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  1. Yea. I got a shipment with tubes from 1940s. Well packed and look great. Will fire them up later in week to check. So far....they seem legit.
  2. Pretty amp/tubes. Why is Olivia on the floor? Is that the Grease cover?
  3. Actually....I've used them too. Good store.
  4. Ebay has a bunch of sellers selling lots of stuff.......but was looking into a store. I buy from Tubedepot all the time. Buy NOS stuff from Brent Jesse....but he doesn't have everything. Lots of NOS of the "common audiophile tubes" Tubeworldexpress.com comes up on my google search at times. Was curious of experience with this site with anyone else. jc
  5. So where did you buy?
  6. Has anybody had luck ordering tubes from https://tubeworldexpress.com/
  7. That is a unique option that is hard to find on any tube preamp.
  8. What is that next to it.....CF3?
  9. I can remember many years ago I heard your 6922 variety older Peach with the Jubilee/K402 system, active EV Dx38, and don't remember noise or hiss. It sounded great. So what will be put in the Peach place for this system now. So How in the heck did MD get in Stereophile with all this negative buzz? I've had everything he made except the BBExt II. I've had 2 of his Merlin. 2 of the older peach, and Peach II and older BBxExt. Demoed his Pcats for awhile. On the preamps, I always found a way with synergy equipment, cables and what not do get any annoyance out of the system. Trust me, I'm not saying all this because I'm in love with him or something. The Tercel is what I struggled with the most. The NBS is better regardless. It sounded best with a Siemens Cca over the 6H30. No regrets on that choice at all.
  10. I prefer the 6DJ8/6922 variety better if you spend a little money on the tube.
  11. Very well stated. I've heard of people talking about hearing the 396 outside at Rodney's.....But What about same SPL levels as FIII in a room.??? Love to know.
  12. I'm not worried about its looks really. If they sound similar and/or if the 396 is slightly better....I'd probably still do FIII.
  13. Well, I've drooled all over myself about this FIII and want a pair....but I'm owning up to my ignorance of not making myself aware of the 396 and the overwhelming excitement when folks talk about it. So, I yes....I would like to here this challenge. Is it common for Klipsch to display and have for audition a Pro line speaker in their "Listening Room"?
  14. Roy got his hands back on FIII. The midrange driver and horn taken off the current proline. The aesthetics look better than FIII. All selling points for me. I have FII already. FWIW, my concern is not the comparison FII vs FIII.....but rather VS 396.
  15. I'm not concerned with output or just sheer impact as I'm assuming the 396 will be the winner. The Forte II, I considered to be effortless and smooth across the spectrum. So in a room with non-HT reproduction playing at SPL in 80s-90s without a sub....and disregarding the cosmetics...... I would like to know the winner.