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  1. Midbass horn loaded module on KP600 system. Not a low end kicker.
  2. Bump
  3. Maybe so. I have no idea. When I was tinkering with this stuff more commonly in the past, I would use "suggested settings" by Klipsch on either a dbx PA or the EV Dx38. I would love the sound....noticed clarity and dynamics....but as time moved on, I seemed to be missing something. Then I would go back to analog.....maybe lose somethings and gain another. In the end.....I had two parametric EQ on an analog active. If you look at the REQ curves provided here of our new owner......you can guess where I targeted those 2 PEQ's above 400Hz. It was the best sound I had. Then I moved houses several times......and don't have that anymore. Regardless, I'm happy for the new owner....and another vote for the Xilica with the Jube system. Definitely no discredit there. jc
  4. NIce to see that awesome bass response from the jubes. Congrats. I'm just seeing this thread as I have been out of pocket due to family issues. I once called McIntosh about the MEN220 electronic XO they have when it came out years ago. I had issues with the unit but I inquired about custom filters outside of the auto EQ features. The advice given to me was avoid the use of "many filters" and moreso, avoid "broad Q's". Now this was quite a few years ago so maybe processing has improved....or the advice was total BS. jc
  5. I apologize. I have been away on family matters and didn't see this thread rekindled. It has already been sold. thanks jc
  6. Great drivers from a great guy
  7. sale pending
  8. Here is more photos. I've done nothing to clean it. Shots with flash......brutal
  9. Wow. Thanks.
  10. off to the bay soon
  11. They are really just the inner paper towel rolls. They test well and add nothing to the sound.
  12. I've heard them too. Fantastic