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  1. They had good parents seeing how well they play with my Chorus's😊
  2. Thanks to 314carpenter, I now own his walnut oil Forte II speakers that I recently purchased from him as well as his Monolith 10" subwoofer. All three speakers are 99.9 % flawless with upgrades. The Forte's sound spectacular with music with a bit more detail on the upper end compared to my Chorus's which must be due to the titanium diaphragm upgrades to the Forte II's. The Monolith sub seems to have twice the effect of having my recliner shaking with the absolute volume level at 26, even at minimum setting of 2 I can still feel some movement in extra low bass songs. My original sub is a SVS SB-2000 with a 12" driver. I'll be moving the Forte's & Monolith sub downstairs connecting them up to my Marantz SR18 for my 2.1 music listening.
  3. Where are you located? I'm in West central WI.
  4. I have a chance to buy a pair of Forte II speakers in excellent condition. The owner says they were recapped and does have a pair of Crites crossovers for sale for $200. Would there be any benefit (music sound quality) by adding the crossovers?
  5. Yeah, there must have been an air leak from one of the components I removed from the back speaker cabinet. I grew up with people stuffing the heck with all sorts of insulation inside of their speaker cabinets to dampen things down.
  6. The front speaker bass issue seems to be solved. If I still have the null in my chair using the sub, I'll move the sub around, but not til tomorrow. I have enough bass now. I'll probably move the sub next tmy recliner, always wanted 2nd table by my chair. Thanks.
  7. Funny thing, after I put everything back together and torqued all the screws a bit extra, the bass is now more pronounced! Even while sitting in my recliner. This without the sub on, probably no longer need it. Before, the volume had to be up between 40 and 50 to get my pant legs to ruffle, 50 was the max my ears could take unless out on the deck. Now, volume at 25 , I can feel the rumble throughout my body which is more of a comfortable listening level.
  8. I removed the speaker terminal box and was able to push out the speaker which took quite a bit of force to pop it out. Connections are correct. Seems like their should be more foam inside the cabinet, only on one side which is 1 inch thick? Everywhere else is bare? Could this contribute to the bass issue?
  9. I tilted it to almost 45 degree forward until I felt the speaker cabinet slipping on the floor. I'll have to til wait this weekend and have someone help me tip it forward farther. I hate to have things go wrong.
  10. I removed all the screws from the radiator speaker but having trouble pulling the speaker out. I took a small flat screwdriver to pry it out but I'm leaving indentations into the wood which I don't want. Any safe way removing the speaker without leaving any markings?
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