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  1. Honor your debt free status. Be an adult, manage your finances. If you can't - enlist. Uncle Sam will pay it under "Loan forgiveness".
  2. Put crazy in perspective. Sounds like several rung jumps on the career ladder though. 1) Weigh the pro's and con's 2) Consider how close to retirement you are 3) Taxes, taxes, and taxes (CA is not a friendly tax state) 4) Hardships on family, friends, etc. 5) Cost of living (doesn't make sense to go from 100k to 150k salary if cost of living eats up the extra 50k) 6) Awesome to have Avocado trees in your front yard BTW 7) You could make a day trip to the Cabo Wabo distillery (and support Sammy Hagar like I do) 8) Check pricing on HAZARD insurance Just don't get stuck and say "I should have taken the BLUE pill"
  3. Cheers to all of the many different toppings on pizza. One of my favorites pizzas has Jalapenos/Habaneros and the other has Pineapples. And add a good IPA or three.
  4. Hell in a Bucket = Grateful Dead. "At least I'm enjoying the ride".
  5. Sam: After much deliberation. Living in Indiana and, next year, my wife and I are moving to Tennessee (Norris lake). Strictly financial TN is one of the 10 top retirees "most tax friendly states". Kiplingers -> state by state guide to taxes. Some states are not very friendly to seniors others are. There is also a series of books called "Places rated". Rating cities on everything from crime, states fiscal rating, poverty, hospital availability, and all sort of taxes, proximity to airports, cost of living, school systems, etc. It is not black and white, as I once thought, as to where to retire to. Takes some investigating. Glad to sell my snow blower though. Happy hunting.
  6. Seadoc

    Sunday Morning Blues

    "Edgar: Sucks to get old. Takes longer to recover, things stay sore longer, eye sight blurs a little more and friends seem to disappear. HOWEVER, Klipsch still sound great, you are working less and you have not taken the "dirt nap". Enjoy. 65 and still swimming 150 miles a year !! I have no plans to slow down nor turn my Klipsch down !!!
  7. Yes, and what a sidewalk nuisance. Especially after a pub crawl. Not my thing. I hate it when they wave and I am out riding my Honda 600RR.
  8. For the Veterans in the group. If you have hearing loss, of any degree, or Tinnitus, go to the VA and get it diagnosed. There is a wealth of help and if service attributed = free hearing aids and or service disabilities. I did. "Pissing off the neighbors since 1946".
  9. Very annoying but a sad part of modern phone technology. I agree with dtel about not having a number though. The most annoying is a robocall in a language you do not speak. Doing the "do not call list" and registering with your states Attorney General AND one of the newer phone screening apps help. But the robocallers are more persistent than hungry mosquitos.
  10. Seadoc

    Never Forget

    Hoorah - Army Strong.
  11. Not yet, but will. Trader Joe's has a brand of potato chips made with Ghost Peppers. My new favorite....love the burn.
  12. What an advertisement for Dodge. Hellcat sales will be up.
  13. Seadoc

    Quote of the day

    "What hump ?" Marty Feldman.
  14. Seadoc

    Go NE Patriots!!!!

    NE is the team almost everyone loves to hate. But you have to respect that they are consistently dominant - offense and defense. League MVP's year after year after year. I think Robert Kraft loves building bigger trophy cases anyway. Well as for me - go Colts and anyone who plays NE.
  15. Liked DTEL's "after years of testing" and still posting. Way to go !! Sure laws are laws - some good and some should have never been enacted. Now some states have it right but still, here in Indiana, getting busted puts you right next to a murderer or Father raper (Arlo Guthrie hehe). While elected officials still believe smoking pot leads directly to shooting up Heroin and then a life of rampant crime. Well we know the real truth that this is simply not true. So, hopefully, Uncle Sam will get it right, regulate, tax, eliminate felony laws state wide and distribute in places, hate to say it, like Walmart.
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