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Community Answers

  1. When I saw your name and the title.....I was thinking about a 5 channel Heresy sound system!😀
  2. Congrats James on bringing them back to life. They look wonderful.
  3. That's a smoking deal...CWlll at Heresy prices.
  4. Pretty good price on that Gibson guitar. One of the best sustain guitars made.
  5. I don't think any Palladium speaker parts were shared with any other speaker brand. I remember the woofers were custom made by Rohacell. B&W also uses Rohacell.
  6. Your budget and speaker availability will help with your decision.
  7. A receiver is just a processor and an amp in one. Some call a processor a pre-amp. Those two items are called separates. You can upgrade your pre-amp and still use the amp, or vice versa. Separates usually sound better than a receiver.
  8. Maybe taking advantage of the current insane prices on rare items. I doubt he needs the money also. Lots of artist lately selling their entire music catalog, Springsteen sold his for 500m a few years ago.
  9. CW LCR would be the best option. Heresy for surrounds.
  10. He knows everything about everything.....surely he knows!
  11. I thought the same thing. Maybe he changed his mind.
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