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  1. Uh. I wanna hear more about the difference that made. I read good stuff on that. jc
  2. How are you getting optical from the iMac?
  3. Here is one add on USB card I was casually looking into.... https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/shop/tx-usbhub/
  4. I only stream now and also play full scale video streaming as well. I no longer need a music server and software to play my owned music files. You and Bruce have brought up the idea of linux operating system variants. I never gave this a thought so I do need to look into this. This particular PC has a decent name brand power supply. There is no CPU fan. http://global.shuttle.com/products/productsSpec?productId=1707 I have two slots available for a USB card variety if needed. I had a professional EMU sound card that occupied those two spots and worked very well. It was to play my music storage of FLAC files. That card Can't do the higher resolution available today. upstream......just this PC with USB out to Yggy with a cheap cable. Also a Cabinet with some good Bourbon. I have a Youtube Premium (no TV) account and stream music and music videos from here. I was to entertain other packages such as Tidal in the future as they have expanded there video selections. Thing I can't fix is my Super $hitty Bandwidth.
  5. That is what the rep from Schiit told me as well
  6. Yes you guys are now starting to hit on some of the things I was interested in. I did read a good bit about the jitterbug and how it works. I also read about other types of gadgets to add to the USB cabling to improve the sound. I did read a good bit about another USB PCI add-on computer card but I've not seen the one that you just posted. I'm going to read up on a good bit tomorrow night as I'm out of town. My DAC again is a Schiit Yggdrasil and I'm finding that the newest add-on USB card inside of it is very good and I'm liking the sound and I'm looking to improve that pathway.
  7. Well I can't say I really have a limit. It would depend on my ability to review the item to see if I personally think it's worth it. Can you tell me what brand that is model and such?
  8. OK. So to this point....I've heard some good ideas but is there anyone that has purchased a particular cable based on some "reasoning" other than cheap? Is there anyone that purchased an accessory product to "better" the USB source to USB DAC or processor? jc
  9. Well, I had over a TByte of Flac files that I never use anymore and don't plan too. TT setup on idle for a long time. Off my topic.... but What device do you recommend to stream Youtube videos, Youtube music or if I invest in a Tidal account for videos later?
  10. Bubo...you have said something about $20 cable and power supply and grounding. Please elaborate more. This is the type of stuff I wanna hear. By the way....I'm not hearing noise or noticing any jitter.... Even If I could.. lol. I've yet to hear of anyone here that uses some "contraption" in the USB line to make "audiophile changes".
  11. So the point of Jitter ..... that is a point of discussion but keep USB and not convert. BTW...I really don't have an "issue". Not a problem. Just getting ideas for improvement with this connection.
  12. Many times I almost pulled the trigger on a Linx audio card to get the AES. I am Married to a PC....I want this simplification. I'm sure I've built between 200-300 PC's for novelty. I got a bunch of extras laying around everywhere. Guys. I hear all yall. I've read exhaustively on other ways to hook up. This thread was to explore USB.....not all the other ways to use the DAC with other connection types.
  13. I've done that. Sold the oppo and returned the extractor to Amazon.
  14. """The new Yggy’s have the Unison USB circuit, does yours have that""" Yes I do. It sounds different than the SPDIF...more clarity and resolution. Can be a tad edgy on a few tracks though. Probably because we have horns. So I'm trying a little investment to get an ever so slight improvement.
  15. Very good point. I've done that. I used my oppo as an extractor then bought an extractor from Amazon to get me Coax SPDIF. It was good...however, they did not have the resolution of the USB on this DAC. I also have a optical out on my McIntosh Processor.
  16. I'm aware of those items. Again, wanting to explore optimizing USB connectivity...thanks.
  17. Correct. keep USB connectivity and consider "things" to make this "better". When I asked Schiit regarding this question...they said a decent quality USB cable then your done. However, ......yes I know of snake oil..... but there are forum theads and multiple reviews of those that have improved this connection with a variety of methods.
  18. check out this card https://sotm-usa.com/collections/accessories/products/tx-usbexp-usb-3-0-interface-card
  19. I stream video with audio from the PC so I don't want to move onto the "berries". The Denafrips appears to convert USB to other digital outputs before my DAC. I would prefer to use the USB input on my DAC. I'm not having a problem per se with what I am doing now. The USB input on my Yggy seems to have a better detail and resolution than the SPDIF options. However, a bit sterile or bright at times. Using a cheap cable. So I would like to keep this connectivity but wanted to hear options of those that kept this connectivity but invested and tried upgrades of this path. For instance.....the USB card as stated above, or IFI defender IFI purifier iFi Nano iGalvanic3.0 AudioQuest JitterBug Intona USB 3.0 Galvanic Isolator SOtM tX-USBhubIn UpTone Audio USB Regen USBe Perfect tX-USBUltra ....and so on And a plethora of different USB cable options that make design claims of benefit. jc
  20. Now that is very interesting. I have considered a USB card out. Have you tried one or heard of one that is good? I have several spare computers laying around and I would certainly consider trying Linux. I've used Linux in the past and what currently is a good download operating system that would have included drivers upon installation such as motherboard chipsets?
  21. Isn't what you are referring to a USB DAC that converts to a 1/8 inch mini plug? I already have a DAC..... so I want to send my computer signal to my DAC with USB cabling.
  22. I use the USB connection of my PC audio digital source to my Schiit Yggy. There are an endless number of products to improve this connectivity especially coming from a PC. This included "isolaters", "grounders", "cables, "hubs", "ie...... I have no plans to change my source such as a "silent pc" or doing the whole raspberry thing. Also I don't wanna start the Roon endpoint stuff either. I wanna keep my custom made PC with USB audio. I've read on other forums the long threads on this subject. Let me first throw out there.....Yes I get it if you think the data connection is just "1" and "0" s. I don't really need to hear this argument again as there are certain individuals who refuse to listen. If that is your opinion.....so be it. I'd like to entertain some reasonable investment into this from those that have experience. No I'm not talking about a $1000 USB cable. I'm not doing that. I am interested in purchasing some items to possibly improve the results from cables to other inserted gadgetry in the connection line. jc
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