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    Travel, Scuba Diving, Woodworking, quality music, and Cummins high horsepower engines.
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    Crown CE4000, Crown CE2000, Behringher Ultra Graph Pro GEQ3102, Klipsch SF1s, Klipsch RP3s, Klipsch LaScalas, Klipsch KG4.2s, Yamaha A1020, Yamaha RX-V6A, Klipsch Reference R-34-C, Denon DCD 860, Pioneer PLX1000

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  1. Why waste money on gas, and overcrowded airports, when you can be like Timothy Leary and travel the world from your favorite armchair or porch. Just saying.
  2. IT IS relative. My parents, RIP, hated The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin (my favorites to this day). "How can you listen to that noise, it's obviously not music". Hmmm....listening to that, noise, courtesy of my LaScalas right now.
  3. Wow, I am surrounded by legends. Just wish I could see more of them in concert!!
  4. Seadoc

    RIP James Caan

    R.I.P. Sonny Corleone. Guess he must be sleeping with the fishes.
  5. Now we know "There here".
  6. Seadoc


    Hey your hair is the same color. Good transformation. I agree, for me at 66, I am in the best shape ever.
  7. Seadoc


    Eating healthy isn't cheap. Anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per day more to eat healthy. Part of the reason we have the problems we have now. Salmon with rice or a quarter pounder with fries...hmmm.
  8. Seadoc


    Jerk Chicken? Bad name but awesome chicken.
  9. I made it easy on myself. I 3D modeled my La Scala's from 1963 mm prints and converted current 21/32" (or less for 3/4" plywood) to mm. And adjusted accordingly. No problem.
  10. Seadoc


    Dieting is just a matter of simple math. Burn more calories than you consume, and you will lose weight. Opposite is also true, burn less calories than you consume, and you will gain weight. And lastly, the meaning of an old-world word term =>Vegetarian. Means "poor hunter".
  11. @CoyteeLooks like original lube was: The lubricant was a mixture of tallow and beeswax. They don’t dry very fast, in fact, beeswax can dry and still lube the rifling. You might also try: Cannonball Identification Help | Cannons / Artillery & Crew Served Weapons (civilwartalk.com) Get a seasoned "old timer" to assist. Last thing you want is an unexpected "boom", and an insurance claim by your wife!
  12. "I'm sorry the number you have reached has been disconnected". Maybe I should have taken the blue pill.
  13. Yea I remember that! Don't miss that at all. Well sitting out back with my morning cup of coffee, watching the koi and listening to the waterfall (and the Lascala's in the far background).
  14. Amps not being equal, and personal listening perception all across the listening spectrum, what is your AMP of choice? Your 2¢ please. I have a chance to buy a McIntosh Mc275 from a friend for not much but still pretty salty.
  15. Two for my son's wedding present and two for me. A friend lasered them. Brass badges and brass screws for the handles. Only flash allowed. And with the few leftovers that there were I made outdoor bases.
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