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  1. Ceptorman

    Log Cabin Livin. My Self Reliance on Youtube.

    I do that now 😀
  2. Ceptorman

    How to change equipment list

    I gave you a like, can't hurt. Keep posting, maybe there is a minimum. Welcome...
  3. Ceptorman

    CL greenville H1's? $75.00 posted 13 hr as of this post

    Ad is gone....
  4. Ceptorman

    Who is AWAKE?

    A storm woke me up at 4am 😀
  5. Ceptorman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    He says he's doing the return trip over 3 days, instead of 30 hours....that should make a difference!
  6. Ceptorman


    Yes, that's exactly how it works. The speaker switch connects to a 12v trigger, I use the one on the AVR (the pre has a switch also) If I'm listening to 2 channel, then turn on the AVR to watch a movie, the AVR has priority, and the AVR uses the same speakers, the HT signal is off. You could always just use the 2 channel sound from your AVR. My AVR is a few years old, and the pre/amp just sounds better for music.
  7. Ceptorman

    NFL - 2018

    I just love seeing the Patriots get beat.....sorry Marcia 😀
  8. Ceptorman

    NFL - 2018

    Never count out Brees. He might be the best QB to ever play the game, I guarantee he's the toughest. It didn't bother me a bit when they beat the Colts in the SuperBowl a few years ago.
  9. Ceptorman


    Welcome, you came to the right place for help in spending your money! Many on here are experts in HT, especially Michael (Youthman) and are willing to help out. Good luck, enjoy the ride, and remember....we love pics 😀
  10. Ceptorman

    Best speaker for my space

    Nice room. I would play with the placement of your speakers. Get them on the floor, try spreading them out a little, toed in, and away from the wall. Listen for a while then move them slightly. It takes a while, but I'll bet you can get a better sound....good luck.
  11. Ceptorman


    It is possible to have both, many on here do it. I do it with the help of a Niles SPK-1 speaker switch, around $100. It lets me use the same speakers for HT and 2 channel. It switches from a HT AVR to a 2 channel pre/amp instantly.
  12. Ceptorman

    Belle Klipsch Pair in MA $999

    A pretty good buy. I like how he showed a picture of a different pair saying his speakers could look like this if they were restored.
  13. Ceptorman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Finally....a break from the heat. High today of 64, low of 50 tonight.
  14. Ceptorman

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    Happy Birthday Eldon, was this year a big number?
  15. Ceptorman

    NFL - 2018

    I'm glad the Browns finally won a game, I think they'll win a few more.