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  1. Well the heat finally made it here today...91 and very humid. I knew the 50/80 temps weren't going to last forever.
  2. RIP Batman.
  3. Nice pics Steve, looks peaceful.
  4. Yea that was an incredible race. Remember the old days there running laps of 235+? Drivers blacking out, better slow down. A friend of mine won that race once.
  5. Steve is sitting on a rock, on a mountain, playing a guitar
  6. Mark, is that ramp upside down? Usually they arch up not down. I saw a video where a guy loads his dirt bike, hits the ramp, does a flip, and lands perfectly in the truck bed. That thing has too many wheels!
  7. The Marshall Tucker Band will be touring with Larry The Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy this summer.
  8. Yea they have done well keeping us hanging.
  9. Morning gang. Happy birthday Mark....54? Was the Japanese restaurant the kind that give you the cutlery show? Those are interesting. Beautiful weather here in the midwest, sunny and 84 later today.
  10. Yes it's very good. RIP Gregg
  11. MMMMMM....Skyline...I'm driving to Cincy
  12. Happy Memorial Day gang. I was at the Indy 500 yesterday. The display of honor for the vets always amazes me at this event. When 400k people get completely silent when TAPS is being played is probably my favorite part. Congrats to Takuma Sato on his win. Glad to see you posting MKP. Mark, I saw Boston a few times in the 80s, great band, lots of talent. Carl, good luck on the remodel. Is you toe all better?
  13. Yea it's hard to believe. He was the last American champion of any major world racing org. Might be a while before we have another. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't' the nicest guy in the paddock.
  14. That's what I always say, he must have a secretary to help him find all of those.
  15. http://www.beinsports.com/us/motogp/video/gonicky-the-legend-of-the-kentucky-kid/546530