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  1. They turned out great.
  2. Awesome.....good video and she was smiling. Did she know she was going to be on tv?
  3. Nice pic Chuck, I was wearing styling glasses earlier also. I was working when the eclipse was at it's peak. I walked outside, saw the moon hiding the sun, meh, went back to work.
  4. Very nice Dave, awesome system. I thought this score would have it's own thread.
  5. Haha....good one Chuck. I had to laugh when I read that just now, but I did fix it. I'd love to see her singing from a futon.
  6. Pat always put on a great show. I saw her back in the 80s. She sure has a strong sexy voice.
  7. There is already an increase of traffic heading south out of Indianapolis. We might have more cloud cover than optimal.
  8. That must be some powerful coffee. Is it the amount of caffeine that makes it more powerful? Just trying to learn about the fascination with coffee.
  9. I've often thought about visiting Clear Lake IA.
  10. I guess I must be older than you thought! I'll take that as a compliment. I'll check out Spinning Vinyl, I visit the RTM thread sometimes. I grew up listening to 70s rock. I do like a lot of the oldies though. The setlist Dizrotus put together has a lot of great music. Motown is a favorite also. I am feeling better, but have recently been dealing with an abdominal problem. I've lost 20 lbs in 21 days. Even though I did need to lose a few, I'd like to do it on my terms. Most days I feel 40, recently I've been feeling my age.
  11. A couple of years ago my nephew wanted to buy a ski boat. My brother showed him what happens when you buy a boat. He emptied his whole billfold onto the ground
  12. That scene always gives me chills. He was perfect for that role. Great actor.
  13. I heard it had terrible reviews. My nephew saw it and loved it. It's on Netfix, so maybe I'll give it a try.
  14. He died at the age of 91. RIP funny man.
  15. True Love Ways is the only one I noticed. I think that's a terrific song. I'm a huge Holly fan. I think he's the best American rocker ever. Some of his musical techniques were revolutionary at the time. He sure accomplished a lot in his short career.