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  1. I was on hold for 30 minutes......not gonna try that again. I'll try Trey
  2. They sound better than expected. Not stellar. I guess it was too loud???? Never blown a tweet before.
  3. Does this still exist? I need to replace a blown tweeter.
  4. Well my kp600 have their own analog active crossover. For digital duties I have more than one dbx venue 360. I also have a dbx subharmonic synthesizer as well as an Ashley analog active crossover. I'm also using a dbx pa2 digital processor in an outside pro setup
  5. Looking for those that have had personal experience with these amps. Could you rank the ones you've heard such as SIT-3> SIT-2> F8 and so on. If you have heard only one...fine if you want to say you love or don't love it. Reviews of the amps is optional if you have the time. Also curious if you have heard these compared to the PASS Class A lineup or any other Class A. thanks jc
  6. The room looks great by the way. He has spent some money on the room treatments and on the electronics. We listened first to the Jubes w/o the sub first off all analog with a custom non eq passive Crossover. I was shocked at the curve of the bass bin with no EQ. It was w/o the humps seen in the typical unmodified response curve. Yes there was a small peak at 1.5 K and 10K. We only heard a few tracks with this setup. Then switched to the digital he has described above. This system has no preamp. From PC via USB to the hilo then to the amps. The idea of doing something like this with a DEQX in the past has been discussed here before. He considered this route before. We switched to the digital and I was out the gate surprised with what I heard. I played mostly my late 70's funk tracks that I've listened to multiple hundreds of times. No doubt that the two tracks Con funk shun "Miss got the body" and Cameo "Keep it Hot" are the best I've heard when it comes to detail, 3D and freakin' "decay". I've never heard a system that makes the decay of instruments this noticeable. These are old recordings too. I also played tracks that had notable strengths in the 80 Hz area that I love and it reproduced those well. There are also many tracks I played that will kill my ears if the K402's aren't setup right....and it didn't do that either. This isn't a "warm" system by any means. I've never heard that PASS Xa25 before....it is possible I'm picking up its benefits with all the detail. The sound didn't get brittle which I've heard in the past with jubes (I'm not going there so don't ask). Bass is clean and snappy. I give him some credit, most would have the bass unnaturally turned up with this system...... I'm mean how could you not with that 1802 in your face. The bass was well integrated and just at the right strength in my tracks I played. I see no reason to stuff the jubes in the corners. Quick summary, this system has exceptional detail, balance and decay like I've never heard before. No warmth. Some 3D. No hiss at all with an ear up to the horn. No pops or clicks. Can't hear the fan on the crown amp. To my ears, the right channel is a tad bit hotter....but it could be my ears. In my room the stereo always seems to be hotter on my left...go figure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this route of setup to anyone else if they didn't like the usual digital setup for some reason. jc
  7. Excellent amp. Fans not too loud and it sounds great
  8. I'm interested. For clarification these are monoblocks and accept one XLR input to each monoblock? Why two speaker terminals? Different impedance options or is that for RCA hookups and stereo amplification? Do you accept PayPal? Will this be insured shipping? Thanks Jc
  9. Folks know I'm a funk head. However, I'm not married to a subwoofer or try to have stunning results below 30Hz. The bass I like is snappy from 40 to 80. Sucha song that has great snappy bass...a funk song...is "Heartbreaker" by ZAPP. There is no low end....but has the funk bass that is fast. This isn't bass guitar bass....although I like that too. When guests are over and music is playing, it's common for them to be impressed when I turn the subs on and shake everything in the room. Seriously though, I usually have them off when I'm sunk down in the chair listening on my own.
  10. I was able to calculate volume of XO and woofer. Dunked horns and drivers......
  11. I'm not an audio engineer but a past tinkerer. I think changing out the woofer to some other model is futile. Change to another woofer will have its pitfalls and that other woofers may have a different impedance at the crossover point as well as creating a change in the phase. Other issues as well. I have seen Roy do his magic with a -12 db crosser between the woofer the horn mid and he would stick an extra inductor or "pole" in order to bring it somewhere between -12 and -18 dB roll off to make the phase right. Very clever and takes a lot of measurements. Not something that us novices can do that easily with a passive . He has to think for minute exactly what you have there. The Cornwall 4 is one of the highest efficiency based reflex speaker system available. That 15 inch Woofer has the challenge to reach out to 600-700 Hz while keeping a decent low end. For that system to be very strong in the 30 to 40 Hz area is tough while being of high fidelity in the higher mid band. I am sure you could put that same woofer in the same size cabinet and extend the port and it would do a better job at reaching lower frequencies. I am sure it would look good on the curve too but I would wager having more energy in the lower frequencies you sacrifice the fidelity of higher frequencies. I did a bunch of do it yourself reflex port stuff with the Klipsch K 33 when you used to be able to directly order from Klipsch parts. I have found that in a 6 cubic foot cabinet,.... and tuning down to 35 Hz created a boomy bass and the overall system itself would be degraded. I found that the system sounded better when ported to 38 Hz or 40 Hz. Being that I am a Klipsch fan, you have a great speaker. Sometimes it might not be what you were looking for. Certainly the room could have an issue and your electronics, but in my opinion for you to start changing gear and moving to another house is not the answer. Heck you can change all the capacitors in the crossover ...... and change all the internal wiring to pure silver on the crossover, input speaker leads, and voice coil. That type of thing is fun to do when it is a complete DIY project.
  12. If u were close by these would be gone quickly. Those speakers are slot ported?
  13. I have the K69 driver on 510 with no mumps.
  14. So Mike attached is my three-way setup. I have been tinkering with this for a while with a dbx 360 venue processor. For the mids and the tweet I was using the included passive crossover. Yes behind the screen as you know. My end result has been satisfactory it I'm yearning for better. and I'm going to start over and triamp this system with the dbx crossover again without any included passives. Any particular setting you see there that would obviously have to be modified as it is meant to be behind the screen. I've been through several 402 systems and I know that the 1500 Hertz amount of energy is always been hard on my ears. Jc
  15. You guys are making a case for better USB cables for accuracy of data. Thanks. 👍
  16. Uh. I wanna hear more about the difference that made. I read good stuff on that. jc
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