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  1. I have reached the same conclusion with numerous placement experiments with the Jubilees at our restaurant. Smooth walls or no walls provides excellent results. Once you experience what happens when there are no problems acoustically, it is easy to hear the problems that result from something that messes with the sound stage.
  2. Thank you for the gift of great sound! You were willing to do the heavy lifting to advance the art and science of sound reproduction, we are forever grateful for your contributions!
  3. I did make some risers to lift the speakers off the patio surface about 2”. This keeps moisture away from the bottom of the bass horns, especially when it is snowing. There are no castors on them however.
  4. Travis, I have some of those furniture dollies that are sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They work just fine for moving the Jubes around the shop or the dining room.
  5. The Jubilees are moved safely and easily with a simple two wheel hand cart. I just slip it underneath and rock it backward, then it can be moved as a single unit, top and bottom. I know I am not typical, I have worked in the supermarket industry for most of my career, unloading semi-trucks and handling heavy freight. For me, these are easy.
  6. Inside the Klipsch Education Center at the Hope AR airport
  7. I think you should consider this business model as a franchise model, expandable to all markets that can support the product lines that should be represented. This could go along way toward connecting manufacturers with customers in a new and innovative way, reintroducing high-performance audio to a motivated customer base. The VRBO concept is the new, novel twist that can make this work financially. What a great idea!
  8. Snowing in Sedona AZ today....
  9. Rest In Peace Bob, my condolences to the family.
  10. Within this listing is the publication “High Fidelity”. The December 1963 edition has a review of Klipschorns with a center- channel Cornwall as a three channel system. Very highly regarded in the review, excerpts of this were used in Klipsch literature for many years.
  11. You first! Oh wait, you have already done that haven’t you?😉
  12. Klipschorn, style B, oiled walnut, built in 1978
  13. I sure hope so, it’s time for Klipsch to make more waves and shake up the audio world. People will need to be able to SEE and HEAR what the buzz is about!
  14. Roy doesn’t seem to be taking the bait, maybe the bass are busy taking his bait!😉
  15. Very attractive setting!
  16. Steve Guttenburg has now released his full review of the Cornwall IV.
  17. I will add something to the comments Chris made..... Having spent considerable time with both Jubilees and Khorns, there are important differences between the systems that directly influence placement choices. By design, the Khorn has a fairly pronounced on-axis output in the upper midrange. This is easily heard on K-400 horns with a crossover at 6000 Hz like the AA. This characteristic, coupled with the natural 45 degree toe-in of these speakers when placed in corners gives the optimum playback geometry when placed on the longer wall in many rooms because the listener experiences less lateral shift in the playback image over a range of listener locations in the room. The use of the long wall puts the listener more nearly on axis for most listening positions. For the Jubilees, the radiation is very even in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The result is a speaker which is more suited to experimentation for optimizing the imaging and depth of sound field. I have found that I prefer less toe-in than the Khorns, usually about 30 degrees, depending on the depth of the room, and set inbound slightly from the side walls to reduce early reflections arising from a shallower toe-in. I did an experiment with placing the Jubilees about 10 feet apart, no toe in, 8 feet from back and side walls, in a room that is about 25 feet wide and 65 feet deep with a 13 foot ceiling and good acoustics. The playback of most anything I listened to was so good it was spooky, even at distances of 50 feet. Despite the loss of the lowest octave of bass by being out of the corners, the sound seemed totally real, not reproduced from speakers. Feel free to experiment, you will find that they are different animals, allowing more latitude in placement than Khorns for all the reasons stated. Have fun and learn from your experiences!
  18. Crazy, I was a few blocks away from there all last week while visiting family in Beaverton. I would have enjoyed seeing and hearing them!
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