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    System 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S. Using an Epson 1080UB Projector.

    System 3- LSI L,R, LaScalla Center, LSI Split Rears,and a Lab12 sub
    Run off a HTPC with Jriver , Focusrite 18I20, and 3 Crown K2's

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  1. Happy Birthday AMY

    Happy Birthday Amy !

    Happy Birthday Dtel ! You must be a pretty special guy when the people you love actually refer to themselves as Dtelswife and Dtelsdaughter When my kids are asked if they are mine , the first thing they do is apologize
  3. 2way mwm's?

    FWIW I have 3 Home Theater/Music systems and I really like them all but when I have more room(and money) my 2 Channel Music Only System will be a pair of MWM Double bin's(which I already have) with K402's on top and most likely the KPT- 1802 (haven't heard/felt one yet) if not probably a Danley DTS-10. Then I'm done I swear
  4. Jamo in MD one day out

    Yes , before Pyle bought Klipsch They really did buy Jamo though .
  5. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    It's worth it , You can turn these off
  6. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    Actually I think I need to replace Massive with Magnificent It's your fault you got me started with Massive
  7. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    I'm going from memory but I think MCM = Massive Concert Machine MWM = Massive Woofing Machine MSSM = Massive Sub Squalking Machine MSM= Massive Squalking Machine MTM = Massive Tweeting Macine
  8. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    3 MCM's ....Priceless The sound you will get easily exceeds the asking price of $4500 3 MCM's $3600? $1200 a Stack 3 Active Xovers $600? $200 each 2 Hip's ( I think ) $500? $250 each I would value a working stack of MCM's around $1500 a stack FWIW these appear to be in pretty good shape. Just my opinion and based on what I believe I could recoup if I needed to sell. Sound wise they are worth way more. The funny thing with these is they are hard to find if you want them and just as hard to sell when you don't Be warned they are HUGE
  9. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    From the pictures it appears to be 3 full stacks with a pair of HIP's , talk about your instant Hometheater/2Channel rig all in one I can't really tell but it looks like 2 active crossovers with maybe another 1 underneath . If you have the room ... like Woofers and Tweeters said your search will be over !
  10. You are right and if I remember correctly Hardwood floors facing a bunch of windows. I bet he's a riot to travel with ! He really had a passion for Klipsch , it saddens me that he doesn't come on the forum much anymore . I don't know him very well but I really enjoyed my visit and the couple of conversations we've had.
  11. You can get the XP on amazon for $1210 but I would certainly go with Cory as he has the presets and from what I can tell superior support
  12. I think I know who Jim is referring to. This gentleman has or has had just about every Heritage and Pro speaker made (Including the 600's and MCM's) He had a set of Jubs when I visited and I wanted to hear them but he did not have them set up which is when I found out he did not "love them" , he will probably never say it on the forum but he did mention it in person. FWIW I did hear Claudes K402's and his Danley DTS10's I was blown away by both . I have since acquired a Danley and I have a spare set of MWM's that are waiting for some K402's. I would love to hear some Jubs and I'm pretty sure I would love them but there are 2 forum members I know that don't love them. 1 owns a pair and 1 doesn't.
  13. Equifax

    I got hacked and the hackers felt so bad for me , they opened a gofundme account in my name
  14. Richard Covering the cable with the caulk is no problem. As far as burying it underground you would want underground /flooded RG6 cable and definitely not RG59 .Problem is the sat guys don't usually carry underground cable, also you want them to terminate the underground where it will enter the house as you don't want it running inside the house . They can then barrel it with in house cable . The part about no breaks in the line is BS but many installers are told this because each connection is another possible point of failure . The only real disadvantage is insertion loss (signal Strength)but that should be minimal . FWIW many installers are contractors and get a flat/piece rate regardless of how much work is required , so they have little incentive to spend extra time at an install. Be warned many will feed you a line of complete BS to make their job easier but there are many good ones as well. If you have any questions PM me . I would be happy to help or even speak with your installer directly. I have not installed sat systems but I have Contracted for all the large Cable companies(what a nightmare) and I moved on to Fiber about 4 years ago
  15. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot