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  1. jwc


    The JUB500 ES will also work on parallel wired Eminence 12 Delta LFA 8 ohm drivers. Such as those with jubelike clones or mini punches
  2. I've heard these babies sing more than once on dbbs and mwms Very nice parts.
  3. Hard to find sets in that good of condition. Check out those fly bars! The straps that came with that set .....that hook to the fly bars are so cool. They say Klipsch on them and were custom. They didn't use them in this setup (they used chains)....Hunter probably has them hidden somewhere 😃
  4. Whoa. This thread. Really. There will be a preamp only version?
  5. He just sent back my rebuilt McIntosh MC250s. Amazing. JW knows his stuff.
  6. I have 4 of these same amps in my Home system. Excellent
  7. Wiring up another rack for two stacks. For poolside to go next to the hot tub being installed.
  8. Great project. Way above my head.
  9. option one: $375 for one amp shipped fedex ground not formally insured in CONUS ONLY. Payment Paypal Friends and Family only. Will be sent from my office. Been doing it for years safely. option two $410 for the same amp shipped fedex or UPS ground insured in CONUS ONLY. I will drop off at fedex or UPS store. Payment Paypal Friends and Family only. Will be in factory shipping box with original material. Then stuffed in another big ugly box with bubble wrap. It would be fine without insurance....your call. As original listing great condition. Looks new. Works fine. Dumb that I kept it. I think I powered it up 3 times since. jc
  10. RIP Wonderful man. Will always be in my memories.
  11. I talked with Dave briefly about making a flat pack for that dual 15. Never took off. I just found the drawings for the snail. I may revive one day.
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