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  1. I think this operation is pretty safe these days, he's young and should be ok, just do exactly what the dr says. I would rather deal with the elbow than the shoulder. @JL Sargent does your son spend a long time warming his arm up before a game or practice? It always took me about an hour of warming up before I would starting throwing hard.
  2. I voted 80%. I'm pretty happy, I know room treatments would improve things though.
  3. I agree, the RP280 will blend better.
  4. Sometimes I get very lucky and the odds fall in my favor.......... But.....I hope to be in that lucky 1% that gets an accepted invitation from You to meet anywhere we might be within striking distance of each other. I'll buy you a brew 😄
  5. He's on here at least once a week, and he's busy on a Klipsch Facebook page also. He has become a very good distributor for Klipsch, started as a member here, knowledgeable guy. https://paducahhometheater.com
  6. Have you tried Cory about the price of new speakers? He's pretty good on pricing.
  7. I guess we never know until placed in our own room. Thats' why I envy some that have multiple rooms with multiple systems.
  8. Yes I'm sure that would work well. It really depends on how serious you are and your budget. But the full 7 channel and Atmos does cost more. There's another thread on here where someone is trying everything they can just to hear the rear surrounds on a 7 channel system. But it's fun to play with all this stuff.
  9. They are huge even out of the box. So you will have 19 speakers total, including subs? 😄
  10. Since it's bumped someone else might see it and comment on that particular pairing of speakers. He did say "so far I could not be happier" 🙂 Personally I thing that system could sound very good. Even if you got a deal on the RF3s and didn't like them, you can get your money back, or start another system.
  11. CWIVs would work in that spot. If you use the area to the left as a walkway into the room behind it, that speaker might get touched though, as wide as a CW is. Place something there the size of a CW and see what you think about their size.
  12. Yes he does, and he still says Diaper Dandy! He's ok, just annoying sometimes. He is enthusiastic. They're doing well, ranked 10th. A local school to me (Butler) beat them last Sunday. They are #1 in the Big East.
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