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  1. wanted to check in with an update... finally got those polyester caps in the correct values and installed on homebrew type AA crossovers. The difference was very apparent right away. But it took awhile to start processing what the differences were that I was hearing from the ALK universal XO's. And now it's impossible not to hear the difference between the two. I have gone back and forth twice between the two and its amazing how subtle, and yet striking, the difference is. The ALK's are more transparent than the AA's with a very clear top end and mid section. The AA's seem to me to be a more lively feel to them, more of the band in the room thing. They were warmer, and though a little less articulate than the ALK's, the AA's just have a very pleasant and fun sound. And I swear the AA's gave more bass... though maybe thats just me. The ALK's were very articulate and clear. The differences between the two remind me of my experience rolling 12AX7 driver tubes in my integrated amp recently. The AA's are like the Mullards, warm and luscious and the ALK's are more like the Telefunken's with a sweet clear tone. I guess the AA's ended up being just what I hoped they would be... kind of more of that vintage hifi thing compared to the ALK's. But there is no clear winner... really like them both for different reasons and my favorite XO's are the one ones I'm listening to at the time. I guess I'll go back and forth for awhile, happily. Might start looking at the tweeter upgrade now... never ending. thanks for all the help!
  2. Hey KT88, you are correct... the poly 2uF and 13uF caps available from Jem are out of stock for the time being. I did end up ordering the same caps you referenced earlier in the thread, Nichicon 2.2uF and 2 x 6.uF Kemet poly caps. still need to wire up the AA xo's... been working hard to complete an outdoor pizza oven build before it gets too cold!
  3. thanks Rolox... I figured as much. I know it is odd to go from upgrade to stock. I guess it's hard for me to appreciate the upgrade since I only know the upgrade. I just have to know what stock sounds like. I guess I'll update, but the source for the correct value poly caps is out of stock until late September, so I should have those on order soon. I will for sure report back.
  4. Hey Jimbo... do you happen to have any autotransformers? I need something for the T2A... ready to order the 3654 from crites but if you have a something of the like that will work in the AA xo's then I'd love to work a deal with you.
  5. I see that now... have been looking at blown up pics of this XO and can see it now. so it looks like I can use a bare solid 20ish awg wire to connect the negative terminals with the wire going under the positive leads.... right?
  6. as I've said I really like the ALK's with my LS's. I'm just very curious about the more stock sound. I've got all my components for the AA's... just need to get the time to sit down and do some soldering. Excited to hear the (subtle) difference in sound with the AA xo's. I'll probably end up modding them to try the type A too.
  7. that's great... I'll pay shipping!
  8. See the wire in the pic below that is wired to the input #1 terminal through the Squawker terminals... doesn't look like as though it is hooked up to the tweeter terminals. I noticed here and looked around and see that it is on pretty much all Type AA XO's.
  9. Another question about the XO's... never noticed until now that the terminal strip has a bare wire that daisy chained to all of the terminals. Why is this?
  10. thanks Hanks! we'll I already ordered the .4mh inductors so I guess I will give it a try if the midrange is too much. thanks again!
  11. I'm kind of feel his pain. But then again, no one ever gave me any nice tubes for my amps so ce la vie!
  12. Hey Ernie, I get that... in your scenario I could see the JJ's working out great. In my personal system, I am getting to the point that I want different tubes for different music I listen to... one trick ponies indeed. And I look a lot of the tricks!
  13. Got all my Caps... thanks KT88. I ordered the same caps you mentioned. However, I have 2 copies of the TYPE AA schematic but there is a difference between the two. One has a .4mh inductor on the squawker and the other doesn't. The drawings are identical except for this one detail (and the zener's). Should the AA have a .4mh inductor or not?
  14. This is a very good way to explain initial reaction to the mullard. Loves the sound, but was too keyed on the differences from the amperex to fully enjoy. I will definitely be spending a few weeks listening to the mullard to be sure I am being as objective as possible. I’m no tube snob, only recently got into NOS, but I have never had luck with the JJs in any application, guitar or hifi. They aren’t bad, just very good and always leave me wanting more.
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