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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Uncle. Are there Klipsch info stickers on the back? The serial number will tell. You could post photos, many members can identify which Cornwall model you have by looks, maybe not the exact year. Are you planning on keeping them?
  2. Everyone is out dealing with the nasty heat in their own way.....stay safe out there.
  3. That's a good price for a wonderful center channel speaker. It should sell quick. Is it black, cherry, walnut?
  4. Looks nice Carl(Chuck) especially at your brother’s place. Is the growth more green there than at home? My wife’s family from San Antonio came to Indy a few weeks ago and commented how everything looks green.
  5. It was recently remodeled. I thought you were in the northwest end of Ohio.
  6. Oh you’re welcome! I was in Mt Vernon Ohio Saturday night, wonderful little town. 40 miles northeast of Columbus. Went to an Edwin McCain concert. I was at the Woodward Opera House, the oldest operating theater in the country. Wonderful show, awesome venue. Im ready for the heat to go away!
  7. I believe you’re in Florida? What coast? I always went to the gulf side (my Dad had a house there) but the last two times has been to the “Space Coast”... I believe I like it better.
  8. I saw Edwin McCain last Saturday night in Mt Vernon Ohio, about 40 miles northeast of Columbus. He was at the oldest operating theater in the country, Woodward Opera House, built in 1831. It was an awesome show, he gets better with age.
  9. That sure is a beautiful speaker, and sounds spectacular...glws...
  10. I believe you're right, stain, not paint. Not sure what I was thinking.
  11. Those are very nice and priced well, shouldn’t last long.
  12. It sure is priced well at $495.
  13. Sounds familiar Pat. I cringe every time my wife vacuums, but at least my speakers have a base that extends about an inch past the wood veneer art the bottom of the speaker. My speakers have a sloped top so no drink, plants, trinkets will stay.
  14. Four RF63s huh? Those are spectacular speakers, your whole system sounds nice. I don’t think Klipsch ever gave out the info of what color their colored speakers were. Are the brown speakers a brown stain? You might have to use some sort of chemical to remove the stain and overcoat, I don’t know if sanding would be enough. You might experiment with black colors of paint to see what looks the best. You would need a sample of wood that matches your speakers the closest, or you could experiment on the bottom of the speakers.
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