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  1. I agree the Super Merlin was the best JMA product
  2. Currently spoken for.
  3. bump. headed to the bay next weekend
  4. I'm not going to touch them. They are functionally fine and I'll leave those touch-ups to the new owner.
  5. Gosh, I thought I uploaded pics of those. Both intact w/o tear. One does have dust cap pushed in. I'll upload more images. jc
  6. jwc

    FS: McIntosh MX121

    Its my listing.... https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisah2a9-mcintosh-mx121-processors
  7. Klipsch Forte II for sale I’ve had these a very long time. I’m not the original owner. They play just fine. They were in my bedroom for over a decade and were “my wife’s” speakers hooked up to the Onkyo stereo that I’ve had forever. I’m not the original owner. They guy I bought them from lived in Atlanta and he sold stereo stuff out of his house. He said he made one mod….and that is filled the base with sand as it” greatly improved the bass”. Well, I didn’t take that bottom cover off the risers to fool with. I haven’t done a single thing to them. Never took out a driver to look at nothing. I really kept for nostalgia. Wife wants them gone. I consider them in good shape for their age. The grills are solid. Those grills have collected dust over the years and I’m not going to attempt any cleaning. I’m in Carrollton GA. Pick up $900. Paypal Friends and Family. No cash.
  8. Need more pics of the setup! What are your thoughts on the sound quality of the Crown CT8150's vs Crown D45?
  9. I miss the 1988 black pair I used to have. Those look just like it.
  10. Currently spoken for...... jc
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