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  1. Ahhhhh....too many options! They are a work of art though....very nice. I'm on the last leg of my journey & have been through active systems before & am now simplifying things. I now run an integrated amp & just need some big friendly fellas that can loaf along without any fuss & not have a room full of cables. It's all fun though.
  2. I see the ALK Jnr uses 2.5mH & the 40uf cap. It adds a .2mH for the squawker to stop it running full range & has different value caps & inductors for the tweeter section.
  3. Oh, I see. Thanks. The Belle will go nicely up to 5 or 600Hz with the Crites woofers, so will choose one of those crossover points. Does the inductor stay the same at 2.5mH?
  4. Here's a link to the La Scalas I built....I think the original build thread is a bit too old....I couldn't find it, but this will give you an idea.
  5. I'm building a set of Belles. Mid horn & driver will be either the Elliptrac 400 or the Fastrac with the A55G driver, so crossover can be say, 500 or 600Hz. Something like either of the attached.
  6. Thanks so much Mike....sorry I'm a bit lame on the heavy technical stuff, but I do have a reasonable grasp of some of these things. I will go with the 48Uf version & the 3636 as that's what I'm familiar with from building & using ALK uni's & AP12-500's. Thanks so much again for clarifying.
  7. I'd like to keep the 13uf cap rather than going to a 40uf, cap as it keeps the cost down. So are you saying in this scenario, I can't change the squawker level....that it has to be just one particular setting?? So if I change the cap value to 48uf & put the 10ohm resistor in, I can use any tap I want....like in the ALK design?? & in all these scenarios can I use the 3636 auto former??
  8. Thanks for that...but my question relates to the adjustment of the autoformer to reduce the mid level. In the ALK designs there is a resistor across the autoformer that I have read is required to enable you to adjust the auto former levels. It connects to the taps of the auto former. Is this required for this type AA crossover design? See attached pic of ALK uni.....& there's a resistor across the auto former of the ALK Jnr as well. .
  9. Yes.... a bit confusing. If I remember rightly they were saying you need the resistor to enable you to adjust the autoformer to it’s different values. Thanks
  10. I’d like to do some in a natural timber finish. Have emailed Dave to see what he can do.
  11. Thanks...... yes, I’ve built a couple of pairs before, but the end result is worth it.
  12. Researching a build of the type AA & from what I can gather, when you use the auto former you should have the resistor attached to it. Attached is the schematic & I can't see any resistor attached to the auto former. Am I correct in that you can substitute a 3636 for the T2A? & should there be a resistor added to this schematic? Attached are some photos of DeanG builds that I want to replicate & I don't see any resistor there either.
  13. Does Dave Harris still do the Elliptrac horns? Tried searching for his Fastlane Audio site but found no results.
  14. Here you go...Belle_LATEST.pdf LaScala11.pdf
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