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  1. Welcome....what's the rest of your system (RP)? Did the sales guy give you the speakers you paid for? Are they installed yet? Two in-wall and four atmos speakers amongst a complete RP home theater system might sound fine. But.....it is usually recommended to keep them all the same. Depends on the cost and if it's a hassle, might hardly notice any difference.
  2. Looks like a perfect location for a building, great view.
  3. I meant that your old AVR would work for now until you update to the new AVR.
  4. Holy heck.....someone got a deal.
  5. That's the whole catalog. When do you get the towers? Your old AVR would power them if you have the speakers but not the new AVR. Exciting times huh?
  6. Congrats, that's a great home theater speaker set. That Yamaha AVR should be ok, it does have the ability to connect an external power amp for the front channel only, but you might not need it. There are a lot of variables to determine where to place the speakers, size of the room mainly. Is the room finished, because those Atmos speakers mount above you. The speaker and AVR manual will have a basic placement and wiring diagram.
  7. As good as the RC64 sounds, it also looks impressive. Is the whole Klipsch catalog available to you? Your budget will probably dictate which center to get, and the top tier matching center in the Reference line is an R34c, it's about half the price of a RP504c. Is there a used market where you're at?
  8. The Razz looks to be shaped more like a Chorus than a CW.
  9. It's all day Wednesday!
  10. Can it be shipped to you? $400 shipped is still a deal on the 81lls.
  11. What music source are the Sixes conncected to?
  12. Dave's right, get the best center you can, and a sub. The front 3.1 is pretty important.
  13. And Klipsch has them 50% off for the rest of today!
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