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    extracting the best possible sound from single ended tube amps using modestly priced designs and tubes.
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    Now specializing in extreme near-field desk top systems using flea power SEPs and SETs. This mode of listening must be experienced as it can be totally enveloping.

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  1. Beautiful! Tabernacle choir Maynard
  2. Richard, you have a thyratron. Its uses are described under “typical circuits” section of the data sheet. It really has no use in audio equipment but may have some value to collectors of old WE stuff. Maynard
  3. It is not possible to make such a recommendation. A particular tube will likely sound different in every piece of equipment in which it is used because of differences in operating parameters. Personally, I don’t believe in tube rolling but, if it’s important to you, you need to buy a number of different types and evaluate them yourself in your piece of equipment. Maynard
  4. Beautiful performance! Tabernacle Choir Maynard
  5. Another inspiring rendition by Guy Penrod! Maynard
  6. https://www.digikey.com/en/articles/what-you-need-to-know-about-switches?utm_medium=email&utm_source=tnl&utm_campaign=146102_TNL2310A&utm_content=article1cta_US&utm_cid=5867263&mkt_tok=MTQ0LU5DQi0wMzAAAAGOuPc52pfD6-QmoQV911zDkHYcwiMKZwHtbuvzokrg52ggVtCi98qUq9miXdzaZgh_CKS2sOEQplTHpvxw07vhQBgTn79p_pA_JLiwsPwIut4fCw Maynard
  7. As was stated above by DE, speaker impedance is not an issue for SETs. If you use an opt tap corresponding to the lowest impedance of the speaker, distortion will decrease as the impedance rises. I believe Edcor’s bandwidth ratings are at 1 watt whereas Hammond’s are at full rated power. If used well below that, the Hammonds are capable of amazing bandwidth. See George Anderson’s measurement of the 125CSE: http://tubelab.com/articles/component-testing/budget-output-transformers/ Maynard
  8. Absolutely magnificent solo by Sarah Grandpre from Hour of Power choir! Maynard
  9. Beautiful rendition by very talented young folks! Bob Jones University choir. Maynard
  10. Absolutely stunning! Hour of Power Choir Maynard f
  11. For me it is the best source of free religious and gospel music videos around. Maynard
  12. Another very talented choir! Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir Maynard
  13. Beautiful song of inspiration- First Baptist Atlanta Maynard
  14. Amazing talent! Luther College Nordic Choir Maynard Equally beautiful rendition- St. Olaf Choir
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