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  1. Seems like the 8ohm taps are where mine are staying. The bass sounds a little fuller and the overall sound has a bit more life to it compared to the 4ohm. The only reason I asked was due to the plethora of posts mentioning using 4ohm taps with Tube amps and Klipsch. At least with this particular amp and Chorus II, 8ohm is where they will be. Thanks for the replies all!
  2. Yeah i'm reading a bunch on this and can't find a definite answer. Best i've gathered is just to try it and see if i can tell any difference and that it is really amp dependent. I'm using a budget Yaqin MC84l tube amp. The back of the speakers themselves say 8ohm on the connectors. I've just swapped from the 4 to the 8 ohm taps on the amp and noticed it got louder immediately without adjusting the volume up. Of course louder isn't always better and its not like the 4ohm tap didn't give it more then enough volume control. My ultimate goal is to get the best overall sound at lower listening levels which is my primary listening mode.
  3. Looks like the specs list the Chorus II as 8ohm speakers but I've read some posts that confused me about that. If my amp has taps for 4 or 8, what do you guys recommend in a smaller living room for moderate/quiet listening levels? I did try both and honestly couldn't tell any difference but wasn't sure what sound quality that really impacts. Thanks all!
  4. Again, I appreciate the knowledgeable advice but where did i ever suggest i wouldn't be upgrading the crossovers at some point? I'm not sure what we're arguing about. I'm simply asking for those who've had both types of speakers to discuss their experience in comparing the two. Is your point that my efforts are a waste of time until i upgrade both sets?
  5. Yes, I understand i should replace the crossovers. It is a project for the future and was a given upon purchase but I just don't see its totally relevant here as I've already said how wonderful my Chorus II's sound in general. Are you suggesting you cannot evaluate any vintage speakers until all components are 100% up to date? And to that point, the Forte's are stock as well so it should be a wash as far as upgrades vs not go.
  6. Neenah, which is between Oshkosh/Appleton. I suppose that’s more Northeast WI now that I’m thinking about it.
  7. The second best pair of speakers I’ve ever heard (next to my Chorus II). Selling an original pair of legendary Klipsch Forte II loudspeakers in excellent condition with consecutive serial numbers. All drivers are stock. Cosmetically they are near perfect. Sonically they sound brand new. Highly efficient and are happy with very with low power or high. I am the second owner, and they have always been very well cared for always in a smoke free house. They come with the original foam lined protective boxes from Klipsch. The previous owner had stained them the cherry color. More pictures by request. Asking $750 for the pair. Would be willing to meet buyer part way within reason. http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/klipsch/forte.html https://www.klipsch.com/products/forte-ii-floorstanding-speaker
  8. North/Central Wisconsin (Oshkosh, Appleton, Neenah area).
  9. May I ask what you paid for them? Looking to sell my pair which are stock, and want to ask a fair price. Thanks and congrats. They are awesome speakers!!
  10. You may have misread but i mentioned testing them at lower levels was going to be my deciding factor. It's at louder levels where i feel the bigness of the Chorus sound tends to overwhelm the nuances compared to the Forte. At mid-lower levels, the Chorus rules for sure. Again, at least in MY room.
  11. Well I think I’ve decided to keep the Chorus ii and work with room positioning. The full sound these things have is just amazing especially at lower levels which is where I think they beat the Forte. Lowering the volume on the Fortes to quieter conversation levels, I feel much of the depth disappears, unlike the Chorus. Now the question is to upgrade crossover and tweeters or not?! I’ve read various opinions ranging from “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” to “do it immediately”!
  12. Not sure what you mean? It's here in all it's glory that i can see.
  13. Please don’t think the Chorus don’t sound amazing, recap or not. What I’m saying is that they sound almost a bit “much” in my room compared to the Forte. It’s such a BIG sound that to me the Fortes just sound more mellow and nuanced. The Chorus are way more in your face. Do others feel the same overall between these two speakers or is it just a “room” placement thing?
  14. What does "play lower" mean. Do you mean bass frequency? Thanks!
  15. So in your opinion, what does the Chorus do for you that the Forte's do not? I started this thread to hopefully gain some incite and experiences from folks who've heard both which might help guide me in this ever important decision. Don't get me wrong....I absolutely love the Chorus II's which is why this is difficult. I know it should just come down to my personal preference, but maybe my ears aren't the best judge in this case is my fear. For example, when playing The Cars "You're all I got Tonight", the Chorus IIs make me bang my head and pump my fist and sounds like The Cars are rocking out in my living room. When played through the Forte's, it still rocks hard but also sounds more nuanced and detailed. Hope this makes some sense....its hard to describe "sound". Yesterday i got it in my head that the Chorus ii's might be best for a single guy who loves to listen loud and rattle the house often, while the Forte ii's are perhaps more suited to lower levels and critical listening. Or that could be utter nonsense.
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