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    extracting the best possible sound from single ended tube amps using modestly priced designs and tubes.
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    Currently using RF-15s in a small room, near-field, arrangement and driven by low power SETs. The soundstage is enormous, and the musical involvement beyond anything previously experienced.

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  1. tube fanatic

    Who restored your eico?

    I'm extremely familiar with Eico amps (as well as their test and ham equipment) and have promoted them as a good value going back to when they were new. The power transformers used were designed for a typical line voltage of 117 and running them at 120 is not an issue. In fact, I have never had to replace one. Regarding the power switch being on the treble control, that has not been much of an issue either (incorporating the switch on a tone or volume control was often seen back in those days). The carbon pots generally encountered in vintage equipment were quite good and probably had a rotation life of 50k or more. Those which have become a bit scratchy due to moisture exposure during long storage periods can often be restored with a little Deoxit. I have rarely had to replace an Eico resistor due to its value being out of spec unless the unit was stored under adverse conditions. And, so on. The decision to replace components which are working fine is a personal one and, if you consider it a good value, then it's worth it. You need not satisfy anyone but yourself as you stated. Has your amp had any work done on it? If not, some of the sound characteristics which you like may be due to significant drifting in some capacitor values. Replacing them per original spec may change that. I've had some cases where I had to measure the value of such caps and replace them with the same value (in spite of it being different from what was specified) to keep the owner happy. In any event, good luck with your search for someone to do this work. Have you asked for advice on DIY Audio? Some very qualified guys hang out on there. Maynard
  2. tube fanatic


    At meetings of the local medical society there is never discussion about quality of care. Rather, it's all about how to bill for maximum reimbursement. Recent visit to the ENT doc to have my wax cleaned out (10 minutes using forceps)- bill to insurance company: $147 for office visit and $498 for "surgery." Even if he is paid 50% of that amount it is still absurd. This is happening more and more with the younger practitioners who are in the profession for the money and little else. My ENT doc friend retired last year at age 74. He billed for the same service as a minimal office visit. Schu, why weren't you just put on Keflex for 14 days and told to do hot soaks before going to the extreme? I don't want to get started on what hospitals are getting away with in terms of their billing. Maynard
  3. tube fanatic

    Who restored your eico?

    Why do you want this amp totally rebuilt from scratch? Unless it has been trashed, there's no need for such extensive restoration and the cost of doing so is so high as to be ridiculous. You could buy a good new amp for less. Resistors, sockets, power/output transformers, etc. are not normally replaced unless there is a reason. Why do you want the on/off switch moved? Maynard
  4. tube fanatic

    KG4 with low power tube amp

    I'm not familiar with the app so I can't tell you if it is accurate or not. Some guys use calibrated mikes like this: https://www.amazon.com/Dayton-Audio-iMM-6-Calibrated-Measurement/dp/B00ADR2B84/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523035631&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=dayton+calibration+mic If your maximum spl is around 80 db @ 9 feet, you are now in the territory for very low power. I'd go for a bit more power than 1 watt, and a good contender is one of the Decware Zen Triode units. They are within your budget, are returnable if you are dissatisfied, come with a lifetime warranty, and are made in the USA (if you buy one, tell Deckert to send me a commission ☺️). Seriously though, they are excellent amps and are rarely seen on the used market. You can even call Steve and discuss your needs with him before ordering to verify that the power output would be satisfactory. Also, for jazz/blues/instrumental music I personally find SETs to offer a very immersive experience. http://www.decware.com/newsite/homepage.html Maynard
  5. tube fanatic

    KG4 with low power tube amp

    Irrespective of other factors, the 12 foot listening distance precludes going with only 1 wpc unless your listening levels are fairly low. By chance, have you taken a sound pressure level reading at your listening position to get an idea of how loudly you are listening? Of course, if you are typically listening at background levels in the low 60 db range, for example, 1 wpc would cover the bases and would allow peaks into the low 80 db range. Going to around 4 wpc would allow a few db more headroom. Do you have the flexibility to change the distance at which you listen? That could possibly open up some possibilities. Alternatively, you could buy a decent Chinese amp (check out the offerings from Yaqin) with fairly considerable power output for far less than your maximum budget or, for around your budget, go with a Dynaclone from Bob Latino either of which would have enough power to crack the drywall. Maynard
  6. tube fanatic

    KG4 with 1 wpc amp

    Yes!!! And, depending on your listening requirements, it can be more than enough power. In addition, you need not spend anything even close to your maximum budget to achieve excellent performance. Definitely consider posting this question in the Talkin' Tubes section of the forum along with answers to the questions that Gary asked you above. I'll try to check in this afternoon to provide some perspectives for you to consider. Where are you located? Maynard
  7. tube fanatic

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    I can't comment on new production tubes as I don't use them. However, a very important factor which affects even the most robust of NOS tubes is excessive filament voltage. I strongly recommend that you measure the latter. Depending on your line voltage you may find out that 6.3V tubes are receiving as much as 7V (or more) which exceeds the usual 10% overvoltage margin. If the voltage is found to be too high, a variac can be used to get voltages back into a more normal range. Vintage equipment was often claimed to work fine at a line voltage of 105 to 125. But remember that back in the day tubes were cheap and manufacturers didn't care much if they had to be replaced on a more frequent basis. Maynard
  8. tube fanatic

    Do you want a high power tube amp?

    Here you are: https://www.stereophile.com/content/doshi-audio-monoblock-v30-power-amplifier Maynard
  9. Every so often I'm asked for a recommendation for a simple, easy to build, tube amp kit which is suitable for a beginner (of course you need to know how to solder). Bottlehead offers some amps which are highly regarded, but I just found out that the Spud Kit is still available. This amp has been around for quite a few years and, I believe, is based on a circuit by designer Jef Larsen when he operated Abraxas Audio. It's definitely worth a look if you are thinking about trying out a flea power tube amp as many rave about its sound: http://spudkit.com/ Maynard
  10. tube fanatic

    Best Tube amp under $1500 for vintage Lascala

    Although I don't like push-pull amps, I agree with the above for your particular application. For the money, you can't beat Bob Latino's offerings if you want to go with something brand new: http://www.tubes4hifi.com/bob.htm#ST120 I think one is available in the Garage Sale section of the forum. If you decide to go with vintage, Eico made some really terrific amps like the HF-89. You may be able to find one which has been professionally restored for under $1k. Maynard
  11. tube fanatic

    Forte with 3 watt SET

    Ken Rockwell did a thorough review of this amp: https://kenrockwell.com/audio/tubedepot/tubecube-7.htm Once again, this thread should be moved to or duplicated in the Talkin' Tubes section to help those who search there find the information they seek. Maynard
  12. tube fanatic

    Forte with 3 watt SET

    There is only one way to know if 3.5 watts is enough to cover your listening needs and that is to take an actual measurement. Here's a very simple way to do it: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/170414-who-wants-to-measure-how-much-power-voltage-is-really-needed/& Alternatively, you need to put the amp in your system and use your ears. Can you return it if it isn't satisfactory? If not, perhaps you can find someone local with a similar amp which you can audition in your system. Where are you located? Lastly, in case you are interested, the forum has a section devoted exclusively to using tube type equipment with Klipsch speakers. If you re-post there, or ask the moderators to move this thread, you may generate some worthwhile discussion: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/109-talkin-tubes/ There was just a discussion about your topic which contained differing opinions! I can only state that if someone says you won't like vanilla ice cream because they don't I would not let it dissuade you from trying it and drawing your own conclusion. Maynard
  13. tube fanatic

    Just Picked up a Stromberg Carlson Console.

    You will be able to find lots of assistance from these guys: http://www.maarc.org/ Maynard
  14. tube fanatic

    forte 1 with tube amp

    Yes!!! However, there are many options available within your budget and all will have different characteristics. You need to consider various factors including room size, listening level, type of music, distance from the speakers when listening, what sources you will use, and more. If you state your location there may be folks around who own different types of amps and can bring them over for you to audition in your own system. That is the only way to determine what you will find most pleasing. Maynard
  15. tube fanatic

    Just Picked up a Stromberg Carlson Console.

    Unfortunately, I’m in NJ. If you want to get it checked out and repaired without incurring a potentially large expense see if there is an antique radio club in your area. They are usually populated by guys who are very well versed in tube electronics, and many are audiophiles as well. Maynard