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  1. Excellent score. Hard to get that stuff around here.
  2. I used to drink scotch and bourbon neat for years. Not anymore.
  3. Now....you have some real bass slam. 8 cast frame 15s in your face. Love it.
  4. Now....you have some real bass slam. 8 cast frame 15s in your face. Love it.
  5. Made a lot of purchases from this distillery. Still a fav. I have a few of the beer barrell flavors.
  6. McKenna cracked weekend after next
  7. Lol....well.... anything can happen
  8. Not gone past Petron on tequila
  9. Weller blue is coming out.....same thing.....may have to buy a barrel
  10. Yea. Owner son.....said if Im a regular buyer.....and if they get the Pappy in......I might have to buy the whole barrel of something.
  11. Im on a list for Pappy at local liquor store..... been a loyal customer.
  12. I like the Jefferson Oceans The Wellers Antique, 12 and up ...are the big show stoppers for the price. All gone here in GA. Only Specials. My wife drank Jim Beam...then later Black. Now easily her fav is Chattanooga Wiskey Solera Small Batch. Im cleanin out the stores ..... cause there is no more...what is there is it. A weird one is I like Town Branch...another local distillery
  13. Previously discussed.....
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