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    Now specializing in extreme near-field desk top systems using flea power SEPs and SETs. This mode of listening must be experienced as it can be totally enveloping.

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  1. Before you consider shipping search for any ham or antique radio clubs in your area. Both often have members who are audiophiles, many of whom are very well trained in tube electronics. This is a very easy repair so it would be a shame to incur significant shipping costs and risk damage to the amp. Maynard
  2. Some questions: Is your 6005 amp going to be triode strapped? If not, how can you compare the 45 with the former being run as a pentode? You must be aware that the harmonic distortion characteristics will not be the same. How will you judge the performance of every 45 based amp in existence? Do you have access to thousands of 45 based amps in use worldwide? Aren’t the output xfmrs you are using intended for guitar amps? If so, what will their bandwidth be at the power they will deliver? And, if all the 45 based amps in the world use different output xfmrs, how can you make such an expansive claim? Maynard
  3. Lots more information is needed. Room size and characteristics, listening level, type of music you enjoy, distance from speakers when listening, etc. would be helpful. Can you provide more details about the Decware amp you saw with pictures of the underside? Maynard
  4. Jeffrey, no one is saying that Dennis’, or your, amps do not sound good. Rather, it is your claim that all other implementations are not capable of equally good, or even better, sound. If Dennis’ (or your) interpretation of how an amp should be built is the “be all and end all” of tube amps, why hasn’t anyone copied what he does? In any event, the laws of physics are not subject to artistic modification. To say that electrons can be made to flow through a circuit in an immeasurable way which results in a “never heard before” improvement is just plain foolish. And why did you scrap your 2019 SE Montana KT88 amp which you claimed was the best sounding amp in existence? Maynard
  5. I post for the benefit of those interested in science as opposed to those who believe that a length difference of 1/8” of wire is audible. Folks can consider both points of view and make their own decision! Maynard
  6. Have the p/s electrolytics replaced first. Any amp tech can do that for you. Where are you located? Maynard
  7. Your build looks very nice John! Can you post pics of the underside? If you have time, please add the pics to Henry’s picture thread in this section. It would be informative for those following this thread to discuss your power supply mods and why you chose to implement them. Maynard
  8. If a grid stopper affects the sound so profoundly something is very wrong with the circuit. I have never encountered issues with them and find them extremely useful in some applications. Here is an excellent discussion between an advocate of pseudo-science and some knowledgeable techs and engineers about this subject: https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=tubediy&m=262811 Maynard
  9. Jeffrey, they do indeed! In the picture I see 1-2 mm of asymmetry on either side of the feed point. That must “skew” the electron flow. Do you select rectifier tubes for absolutely identical voltage drop to a 0.001% tolerance as well as identical current flow to subatomic levels? Do you rewind the xfmr B+ windings for a resistance tolerance of 0.0001% on either side of the center tap? If not, the “skewing effect” must be audible. How do you compensate for unequal aging of the rectifiers? Can you imagine what will happen to the sound if one tube passes even 1/10 milliamp more than the other? These are questions which inquiring minds need answered! Maynard
  10. Definitely post pictures and a schematic showing your changes. I’m glad you took the time to build them and I hope you get lots of pleasure from listening to them. Maynard
  11. The “Little Simplicity “ SEP spud and p/s: Maynard
  12. But how many who die from the vaccine would have lived if they didn’t take it? There are situations in which the vaccine will be required as a condition of employment, school attendance, and so on. Again, will those on whom it is being forced be screened in advance or are they considered expendable? Maynard
  13. I don’t share your enthusiasm at all. Antibody dependent enhancement is a definite concern for some. Then there is the concern for people with autoimmune conditions like leukemia, RA, Lupus, etc. who could be in major trouble if their immune systems ramp into high gear due to some flaw in the messenger RNA. There are people using steroid immune suppressants who may not be suitable candidates for the vaccine. Will they be screened in advance? I doubt it. I can’t find any disclosure about this in the study populations (were any pregnant? Remember thalidomide) so how can anyone make an educated choice about taking the vaccines? With zero liability across the board, it has me a bit worried. Maynard
  14. Well, a thoughtful person would look up the resistance of a 2” length of #22 vs. #18 or 20 wire and realize that it doesn’t make the least bit of difference! Maynard
  15. The “Little Bruiser” SET version: Maynard
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