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  1. Yea it's hard to believe. He was the last American champion of any major world racing org. Might be a while before we have another. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't' the nicest guy in the paddock.
  2. That's what I always say, he must have a secretary to help him find all of those.
  3. http://www.beinsports.com/us/motogp/video/gonicky-the-legend-of-the-kentucky-kid/546530
  4. I used to love playing Jarts, I don't remember anybody getting hurt. I'm sure my cousin still has them. It cooled down here, it was 78 yesterday, but down to 46 last night....good sleeping weather.
  5. Have fun Steve, take it easy and play your guitar. Take care my friend.
  6. Hopefully you don't have a Walter White in your neighborhood.
  7. Currently watching the Le Mans Moto GP race, I think every team has some kind of get well soon tribute.
  8. That's the only credible site that had updated anything since it all started. I remember Earl always standing in the family area behind the pits at Indy. He just wanted to talk with the people. If you stood there long enough, you would eventually meet his whole family. He would wear a matching team shirt to Nicky's, except for one year when the AMA was the supporting series for the US GP races, Earl wore a custom race shirt for Nicky's Ducati, Tommy's Suzuki, and Tommy's team.
  9. 64 and rain here currently. The rain is leaving, so there will be final qualifications for the Indy 500 later. Sebastian Bordais hit the wall yesterday at 218 mph, and with an impact of over 200 Gs. He hit on the right front. He has a shattered pelvis, broken hip, and a broken bone in his foot. It's amazing they can survive hitting that hard, 15 years ago and he wouldn't have made it. Have a great day....
  10. Haha.....I'm using that one! I had an uncle that said his doctor told him don't buy TP any bigger than 4 rolls
  11. 109? That seems warm for May doesn't it? I don't think you live in the desert.
  12. Nothing new from Italy about his condition. They used the word "polytrauma" describing his injuries, means multiple head injuries.
  13. No grill?
  14. Brilliant.
  15. Wow....my new hero....welcome to the forum. Those are VERY nice speakers you're getting....congrats to you both.