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    System 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT200 rears and a Danley DTS-10 sub. Run off a HTPC with JRiver, a Sunfire Ultimate Reciever , with an Ebtech LLS-8 feeding 3 Crown K2's and a Crown K1. Using a Samsung UHD7250

    System 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S. Using an Epson 1080UB Projector.

    System 3- LSI L,R, LaScalla Center, LSI Split Rears,and a Lab12 sub
    Run off a HTPC with Jriver , Focusrite 18I20, and 3 Crown K2's

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  1. Trimming speaker wire

    I can count to 21 well actually 20 1/2
  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    @Gnote I had my attorney lift that order when I got my new Glock .40...... Is that a new Craft Beer
  3. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Wow that's nice . I'd go check it out but I have never been invited , as a matter of fact I think @jimjimbo has a restraining order against me
  4. Happy Birthday “Curly”

    Happy Birthday Michael !
  5. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    Congrats. I guess the next gtg is at your house
  6. New to Klipsch and confused

    Contact @MetropolisLakeOutfitters he can help you with suggestions and he is an authorized Klipsch dealer . He has a stellar reputation here
  7. Top Five

    1 - MCM's 2-LSI's 3-Khorns 4-Belle 5-LaScala That's right there is a big gap between 1 & 2
  8. Top Five

    Really Derrick ? No Sub
  9. What I Got Today!

    Just cover it with speakers
  10. Any regrets buying a curved tv?

    While you are right in the fact they are going away, that doesn't address the performance . VHS buried BETA back in the day even though Beta was a superior format . A curved display is in no way inferior to a flat one but the advantages just don't justify the additional cost IMO
  11. Any regrets buying a curved tv?

    I should add I wouldn't pay extra for it .
  12. Any regrets buying a curved tv?

    IMHO there is nothing wrong with the curved TV's . I have a 55" Samsung the larger you go the more immersive they are supposed to be. With the 55" I didn't get that feeling but I don't dislike it either.
  13. Thanks for the review . I was really hoping these sound as good as they look. I really like the looks of these
  14. Real Guitar Legends

    Well my 2 Favorites are Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Satriani