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  1. Saw the guy that developed the Reaper pepper at his shop.He was making hot sauce with a 3.5 foot stick blender. Had to have 500 of them in his batch. No gloves, no mask, and no eye protection........Must be insane!
  2. Try a few Chiltepens a Habenero a ghost pepper and a jelepeno garlic minced tomato and onion salt vinegar...... very good!
  3. This is so very sad, my best to his family and friends.....
  4. juniper

    Proud Parents!

    Boy scored 7 goals in his first practice against the best in our state, at 13, the goalies average 6'3 and they were the 3 best in our state. He scored more then anyone on the pitch and was playing up 2 yrs...The coach said "if you learn two touches in the box, we will have to find you a new team" European coaches really know whats going on...... sadly...
  5. juniper

    Proud Parents!

    Carl, 38 years......Thats so impressive i have trouble putting my thoughts into word.,.You are steward of the game you must love the game, and are very good! Iam sure you taught your son about hard work.... 38 years just wow.....awesome job!!!!!!
  6. juniper

    Proud Parents!

    Thanks DiZ!!! I did the sports thing, taught him well! I am most proud that he is a good student, speaks fluent German working on another language and plays the piano like a freak.... but he is 13 and they get a little intense....
  7. juniper

    Proud Parents!

    Our young son was selected to play on our local pro MLS soccer teams academy team and will get to see our country playing against other pro teams developmental teams.. Should be alot of fun for him and his Mom! My girl has driven over 1500000 miles or more in the last 7 years to games, practices and soccer related things. She is just awesome! You all helped me with the insanity! Thanks again!!!!
  8. I know a bit about it, great surgeon, hard rehab, great food, lots of ice, stretching to break up scar tissue with massage ..... didnt have it myself knew some that did,,, I was drafted awhile back...
  9. juniper

    Big Cold

    I really cant over this, we lose power for days sometimes we make it fun! It was 24 below the other day.... who cares, keep your heat give me the cold, like my Mom said "you can dress for the cold, you cant undress for the heat" I skied at 70 below wind chills..... I was fine....who are the real snowflakes?
  10. juniper

    Any Knife guys?

    I cook a lot, have expensive German knives, 99 percent of the the time I use a Chinese vegetable knife. They do almost everything..... I have a special Japanese knife for sushi, but they cost around 600$...look up Almazan Kitchen on youtube man can cook, and sells good knives, that make sense...keep it simple!
  11. I do, Ive heard the Khorns, highly modified with fine electronics.... and standard ones.. The Jubs although not so pretty, are so much better... Plus they work in small spaces....
  12. I have to bump these Jubs..... for 5k its just not right...... If you havent heard them, you are missing out, Ive heard speakers costing 10xs more that couldnt hold a candle to them.....
  13. Crypto is great! what else? saw your music room, i cant see anything i would want to buy....... wait you live where?
  14. Many things and genres of what?
  15. I grew up with antiques as my Mom was a dealer for fun. She was a kind and gentle women who taught me a lot. I collect many things that I think have value and need to be preserved for the next generations.... what do you think is worth saving?
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