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    System 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT200 rears and a Danley DTS-10 sub. Run off a HTPC with JRiver, a Sunfire Ultimate Reciever , with an Ebtech LLS-8 feeding 3 Crown K2's and a Crown K1. Using a Samsung UHD7250

    System 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S. Using an Epson 1080UB Projector.

    System 3- LSI L,R, LaScalla Center, LSI Split Rears,and a Lab12 sub
    Run off a HTPC with Jriver , Focusrite 18I20, and 3 Crown K2's

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  1. The are ! Epic is the series CF4 is the model , there were CF1's , CF2's , CF3's , and CF4's with the 4's being the largest
  2. Congrats and good luck That is a goal of mine as well ! A couple acres and build a house with a large outbuilding .
  3. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Congrats ! That is the best Excuse Ever ! Where were you when I was married ? If she complains about the looks you can tell her you are not superficial and it's what on the inside that counts
  4. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Go Big or Stay Home I wish I could help but The only thing I know about 904's is I'd sure like to hear a pair With the 510 's on top ( I think ) I bet they are impressive ! Maybe he will let you bring something (Reciever or whatever)to test them out ? @Chief bonehead seems to be on here some and I'm pretty sure he knows plenty about them Klipsch Pro speakers are an excellent value performance wise and the bigger they are the better the value , but the bigger they are the harder they are to sell at least to married men
  5. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    Those look nice ! Let me send you @jimjimbo s address .Let me look it up it's somewhere in IL
  6. This is a great system ! Pound for Pound Inch for Inch Ease of set up and flexibility ! I can go from 3 MCM's or 5 Lascala's to these for Movies and not be let down 1 bit They do need Power and a huge room could be problematic I've read . They are nice looking and well built. This is a steal !
  7. If you are going with RF7's I'm guessing (Have not heard one ) that's the way to go. If you are leaning towards Heritage Speakers(Haven't heard any III's) Then I'm guessing again that the KLF-C7 might be a better match, I do know it is a good one. Just my opinion and where I would start if I were in your shoes. I would however keep an eye out for other solutions and swap them in to compare in your room. If you are patient and buy them right you can dump them quickly usually for little to no loss If you by chance get it right the first time. You are among the few who lost out on all the fun
  8. I agree with this 99% I had KG5.5's with a Boston VR12 Center and it blended seamlessly ( Daughter has them now) At @colterphoto1 had LaScala Fronts with a KLF - C7 Center and Cornwall rears and it sounded really good as well. More often than not mixed systems show the weakness ! and I would avoid if at all possible. I currently have 3 HT Setups and all 3 have matching L,C,R but when that isn't an option I would stick to matching lines.
  9. This is it Guys

    Congrats !!
  10. Klipschorn's Near Seattle

    Those are beautiful !
  11. I was going to go with MCM's but that is a small community MWM/402 and with your New Sub ! I don't think you could do any better
  12. I was going to go with MCM's but that is a small community
  13. In memory of Boxx

    Never met him in a person but I sure wish I had ! Never seen anyone who could have such a calming and positive effect with just a keyboard . As much as I envied that he had Palladiums and Jubes , I was much more envious of how he came across as a person. I think the next time I see a post that ruffles my feathers I will try to go with WWBD (What Would Box Do)
  14. Merry Christmas

    Talented young lady ! you should be proud
  15. I have never regretted keeping any of my Klipsch speakers , I have only regretted selling them