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    Home Theater 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT 200 Sides, LSI split Rears and Danley DTS10 sub.Powered by Crown 3-K2's ,3-K1's, and a CTS 8200

    Home Theater 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S.

    2 Channel (Under construction) MWM'S with K402's and a Lab12 Sub. 2 Crown K2's and a K1. Xilica XP4080

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  1. I just moved out of Geneva @Lemon string hosted a couple events in Batavia ,His family were very gracious hosts and he has a really nice place. Met several members at the first one it was very fun with some really nice gear there. Went to a second one @derrickdj1house in Indiana but just over an hour from St.charles. that was fun as well and Derrick had an insane amount of Subs with RF7 II's and Atmos. That was several years ago . On a side note Derrick was a regular contributor but has not been on here since December 2019 , I know he was ill but I have not heard from him in some time. I fear the worst but pray I am wrong. Does anybody know anything? He was easily the nicest guy at the get together but thats's not hard with the likes of myself , Beeker, @jimjimbo, @opusk2k9, @jason str and several others. If you host it , They will come ! LOL
  2. Gnote

    Fresh start

    Dam ! Way to go ! I quit drinking ( not on purpose just kinda did ) for the most part , Dropped down to 1 Mountain Dew a day (It's my morning Coffee) and I quit smoking . But I gained 30lbs instead 😞
  3. Gnote

    Fresh start

    I do 😄 I also bought a new set of K402's in January for the 2 extra MWM bin's I had .Refinishing the bins ( both bondo'd and 1 painted with duratex) but have had so little time .I haven't even opened the K402's yet.
  4. Gnote

    Fresh start

    Looks good Jason, LaScala's and a horn loaded sub are hard to beat .
  5. Gnote

    Hearing Aid Wisdom

    I've been taking care of my father and his hearing aids for the last couple of years . He currently has Beltone In ears which he does not like. This may be due to the fact he has very small ear canal's that are very hairy. We have to have them cleaned and trimmed every 4 months. I just ordered him Phonak P90's which several Audiologist recommended. I ordered from onlinehearing.com . The prices are fantastic , we will see how the service goes. We are trying the behind ear because I read somewhere the in ear close you off completely which can be a hindrance. The Phonak's strongest point is supposedly their connectivity is well ahead of everyone else.
  6. Gnote

    Congratulations dtel!

    He's no tiny Dancer But Congrats and you definitely do a lot for the Forum , the Museum, and the Brand .
  7. Reading puts me to sleep. Besides if the book is good they will make a movie out of it and I can watch that .
  8. Couldn't believe how long it took me to realize those cool spaceships were guitars but I was in High School and learning so many ways to alter my mind .
  9. Awe Man 😞 RIP Dusty
  10. Sorry for your loss . RIP
  11. I think this is what you are looking for CROSSOVER: For optimum performance and flexibility, the use of active (low-level) filter de\ices and multiple power amplifiers is recommended, Crossover characteristics should include roll off rates of 18 dB or more per octave at the low frequency shoulder and low distortion with adequate "head room," Note that the MTM and MMTM tWeeters include a built- in passive 6 kHz crossover network and may be driven in parallel with the MSM in bi-amped (three-way) or triamped (four-way) systems, Passive crossover networks of the Type M series are designed for use only with KLIPSCH three-way or four-way MCM systems, Crossover points: 3-way: 400 Hz 6 kHz 4-way: 350 Hz 1 kHz : 6 kHz
  12. @ClaudeJ1, @Woofers and Tweeters , and many others including myself have all claimed in so many words that "MWM's make LaScala's sound like a clock radio" or something to that affect . We are all correct ! We all think we said it first ! Only 1 of us is Correct ! And then there is that guy with the Super MWM's . LOL
  13. @Dave A and @Marvel Sorry my post made you react with the sad Emoji . I respect both of your opinions and after rereading I can see why you would frown upon someone saying they won't help . Especially someone who has received a lot of help from this forum. I was a little perturbed by making a suggestion to a question and instead of thanks or no reply , I felt like the OP insinuated I was jumping the gun to cosmetics instead of performance. I only tried to give some perspective on a question he asked .
  14. Sorry I answered your Question , Won't happen again !
  15. I'm getting ready to do a pair of MWM bins with Duratex , I believe many here have used it with good results . Everyone claims that it is very easy to apply with a roller .
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