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  1. Her ability to get these difficult to find Bourbons isn't by lottery. Basically, some places will get the opportunity to get the bourbon by luck, connections, or volume. She said what she has to do is buy a whole bunch of cheap stuff in order to qualify for the buy. Then she has a hard time unloading the cheap stuff. In return, she charges a pretty penny for the bourbon desired. When talking to two of the liquor store owners here locally, they can't get any of the stuff listed. But one told me the way he can get it .... is that I would have to agree to buy some barrels along with it to get the bourbons of desire at a cheap price. Problem...is the barrels are typically not that great quality.....plus it is a $hitload of bourbon that I may not like.
  2. BTW. I had some Blantons this weekend. It was good....but I wouldnt fall over myself to buy it. I bought my 4th bottle of Town Branch (not the malt) Finished it. Sub $40. Hard to find but when I see it ...I buy it.
  3. I had heard the same thing that the older Pappy not as good as the less matured ones.
  4. Yes....she was for real
  5. lol. No I meant if I owned them all and you got to choose 3 drinks. So I'm throwing the mulo out of the equation.....kinda
  6. So Mark1101 and I went bourbon browsing and found this place that had all kinds of stuff. NOT out for display. I did my usual and ask "what you have in the back". I always get NO on everything I call out. Not yesterday. She had what you see below. So it makes me ask.......Bucket list....if you went to somebodies house and they had all these on the shelf and they let you try 3 of them....which 3 would you pick? jc George t stag 15- Weller 12 year- Weller full proof blue bottle- Elijah Craig 18 - Weller CYPB- Eagle rare 17 year- Kentucky owl 11- E h Taylor single barrel- Bookers 30 years - Whistle pig boss hog- Mitchers 10 years - William laurue Weller- Blantons- Kentucky owl 11- Orphan barrel rhetoric 22- Orphan barrel rhetoric 25- Makoto 23 - 1792 12yr- Pappy van winkle 10 - 12- 15- 20- 23- So. This lady gave me a cash price for all of it. Hmm. If you came over...what 3 would it be?
  7. Yep. That is it. Had that one for two years of high school and 8 years of college.
  8. """"Punch 45, 75 and 150's"""" I had all of those in an 82 monte carlo. Fosgate subs. Alpine speakers and deck. Alpine multidisc changer in the trunk. Great times The back seat was A Treat. 2 15" Fosgate Punch subs firing through the back seat. I removed all fire protection material and some of the back seat foam material. Baddest bass I ever had. The Alpine deck was the top of the line at the time and had dbx.
  9. I have about 35 bourbons. I pulled these 5 out recently. All about 29 to 39 bucks. Ranked best from left to right. 3 and 5 from Sevierville TN. 5 was their premiere......but it aint. 1 is Chattanooga wiskey. House staple. Id buy the Butchers in Sevierville again Jc
  10. 4 roses more expensive of the group. Least fav. Weller special...pretty good. Chattanooga Wiskey 1816 Solera.....best bang for buck. I'm buying out the stores. They are no longer in production.
  11. 4 roses single barrel. 3rd time trying. Lots of burn without flavor. Wont buy again. I still wanna try the small batch.
  12. Klipsch on Hifipig.com https://hifipig.com/klipsch-add-new-heresy-iv-and-cornwall-iv-speakers-to-heritage-series/#more-60039
  13. Just throwing this out there. I've been through at least 2 bottles of the Old Forester 1910 and 1920. Prefer the 1920 but like them both. Anyone here like any of the other Old Forrester products better?
  14. Nice pic. Havent seen it for a long time.
  15. jwc


    Shipping to 30116?
  16. No not extreme slope. Roy let us hear the CW4 with different active crossover settings. Not everyone agreed what they liked the best. We then got to see the raw curves of different slopes. The highest slope was the 24dB. To my liking, was the 12dB between the woofer and mid. Again not everyone agreed. The final product was a 12dB with an extra "pole" in there that made it closer to 18dB. Roy would play with that last component in the chain to get the phase right. Something I could never do with my novice skills. jc
  17. Good stuff. Just finished a bottle of that
  18. Are you "passive biamp" these?. I assume so since you installed an attenuator. Any external EQ?
  19. We had it. Overrated. It was good....but not something as good as weller 12. There are many other bourbons Id rather have. It was liked by the group....but not a show stealer.
  20. Agreed. I have that 4 roses too. Fair. Left on shelf for those who want bourbon and coke.
  21. Excellent score. Hard to get that stuff around here.
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