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  1. Yes I did, I didn't resuscitate it.
  2. If you're considering a grill like this, I suggest you go to an outdoor appliance center. Like some speaker companies....these places have a 100% markup on price, and you can bargain with them and get a good deal.
  3. That definitely doesn't look right, they should be replaced. Will Crutchfield give you a refund? If they do, I would contact Cory at @MetropolisLakeOutfitters I'll bet he can save you money
  4. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    Yep, we were only 6 miles outside of Indy, it was pretty busy! I believe the Army uses that Kawasaki, but they equipped it to run diesel.
  5. Alonso was way behind 4 others in practice this morning, doesn't look good for him. There's a lot of talk about McLaren buying him a spot, or at least applying their sponsor dollars towards another car. Davis.....you out there today? Go to Meccum? I WAY underestimated the seriousness of my shoulder operation. They did 4 separate surgeries in 1 operation. Still can't lift my arm, been 5 weeks.
  6. @dirtmudd that storm looks like it might ruin second day qualifications at Indy today.
  7. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    Sounds familiar. 3 out of 4 of the only guys I ride with have all gone the adventure bike route. I just can't get excited about one yet, maybe someday. Funny story...3 of us were riding home from the Moto-GP race a few years ago, on highway 70. I noticed one bike was missing (no headlight) I pointed to another friend like to say "where's Josh"? He kind of shook his head and pointed ahead, like no big deal. As soon as we got off the interstate we stopped and I asked "where's Josh"? Charlie said Josh recently cut a piece of fence out along the highway, so he could take a shortcut to get home faster. We rode on to Josh's house and he was already there, he was on an XR650.
  8. Ceptorman

    What I Got Today!

    You don't see many yellow Kawasakis....nice.
  9. I'm sorry your time there was a hassle. It seems like every large city seems to be busier these days....I guess that is good for the economy. Hang in there, stay strong and good vibes sent your way 😊
  10. I'm in pretty good shape, for the shape I'm in 😀
  11. And the massive kick in the chest from the engines at full throttle....love it.
  12. A little chilly and rain. But a 40 degree increase in temp is expected over the next 7 days.
  13. They are extremely hard to find.....good luck.
  14. We have had a lot of rain this year (like many places) We haven't had a single weekend without at least one day of rain since the Super Bowl.
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