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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, you are a good friend for helping out the family. All your prices seem pretty good, especially the Rf7lls. Like others have said, location is always an issue. With you good prices on excellent gear, someone local or someone willing to travel will eventually buy these. Those RF7lls had an msrp of $3200 until about two years ago, when the RF7lll model came out, and they went up $600. They are exceptional speakers. Is @Matrixx9 watching this thread?
  2. I'll bet the vocals on The Raven sound spectacular on those speakers. I Robot is my favorite.
  3. We will have a swing in temps also in the next few days....50 tomorrow, then down to 10 Saturday night, 8 Sunday night, starting to hate the cold.
  4. Or..... Buy Other Sound Equipment 😁
  5. I noticed you didn't list what speakers you have, that can affect how well a certain AVR will perform. Yamaha's are known to not play well with low ohm speakers, especially when you turn up the volume. I have a older Yamaha 100x7 AVR and it would clip at high volume driving low ohm (power hungry) speakers in 2 channel.
  6. It sounds like a setting on the Yamaha isn't set right, or you're not playing content that would send a signal to the rear surround channels. Is there a 7 channel stereo setting on the AVR? Does that include the rear surrounds? Sometimes in movies, the content sent to the rear surrounds has so low content, we hardly hear anything. I take it this AVR isn't Dolby Atmos enabled?
  7. I was asking because it appears to be a quality guitar.
  8. Welcome....at low volume it should be fine, crank it up and the amp might struggle, and that's when distortion creeps in. 100 watts is still plenty of power, especially with efficient speakers like most Klipsch. What speakers and amp combo are you considering?
  9. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    The Titans have a chance to beat KC, but if KC plays like the did the last 3 quarters against the Texans, no way. I don't think SF can handle KC when they're hot. Mahomes is fun to watch.
  10. What brand of guitar is that?
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