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  1. Steroids, when used long term or in high doses, can elevate intraocular pressure (which may increase glaucoma risk), and can cause cataracts. Do you get your eyes checked regularly? Maynard
  2. Here in the US, vaccine manufacturers are protected under a total liability shield which, in my mind, allows them to turn out unsafe and inadequately tested products. I am confident that the vaccine for this virus will fall under that umbrella as well. To me, the implications are frightening given the fact that our own leaders consider vaccines “unavoidably unsafe.” Those who are interested in learning about this very serious issue will find the following article informative : https://law.emory.edu/elj/content/volume-67/issue-3/articles/liability-vaccine-injury-united-european-world.html Maynard
  3. Fauci sets a real fine example for practicing good hygiene by sucking on the end of his eyeglass temple. I think we should post this picture in every hospital ICU unit to serve as a model for the rest of us. I can’t believe CBS news featured it in their article. An optician friend says that’s nothing compared to what he has seen....... Maynard
  4. I have a relative who is hypertensive, diabetic, seriously overweight, has prostate cancer, atrial fibrillation, is on 13 meds, and is an opioid addict. His 3 young grandkids (age 4,5 and 6) live down the street, and he is with them everyday. Their dad is a NYPD cop stationed in Manhattan. My relative and his wife (she is good shape) have no concerns whatsoever! This seems to be a common theme among many older folks. Maynard
  5. Jeffrey, you recommended a 5U4 as a substitute for the GZ37. That is not appropriate unless one knows the working voltage of the power supply caps which may be exceeded at initial turn on with the former. Maynard
  6. Given that the immune system becomes far less robust in later years the return to "normal" following introduction of a vaccine can be very prolonged (especially if there are underlying medical issues like diabetes, autoimmune conditions, cancer, or if abundant medications are used) which may explain why the elderly are hit so hard by the current virus. I would like to see stats on how many of those severely affected by the virus have received annual flu shots vs. those who have not had any. By the way, do you know the dosage/duration of treatment with Plaquenil when used for this virus? Given its known toxicity to retinal tissue when used over long periods of time for conditions like RA and Lupus I'll be curious to see if any issues develop if used at extremely high doses to treat the virus. By the way, are you in the medical field? Maynard
  7. The study I linked on page 111 of this thread concluded that flu vaccine may increase susceptibility to Coronavirus. Here’s another which raises the same concern: https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m810/rr-0 Why are so many doctors still recommending flu shots before this is investigated in detail? Maynard
  8. There are other reasons not to vertically mount resistors on open pc boards (i.e. not installed within a shielded enclosure). Mike already mentioned one reason- possible shock hazard (certainly a risk in regard to a resistor in a plate circuit). The other is that of possible RF pickup by the leads and resistors themselves! This wasn't an issue back in the day before we had devices operating well up in the microwave frequency range. Now, the wavelengths are so short (take a look at the proposed frequencies at which 5G will operate) that excessively long component leads, and resistors far longer than the originals, can actually act as antennas. My advice is to stick with resistors of the same wattage as those for which the pc boards were designed to keep them horizontally, and closely, mounted on the board as originally intended. Metal film resistors are wonderful replacements for the old carbon composition types and are totally reliable and cheap. Tubes are noisy devices and I have always found that tube generated noise, if excessive, is much more of an issue than the noise created by resistors. For most listeners, neither is a problem. Maynard
  9. I prefer listening to songs in which the lyrics are so clear that there is no possibility of alteration! For example : https://youtu.be/MlW7T0SUH0E Maynard
  10. Blanket recommendations of anything are to be viewed with a great deal of suspicion, and this applies to tubes as well as other components. In the applications noted above, matching paralleled resistors to a tolerance of 0.01% is ludicrous—and I urge people not to waste their time chasing sonic nirvana by doing that. In audio, I often find that personal expectations create a “mind over matter effect” which may explain why people claim to hear dramatic differences in sound by using modifications which can not provide the claimed effect. Maynard
  11. The conclusion of this study raises the question of whether receiving an annual flu shot increases a person's susceptibility to corona: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31607599 It would be interesting to see data which correlates the extremely severe cases with flu vaccination (I need to stop discussing this with my buddies in the medical community!). Maynard
  12. Agree completely— just posting the facts as part of the domino effect from what’s going on. Maynard
  13. Texas and Ohio have banned abortion as a “non-essential “ surgery because of the outbreak: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/23/us/coronavirus-texas-ohio-abortion.html Maynard
  14. Jeffrey, what is the DC current draw difference between zero signal and maximum voltage output going to be? Maynard
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