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  1. Yup Pretty soon Klipsch will also be making 8 tracks and cassette decks
  2. Thanks I also have a set of Logitech Z-2300's and the light on them is at least twice as bright as the Pro-Media's but at least Logitech learned because the light on their next TOTL system, the Z-623 (which i also have), is half as bright. The Z-2300 light is so bright i got a tan from it. I get the feeling you like Klipsch.
  3. I have the latest ProMedia system and there is no power switch anywhere and even turning the volume all the way down doesn't do it. I ******* hate turning it on or off because every time i do, i get a sudden power surge which always makes me cringe so i'm sure you're just supposed to leave it on. Also, the green light on my control pod never changes color.
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