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  1. Silverton also has the distinction of the highest elevation installation of Jubilees, they play live and recorded music every day on the outdoor patio at the restaurant for our guests from the Durango&Silverton narrow-gauge Railroad.
  2. That’s funny! We live in Silverton May through October, where we operate our restaurant. Sedona is home, where we live November through April. There are about 700 year- round residents here, as my wife says, “Silverton winters are for the hearty and foolish, we are neither!” this last winter was one for the record books, well over 20 feet of snow in town, higher elevations over 50 feet!
  3. Ahh, Sedona, I miss home! Here in Silverton CO, it was 46 this morning, on the way to 70.
  4. I have said this before and still believe it is true..... To successfully launch the Jubilee as the premier home speaker will require something we have not seen yet, a state-of-the-art hf horn of a size that is between the 402 and the 510. This will overcome the size objections which would limit sales of a 402 design and overcome the performance limitations of pattern control on the 510. Development of an intermediate sized horn probably only makes sense if there is an application on the professional / theater side of the business. We can always hope! And yes, Klipsch, I would love to see that reality come to pass, and I would buy them for my home!
  5. Any updates to report on your quest?
  6. Perhaps the next museum edition feature could be a three- channel setup including a pair of Klipschorns and a matching Lascala! I have little doubt there would be a bidding war for that package.....
  7. Would love to be there for the dedication concert!
  8. That is exactly as I perceived it as well. I found that to be one of the most instructive demonstrations I have experienced.
  9. You can see how I fell for Klipschorns after growing up around pipe organs; what other speakers could render a fine pipe organ recording so well?
  10. You are correct, it takes at least two people for tuning!
  11. Each pipe has a means of adjusting its length. Open pipes have a collar or slot at the top of the pipe which allows the length to be changed, shorter to raise pitch and longer to lower pitch. The stopped pipes ( those that are closed at the top) have a device which is like a tight fitting plunger inside the top of the pipe. Pushing it further in makes the pipe effectively shorter, raising the pitch, or pulling further out will lengthen the air column, lowering the pitch. The stopped pipes play one octave lower in frequency than they would if the stopper was removed. And yes, tuning even a small pipe organ is a big project, ask me how I know!
  12. This brought back memories...... In my college days, I once took my Klipschorns out of my dorm room ( 4th floor ) using the freight elevator to a Christmas party and dance for the employees where I worked. The boss rented an Elks lodge hall for the occasion. Yes, much work for a dinner and dance party but I never forgot the SOUND! 35 foot spacing and perfect corners available for my use. And yes, everyone was in awe of the sound they heard.
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