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    Home Theater 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT 200 Sides, LSI split Rears and Danley DTS10 sub.Powered by Crown 3-K2's ,3-K1's, and a CTS 8200

    Home Theater 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S.

    2 Channel (Under construction) MWM'S with K402's and a Lab12 Sub. 2 Crown K2's and a K1. Xilica XP4080

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  1. I stopped by Blue Hawk Audio last week since I had to run up to Bismarck .Thanks to @Schufor posting the video . The gentleman speaking in the video was very gracious . He allowed me to demo the Jubilee's and enjoyed showing them to someone who was familiar with them. I could try to describe the experience but I'm not sure what to say except they made me smile from ear to ear ! The McIntosh gear being used was pretty nice as well. I worked in North Dakota from Bismarck to almost Fargo for several years, life is very different there. Blue Hawk carries Very Expensive Equipment and trust me , there are some very wealthy farmers. Back a little while there was quite a bit of oil money as well. The winters are harsh so Indoor activities are popular. You do not want to play pool or darts against anyone from North Dakota. The mall is a good place for them to operate. People have to travel quite a ways to get anything. I think the next closest Mall or McDonalds for that matter is about 40 miles away. This particular mall houses a very popular sporting goods store and brings in a lot of people.
  2. Gnote

    SC Estate Sale

    RIP W.C. I'm sorry to hear of his passing . I talked to him on the phone once ,he talked a mile a minute but was super friendly and helpful !
  3. Sorry to hear about the wife. Prayers for a speedy and full recovery !
  4. They are great for movies and very easy to get set up and sounding good. Inch for Inch I have not heard better . Contrary to popular belief these do like lots of Power. I noticed a world of difference going from an AVR to seperates.
  5. Really nice ! Doesn't look like you have to worry too much about neighbors.
  6. I've never heard one but I am really attracted to the look of that amp . Enjoy !
  7. You came unarmed last time we had a battle of wits ...... and now you want to try again ?
  8. I wish ! the system is currently disassembled due to having to move it . I will get pictures up this summer when I finally get a chance to set it all up again. Unfortunately I have not been able to use the CT8150's yet ,so that will also have to wait until this summer. Sorry I am of no help at this point in time and even sorrier I haven't been able to utilize this system as of late.
  9. FWIW I think buying a 2 year old vehicle is probably the smartest way to go. Letting the original owner take the big hit . The hit isn't as much as it used to be but its still considerable . You do lose out on some warranty , which all you have to do is answer the phone the next time it rings and someone will be offering you one. I personally prefer the more optioned vehicle and once you've had it a little while no one will be more impressed with a 2022 vs a 2019.I tend to drive the wheels off a vehicle so for me , the enjoyment of the additional options over 10++++ years far outways the additional cost spread out over those same years. That being said I bought a new 2020 Duramax Chevy HD in 2019 but I really wanted the 10 speed vs 6 speed Transmission .I use it mostly for towing and it is amazing ! I started looking at used vehicles but it ended up at the time that I could go new for only about 5K more, gain a few new features and a new warranty.The market was different then. If you buy the used one just make sure you can get your money or most of it back out of it if you decide you don't like it . This way you can move on easily , won't be as easy with a new one . Bottom line .....Even I don't listen to me but those are my thoughts .
  10. I certainly hope not. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always so helpful here.I even bought a Xilica and and a XMC-1 figuring if it was good enough for him it was certainly good enough for me. I was selfishly hoping I could lean on his expertise when I get around to setting it all up.It would be a huge loss to the forum.
  11. I should probably clarify. For Music they are awesome for Home Theater when there are long gaps between lfe they will go to sleep and they don't come out of the sleep mode for a couple seconds after the initial lfe signal. Doesn't seem like much but it is a little annoying . The sleep mod will cure that. So for the K2's I'm going to use for Home Theater Sub Duty I will and I suggest the sleep mod.
  12. They are great for subs , the dampening factor is phenomenal but the auto off can actually be a nuisance, the subs don't come on in time during lfe. There is a mod which I keep meaning to do to overide the sleep mode. It is just one jumper and if you google it its easy to find
  13. I think you guys are misunderstanding , thats on top of the THX Ultra II system , 3- MCM Stacks, 2-LSI Splits,2-LSI's, 2-LaScala's, 6-KI 102, 4-KPT200's ,and whatever SSP's ,X-Overs,Amps,etc
  14. @ClaudeJ1Yes ..... It was an expensive day I was there to purchase your Lab 12 .I got to hear the THT that you had already sold and it was impressive. We went upstairs and listened and I was blown away by the pair of DTS10's you had. Decided at that time I was going to get some one Day. I finally got one several years later but still would like another one. The K402's Well......... I was mesmerized ! I had my MCM 1900's for a short period of time and nothing even came close until I heard the K402's . My jaw hit the ground and I drooled so much you joked about getting Lobster bibs for the next time you Demo'd your system. Like @Dave A says .Blame it on Claude well that day has cost me about 4K so far and will probably end up closer to 5K in speakers alone , never mind crossovers , amps ,etc
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