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  1. He started with 5. I got the first two. Mint
  2. PM me pics of what you have. There are 3 different horn assemblies in that system
  3. Impressive review Audioholics: Klipsch RP-1600SW Measurements & Conclusion https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-reviews/klipsch-rp-1600sw-sub/conclusion
  4. I'm surprised he didn't put it on the Upscale site
  5. Yes those are behind the screen XO's. I've owned more than one pair of those for these systems. They do work in the home but you will need an out board EQ. It doesn't have to be digital either......I was able to get by with Minimal slider EQ adjustments. Mainly you will have to tone down some of the Higher frequencies.
  6. What is your DSP source? I would EQ the low end a little with a boost shelf around 60hz then put a high pass -48dB at 40hz. Try with and without roomeq after that if available. Ive had poor experience with AVR room EQ on several units
  7. Mike what 2A3 tube amp did you have runnin the top end of your jubilees over 15 years ago in the Hope lab? And curious what was the low end amp?
  8. I had made arrangements to go....but unruly work schedule and family demands pulled me out. Sad. Please take lots of pictures.
  9. Somebody needs to buy those if it was close by I would pick them up in a second
  10. Great news. Looking forward to get my copy
  11. Was this the driver and horn combo that was stock together? K-70g: $120 k-703: $150
  12. I saw that when first listed. No horn loaded 15s
  13. This started with the government "preventative task force" statement several years ago. Since then the American Cancer Society pulled the screening recommendations off the website and just says talk to you Doctor. Spine less. Prostate cancer now is getting detected late and guys end up getting pissed. I have most guys now turn down the option of stop screening after the age of 75. The complications from Radiation and Radical Prostatectomy are so low now. Yes there are a not so common exceptions. The death rate of prostate cancer is underrated as I've seen my long standing patients with the slow battle end up in the hospital and "die from something else" The death certificate won't have Prostate cancer on there. Regardless .......yes you have to have a discussion with your primary cancer physician and/or Urologist if you want. Folks are living into their 90's now. If you have prostate cancer in your 60's or younger......you are taking a big gamble. I am not giving advice here. Just my perspective. BTW. My Dad stopped at 70. You would understand if you knew him. jc
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