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  1. Here’s a solution.... just make that first batch as decorator models until the veneer shows up 😉😉😉
  2. Travis, this horticulture graduate gets your clue......
  3. There will be a lot more “heard’s” following this event, I am looking forward to the discussions that will arise from the demonstrations!
  4. What he said.... I was there too!
  5. Great room is 24’x42’ with a ceiling of 5.0 pitch side-to-side, height from 8’6” to 18’6”. K-horns are on the 24’ wall with a Belle center-channel
  6. Exactly right... heard a setup like this at a live concert two weeks ago at the Paul W. Klipsch auditorium in Hope AR. Outstanding performance with two La Scalas and one kpt-1802, there was absolutely nothing missing, hearing is believing!
  7. I think the Jubilee is destined to really stir things up in the audio world starting next year, this is going to get interesting!
  8. I have reached the same conclusion with numerous placement experiments with the Jubilees at our restaurant. Smooth walls or no walls provides excellent results. Once you experience what happens when there are no problems acoustically, it is easy to hear the problems that result from something that messes with the sound stage.
  9. Thank you for the gift of great sound! You were willing to do the heavy lifting to advance the art and science of sound reproduction, we are forever grateful for your contributions!
  10. I did make some risers to lift the speakers off the patio surface about 2”. This keeps moisture away from the bottom of the bass horns, especially when it is snowing. There are no castors on them however.
  11. Travis, I have some of those furniture dollies that are sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They work just fine for moving the Jubes around the shop or the dining room.
  12. The Jubilees are moved safely and easily with a simple two wheel hand cart. I just slip it underneath and rock it backward, then it can be moved as a single unit, top and bottom. I know I am not typical, I have worked in the supermarket industry for most of my career, unloading semi-trucks and handling heavy freight. For me, these are easy.
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