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    Altec Model 19's with custom xovers, Altec 604 8gs and H's, Tony Hams personal set of jub clones, Klipsch k 402's. EV DX38, B&K Jub xovers,Pilot sa260, sp210, Yamaha px3, Yamaha t85 tuner,yamaha mx 1000u, HK 7600II, mogami cables....

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  1. Is this like the liberty U or T U? i never knew i was so benighted.... What retreats can i go too for help? Maybe the boy scouts? does your reverand have a plane?
  2. Mods please remove this! Thanks!!!
  3. This hot sauce is hot, but I can dip a chip into it and survive.
  4. Are you getting weird post cards and mail that is fallacious centered around elections.... Just a yes or no? Dont want this shut down, say what you will..... The stuff I have recieved is so far from the truth its scary........
  5. This is a funny subject. it seems that many things are made cheaper over time. I mainly use vintage eq. I use a Mx 1000 for bass management, a HK cd player for preamp and cd, a yamaha t 85 tuner PX 3 turntable. These were all ear selected for synergy. I have tried some modern gear oppo cd players, sony "HD" tuners..... it didnt sound good in my space.....we all have different ears and tastes, remember ears are like horns and microphones....and fingerprints, snowflakes...
  6. Did you get my PM not trying to be annoying.....
  7. juniper

    Bad translations

    I cant believe this thread , someone got sold.........if this is funny.... i have no sense or humor.... .
  8. LTusler, I am.... gets some microphones, and room correction software, sound absorbtion, and you will be good to go... you will still need great recordings....
  9. Is this the second pair in MN? I have a pair they are crazy good, but my bins are clones that the plans were gifted to a famous horn designer, but are heavier then the stock ones. Try the tads if you can find them, the 69 is good though. for all of you who are on the fence, buy them... the price might go way up....they make many speakers sound like silly....
  10. Carl i think i sent you reaper seeds years ago. I went to the shop of the man who invented the cultivar.He was making hot sauce with a 3 foot stick blender, about 300 peppers no mask or gloves. i thought he was nuts.......
  11. juniper


    That is so funny, the worst pizza i ever had was in the Columbus Ohio area..... Cracker crust with grease, and always to salty, or it was sloppy yet still very greasy.... but we all have different tastes thats why we all eat at different places....
  12. No Wuzzer, those were Altec Model 19's which were nice but my 604s i liked better for my type of listening. Ive have Jubs now so all should be good.... But i sure had alot of fun with those 604s....
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