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  1. Mid-Fi Toaster

    No no, Bose purchased Apple.... better iPhones through marketing!
  2. Another vote for Jubilees. They never fail to put a smile on my face each day, especially when used for live music. Just amazing!
  3. What would do...

    Schu- Having owned Khorns for more than 40 years and Jubes for 10 years, I’ll say this... The Klipschorn is still an excellent speaker but the Jubilee is a stellar speaker. If you cannot have a pair of each then I would chose the Jubilee, especially with the TADs. I knew this from the first time I heard them and my judgment hasn’t changed after thousands of hours of listening. p.s.- Don’t sweat the active crossover, I had my doubts but Roy made a believer out of me. There’s no going back now, easy to master and sooo flexible.
  4. La Scala and LS Industrial

    It appears the early Lascala pair from Seattle is the standard 15” woofer bass horn rather than the “runt” version with a 12” woofer.
  5. Those are the earliest production LaScalas I have ever seen. - original version casting of the k-400 midrange horn - original bass horn design with side mounted woofer access door - front mounting board for K-400 and K-77 without upper cabinet structure which was developed later I wonder where these spent their life?
  6. Happy Birthday Travis

    Hope you are having a great day. Bill W.
  7. I'm still waiting on the 1203!
  8. Jubilees' = Heritage?

    I'm picturing products for a "Supremacy Series" that are dressed-up versions of specific professional line products, including the Jubilee. All of the Heritage series products were available as decorator models (except for Belle Klipsch). This is the same in reverse. I know Klipsch isn't in the design and installation business, there are many companies that provide these services especially in metropolitan areas.
  9. Jubilees' = Heritage?

    I see what some people spend on high-end kitchens for their homes with the highest quality commercial kitchen appliances. Perhaps the time is right for the same support in home theatre and high-end home audio design and installation services. What if Klipsch created a product line to fulfill the very highest level of specification for the ultimate home installations, professional, adapted for home? Call it Klipsch Supremacy series!
  10. Margin and markup are not the same thing. Example: $5.00 cost/$10.00 retail is 50% margin and a 100% markup.
  11. Welcome!

    This section has the potential to become my favorite very quickly- I am looking forward to what will be posted here!
  12. When Did We Become So Wimpy On The Forum?

    Soooo- how can we help?
  13. AA networks...

    I would love to hear Roy's description of the development and evaluation process for crossover networks and speaker voicing. When the decision was made to develop the AK-4 to replace the AK-3 it seems to have represented a significant change in how the crossover network is used to balance more attributes of the speaker system performance. In the case of the AK-4 and AL-4 being developed for existing systems, how many people were involved in the evaluation process, what are the discussions like, how closely does everyone agree before crossover voicing specs get locked in?
  14. Genesis of the KHMA

    I am so glad to see the level of dedication and support that each of you are investing to bring this about. I will be happy to support the effort financially when the non-profit status becomes official. Looking forward to updates as they are posted.