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  1. In a nut shell, yep. In one hand health and in the other wealth. Guess health is taking a back seat. I can now add Covid-19, Anthrax and Small Pox to the host of vaccines Uncle Sam has administered to my arms.
  2. Nice job and a lot of computer time. I too have modeled everything (CREO) and am ready to build my own mid K-400 horns first, then the enclosures.
  3. Seadoc

    Can’t sleep

    Could be a combination of issues/solutions. I agree with @veloceleste about training though. 1) Working life with a routine alarms clock wake up is difficult to change. 2) Side affects of medications. Some meds release over time or are mild stimulants. 2) Bringing home work stress. Easy to say, tough to do => "Leave work at work". 3) Life stresses - there are many, most unavoidable. 4) Past it's prime mattress/box spring. 5) External light/noises. Hard to eliminate if you have to work 2nd or 3rd shifts. - Try going to bed later. - Try something that physically wears you out - for me it is swimming. - Steer clear of drugs/sleepers/and OTC remedies. - Agree with Pistachios. Something to put the brain back in park at night. They say as you get older you need less sleep. Maybe maybe-not.
  4. Boomers do remember. The only tv show that would pause parties so everyone could watch. Who can ever forget point/counterpoint "Jane you ignorant ****" from Dan Akyroyd. Would not fly today but tv was different back then.
  5. Seadoc


    Much needed. Thanks Brian for sharing. The Veterans suicide prevention & mental health crisis number is 1-800-273-TALK.
  6. Sounds like boxer changes were in order. I, as well, cannot stand ACC and turn it off whenever I drive.
  7. Still pissing off the neighbors ??
  8. @CoyteeDo you need someone, to step in, and assume the name XX ?? I can help. Save your clients some homework 😀. We too, have heard from our financial advisor, about the abundance of brain farts from people that have "advanced levels of education". Seriously, you should get a finders fee for steering your clients in the right direction.
  9. Who would have predicted two of the Big Ten Conference quarterbacks would rewrite NFL stats. Drew Brees = Purdue (Hail Purdue) and Tom Brady = Michigan.
  10. Just wanted to say thanks for the point printout. I modeled the points, converted to metric and made the curves tangent. And am getting ready to make 2 sets out of HDF.
  11. Tinnitus, kind of like Cicadas 24/7 for me. Tongue or temples...couldn't be that bad.
  12. Satisfied at 70%. There is always some kind of an upgrade available somewhere. Just don't think I can hear it. Uncle Sam says I will need hearing aids in the near future. So I asked my doctor if they had Klipsch with 11.2 channel available. He didn't even smile.
  13. Shot #1 on board. Pfizer with just a sore arm. Shot #2 tomorrow morning. We will see what tomorrow brings. A sore arm and or flu symptoms are a whole lot better than a dirt nap any way you look at it.
  14. The Wailing Wailers. R.I.P. Bunny Bob Peter Sad day, Trenchtown will never be the same.
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