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    Altec Model 19's with custom xovers, Altec 604 8gs and H's, Tony Hams personal set of jub clones, Klipsch k 402's. EV DX38, B&K Jub xovers,Pilot sa260, sp210, Yamaha px3, Yamaha t85 tuner,yamaha mx 1000u, HK 7600II, mogami cables....

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  1. juniper

    Big Cold

    I really cant over this, we lose power for days sometimes we make it fun! It was 24 below the other day.... who cares, keep your heat give me the cold, like my Mom said "you can dress for the cold, you cant undress for the heat" I skied at 70 below wind chills..... I was fine....who are the real snowflakes?
  2. juniper

    Any Knife guys?

    I cook a lot, have expensive German knives, 99 percent of the the time I use a Chinese vegetable knife. They do almost everything..... I have a special Japanese knife for sushi, but they cost around 600$...look up Almazan Kitchen on youtube man can cook, and sells good knives, that make sense...keep it simple!
  3. I do, Ive heard the Khorns, highly modified with fine electronics.... and standard ones.. The Jubs although not so pretty, are so much better... Plus they work in small spaces....
  4. I have to bump these Jubs..... for 5k its just not right...... If you havent heard them, you are missing out, Ive heard speakers costing 10xs more that couldnt hold a candle to them.....
  5. Crypto is great! what else? saw your music room, i cant see anything i would want to buy....... wait you live where?
  6. Many things and genres of what?
  7. I grew up with antiques as my Mom was a dealer for fun. She was a kind and gentle women who taught me a lot. I collect many things that I think have value and need to be preserved for the next generations.... what do you think is worth saving?
  8. I dont use one, try to keep it as simple as possible. I use my CD player as one.....
  9. Wuzz still using yours on my K402s with TADS...very smooth..... great control... Thanks again!!!
  10. juniper

    Bob Crites RIP

    To Bob's family, and the Klipsch community this is a sad loss. Bob and his family helped many on this forum and others that only browsed... Bob expanded the Klipsch brand more then some may know. He was an inventor....and an innovator.... pushed the boundaries... My best to his family! I think the forum should be shut down for a period of time just in honor of him.
  11. Wuzzer, you will get through this, PROUD OF YOU MAN!!!!! Thanks again for your help!!!!
  12. I love old cars! Theres a weird dude that i know. He's an unfair old bastard, horrible perhaps to his employees.... makes them do things that are completly unfair. Hes a physicist. Rips Buggattis apart old Mercedes and whatever... copies the parts for those that have the money. Makes new cars partially assembled, sends them all over the world. Last car i saw in his shop was a 1915 Alfa, said it would go 140 MPH, price a cool 850k.....he uses Rustoleum for paint, with very cheap brushes with some of his very early vehichles.....
  13. 1st dibbs, ebay, maybe Kittenger.... dont know your taste? we all have very different sensibilities.....
  14. juniper

    Leaving the Forum

    Mallette, thanks for all you have done for so many! I was a newbie here once, and you tought me and many much. Always kind, rarely dismissive. Knowledge from those you trust or makes sense is a gift you gave. Good luck with your path! You will be missed! Thanks again!
  15. Someone sent me a bunch of white and black fresh truffles, they smell so bad, i cant wrap my mind around it.... like what i think rotting oysters would smell like. One time in H S someone put Limburger on the hot registers, they closed the school as they should have..... what have you experienced?
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