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  1. juniper


    Some of you have picked your poison, now go and pick the fruit, or be one....
  2. That looks like a great system, young man! Train your ears and dont listen to loudly!
  3. There was another time. There was vet who walked our towns and we saw him everywhere, he walked all day. He would go from one store to make change then another to get dollars. A tall skinny man around 6'5" and always wore the same military jacket and never made eye contact or talked. Everyone I knew was afraid of him, he was just called "the walker". One day I couldnt sleep, decided to take my bike in the woods. I dumped it in wet clay, and as my light was shinning forward at 2 am and Iam laying on my side, here he comes but hes carrying a stick! The bike scared me because I couldnt get it off me. He just walked by in the dark with his stick and said nothing. Years later to mess with a friend and to help him out, I met him outside a store and offered him a ride.He sat in the backseat with my friend. Turns out he was a really nice person.....
  4. The first time was on a Bultaco 360 nasty powerband, next was going 60 on a bridgestone 175 with no breaks, riding with a friend on the back took an 80' jump in mid flight he leaned on me, pushed my shoulder landed with the tire sideways..... every time I ride my modded YZ250..... weights around 212 pounds and has over 50hp. Those 500cc 2 strokes are insane!!!
  5. Gilbert, I will try that , sounds interesting! i eat some odd food too, but once someone tries them..... it will change their diets and their look at food.....
  6. This is a simple ? shouldnt it be whats the best for the populace as a judge? And a balance of powers, But that can never be........
  7. Iam not a JD, but i know a few who are in my family. One clerked for a SCJ, the other a FCJ the other went as they all did to very good colleges. They have to have open minds, apply yet interpret the law fairly, never be one sided politically. Read the Powell doctrine, if you want to see the other side of the coin.
  8. Flu its grapefruit juice, most times I dont feel well, always Thai Tom Yum soup, spicey food in general. Super pick me up is wheatgrass. What do you all crave or eat when feeling not 100%. Thanks!
  9. Find a Yamaha PX 3 or 2, prices are in the gutter. As good if not better then my Techinics SL 1200 and beter then my Thorens which many have raved about.....
  10. Is this like the liberty U or T U? i never knew i was so benighted.... What retreats can i go too for help? Maybe the boy scouts? does your reverand have a plane?
  11. Mods please remove this! Thanks!!!
  12. This hot sauce is hot, but I can dip a chip into it and survive.
  13. Are you getting weird post cards and mail that is fallacious centered around elections.... Just a yes or no? Dont want this shut down, say what you will..... The stuff I have recieved is so far from the truth its scary........
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