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Community Answers

  1. Gnawbone Indiana French Lick Indiana
  2. Thanks No, we still talk, it's up in the air. You know how rumors work. Good album! I'm glad I didn't go when I was scheduled...the whole world changed about that time.
  3. Hey....what's up? I know.... I'm alright, disregard what you heard. Just super busy with life...work, grandkid now. Thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers.
  4. I was at a masonry supply place yesterday picking up some large bluestone pavers, some custom made stone items have a 12 month wait, anything hand made. Two to three weeks was the norm.
  5. Cute pup Chuck, I'll bet he'll be spoiled 😃
  6. You might try Cory or Steven at Padukah Home Theater, they'll members here and Klipsch dealers, they have great deals.
  7. Ceptorman


    Very nice, love the grills.
  8. Fried potatoes and 3 eggs? Now that's a breakfast.
  9. This....plus most of the dialogue in movies comes from the center, and that RP450c is great speaker, I think you'll be impressed.
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