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  1. Great to read this! I've read some other posts who say the titanium diaphragms are too bright so i'm struggling.
  2. Thanks for this. Sorry I saw it after i just posted my last one. I can't imagine them having a BIGGER sound! Yikes.
  3. So based on these findings, I am wondering if you guys have any advice on the best way to "mellow" them out a bit? At louder levels, I'm getting a high end or mid headache. I'm starting to wonder if my room is just too small for them since the Forte II didn't cause this syndrome. I will try a big rug in the room for starters. Would the Crites diaphragm's help with this or just make it worse? What about the Dynaflex dampening thing I've read a little about? I did move them to the corners and the bass is much more controlled now. The couch is about 12ft back from them.
  4. Ok after more critical listening between the two speakers today, my hearing tells me the following; The Chorus ii sound more full with fatter bottom end. More concert-style sound to my ears. They seem to have more spacial separation between left and right channels. The Forte ii sound a bit thinner, yet somehow are more refined musically. I can pick out the individual instruments better although I need to turn the volume up a bit louder to do so. So im back to thinking neither are clearly better then the other. The differences are subtle and just that...they are different yet both amazing. Long story short, They are both amazing speakers and I am not selling either of these anytime soon. I may just change them up from time to time for a different experience. Like getting different good bottles of wine, life is much better with variations.
  5. Fixed it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. So are you saying the Chorus put's out more high frequency than the Forte or that it just handles it different?
  7. Thanks all for the reply's. The "fatigue" I'm describing with the Chorus II's I don't feel is related to any cabling or component issue since i did not get this with the Forte's or my Polk LSiM's. To describe it more accurately, I would say it's like getting a dull headache after about 20 minutes of moderately loud volume (I realize "loud" is relative to each persons preference). This occurs on different types of music or sources. I also get the exact same "fatigue" with my Grado headphones after about an hour of listening which many reviewers attribute to the way the Grado's handle the high end. Maybe my old brain is just too sensitive to certain frequencies in the high end. I can try some different room techniques but I'm more curious if there is any technical reason in the speaker design between the Forte's and the Chorus that could cause this? It also sounds like the Crites upgrades might be worth the effort since these are all original drivers.
  8. So can those more knowledgeable explain why i get "listener fatigue" with the Chorus at higher levels that i did not experience with the Forte's? Is it a difference in the horns between them? I used to get the same sensation with the KG 4.5 model and when i got the Forte's I was so happy it went away.
  9. So I’m giving them 200WPC and with very minimal volume level, will blow me out of my living room. But the same went for the Forte’s. I’m not sure how loud you guys play your music but at a certain point, there is only so loud you can go. Listening more now with a favorite album and I keep coming back to the fullness. The Chorus just sound fuller and meatier then then Fortes. But I’m still not sure that’s necessarily a good thing. I notice I’m getting some “listener fatigue” which I never had with the Forte’s. But damn, acoustic guitars and bass sound AMAZING!!
  10. That's just it....from first impressions I cannot say which i like "better". And I was expecting that to be obvious!
  11. Hi gang. I've been rocking a pair of Forte II's (all original drivers) for the past few months and loved them, but always wondered what Chorus II's would sound like in comparison. Found a really nice pair in the Chicago area and did not hesitate. First impressions; These things are beasts! I did not expect them to dwarf the Forte's in size but the Forte seem almost puny next to them. Sonically, I'm running them with a Parasound 1500ii power amp/Yamaha CX-1 Pre. I'm not sure what i was expecting, but compared to the Forte's, the sound is not a radical difference. I would say the Chorus have a meatier, thicker sound which makes sense since it has the larger woofer. Overall i think they are very similar in the mid and highs. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing and next to the Forte's are the best speakers I've ever heard, I just point this our for people who may think there's a "night and day" difference because there isn't. I'm curious if this is the general consensus from those that have heard both? I've read varying reviews on the different sites but had to hear for myself. I don't have them in placed corners but set about 8 FT apart and toed in slightly. The is the same setup as i had with the Forte's. Any placement recommendations would be helpful! Now to decide which ones to keep long term. Not a bad problem to have!! Needless to say, I am a very happy Klipsch owner at the moment.
  12. Not affiliated. From FB Marketplace: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/296186117979677/
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