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    Home Theater 1 - MCM 1900 L,C,R with KPT 200 Sides, LSI split Rears and Danley DTS10 sub.Powered by Crown 3-K2's ,3-K1's, and a CTS 8200

    Home Theater 2 - THX Ultra2 System KL650 L,C,R,LR,RR , KS525 Sides, 2- KW120 Subs with a KA1000. Run off a HTPC ,Classe SSP-300 and 2 Emotiva XPA5'S.

    2 Channel (Under construction) MWM'S with K402's and a Lab12 Sub. 2 Crown K2's and a K1. Xilica XP4080

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  1. I have some brand new K402's (not even unboxed) with K691's and I'm trying to figure out what Amp to use for them. Am I correct in believing that using a Xilica XP 4080 that a Crown D75 or D75A is almost as good of a choice as any ?
  2. I've had LaScala's, LSI's ,LSI Splits, and Belles. I ever so slightly preferred the sound of Belles but I still have 3 types of LaScala's and the Belles are long gone. Even though I preferred the Belles the sound is so close that I could not justify the cost difference .
  3. If you look he is located in Athens GA or Heaven with MCM's and Jubes
  4. Are you thinking the new NC Model ?
  5. 2 of the classiest Players
  6. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    I knew that and I want to be like @dtel 1502 would be fine but they are gone. I have watched for used K402's for years and can never find any . Knowing how much I wanted them ,Claude offered me his when he sold them but I just couldn't swing it at the time . With news of the new version coming out and what I believe will be a substantial price increase I panicked and started bugging a certain guy who will remain nameless ( @Paducah Home Theater) and asked him to order me a pair of the current version. I am very excited to say the least. Now I can start messaging that same guy every 3 months asking how much the 1802 is .
  7. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    I have not heard the KPT 942 but he did mention horn loaded and after having heard horn loaded woofers and sub woofers I'm fairly certain I would prefer the Bass from an MWM . I really haven't heard anything better . I agree with @nickyboy6100 about big Klipsch horn loaded speakers . I have 3 MCM 1900's that I'm thankful I found and they will be a part of my dream Home Theater. I was also lucky enough to receive 2 additional MWM's in that deal and they will be a part of my dream 2.1 Channel setup , that setup will be MWM's with K402's on top and a KPT-1802 HLS . I heard the K402 Horn( not sure what driver?) at @ClaudeJ1's years ago in Indy when I was buying a LAB 12 off of him and I have been dreaming of a pair ever since. @Chief bonehead that K402 has haunted me for years, Great Job ! I was first drawn to Klipsch when I encountered a pair of Khorns at a party in 1977 , I was mesmerized by PWK's masterpiece !
  8. Gnote

    MCM 1900

    @Cadillac Bill like Marvel said Welcome to the forum . MCM's are just amazing and I'm sure you are going to be very pleased with a building that size to enjoy them in .
  9. Gnote

    SCTV or SNL?

    I always enjoyed Bob and Doug McKenzie . I also enjoyed the Belushi SNL era. Do yourself a favor and watch Belushi sing with Joe Cocker.
  10. I was thinking the same thing . I have no desire to switch out any of my speakers but I would ditch all my crown amps in a heartbeat for a couple MC-8207 . I really like my Crowns but they aren't McIntosh.
  11. I was thinking used as most everything else in the system will be . They look to be around $500-$800 used. Those Parasound zone masters look very interesting. Thanks
  12. Getting ready to start putting my pro home theater together. I am trying to conserve rack space and was thinking about using a multichannel amp like a CTS 8200 to run Rear speakers (LSI splits) sides (KI 102's) and eventually ATMOS speakers (4-KPT 200's). I was wondering if anybody has used one .I would welcome any input or suggestions. I will be powering the Main's (MCM's) and Subs with Crown K2's and K1's which I mostly have already.
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