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  1. I would go LaScala followed by Chorus
  2. Just use the white L/LFE Line In RCA Jack
  3. I was working in North Dakota doing FTTH . Went outside to relieve myself because the next neighbor is miles away, find a nice tree to stand by. Start going look over and right next to me was this calf . I started screaming and leaving a yellow stream as I ran. The guy I was working with was at the truck laughing so hard he was crying after he realized what was going on . She was very young but huge ! Much taller than me . In the pic she was several yards behind me and doesn't look that tall.
  4. If you can try swapping the receivers to see if its the speakers, or receivers. Although it could be the room or other components , it's a good starting point. FWIW I've had 3 of the Denon 38xx recievers , I like their sound a lot !
  5. I agree with billybob completely , I would either put firm on your price or raise it a couple hundred since everyone (including myself if I was closer)will be offering less on craigslist. I would probably just put firm and eliminate most of the senseless Emails although even if you put firm you will still get lowball offers , just not as many . I didn't mean I would take less for those but a nonforum member on craigslist , I would definitely try to get a better deal . On the forum I would just pay the price, ignore the ad, or at the most pm with a very fair offer if I thought the price was a little high
  6. RIP. My jaw dropped hearing the first album when it came out , it was like nothing else. I don't know if it was just me but it seemed like Boston made crappy stereo systems sound great and great ones sound just OK
  7. Like Jimjimbo said . 1 very is not enough
  8. I would think something is wrong . Mine had great bass. I'm stumped as to why yours have never had great bass . I'm with you on the crossover after having checked the drivers, wiring , and cabinet but hard to believe they came with both XO's bad
  9. I almost forgot ! You should PM the gentleman that posted the Specs for the KL-396's . You might be surprised at what they cost . Klipsch Pro stuff is more affordable than you would think.The focus is more on performance than looks. I have not personally heard them but people that are highly respected have and raved about them
  10. God Bless Heresey's They probably saved Klipsch at one time . I have heard I's II's and some super Heresey's , they all sound great and are amazing for their size. I have not heard Heresey III's but I have heard RF-7 II's and I have to believe in a large room along with high levels the RF-7's will be a better fit
  11. If it were me and given your budget , musical taste and width restrictions . I would be looking for Something along the lines of KLF -30'S , KLF-20'S , KLF-10'S , CF-4'S , CF-3'S , RF7'S , RF7 II'S , or KG5.5's . All of them can be bought (Used) somewhere in the range of $1600(pair) and down to probably $350. They would all be much happier with more power than you're using but of course you would have plenty left over in your budget. I have not heard the RP-280'S but if new and hassle free is your thing , I am sure they will do a very nice job as well .
  12. Agreed sometimes alcohol makes me stupid and apparently hard of hearing
  13. Man if they are mechanically correct , that is a screaming deal !
  14. I'm pretty sure they are talking about a guy whose screen name was Indyklipschfan or something very similar. Was very active for a long time but has not been around much for the last several years.