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  1. sootshe

    RIP Chick Corea

    Can't believe we have lost another one of the greats! One of my all time favourites & a leader of some of the best fusion bands of the 70's....he changed the way I listened to music!
  2. I have used the 511 horn in quite a few applications, including with a few Klipsch speakers (Bell, LS) & I found it far superior to the standard factory horns. The 511 is a much better sounding horn than the 811......a lot more open & less fatiguing. I think you will find it to be a big step forward for your CW's. In terms of the ringing associated with the 511....yes, it does exhibit a fair amount of ringing but can be tamed quite successfully & then it becomes a very smooth & open sounding component. All sorts of things have been tried to reduce the ringing, but I took the advice of one of the old Altec guru's Jim Dickenson, which was paint & sand & I quote below. "Layers of latex paint and sand. I've done it to all my horns, 511's and 811's and it works beautifully. Best done on a hot day, or with a heat lamp. Any latex paint will do. Glop on a layer of paint, then follow with sand. I made a salt shaker out of a jar with holes in the lid. Let it dry between coats. It takes about 6 coats. Dead like wood when done. And it's cheap!" This process really works well.....you can put on as many coats as you like & by the time you've finished they will be noticeably heavier & as dead as a door nail. The only downside is that after this process they won't look very pretty, but usually the horns are mounted inside a box of some sort. If you want an unbiased opinion on the sound of this horn I suggest you visit the Altec Users Board.....https://www.hostboard.com/forums/f700/altec-users-board.html No changes necessary to your crossover....they will work just fine.
  3. So sad to hear the news & our thoughts & prayers are with your family. Bob helped me on a few projects & his experience & knowledge was invaluable. Such a helpful & thoughtful guy. He will be missed by all.
  4. Copies of whatever you want......no affiliation. Why would anyone pay any more!! https://weiliangaudio.aliexpress.com/store/group/Power-amplifier/331129_511464061.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.0.0.26cab6feKVjG3C
  5. Just saying....if one's MDF & the others birch, they will definitely sound different. Enjoy the update.
  6. No resistance here......whatever floats your boat. & I won't get into the caps debate either.....just that my experience & ears tell me that a better quality cap 100% of the time sounds better. You can tailor the sound of your speaker, in other words, change the voicing, with different types of caps. I suppose my issue is that how can you legitimately install $10 caps into a potentially $30K speaker & not hear the difference between that & a better quality cap. My thoughts are exactly the same for the drivers & horns used in these speakers, particularly the LS & K Horn. Everyone is hiding behind the elephant in the room in that PWK says & I quote from a Klipsch brochure from times gone by......" If driver units (& horns) were available which are superior to the ones we use, we would readily substitute them"....the irony is that they are still using them nearly 40 years later. Don't get me wrong, if you love the sound of your stock heritage speaker....well done. If you want your speaker to remain just like the original ....great! To me, it appears that Klipsch don't want to change the voicing of the heritage series at all from what it sounded like 40 years ago. That's their decision. But for those who want to realise the full potential of what PWK designed there are sooo many things to choose from. For me, the Klipsch sound, the Klipsch heritage & the heart of PWK is in the design of the bass bins. No-one has ever been able to compete with that. When you combine that with better quality mid & tweeter sections & an appropriate crossover, then they truly are world class sounding. I've always thought that Klipsch should offer two ranges of heritage series. A standard series and an updated heritage line, using modern drivers, updated crossovers, etc. These would be giant killers & would compete with any top end speaker brand out there. When I think about it, they probably wouldn't sell many of the standard series compared to the updated series. Hope this isn't too far off topic & trying not to offend anyone. document.pdf
  7. Are you saying one speaker is built from "Birch ply" & the other from some other material - or that they are both birch & one of them is painted black???
  8. One of your previous posts claims you added gasket material to the mid & tweeter drivers to prevent any cabinet air leakage. If that was occurring then this is going to seriously alter the sound a lot more than a capacitor issue.
  9. "In addition to replacing the capacitors, I added Parts Express foam speaker gasket at the edges of the midrange and tweeter horns to help seal the cabinet better. Also, as I was working on the network, I noticed a fair amount of corrosion around the screws on the opposite side of where you plug the drivers in to. At the very least, if you don't feel you need to replace anything in your network, unscrew and tighten all the screws a few times to help everything have a better contact." Hardly a true comparison when you have altered other parameters as well as the new caps. Not saying these caps aren't worth the effort, but you need to change only one component to evaluate the effectiveness of that component, otherwise there's too many variables.
  10. I've had both & to me there was no choice.....the A55 was definitely better....smoother, less peaky, more open sounding. The dual phase plug K55 is no slouch though & would the one to go for above all the other Klipsch/EV variants.
  11. I've had La Scala's.....Nineteens....amongst others. If you're talking stock, then the 19's are a clear winner. Much more balanced sound & nowhere near as aggressive as the LS. The 19's have a more extended bottom end, but the LS are quicker in the bass. You will find the bass of the LS a more "woody, dry" sound, where the 19's are more tuneful, fuller & warmer. Horses for courses. They will both improve with mods. The 19's will need a cap upgrade to the crossovers & dampening of the 811 horns. After this they will sound....very good. The LS will need more work to bring them to life. Crossover upgrade....mid horn upgrade..... & they would benefit greatly from the addition of a sub. Depends on how much work you are prepared to do. Would they then be better than 19's??? Hard to say....in my opinion, they would both be fine speakers, but just a different flavour. I don't think anyone who wants LS would want a pair of 19's & vice versa. You really need to listen to them both & see what flavour you prefer before you jump in the deep end. Of course lots of people just love the LS just the way they are. Personally I can't listen to them as stock. Good luck with you project.
  12. Yes, that was my goal....to retain the look of the original, but with a modern updated sound. I have to say that the sound of these far outweighs my expectations. I have used quite a few top end manufactured speakers, as well as other DIY builds, including JBL, Altec & top of the line Sonus Faber & these are altogether in another league. Well maybe that's not quite a fair comparison as with these speakers I'm using different electronics than I used with my other setups & it truly is the sum of the parts. My current combination seems to come together beautifully & gives me the sound that I want to hear. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments & I've enjoyed sharing this project with you all.
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