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  1. Ceptorman

    USPS slow

    Yep, and it fit's perfectly, Walter Payton football jersey....thanks!
  2. Ceptorman

    USPS slow

    I bought something last week, USPS said arrival time will be 9-24, it showed up 9-19, 5 days EARLY! I couldn't believe it.
  3. I believe a matching center to the towers helps a lot, way better than a phantom.
  4. I wonder if Klipsch has seen this ad from Marshall amps? Does Klipsch have a copyright on that slogan? @Chad
  5. That's when you put on a good snowmobile suit and hit the trails on a sled 😀 I know people look at me and laugh when I talk about snowmobiles, and my wife thinks I'm odd. but...... I grew up riding bicycles and dirt bikes, then street bikes around 16, jet skis and quads are a lot of fun, performances karts are spectacular on a real road course, I was a licensed motorcycle road racer a few years back (at age 46) BUT NOTHING IS AS MUCH FUN TO RIDE AS A SNOWMOBILE!!
  6. Welcome....you got an outstanding pair of speakers at a great price, keepers for a lifetime....congrats. We love pics, especially in their new home.
  7. Damn I like that. Thought I might hate electric vehicles because the loss of the combustion engine sound, but I like it. Stealth.
  8. We hate hearing about shipping companies destroying our beloved speakers. You might try switching the speakers wires from one to the other to see if the quiet speaker stays the same. Did you play different music, maybe it was the recording. But first do like ILI said and file a complaint. Good luck and let us know...we love pics!
  9. That's my plan. If I don't like it I can come home and go right back to what I'm doing now. If I stay, I see a lot of airline tickets in my future!
  10. Thanks....that's the tough part for me, leaving them for a month. Then if I like it and decide to move, I will probably be there by myself until the summer of 2020. But it is a great opportunity, and an awesome challenge for me. I already feel homesick and haven't left yet 😪 That's what it's all about.
  11. Ceptorman


    Now that's a rock!
  12. Jim @jimjimbo might be a good source for what you're looking for. He's not too far from Chicago, and he's loaded with gear.
  13. Nice work Neil. Hopefully some of those kids remember the great sound and the Klipsch name sticks with them. Is there a benefit to the sound to hang a speaker upside down? My wife is a teacher, and I know well about how they spend some of the pay to obtain materiasl and supplies to help the students, but she loves her job.
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