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  1. Dont know whats up or down Just spent a month in Europe and so many things were so cheap in great cities it was eye opening. Mom and pop shops everywhere, loaf of great hand made bread a dollar dinner for 4 80$ with millions of dollars of cars out front..... Left my luggage at an airport the baggage claim was way to long their are many on strike in the transport industry there. Bought all new clothes in fine neighborhoods jeans 15 long sleeved shirts 9 shorts 10 birkenstocks 60 heck in paris they fixed my rolex for free. Berlin public transit 9 a month unlimited travel within a large area high speed trains included. Was in spain for soccer my boy plays at a high level. A girl in our hotel broke her ankle and as a foreigner only paid about 280 cast exam xrays medicine crutches..... we are getting hosed.
  2. My son loved trains, he has a great collection. We live about 120 yrds from the Arcola trail high bridge its worth looking up. the worst was Dad i hear the train at 5am hop in the car, and go see the engines....... Its so unassuming on my little dirt road but when you see the expanse that crosses the St. Croix river its special
  3. HiFI i dont think there just near field monitors. some thought just like in Munich at RMAF they were the best speakers in the show all subjective of course, I think Serious Stereo made them. My *gs would scare people when soffit mounted. I liked bass reflex better for most music. I like separation and detail but soffit mounted can be just insane.
  4. HiFi you should talk about the installation at the Walker Art Center..... My high school had an awesome Planetarium with fully reclining seats they had about 20 604s in it. Kids would travel hundreds of miles to see shows in it all the time. It was so silent when a show wasnt on it was weird. Found away to deal with the quiet, get a lass in there. Darkest place i think ive ever been.
  5. I Had the G models for years with good recordings they are eerie. Imaging is insane. Had 2 sets of Cornwalls older models, and the Altecs were much more refined to my ear. you will hear much more of the recording. I have a brand new pair of Hs that are vintage never hooked them up because i have Jub types now. Look up Jean Hiraga speakers High end show in Munich some of the reviews are interesting. They do need a very good subwoofer . If they are good enough in the past for B Striesand, Frank Sinatra Sony execs Les Paul and you can go on and on. Incredible speakers like one gent said on the JBL board its like owning a Ferrari..... They are fun!!!
  6. juniper

    Any Knife guys?

    I have had some fancy knives, German, Japanese...... nothing like a Chinese vegie Knife...... You can lop through a beef shin and still finely cut vegies and scoop them up easily.... sharpen 3 times a year. I do cook a lot though
  7. Look into Starkey in Minnesota. used to take my Dad there. Couldnt get over the wall of pictures of musicians, Presidents, actors, spacemen. the best were the limos in the parking lot......
  8. If you are close go buy these spend some time these are a steal.... they will image like crazy, clear as a bell and will smoke most of things you have ever heard.... it will cost some time make sure the altec drivers match..... These may be the best speakers ive ever heard..... My jubs are different but this is a listening preference...
  9. Mogami... welcome back Carter.....Glad you passed the bar!!!
  10. Ive had a hand full of them they rocked
  11. Lots of Turmeric.... 2000 plus studies done.......
  12. Audis are amazing safe vehicles. Ive had a few i like the 4.2 engine. almost 10 quarts of oil in them. Wife has crashed 2 of them one her fault the other was a F250 van loaded with gear, hit her and my son on the side they were sitting on and walked away. .She was sitting still and he was going about 40 and t boned my wives car. At 150 MPH they are grounded and feel safe. Dont care for the new a8s they are to big the A6 with a big engine is a solid car. go on youtube theres a video of an A8 going up a hill in the snow. its funny to see all the trucks and suvs spun out and it just has no problem handling the terrain....weaving around them as they sit stuck.
  13. I hate to say this, but I bought a pair of series VI at a junk store for 29.00$. got off a plane stopped at the store placed them in the back seat. My wife made a quick stop and what i think they call a tulip stand tried to brain me. it was a small wound. The good news is that my young son now plays piano like a freak. They were his speakers when he could just sit up, and i would play classical music for him with books strewn on his floor. He taught himself and his fingers move so fast its uncanny. Something I always wanted to do but never had the time.... They are not my Altecs or Jubs but they gave my son and my family a gift!
  14. F1 and Nascar should never be in the same sentence....Moto GP can be insane Rally racing can rival it almost.... I dont know of anything that rivals the Isle....
  15. Just a few examples.... Nasty snow crab 36$s a LB, used cars are about 20 percent higher than models that sold 3 years ago for less. plywood for 40$ a sheet, yet the local store has so much of it it crazy. Bought a simple bowl of Thai soup and 2 egg rolls today 28$ Indian for 3 65$. What happened to supply and demand! or is this just their pound of flesh after covid
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