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  1. It's cold outside, and I want to stay indoors. The current windchill is 18, but a high today of 54, 72 tomorrow I am SOOOO ready for spring.
  2. I like that.....costly?
  3. Jim lives 2 hours north of Indy, and many times has much different weather than we do. One day last week, we had a decent day, cloudy and 36, Jim's area had 6"-12" of snow! He is in the Chicago snow band, usually much more windy also.
  4. Chuck...is that a coffee maker Looks simple...yet complicated.
  5. Some nice upsets, especially Duke. Love to see a new team win it all, tired of the same 5 teams win it all.
  6. I just read he was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl? Is this true? I heard he had some legal problems and served some time, but I thought that was tax related.
  7. Welcome....I would say with a room that size, the RF7ll would fill the room better, especially at "ear piercing levels". Like Bill said, you might need larger subs.
  8. That looks spectacular!
  9. Impressive....congrats. How much are you hoping to lose?
  10. Kansas is playing well.
  11. The rumor is IU is trying to steal Steve Alford from UCLA. I think they need a more established coach, not an ex player to satisfy the boosters. If UCLA gets knocked out, maybe it would be a good move.
  12. RIP....a real showman.
  13. I gained 2 lbs just looking at the picture I'm going to show my wife this pic, she's very good at copying recipes....can't wait.
  14. Cool. I wonder if Waters said that before Gilmour joined the band?
  15. His Mom did, that's why he wrote the line in the song Welcome to the Machine, a guitar to punish your ma. Hi name was Bob Kloss (sp) he was a friend of Gilmores, even played on Gilmore's album On an Island