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    Main: 1982 LaScalas with ALK Extreme Slope XOs, Sherwood S-8000 IV (rebuilt by NOS Valves), Technics SL1200 MK2, Pioneer Elite 60 PRO-150FD,
    Family Room: RF7s, RC7, RS7s, RSW-15, Onkyo NR-TX5009, Pioneer Elite 60 PRO151FD, Oppo BDP-103
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  1. Just north of Baltimore
  2. “Center, Aspen 20, you got a ground speed for us?” ”Aspen, I show 1942 knots.”
  3. Maryland, just north of Baltimore. Picked it up and had it gone over at “just audio.” Sounds great with my CF3s.
  4. Have this one for $800.00
  5. selling house and looking for another. Still available, have original AL XOs.
  6. Ready at $2600. Can demo.
  7. These are ‘82s or ‘84s, cabinets are raw birch, condition maybe 8.5, modified with ALK extreme slope XOs, and a new Crites diaphram and washer in the horns. House on the Market and these will have to be rehomed. Not sure the price, have roughly 2600 in them after the upgrades (had AL-1 XOs).
  8. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/ele/d/washington-klipsch-epic-cf-gen-speakers/7251904433.html
  9. Needed something vapid, instead I got “I’m going in you again ...’ - “ram it ram it...” Too long since I spun this Baltimore boy. Was in a carpool with his cousin way, way back - she was sweet! she used to sing Zappa to me “you’re an ******* you’re an *******” Frank Zappa Sheik Yerbouti
  10. Found a good one - Art Farmer “live at the half-note”
  11. I need this appraiser https://norfolk.craigslist.org/ele/d/virginia-beach-klipsch-la-scala-theater/7142894528.html
  12. WFP

    LaScalas $1895

    near Annapolis MD - KLIPSCH LASCALA SPEAKERS WITH UPDATED CRITES CROSSOVERS AND DRIVERS https://annapolis.craigslist.org/ele/d/riva-klipsch-la-scala/7083731572.html
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