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  1. I haven't been able to weigh them, but I'm guessing somewhere between 60-80Kgs each. Certainly a 2 person lift just on their own without the top hat section.
  2. Final coat is "Hammered Copper", which will blend nicely with the silky oak veneer. This is 3rd coat......will let these dry overnight & do a final coat tomorrow.
  3. After 3 coats of undercoat & some light sanding.
  4. Preparing the horns for painting.
  5. Bass bins are all done....here they are in the room. I've hooked them up just playing a full range signal & you can tell they are going to be great. Next job is to complete the mid horns.
  6. First coat of clear lacquer on the bass bins.....you can see the difference from the one yet to be done. A quick sand & another 2 coats & these babies will be finished.
  7. A little more progress today on the crossovers. If you're wondering what the tag strip is on the left? I've taken lead wires from all the terminals on the autoformer & wired them to the tag strip, so that when I want to adjust the mid level I can access it very easily. By doing this I can change just 2 wires & get different levels of attenuation. Got some neat little "Turret Terminals" for the solder connection joins. Still need to trim all these wires & solder everything in place.
  8. Thanks Paul.....yes looking forward to hearing them.
  9. I haven't seen this before, but was aware of needing to place the inductors correctly. Are you just posting this for reference or are you suggesting there's something wrong with the inductor placement?
  10. Having a break from the bass cabs for a while, as we are coming into a heat wave. Tomorrow will be 37 deg C & then a couple more days in the mid 30's. On the last leg of those at the moment....just need a bit of sanding & then the final coats of clear lacquer. It's a good time to work inside, so have started on the crossovers. Made some boards from some scrap 18mm birch, clear lacquered. This is the layout & will begin assembling tomorrow. Have all the components apart from the 2.4 inductors, which will be Mundorf vacuum impregnated. I ordered these about 3 months ago & am still waiting for them to arrive, but the distributor says they shouldn't be too far away. Also coming with these are the Mundorf Supreme resistors. My electrical skills aren't as good as my carpentry skills so will be taking my time with these.
  11. Got the other bass bin veneered today & then cut some 4mm edge strips from Tassie Oak for the front edging. This is glued on with wood glue & held with tape for 24 hours until dry. Once the glue is dry this will be as strong as if nailed.
  12. Hi Jorjen, Yes, I already have all the drivers so can't take you up on your offer. Hope they find a good home.
  13. So today I got one of the bass bins veneered on the outside, just need to do the front edges. Will tackle the other bin tomorrow. I love the look of this particular oak veneer.
  14. Fitted the bases for the bass bins today.....external veneer tomorrow.
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