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  1. Good vibes sent your way, hope it all works ok.
  2. Anybody read the title in Elmer Fudd's voice?
  3. I'll be driving from Indy to San Antonio July 9th if anyone along the way needs any gear transported. I'll be in a rental car, so I can't haul anything large, but small speakers or gear will fit. I'll be traveling back to Indy July 15th. Let me know...
  4. That's a deal, I can't believe they've been on there for a month.
  5. I didn't want to make them feel bad, you know how it is these days...people's feelers get hurt.
  6. You forgot the 5k miles traveled to get them home!
  7. Welcome Kettle....lots of great people around here.
  8. I'm glad I appreciate the quality of music from my speakers..... So, I listen to the music.
  9. Song.....Wish You Were Here Album....The Wall
  10. Emotiva makes a superb amp, their new models are modular, buy a 2 channel amp, add modules to make it a multi-channel amp.
  11. RIP funny man.....
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