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  1. That's a deal...
  2. I was at a masonry supply place yesterday picking up some large bluestone pavers, some custom made stone items have a 12 month wait, anything hand made. Two to three weeks was the norm.
  3. Cute pup Chuck, I'll bet he'll be spoiled 😃
  4. You might try Cory or Steven at Padukah Home Theater, they'll members here and Klipsch dealers, they have great deals.
  5. Ceptorman


    Very nice, love the grills.
  6. Currently $465 with 4 days left.
  7. Yes that's a deal, awesome LCR.
  8. Fried potatoes and 3 eggs? Now that's a breakfast.
  9. This....plus most of the dialogue in movies comes from the center, and that RP450c is great speaker, I think you'll be impressed.
  10. Welcome back, those RP160m have been upgraded to RP600m, and they'll even better.
  11. That's a steal on a very good center.
  12. Your location, budget, and wait time might dictate what you'll end up with. No La Scalas on your list?
  13. About 49.9% of me didn't want the shot, but I got it. I am concerned though about how fast it came about, basically untested.
  14. So is he playing Russian roulette by drinking or not getting the shot?
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