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  1. The side braces are a considerable improvement, Dynamat in the dog house not so much. I personally wouldn't have another pair of LaScala's without braces and some version of the DJK port mod. H.B.
  2. I know its an old thread, but here is a set of helmet headphone I found to be quite good when installed correctly. IASUS Premium Audio Motorcycle Helmet Speakers
  3. Seems like a step in the wrong direction, but let your ears be the judge. I have seen several posts where someone preferred type As with set amps in the proper environment. What I don't know is a lot. HB.
  4. Very creative, curious how it turns out. HB.
  5. Have a pair of K77 square magnets 1 has original Diaphragm the other has a replacement diaphragm. Original sounds better than the replacement. Not a matched set $60 for the pair
  6. No longer available
  7. Magnificent Enough said. H.B.
  8. Not to tough, I fully assemble the horn then sand from the mouth to the throat with 36-40 grit until smooth, then clean up with 80grit. After the horn is sealed, I think I finished with 150 grit. H.B.
  9. Never hear a Coaxial I really enjoyed, but apparently just not hear the right set up yet. H.B.
  10. I know the Eliptrac 400 kit is still available, I think the Eliptrac hf is still available as well. Just saw a post about Them yesterday.
  11. Mini Punch is a really nice speaker. I believe JWC released the design a while back for personal use. Try a google search for JWC Mini Punch. H.B.
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