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  1. Educational. There are many “experts” claiming that one type of mask is vastly superior to another. This study found little difference between two popular types. Maynard
  2. Since this is about influenza virus, and not COVID, perhaps it won’t be deleted: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/184819 Maynard
  3. Joe, Travis will not be happy that you posted this! I am waiting for his response to my questioning why he believes the patents have anything to do with anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. They do prove quite well that COVID was lab engineered for a very specific purpose. Maynard
  4. Travis, if you get the chance, PM or email me with your reasoning that the patents enumerated in the video have anything to do with anti-vaxx beliefs or conspiracy theories. What social media sites say is quackery means nothing, and YouTube would have deleted the video if it was not valid. Fuellmich, the attorney, appears to be highly respected as well. The patents cited are pure science and were granted to our own government agencies, Fauci, Baric, Moderna, et al. Maynard
  5. [Deleated, so far off topic. Are you vaccinated, worried about side effects] Waiting to get banned……. Maynard
  6. And here is the disclosure Pfizer made to Japan’s ministry of health. Scroll down to the section in English on organ distribution which reveals how we have been told lies about the vaccine remaining in the injection site: https://trialsitenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Pfizer-report_Japanese-government.pdf In case, you didn’t see it, look at the thread I started on patents and download the links before they are deleted. You will be shocked what the patents say. Maynard
  7. Jeff, I applaud you for stating your feelings and I am surprised your post was not deleted for presenting a view which is not mainstream. This video explains how mRNA vaccines work and I have read multiple studies which support the mechanism presented and the resulting vascular damage. https://www.bitchute.com/video/uD98ksu0PzQg/ And we know that FDA approval means nothing! Maynard
  8. Voltage regulation in SETs is unnecessary due to the near constant dc current draw under all operating conditions. Of course VR tubes are pretty to look at in a dark room! Deckert is using the option of different voltage drops among some of them to change the plate voltage of the driver which, of course, changes the distortion characteristics to tailor the sound to suit. This could more easily be done other ways but that would not have the “coolness” factor of the VR tubes. Only you can decide if it is worth the extra cost. Maynard
  9. It would be fine to use the 1627 although it may not be much better than the 125ESE in this application. The bandwidth of the latter is extremely wide due to being operated at such a tiny fraction of its output power rating. Personally, I would build the Millie as shown and keep the size and weight down. Look at George Anderson’s measurement of the 125CSE to gain some insight about transformer bandwidth as a function of output power: http://tubelab.com/articles/component-testing/budget-output-transformers/ Maynard
  10. Those who can live with less power can achieve 2A3 performance with a triode strapped 6Y6 which can usually be found NOS for around $4.00. The curves are very similar. And, of course, a pair could be used in parallel for a little more “oomph.” Maynard
  11. Yes, the alternate grounding scheme may be of some use although this amp is dead silent in every system in which it has been tried. The Millie is quite a contrast to the SET monster you posted the picture of! Good to have you on here Nick! Maynard
  12. tube fanatic

    Old eyes

    Is your wife still using post surgery drops? They can sometimes worsen an existing dry eye condition. Did the ophthalmologist recommend a trial with cyclosporine? The latter is often very helpful in dry eye patients. Maynard
  13. Mixing brands is fine. With intermittent tube problems it is easier to replace the suspect than to try to figure out what is going on. A tube tester rarely picks up such issues. With push-pull stages I recommend replacing the pair and buying from a seller who can match them using a curve tracer. Maynard
  14. Zen, are you saying that the American Academy of Ophthalmology is spreading disinformation? I sincerely hope not. If you believe that a general practitioner knows as much about ocular conditions as an ophthalmologist then I wish you luck! Maynard
  15. Well, if a person who has had corneal grafts develops symptoms and sees their family doc who is clueless and loses their sight as a result I imagine they will be more depressed! Knowing the possibility would likely result in their seeing an ophthalmologist instead and saving their eyes. Maynard
  16. Beautiful work George! A forum member in Tennessee is looking for someone to build him an amp. PM me if you are interested and I will get you in touch. Maynard
  17. tube fanatic

    Old eyes

    Wearing glasses cannot cause them to get weaker faster. The brain can get accustomed to the level of clarity which glasses or contact lenses allow. If you try to take that away after a length of time a person can feel “blind” although nothing has changed. This is seen across all age groups and with correction for myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Maynard
  18. tube fanatic

    Old eyes

    This is not correct. Failing to wear corrective lenses will not cause eyes to change more rapidly. Maynard
  19. Before considering ordering a single ended amp it is worth measuring how much power you will need to satisfy your loudest listening levels. When the time comes I can point you to a very simple method which takes about 2 minutes using a cheap multimeter. Do post your impressions after the tube swap. Maynard
  20. Well, I have never found that tube rolling produces significant changes in sound although others may disagree. As far as single ended amps go, they are the only type I design and use. I find that SEPs and SETs offer a “magic” which I don’t experience with push-pull types. If your listening levels allow the use of low power amps, then they may be the route to the kind of sound you are looking for. How far from the speakers do you sit and how large is your room? What type of music do you listen to? Maynard
  21. Before you consider other amps I need to ask some questions. Have you tried both impedance taps? In some systems one tap can provide a very different sound from the other. With a different amp is the sound radically different? And, does the LM-34 sound well with different speakers? Another option to try, which is not costly, is to try swamping resistors to smooth out the speaker impedance variations: https://www.zuaudio.com/diy/loading25r Maynard
  22. The forum has a section devoted exclusively to the use of tube electronics (Talkin’ Tubes) with Klipsch speakers. If you post your question there, and read through the posts, you will get lots of information to help you make a decision. Maynard
  23. (Mod edit: personal commentary removed), If you have had a corneal transplant, know someone who has had a transplant, or is going to have one, this information is relevant. https://www.aao.org/editors-choice/two-cases-of-corneal-transplant-rejection-after-co No discussion please as the thread will probably be locked immediately if there is. (Mod edit: Author's conclusion: Clinical significance This study is the first evidence of a temporal association between corneal transplant rejection after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and the first case reports of DMEK rejection following any immunization. Patients need to be informed of the symptoms and signs of rejection that require immediate medical attention. Clinicians and patients should be aware of this potential risk and consider vaccination before planned nonurgent keratoplasties. In those who already have corneal transplants, it may be beneficial to either increase the frequency of existing steroid regimens or avoid reducing treatment around the time of vaccination. When patients present with signs of transplant rejection, physicians should inquire about a history of vaccination and report temporal associations to the relevant agencies. As both patients were successfully treated with topical corticosteroids, the findings in this paper should not deter administration of the COVID-19 vaccination, because early recognition and prompt treatment of rejection can yield positive outcomes) Maynard
  24. The easiest solution is to use the second 50L6 (or any other 50V/0.15A) tube as a filament ballast so you can leave R15 as specified to reduce under chassis heat. With only one channel, plate and filament voltages will run a little higher since the p/s won’t be loaded down as much, but it will be ok. If you happen to have an 820 ohm/10 watt resistor you can use that in place of R13/14. Feel free to PM with other questions. It may take me a few days to respond though. I now use full time, single speaker, mono with a RB-51 series 2 near a room corner and the combination is pure bliss to my ears. Maynard
  25. Many details would be useful: room size, listening level, distance from speakers when listening, type of music, and lots more. I have set guys up with ridiculously low powered amps which practically blew them out of the room. Your budget opens up many options like the Decware Zen Triode. It provides more than enough power for any “reasonable” listening level in my opinion. The lifetime guarantee is very appealing as is its being built in the US. If you are electronically experienced, and can build your own, I can provide you with a link to my most successful SET design which works great with LaScalas. Maynard
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