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  1. I wasnt referencing you..... " the forum".
  2. The KI-396 has some fast hard hitting bass. Very surprising. I've had la scala I and II. Sure on this forum...."we" are gonna say the horn loaded bass sounds better. You should hear for yourself if you can.
  3. Is that your favorite one from there? Have you tried the Beer finished or the 91 Malt?
  4. This is exactly what the owner explained to me. He will have to buy the whole barrel and plans too. Yes.....And I might have to buy a bunch of Buffalo Trace or something. He says he gets Pappy from time to time......and sells for a great price. However, he expects you to buy a couple of cases of your goto.
  5. Just picked up some Eagle rare. The owner kept it in the back for some reason. I got my name on the list for the Forester 1910 and Weller 12. He believes he will only get about 6 bottles of the 1910. The Weller 12 may not be obtainable right now. He says he is gonna buy the whole barrel of a new Weller coming out.
  6. The horn appears to be a "long throw" type. However, it would say the horizontal looks better than 40 degree.
  7. I don't know yet. I have an unconventional project for it. I believe Chris posted a curve with K55 with adapter. Havent seen one with a two inch driver.
  8. I bought one of these. I'm stunned with the build quality of this horn. https://www.ebay.com/itm/331676072699
  9. So what did you do with the ports? What are the final Dims?
  10. I fixed it for ya. LOL
  11. Has anybody found any Forester 1910 yet?
  12. Town branch straight bourbon is growing on me. I'm still looking for the malt version. Just picked up some Jefferson's ocean. I've never tried it.
  13. Oh boy, eager to find out....I think. So I'm assuming all Founders and Khorn member positions filled. jc
  14. So there are still unfilled positions?
  15. Can't wait to see what that is. If I recall at one time Travis provided drinks and "Redneck nachos".
  16. I was out of town this weekend and sipped on some Jim Beam Black, Weller Special, and Town Branch Straight. When I got home I drank a little EH Taylor Small batch on some ice. There is no question that the EH Taylor is notably sweeter than the others.
  17. Conor McGregor is behind the Proper 12 Irish wiskey. Did yall see the video of him last week punching a guy for turning down his wiskey?
  18. Woodford pretty good. I found myself putting a lime wedge in it. A sin. Im down in Florida. One liquor store had one Town Branch straight bourbon on the shelf. Silver medal at North American wiskey competition. They didnt have the Malt version which won double gold. Still lookin.
  19. Is that old stock? Or u just found new released at store?
  20. I would agree that bourbons with advertised flavor such as "apple" is for occasional novelty I rarely drink them......no different than occasionally blueberry or blackberry local wines. I wouldnt say they suck.....but not something I look forward too after a stressful day at work. So Im gonna look into this cranky rye $hit and give it an honest try. Anyone found the 1910 Forrester yet. Should I try Whistlepig?
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