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  1. You can get a DUI or an OWI if you're not careful.
  2. The good thing about the SPK-1 is it will handle much more power than most, up to 600 watts.
  3. Yes, must have the APP on your phone to rent it and power it up. Big business is to pick them up and haul them back the their charging station. They're everywhere. And yes, people are getting hurt. Supposed to be 16 to rent one.
  4. 100 degree heat index here for the next couple days.
  5. I wasn't much of a Springsteen fan, until I sat in the 10th row at one of his concerts about 35 years ago. It was about 4 hours long, and he gave 100% effort the whole time. It was an incredible performance. He really is a terrific song writer.
  6. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    I think he did more than talked.
  7. Easy solution.....I'll cancel their phone plan 😀
  8. That's 3 votes for the rack 😀 Back to how good or bad a smartphone sounds, my iPhone XS Max sounds better than a Bose system!
  9. Ceptorman

    Never Forget

    I know it's very sad, but 25k people were saved.
  10. Yes, not a fan of big spiders or snakes.
  11. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    I hope they have a good season, I like Gruden. Even though I am somewhat of a Cleveland fan, I am glad they got beat their first game. I got tired of hearing everyone say how many games they will win, and some say they will win the SB. They needed to be brought back to earth.
  12. Good idea, and it works. When the family does eat together, my wife makes everyone turn their phones off.
  13. It could be your settings that are letting all those pop ups and spam through, or the phone maker themselves. We are an Apple family, I have never had a pop up or anything like that on my phone. My computer might if I'm on a site that allows them, like Facebook. Apple goes a long way to keep things secure.
  14. Wonder how low he will go? They look to be in great shape.
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