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  1. Steve Guttenburg has now released his full review of the Cornwall IV.
  2. I will add something to the comments Chris made..... Having spent considerable time with both Jubilees and Khorns, there are important differences between the systems that directly influence placement choices. By design, the Khorn has a fairly pronounced on-axis output in the upper midrange. This is easily heard on K-400 horns with a crossover at 6000 Hz like the AA. This characteristic, coupled with the natural 45 degree toe-in of these speakers when placed in corners gives the optimum playback geometry when placed on the longer wall in many rooms because the listener experiences less lateral shift in the playback image over a range of listener locations in the room. The use of the long wall puts the listener more nearly on axis for most listening positions. For the Jubilees, the radiation is very even in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The result is a speaker which is more suited to experimentation for optimizing the imaging and depth of sound field. I have found that I prefer less toe-in than the Khorns, usually about 30 degrees, depending on the depth of the room, and set inbound slightly from the side walls to reduce early reflections arising from a shallower toe-in. I did an experiment with placing the Jubilees about 10 feet apart, no toe in, 8 feet from back and side walls, in a room that is about 25 feet wide and 65 feet deep with a 13 foot ceiling and good acoustics. The playback of most anything I listened to was so good it was spooky, even at distances of 50 feet. Despite the loss of the lowest octave of bass by being out of the corners, the sound seemed totally real, not reproduced from speakers. Feel free to experiment, you will find that they are different animals, allowing more latitude in placement than Khorns for all the reasons stated. Have fun and learn from your experiences!
  3. Crazy, I was a few blocks away from there all last week while visiting family in Beaverton. I would have enjoyed seeing and hearing them!
  4. Just what I expected you to say!
  5. Chris, your comments and description of minimum spacing and listening distance are spot-on. This has been my experience as well over the last 12 years.
  6. I noticed that too.... I have no doubt that Roy found another way to address that issue so that it’s a non-issue!
  7. I have found it relatively easy to move Jubilees between venues without damage, perhaps 30 moves over 12 years all without damage. A good, wide-wheelbase two-wheel hand truck is very useful to do this safely.
  8. Or, the Corvette is the Cornwall of cars......
  9. I think the tractrix flare improves the flow efficiency, allowing the port tuning frequency to be more stable over a wider output range.
  10. At various times, Roy has talked about the importance of matching the polar pattern of each driver in the crossover region to make the transition as seamless as possible. I suspect that was a key element in the choice here.
  11. I wonder about that bread........
  12. Why not look at applying isolation to the attachment points at the top of the structure where the fenders attach to the upright supports and not at the axle attachment points. Seems you will achieve most of the vibration control with far less effort.
  13. HDBRbuilder, which of the techniques you described was used to fabricate the Palladium speakers? It seems likely Klipsch would use the method they have already perfected and have experience with.
  14. Great to see a very positive review of this latest version of the LaScala, much- deserved and well written. Great work on this, Roy!
  15. They were made from an early form of fiberglass, laid up on a form. Very labor intensive.
  16. I think it is an optical illusion from the reflection of the flash. Properly aligned with no overhang.
  17. The K-5-J horn does not measure as well as the K-400, it’s bandwidth and FR don’t look as good, but many people prefer its sound. The polar response in the horizontal plane is outstanding, especially considering the era this horn is from. I love listening to this one....use it in a CornScala configuration, very natural sounding!
  18. One of my favorite Bach compositions for organ! I will play this through the Jubilees on the patio after we close. Thank you Chris
  19. Yes open May through October, closed in winter. We have been trying to make the pilgrimage, always have schedule conflicts if the event is too late on the calendar. You are right, no Jubilee pictures on the website, guess I have to fix that! (Don’t tell Coytee, he will probably faint if he sees pictures after all this time)
  20. That was such a great event! I learned a lot and met some great people as well. Hope we can do it again! Coytee, good memory! After 12 years, the Jubs still get a workout every day on the patio with live and recorded music. They look and sound like new, a testament to their design and construction quality. We are really glad Klipsch built them in marine - grade plywood for us.
  21. Silverton also has the distinction of the highest elevation installation of Jubilees, they play live and recorded music every day on the outdoor patio at the restaurant for our guests from the Durango&Silverton narrow-gauge Railroad.
  22. That’s funny! We live in Silverton May through October, where we operate our restaurant. Sedona is home, where we live November through April. There are about 700 year- round residents here, as my wife says, “Silverton winters are for the hearty and foolish, we are neither!” this last winter was one for the record books, well over 20 feet of snow in town, higher elevations over 50 feet!
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