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  1. Would love to be there for the dedication concert!
  2. That is exactly as I perceived it as well. I found that to be one of the most instructive demonstrations I have experienced.
  3. You can see how I fell for Klipschorns after growing up around pipe organs; what other speakers could render a fine pipe organ recording so well?
  4. You are correct, it takes at least two people for tuning!
  5. Each pipe has a means of adjusting its length. Open pipes have a collar or slot at the top of the pipe which allows the length to be changed, shorter to raise pitch and longer to lower pitch. The stopped pipes ( those that are closed at the top) have a device which is like a tight fitting plunger inside the top of the pipe. Pushing it further in makes the pipe effectively shorter, raising the pitch, or pulling further out will lengthen the air column, lowering the pitch. The stopped pipes play one octave lower in frequency than they would if the stopper was removed. And yes, tuning even a small pipe organ is a big project, ask me how I know!
  6. This brought back memories...... In my college days, I once took my Klipschorns out of my dorm room ( 4th floor ) using the freight elevator to a Christmas party and dance for the employees where I worked. The boss rented an Elks lodge hall for the occasion. Yes, much work for a dinner and dance party but I never forgot the SOUND! 35 foot spacing and perfect corners available for my use. And yes, everyone was in awe of the sound they heard.
  7. I’m hoping to finally make it this year with my wife.
  8. Better late than never...Many people allow their biases to decide for them, I prefer to let my ears do that for me!
  9. The autoformer is at the factory setting for the HIE.
  10. I don’t think he’s heard the Jubilees..... If he had, I am sure he would have something to say.... Hmmmm maybe that can be arranged!
  11. We demo the Jubilees in Silverton Colorado at Natalia’s Restaurant on the outdoor patio. Used for live performances and recorded music May through October. Really an outstanding speaker system for outdoor applications and incredible dynamics for live performances.
  12. Thanks for checking, that seems to be consistent with the cabinets that I have.
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