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  1. Ceptorman

    LaScala no bids $750 Stockton, California,

    No bids....relisted.
  2. Ceptorman

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    B1G still has 3 teams left in the Sweet 16.
  3. Ceptorman

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    I think it was..."drove my Chevy to the levee because my Ford died" 😄
  4. Ceptorman

    RP-160M Speaker Stand Recommendations

    Looks nice Dave, sturdy little stands.
  5. Ceptorman

    Weight of the soul

  6. Ceptorman

    Klipsch pro credenza

    He won't get one bid even if he threw that Gibson guitar into the deal.
  7. Ceptorman

    What Is It About Klipsch?

    It's amazing when one guy throws out his opinion, and the bandwagon begins. Here's a professional review of a new Klipsch speaker....https://www.audioholics.com/tower-speaker-reviews/klipsch-rp-8000f
  8. Ceptorman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Isn't that why Charles and Diana got divorced? She heard every ruler had 12" but he didn't measure up 😄
  9. Ceptorman

    Echo in voice - Need help

    Glad it worked out. Very nice system.
  10. Ceptorman

    RP-160M Speaker Stand Recommendations

    VTI makes nice stands.
  11. Ceptorman

    Echo in voice - Need help

    Is your volume still up on your TV? Sometimes the audio from the cable source is slightly behind in timing comparing the TV to the AVR.
  12. Ceptorman

    La Scala pair, central Illinois, $2000

    No kidding.....not many people will drop 2k on a pair of speakers that are being used as work horses.
  13. Ceptorman

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I really don't think it's being cheap fixing those headphones. It keeps your mind and body busy, and practicing audio repair will keep you ready for any repair in the future. The next repair might be a high dollar amp.
  14. Ceptorman

    Powered wireless speakers?

    No.....but these are....https://www.klipsch.com/products/r-51pm-powered-speakers
  15. They are getting harder to find.