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    extracting the best possible sound from single ended tube amps using modestly priced designs and tubes.
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    Now specializing in extreme near-field desk top systems using flea power SEPs and SETs. This mode of listening must be experienced as it can be totally enveloping.

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  1. Indeed! I posted that on here a while back and was amazed at how few were even willing to take the measurement! I guess if a person invested in a costly SS “arc welder” they don’t want to find out that they only need 1 watt to satisfy their loudest possible listening level. 😀 Maynard
  2. Lamp cord laying on the floor is fine. Just keep it away from the AC power cables and all will be well. Maynard
  3. Bill, excuse my asking, but you don’t have 30 seconds to spare for tubes to warm up? Maynard
  4. My friend Aaron died on November 1 at the age of 88. A brilliant EE, he was the designer of the renowned Lafayette KT - 600/KT - 550 and many other pieces of Lafayette’s audio gear as well the MuTron pedal and the Gizmo which were used by Stevie Wonder, Led Zeppelin, George Benson and other famous artists. He also designed most of the amps sold by Guild Guitars in the 60s. I believe he was the last surviving designer of the 50s era tube audio electronics industry. It’s unfortunate that Hegeman has always received credit for designing Lafayette’s best tube audio equipment. Maynard
  5. I know only one person who listens at 100+ db levels. All of the other guys typically listen between 70 and 80 db. So even factoring in 20db of headroom the power need is minimal. When I had my K-horns in a 15 x 25 room I easily achieved excessively loud levels with a few tens of milliwatts. And further, PWK was using only 1 speaker! I’m not trying to convince anyone, but I have had lots of success through the years powering many systems using Klipsch speakers with less than 2 wpc and, in many cases, with 1 wpc or less. To each his own as with everything else......Besides, my new “specialty” of desktop systems requires even less power! Maynard
  6. I like Rockwell’s reviews as he is not afraid to state what he believes, and I totally agree with his comments about sold state amps and the Crown offerings in particular. The owner of the power supply company at which I once worked was an engineer for them back in the day, and he told me many times that his only interest was measured performance no matter how poorly the final result sounded. One of my coworkers was into SET amps and you can imagine the discussions that the 3 of us had about our philosophies. Maynard
  7. Read the right hand column and you will understand why 500 wpc SS amps are a waste and total overkill! From High Fidelity magazine summer 1951. Maynard
  8. Hey Marty— something like this would probably be better if you can get a good one: https://www.amazon.com/Hantek-Oscilloscope-Generator-Multimeter-Multifunction/dp/B07MQJXD8W/ref=sr_1_3?crid=182QUZTPS8MQ8&keywords=hantek+2d42+oscilloscope&qid=1573213677&sprefix=Handtek+2D42%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-3 When it comes to test equipment, performance and price are often in proportion. Maynard
  9. If the guy offered to let you bring over your speakers can’t he bring the amp over instead? The issue here is that no one has your ears- it doesn’t matter if 10 guys tell you it will sound glorious if don’t agree when you hear it. It would be helpful if you could post a picture of the underside of the chassis along with a copy of the seller’s receipt showing exactly what was done. Maynard
  10. It will sound different. Only you can decide if it is more pleasing. Can you audition the amp in your system before purchasing? Has the amp been restored? Maynard
  11. Is anyone familiar with this company? Their amp appears to be well made although the price seems very high to me: https://www.specimenaudio.com/product/single-ended-stereo-tube-amp/ Maynard
  12. Go on the American Radio History site, download the March 1956 Popular Electronics, and read the article about the Klipsch Shorthorn. They were remarkably good. Back then you could even buy cabinet kits if you wanted to make your own. Maynard
  13. Self explanatory........he’s my grandcat. Maynard
  14. Back in the day, when I had my shop, I owned many including offerings from Eico, Knight, Lafayette, and Heathkit. They were all quite decent and provided some useful information but certainly were not the last word. Now, I don't have any! Modern caps are so reliable, and cost effective, that I don't find it worth spending the time to test old caps especially when they have to be desoldered to do so (sometimes, in spite of using a heat sink on the lead, the heat from the iron is enough to cause a cap to fail). If I'm going to guarantee a piece of equipment which I've restored or constructed I don't want to deal with a call-back due to failure of an old part. This works for me. Others have their own philosophy. Some day, if I have time, I'll start a thread entitled "Tales from the service bench" and will relate stories about hours spent tracking down resistor and capacitor failures in audio equipment, radios, and TVs. Some are quite humorous! Maynard
  15. Jeff, the problem with measuring capacitors with a meter is that it tells you nothing about what they will do in the presence of high voltage DC ( plate bypass, coupling, etc.). I have experienced many which measure fine but fail under that condition. Also, many vintage caps will change value considerably with large temperature variations. I agree with rjp’s appreciation of the meticulous factory appearance. However, is it better to have a work of art which may burn up with use, or a modernized equally artistic rendition which will work flawlessly for many more decades? As to the amp being worth more in its current state that, of course, is a totally individual choice. Maynard
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