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    System 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT200 rears and a Danley DTS-10 sub. Run off a HTPC with JRiver, a Sunfire Ultimate Reciever , with an Ebtech LLS-8 feeding 3 Crown K2's and a Crown K1. Using a Samsung UHD7250

    System 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S. Using an Epson 1080UB Projector.

    System 3- LSI L,R, LaScalla Center, LSI Split Rears,and a Lab12 sub
    Run off a HTPC with Jriver , Focusrite 18I20, and 3 Crown K2's

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  1. @Chris A I thought now would be a good time to Thank You for the information you regularly provide. I never comment because it's better to let them think I'm stupid than to open my mouth and prove it. Truly Do want to say thanks because even when a subject goes over my current understanding you try to make it easier for people like myself to understand. Even when I don't completely grasp the info provided , I am thinking and thus growing. There a several others here that also do this and really what a great benefit to us all ! Thanks Gary
  2. Gnote


    @jason str So sorry to hear of your loss ! My condolences to you and your family. Gary
  3. Gnote

    Did you see what I saw?

    Try living by him. I'm surprised I've got any speakers at all πŸ˜„
  4. Gnote

    Let's Go Colts!

    I'd be OK with a Chicago / Indy Superbowl again. I think we'd do much better this time. The first one was a great 30 seconds for Bears fans . LOL
  5. Gnote

    La Scala beaters in Sandusky, OH, $499

    Mean Streak was just that ....MEAN ! I love Cedar Point and almost all the rides but I hated Mean Streak , it gave me a serious headache every time.
  6. Gnote

    Rounding up all the truckers out there....

    Just invite me over and hold my beer πŸ˜„
  7. Gnote

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    She actually is just OK as guitarist and isn't the lead but will do some solo's ,she plays a Hammond B3 Organ and is excellent, but her voice is something else. I think this picture is from A VH1 Divas Concert years ago ! She did the song Paris on the guitar, then she had Ann and Nancy Wilson come on the stage and do Crazy On You. Speaking of Which Ann can sing and Grace goes toe to toe with her! I need to find that Video ! Forgot to add The Band Grace Potter ! It was Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  8. Gnote

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    She is Hot πŸ˜„ Grace is a beauty as well 😍
  9. Gnote

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    I'm surprised they have both been mentioned but Grace Potter and Lzzy Hale have fantastic and Powerful Voices.
  10. Gnote

    Finally Upgrading to Dolby Atmos!

    It will be nice to watch your progress and impressions. There isn't a lot of Atmos talk here which is why I am on the Dolby Atmos Home Users Worlwide Facebook group as well. I haven't jumped in yet as I am just in the exploration stage .As I mentioned to you on that page , there are several Klipsch Users in that group although mostly the RP Line , surprisingly several THX Ultra II users, but very few Heritage or Pro users. Looking forward to your impressions . Gary
  11. Gnote

    Jube/1802 - The Ultimate 2.1

    Congrats and way to commit πŸ˜„ Those Jubes are beautiful and I can only imagine what the 1802 is like ! @babadono pick me up on your way I'll go listen with you☺️
  12. Gnote

    Any interest in an Chigoland GTG

    June would be better for me
  13. Gnote

    Reconfigured Layout...

    Beautiful Setup !
  14. Gnote

    What Happened to Vasubandu?

    Has anyone ever seen vasubandu and BigStewMan together or at the same time ? Hmmm