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  1. Bill W.

    Jubilees on eBay

    The ad was pulled due to an “ error in the listing”
  2. You are correct.... Remove the four wing nuts and the retaining bars and disconnect the woofer cable from the woofer door terminal. The woofer and motor board are removed as a unit. There may be gasket material between the front of the motor board and the throat area. Be gentle but persistent when working this off.
  3. I would love to hear one of those to understand their capabilities, seems like a groundbreaking achievement in their day.
  4. Ha! They say patience is a virtue but I’m not feeling too virtuous....
  5. Agreed, really looking forward to what is coming. Those of us who attended the demo events recognize the remarkable performance gains that have been achieved.
  6. Superior performance characteristics of response, range and output along with tight manufacturing tolerances for the Celestion tweeter. The horn assembly is a Klipsch tractrix profile.
  7. Dean, I have seen the one in the engineering lab in Hope and yes, they use it. How else could they know how a horn itself measures without also knowing the driver’s plane-wave raw response? (driver+horn) - driver = horn
  8. I think this is event is not to be missed... I already cleared my schedule!
  9. There has been a lot of discussion here about the impressive performance of these new subwoofers. We often focus on specific features or characteristics when describing the differences in gear in order to convey what we have experienced to others who were not there. While listening to these, I had two distinct experiences. First, I was struck by how each set of speakers used in the demo seemed to “scale up” when paired with the respective subwoofer, even though the speaker spacing and room did not change. It just felt like a grand performance. The second experience really caught my attention, I was not expecting this. The demonstration with the large and extra large subs with the La Scalas was beyond impressive. The sound was so cohesive that there were no clues that there were multiple sources of bass, all of the music came through this way. There is something about providing that lowest frequency content cleanly that adds unexpected realism to the performance. I spent some time with my eyes closed to confirm what I was hearing without the visual clues in the room. For me, this was the best reproduction I have ever heard in the lab listening room. Surprise Bottom Line = The results are far greater than the sum of the parts
  10. Years ago, PWK published some papers on his measurements of amplitude and frequency modulation distortion in loudspeakers and described the resulting sound characteristics of each type. He also described the effect of increased levels of audible distortion in loudspeakers as having a masking effect, resulting in a loss of clarity. He called it the “Mud Index” and proposed ranking speakers on a scale based on their Modulation Distortion measurements. Speakers with higher levels of M.D. would score worse in the mud index. As to the new Klipsch subwoofers, There ain’t no mud to be found, even when loud!!!
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