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  1. Ceptorman

    Cool Things

    Rubber band Gatling gun!
  2. Ceptorman

    HULU Anyone?

    I use Hulu to watch world wide MotoGP bike racing. It does have a lot of channels, I still have Xfinity, but their price is approaching a car payment.
  3. Jim, I know you're not an Irish fan, but you have to admit that's a great atmosphere for a football game. Lot's of respect between those two teams. At the start of the tv coverage, watching the Navy players walking in with their dress uniforms was very cool.
  4. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    The Raiders will pick him up.
  5. The dollar amount wasn't revealed yet, but I'm sure it's more than a billion. I like him, but I'm not sure about the owner also having a team in the series that he owns? He owns the track, IndyCar series, and IMS Productions. He did say they will utilize the facility for more than racing. The Stones were there a few years ago, maybe a bunch of concerts!
  6. Jefferson Airplane....
  7. Cool....I'll bet Thebes would approve of that.
  8. I live by my Dad's motto... I wear a size 34 jeans But a 36 size feels so good I go ahead and get 38s 😀
  9. I agree.....sometimes I'll order a pizza after dinner just so I can have cold pizza for breakfast.
  10. Good karma paid off.....great story, makes one feel good about us humans!
  11. Ceptorman

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    Is she...."my best friend's girlfriend"?
  12. Ceptorman

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    RIP rocker. I saw the Cars and the Kinks around 1980.....awesome show.
  13. Ceptorman

    NFL 2019

    The end to the Bears/Broncos game was spectacular....one second left!
  14. You can get a DUI or an OWI if you're not careful.
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