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  1. It does look like tempered glass, the way it broke but the glass is clear maybe it was only a little tempered? i just dont understand how it could have happened... I was so gentle lifting it out, there was a slight tap to the glasses, but this thing literally exploded. Someone did tell me my house was haunted, and we live by a famous train bridge that people jump off of sometimes or fall off. Cool thing is people fly propeler planes under it sometimes, very cool to see! Its called the Arcola Trail high bridge on the Soo line in Minnesota. I want to meet this ghost demolitionist!
  2. Maybe someone can explain this? So i go to me kitchen cabinet and there are two large ikea tapered water glasses stacked. Theres a little water in the bottom one and they are about an 1/8 " thick and the bottom is 1/4", there was no vacuum and it lifted easily. I gently lift the top glass and the bottom glass exploded. it threw glass up to 15 feet all over my kitchen. The cabinet is about 5 feet off the ground and all the except for very few pieces broke into squarish pieces that are all similar in size about a 1/3 of an inch by 1/3 of an inch. The bottom also blew up. Anyone have any ideas? it was a little weird. Thanks!
  3. Not inside, but "caveman steak" as one of its names its called, is really good! Tons of salt and black pepper, placed right on lump charcoal, if there is fat on the outside of your steak, sear that first using tongs, to a medium brown color wait until the fat is a little crunchy, then 2.5 mins a side for rare right on the coals and then let rest tented. Inside i use a salt and pepper clarified butter in a very hot pan sear each side, if there is fat around the steak hit it with a torch, then into the broiler with a little regular butter on top, then let rest tented.
  4. Three great budget tables are, the SL-1200 and the Yamaha PX-2 and PX-3.... I love the PXs... They are so easy to use and sound fantastic!
  5. Great speaker, very intense and dynamic, needs alot of super clean power. Bought a pair that were "mint" sadly i returned them they werent mint....
  6. juniper

    Car Thread

    Thanks for the advice everyone! i will try this every once and awhile! And start changing my oil every 10K not 35K......
  7. juniper

    Car Thread

    Has anyone heard of or done an "italian tune up" got my wifes car back from my mechanic, he suggested doing it every once in awhile which entails per he, beating the snot out of the car to remove carbon build up. Its a V8 audi a6, that i rarely have the oil changed i figured with 9.5 quarts of oil why change it. i didnt tell him that, but does this work?
  8. Dont know how they sound in your space, if they sound off i would go active, with some room corrections.
  9. I have "jubs" and they are amazing there like a full bodied presentaion of sound, they image well in my small space and thats very hard to do for big horns, had 2 sets of cornwalls. model 19s in my space which were interesting, there are only 2 speakers i will own, "jubs and altec 604's........ you cant have everything, and all our ears are horns, our space defines some of this, altec 604s can resolve in my space many things ive never heard with any other speaker.....
  10. If you believe this is about a virus. Your a tool!
  11. I could sing, mimmic almost anyones voice and sing notes very loud for a very long time up to 30 seconds or more. In high school and middle school they would always ask me to take part in their musicals but i had no interest.... stepped in for a local band for 2 shows, i will never forget! i did "celebration of the lizard king, then into not to touch the earth" i think a scared everyone in the crowd.... there was no noise from them...iam sure very few had heard the first part of it, which is a little scary.... best part were the groupies, but i had a girlfriend, sadly! i cant sing anymore except for low notes, but i can get lots of birds singing in the country by whistleing!!!
  12. If you dont believe in the seperation of powers and "church and state" you need to do some reading......lots of reading...
  13. juniper

    Free JimJimbo

    And that makes it OK? Its all a bit off!
  14. I use my "jubes" as simply as i can, i just run a DX38 with a Yamaha MX1000, a panasonic SAXR 55 on top, and a HK7600II as a preamp/ cd player... I had a guy hear who heard a few 200k plus systems, his jaw feel out of his head..... My other systems i use more pricey EQ, Jubilees are just so forgiving its crazy.... synergy is everything, EQ, space, and sound absortion.....
  15. I have a wild one, when in college i used to frequent a coffee shop alot. I was playing F ball at a big ten school and was a philosophy major. i overheard a group of students and mid to late twenties gentleman discussing philosopy. it was an informal group, but i had heard them interacting a few times. So one day i decided to join in. I did three or four more times and one day one of the older guys and his friend invited me to a party. i said sure and they were going to pick me up at the coffee shop. After having a coffee we left and something wasnt right. The one gentleman who was quite passive became overly aggressive with his friend who was always the more outspoken of the two,he beacame very obediant and passive. Then i started feeling funny, they had drugged me. In the car i asked them to pull over to take a leak, i just started running. I ran about 3 miles and went to the coffee shop for a soda water with lemon. They were there waiting, the one guy had this evil look on his face like i got away, he was licking blood off one of his his fingers and just stared at me. Glad i didnt make it to that party!
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