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  1. jwc

    Super MWM

    Well done Dave. How big will you go next time?
  2. I would love to hear about your gear and why you are still doing it. Jc
  3. I pray that this thread doesn't go the wrong direction.
  4. Where's the bass? Heard that one here before. You hear anything coming out of the sides? Jc
  5. With your throat calculation with two 10" woofers, your horn will need to be longer than mine with the same size throat. However, if you choose to 1/2 space....then things get smaller.
  6. My dual 12" woofer tractrix horn is calculated as a full space tractrix 90Hz. Throat 90 sq in. (If my memory serves) Measured in more than one room would extended to 70Hz then drop. There were very little parallel walls....so not much dips in response. Best soundin horn I ever made. Jc
  7. jwc


    Are all of these unused tubes?
  8. Nice room. Very peaceful. I bet those sound amazing.
  9. This is my current experience with my 12 and 15 y/o. There entire weeknights are homework. It spills over to the weekend. Add-in some after school activities....then ALL the time is gone. We took the TV's out of the house some time ago as it is useless.
  10. At speaker exchange Magnet "off center"
  11. Hell. It's on the cover. https://www.stereophile.com/content/its-april-recommended-components
  12. If someone wants to put the stock mid and tweeter from Klipsch as listed above, yes there is a network from Klipsch for this but it is EQ'ed for behind the screen. You would need and active outboard EQ for that too.
  13. For clarification of the networks for sale: Yes it could work with a 3 way Jube from Klipsch as pictured above. XO points 400Hz and ~6000Hz. You need an active outboard EQ like Mark is explaining. You need an 8 or 16 ohm mids. Doesn't have to be stock Klipsch driver. You need an 8 ohm tweeter. YOU NEED a tweeter attenuator. Doesn't have to be stock Klipsch driver. This network can work for a variety of setups. The mid could be a 1" or 2" driver on whatever horn....doesn't matter as long as the FR is covered by the XO points mentioned above. Tweeter options are many as well as long as 8 ohm. Crites, Klipsch, Fastlane, Eminence, Beyma, etc. Make sure the tweeter is rated at 104dB or greater to keep up with the bass bin.
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