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  1. i cant believe no one has bought these or traded for them, i think the new price is 1750 a piece and the crossovers are around 400. At the high end show in Munich, Jean Hiraga put this type of speaker in a cabinet and many said that they were the best in the show, he was only charging 38k for them against speakers costing much much more. Bump for one of the most interesting speaker designs ever.....
  2. So sorry to hear this, prayers sent....
  3. I have heard a system that was clearly above mine, more musical although less accurate. You can put bad recordings on it and it is still sounds great. One of our esteemed members heard this system and said his tricked out khorns sounded like an AM radio.... I wouldnt trade my Jubs for this crazy system we both heard, unless i wanted to make a big profit. Once you have heard Jubs and great recordings they are hard to beat! Our member just upgraded his system in the last 6 years with some oris horns and bms drivers and it sounds great now... Jubs are just clearer to may ears then Khorns, have much more presence, balance, image better, and can control a large or even a small space....
  4. Many of the early speaker makers could do this, Altec being one..... If you have rubber surrounds on your speakers.... you wont be able to find the parts at some point, and they rot in about a decade and a half and degrade sooner then that.....Klipsch are great though, not bashing, just a little truth,,,,,,
  5. Why go there, you already are living in a banana republic....
  6. juniper

    Chili and Klipsch

    just made this type of chili for my boy, it was good.... three types of dried chiles soaked boiled and pulverized, one poblano, a jalapeno, 2 minced onions, 5 cloves of garlic, paprika, smoked chilli powder, cumin, sugar, brown and white, apple cider vinegar, and ground sirlion and chuck, nice flavors......need to add some mesa! Thanks for the idea, i make many types of chili, this one is a keeper.....
  7. Iam still using the saxr, works nice with the K402s and Tads, thanks again!!! It was fun!!!! Meeting members is a good thing!!!!
  8. You grillers have to try caveman steak, lump charcoal, lots of salt and black pepper, blow off the coals and place the steak right on the coals.... its incredible! I will never cook a steak any other way.....
  9. Find a nice Yamaha PX3 or 2, put a good cartridge on it, best cheap table i have found.... The SL 1200 is also a very good choice.....I prefer the Px line......
  10. Are you sure you want to trade for cornwalls? ive had two pairs of both types of speakers, the Altec type is so much better its not even fair...Far more accurate....i dont know what type of music you listen too, the Altecs demand good recordings.... there is a reason why they were the studio standard for decades..... its like owning and driving an F1 car....
  11. Who knows! I was speaking with a family friend who couldnt help his daughter with her math homework. She came for a visit and out of curiosity, I wrote down a simple problem that added up in the millions. it took me a very short time to add. I asked her how she would do it, she said, "thats old math, we just use calculators" after my jaw dropped, i just said they have been doing math this way for a very long time.
  12. May, you being used?
  13. Thanks all for the great info and stories...... I know we all would love too hear more, about kids!
  14. Kids are just amazing, if they have interest they can learn almost anything! Find their interests and help them pursue them and they will figure it out. My boy had a weird passion at a very young age, listening to cathedral bells, he was obsessed with them. Many of the largest bells are in Germany and he would watch videos of them and try to mimic their sounds verbally and with a bell rack that i made with bells. When he was 5 we asked him if he wanted to learn German, he said "yes" so we put him in a German pre school just to expand his brain, after that and going to an immersion school he speaks almost perfect German now. He saw a bunch Bruce Lee movies and asked if he could do that, off to TKD 3 days a week 5 yrs later he became a black belt. We gave him a roll out piano when he could first sit up, he loves the piano now, he taught himself to play some fairly complex classical pieces by watching drop down note videos on the net. My favorite is when i had to teach him how to catch a ball when he was around 6, it was a lost cause, he had no natural ability. I got on my knees and from 5 feet away we passed back and forth over and over, i swear he dropped 90 percent in the beginning. Now he can catch a football with one hand, either hand 80 percent of the time. Kids are just raw wonderful clay, they can learn whatever they love!
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