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  1. 3 inputs. 2 RCA. Classic iPod doc. The remote will control the iPod. There is video out on back to put IPod sceen on a tv/monitor. The remote still has its functions and works. There is just no sound. No hiss or pop or anything. Jc
  2. I bought this new several years ago. It was paired with some Klipsch book shelf speakers in my barely visited Missouri Cabin. I went about a year without playing it. I turned it on....and no sound. The remote seems to work as the volume knob moves with command but no sound. More than one source can be used. There is dust on the unit but it really looks like new. Original tubes that do light up when turned on. I have all the original packing materials and box. So this is a unit that powers up and there is no sound. I have troubleshooted nothing. It could be a simple/stupid thing I overlooked or there could be something more. The company is out of business and I couldn't find a schematic. Online you can see there were some units sold as combo with some speakers. This one is without speakers. This unit sounded very good and it is a shame it stopped working. $50 shipped fedex ground insured. Paypal "friends only".
  3. """The Big Room, I believe IB was driving the DBB's with those massive SS Naks over on the right?""" Luxman monoblocked Merlin Pre Castle Networks The original dbb's. expensive sound blankets.....lol
  4. We may have had too much to drink....if there is such a thing. That is one ugly shirt I have on.
  5. jwc

    Cigarbum Reference basement System

    More on Yamaha TT
  6. jwc

    Cigarbum Reference basement System

    Yes and he has a pile of recorded ones too....including the recorded set of Beatles Master Recording Vinyl. I will get to that listing sooner or later.
  7. jwc

    Cigarbum Reference basement System

    So a start with the video above. I have these electronics in my possession and slowly going through them. This again was Cigarbum's reference system in his basement. There is a Reel to Reel that I will hook up soon. 1st I would like to sell the Yamaha TT. It works great. Sounds amazing. In fact, there is something about the synergy of these components together that sounds stunning. I quickly threw these three items together with cheap cables and hooked them up to my KP-201s. My son and I are amazed. Now I remembered why I loved this stuff in Cigarbum's basement. This system was mated to his Khorns. Those Khorns are for sale to and I will add some info later on those. They are still at his house in North Georgia. The McIntosh C34V and the MC257 version V are for sale and I have brand new shipping boxes from McIntosh. I'm gonna go a little slow with selling those as I still want to test out a few things. There are no obvious scratches on the MC275 and really looks new. Has nice tubes in there that Bob describes in his PDF at the beginning of this thread. The preamp has the usual loss of black color around the headphone connector which i will take a picture of later. The balance knob has a mild scratchy pot that needs a little Deoxit which i haven't addresses. For it's age....fine unit. jc
  8. jwc

    Thanks Carl, Claudej, JoeM38..........Im Happy

    What driver and what is the size of the box? Is this the 36 inch wide build?