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  1. Seadoc

    Car Thread

    I fondly remember driving on Bundesautobahn 8. Got my need for speed fix, often.
  2. Classic turkey leg awards, the Madden Cruiser and "BOOM". R.I.P.
  3. @Travis In AustinWoohoo. Might want to consider, or at least look at, an 8K TV projector. You can have a 110" tv for around $1,000.
  4. @DizRotusYou might want to share the approach of care through the VA from a "disability rating" starting point-if you can. Having a disability rating can remove many obstacles, including financial. It did for me as well as several Veteran friends. Best well wishes on a devastating illness.
  5. Roll another one, Just like the other one. You been holding onto it, And I sure would like a hit! Don't bogart that joint my friend, Pass it over to me! Don't bogart that joint my friend, Pass it over to me! Comfortably Numb. Courtesy of Little Feat.
  6. @CoyteeWood looks very close grained, old and probably oak. I can understand the less than pleased from the wife. I get that too, "why do you need more than 8 speakers ?" Perhaps you can follow in PWK's footsteps albeit somewhat different ->Pissing off the neighbors since 20xx <-fill in date.
  7. Seadoc


    HEHE. Look under the back seat for someone's stash !!!
  8. Please speak up I am having trouble hearing you, the cicadas are too loud. Learned the hard way - hearing loss is irreversible no matter the cause.
  9. Seadoc

    Car Thread

    American, Japanese, German or Italian. Do the maintenance !!!!
  10. Man's best friend is a LAB !! No matter the color.
  11. Seadoc

    Stoned again

    Like a Rolling Stoned er ah Stone.
  12. @StabMeMy K-400 builds are in Technical/Modifications (La Scala 1 builds). A work in progress. I am getting ready to CNC the 3/4" oak plywood parts for the cabinets. Will update with progress pics !!
  13. Have not have a premium increase in years. Home value has risen 150%. Ask for "bundle" discounts-if applicable. Ask for over 60, old folks boogie, discounts-if applicable. Ask for Veterans discounts-if applicable.
  14. I agree with @jimjimbo about not drilling and modifying the bottom. You can easily make a "Cradle" with castors and or castor with locks as well an angled design. No harm no foul.
  15. Very Nice !! I too wanted to build my own horns. And did with the help of forum members, who offered point data, on dimensions for the K-400 horns.
  16. I agree it is hard to choose. Most Pink Floyd songs and albums are eternal classics and should be in everyone's collections. My favorite is "Mother".
  17. Seadoc

    Car Thread

    Chevy ZZ632 crate motor. For that high horsepower itch.
  18. Seadoc

    Heading to L.A.

    Spent my days with a woman unkind Smoked my stuff and drank all my wine Made up my mind, make a new start Goin' to California with an achin' in my heart Someone told me there's a girl out there With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair
  19. Thanks for coding and calling this out.
  20. Seadoc

    Mrs Robinson

    And here's to you.
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