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  1. If u were close by these would be gone quickly. Those speakers are slot ported?
  2. I have the K69 driver on 510 with no mumps.
  3. So Mike attached is my three-way setup. I have been tinkering with this for a while with a dbx 360 venue processor. For the mids and the tweet I was using the included passive crossover. Yes behind the screen as you know. My end result has been satisfactory it I'm yearning for better. and I'm going to start over and triamp this system with the dbx crossover again without any included passives. Any particular setting you see there that would obviously have to be modified as it is meant to be behind the screen. I've been through several 402 systems and I know that the 1500 Hertz amount of energy is always been hard on my ears. Jc
  4. You guys are making a case for better USB cables for accuracy of data. Thanks. 👍
  5. Uh. I wanna hear more about the difference that made. I read good stuff on that. jc
  6. Can you stream Youtube videos with these?
  7. How are you getting optical from the iMac?
  8. Here is one add on USB card I was casually looking into.... https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/shop/tx-usbhub/
  9. I only stream now and also play full scale video streaming as well. I no longer need a music server and software to play my owned music files. You and Bruce have brought up the idea of linux operating system variants. I never gave this a thought so I do need to look into this. This particular PC has a decent name brand power supply. There is no CPU fan. http://global.shuttle.com/products/productsSpec?productId=1707 I have two slots available for a USB card variety if needed. I had a professional EMU sound card that occupied those two spots and worked very well. It was to play my music storage of FLAC files. That card Can't do the higher resolution available today. upstream......just this PC with USB out to Yggy with a cheap cable. Also a Cabinet with some good Bourbon. I have a Youtube Premium (no TV) account and stream music and music videos from here. I was to entertain other packages such as Tidal in the future as they have expanded there video selections. Thing I can't fix is my Super $hitty Bandwidth.
  10. That is what the rep from Schiit told me as well
  11. Yes you guys are now starting to hit on some of the things I was interested in. I did read a good bit about the jitterbug and how it works. I also read about other types of gadgets to add to the USB cabling to improve the sound. I did read a good bit about another USB PCI add-on computer card but I've not seen the one that you just posted. I'm going to read up on a good bit tomorrow night as I'm out of town. My DAC again is a Schiit Yggdrasil and I'm finding that the newest add-on USB card inside of it is very good and I'm liking the sound and I'm looking to improve that pathway.
  12. Well I can't say I really have a limit. It would depend on my ability to review the item to see if I personally think it's worth it. Can you tell me what brand that is model and such?
  13. Well I guess I won't buy a Kimber Kable.. lol
  14. OK. So to this point....I've heard some good ideas but is there anyone that has purchased a particular cable based on some "reasoning" other than cheap? Is there anyone that purchased an accessory product to "better" the USB source to USB DAC or processor? jc
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