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Community Answers

  1. How does it sound compared to the original woofers?
  2. Welcome Shilly, that's an awesome first post, good for you rebuilding those speakers. You came to the right place.
  3. Some people say there's a woman to blame...RIP Sir
  4. Excellent pic, those 5 guitars hanging would cover about any sound you want to produce, I'll play with the Rick 4003.
  5. Sounds like a pair of Heresies should be in your future.
  6. Congrats, those are amazing little speakers, and will last a lifetime.
  7. Photos of the musical gear would be terrific. Sounds like a nice place to spend the day.
  8. I think those H1s deserve to look their best. They are spectacular speakers.
  9. Is your garage heated? Those are some awful nice speakers to be in a garage. Very nice.
  10. Aren't those Klipschorn B collar Walnut Oiled? Those are very nice speakers. Do you have a picture of the whole ?speaker
  11. It looks like the slant is built into the speaker, not the plinth.
  12. Look under to see how it's held in place, I'll bet it's screwed on.
  13. Those are nice, I like them better than the cherry. The dark Espresso just looks more expensive, classy. The grill without the fabric looks way better than one would think, an industrial look. You might just start a trend!
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