also more folds can introduce more FR anomalies. Also the lack of horn expansion vertical can introduce another issues. To get a bass horn (not sub) to perform in the 30's without being 1/4 space or 1/8 space......is always big. Cool as heck to build. The design posted here is just shy of 60 inches deep with a 67 inch width mouth. Don't know the height. If you are gonna use a sub anyway..........my suggestion would be a big straight axis. Imagine a horn that big but you get to look down the barrel of a 15 staring at you and you can eliminate folds and most of the lack of area expansion in one direction (I would do dual 15's). Either way.....build something that big....we will certainly watch the progress. You'll have our attention. If you can get a strong response less that 35Hz and play out to 400Hz with good polars and without big dips.......you have achieved something not commonly done. jc
  5. jwc

    Super MWM

    Hilarious. You could never decide looking at all those. Great site.
  6. jwc

    Super MWM

    OK. 30-400. That is doable. I would wager ....just a guess..... that the output will drop noticeably under 35 Hz. Everybody wants a sub these days. Do a big straight axis to 50Hz then let that horn sub do the rest.
  7. jwc

    Super MWM

    15Hz? OMG. And play out to what frequency? 15Hz to 400Hz.... Has that ever been done horn loaded?
  8. jwc

    Super MWM

    The original mwm calculates as annul 50 Hz with K33.
  9. jwc

    Super MWM

    Is your sealed woofer chamber volume the same as an MWM or bigger?
  10. jwc

    Super MWM

    Since size isn't a limit for you, Just build a straight horn.😋
  11. Another Genalex KT88 on a different amp went bad. Not even 100 Hours on it. Turned it on. Noticed a cracking sound in one of the speakers. Looked at the amp and one Kt88 was freakin bright red. I swear I thought it would start a fire. I shut down the amp. The 3 other Kt88s barely warm at all. The one that turned red was insanely hot. Wasn't on 30 seconds. I can't believe a fuse didn't blow. WTF man.
  12. jwc

    FS: Klark Teknik DN 332 EQ.  

    off to the Bay
  13. Klark Teknik DN 332 EQ. Lived life in a Rack. The whole system has been well taken care of that I'm selling slowly one by one. All switches, knobs, and connectors cleaned with Deoxit. Nothing is loose. No hum or scratchyness. These sell well on Ebay but I thought I would run it by here first. $180 shipped in CONUS. PP Friends and Family or send me a check to clear. Here is a video of it...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbf0bQMUYMo
  14. Yes. I see. I'm not interested in re-exploring new designs with this thread. I was needing a recap of Jube VS Khorn again. In the past this generated nasty arguing. I got the answers I needed. Thanks all. jc