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  1. juniper

    Covid19 redux

    We just need space force to shoot an ultraviolet light beam?
  2. juniper

    Covid19 redux

    I just used the bleach, for everyones sake and humanity you need to try it it works!
  3. juniper

    Food Porn

    WAIT you live in OHIO!!! You have a fine DR. then.........
  4. juniper

    Food Porn

    People havent you figured out the basics of cooking, extra fat and bad oils means less flavor.... oil coats your tongue, and you dont taste what you are truly eating, to bring our taste buds back in line we need salt, sugar or certain spices.....which some are good for you others not so good.......
  5. May want to try Blue-Emu. i have a bad shoulder from way to many sports, was waking up constantly at night. A friend gave me some and it helped alot.Told my mother in law about it when she uses it her PF doesnt bother her, my father in law has a sciatic problem and it helped him too. Its just a topical cream you put on and is sold over the counter.
  6. juniper

    Covid19 redux

    You cant fix it, i dont think, when they dont want it fixed..... look at all the of examples, one of my favs is all the trucks with nothing in their beds......destroying the earth..........
  7. Who are you auditioning for?
  8. Thats an awesome project! Cant wait to see it more, keep posting updates! THANKS!
  9. My brother had one of those, when he was in HS. I borrowed it one time took it on a perfect S curve at 60 MPH and it didnt even slide, tried in a porsche it could only do it at 50. Funny every few years police cars would crash on this turn and they always ended up in the same spot in a stream. Read an article in road and track and someone put a Cobra engine in a spitfire, they said it was better than a Ferrari.
  10. decided to drink lysol today, i feel much safer.....now i just want the banks to takeover these rogue states.......
  11. This is also very weird!
  12. This is very interesting, history is a good thing
  13. Well we all have different experiences, speak to different people, know different people, listen and read different news. Some say the main stream news is liberal, it always has been with the facts... There control measures.... think about what some can gain in a crisis like this...met a guy in NY he bought 270,000 houses after the last.... one.....The DRs I speak with and some people who have the best care money can buy say....... its a little overblown....
  14. Ketchup has some uses, adds vinegar, salt, concentrated tomato flavors, acids, and sugars... One of my favorite uses is in an improper clams casino. Diced green bell pepper, garlic, onion fried in a little olive oil, minced bacon that was cooked.Add canned clams, remove juice, reduce juice add back in add a little butter and ketchup and bake for a bit....Hot sauce to taste. Eat with good crackers....easy appetizer......
  15. This is what some wanted....
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