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  1. Here's an oldie but a goodie... there's even some eye-candy while you wait for it to happen....
  2. Same here. Night driving use to not bother me at all, now at 58 yrs. it's different. Thankfully some vehicle manufacturers offer thermal imaging safety features and electronic systems that read lane markings and signage. We may eventually all lean toward and embrace Dave's idea of car driving utopia.
  3. I see this little rocket sled comes with a big block Gen VII, talk about a bathtub (or coffin) with a tornado strapped to the back. Anyway....... the reason for a newby to avoid this is because when things go bad on a boat due to speed, they happen (seemingly) without warning. The first warning sign (typically) is your hull starting to chime (occurs when pushing the limits) or walk; under these conditions, things can go bad abruptly. Driving a fast boat on the limits demands anticipation.... and knowing what to anticipate take a go deal of intuitiveness with experience. Mistakes in a high speed boat won't likely come with 2nd chance. Developing good skills takes time, and you must develop a knowledge and understanding of the behavioral characteristics on rough chop, semi-chop, on-glass and transitioning between the two surface conditions. Going from glass to chop can fk your day up in a milli second. As I write this, I can't help but think of my first motocross bike, a Suzuki RM250. It was a hell of deal that I couldn't pass up,....... one day I'll tell you about what happened, after a few scotch highballs. Anyway, this isn't to say you can't buy it and survive, but you'll be in a much better place if you take baby steps at learning this particular activity.
  4. No, it allows him to more easily get his message out. There is no more evidence of imposition on others than there is with any other say, for example, lobbying group, or guest on an op-ed show. while true..... Carl still got it right, because there's no shortage of fools that associate wealth with intellect. Which should explain why Hollywood is flooded with political analyst and global warming experts.
  5. That would read so much better if it were American's Bill Gates was trying to help.
  6. If I win the Lottery Mega Millions I'll go on to become a political analyst and global expert.
  7. Well Shyt!!!..... No sooner did I post what I did yesterday, and now my wife is home early (14 day quarantine) because the other bilingual teacher just tested positive for Covid. The stupid asss showed up to work sick, and since she works with my wife, the school thought it wise (and rightly so) to send her home for self-quarantine. FFS!!! (thanks for that one Brian)...... Why can't the US population just sit tight for 2 fk'ing weeks and not drag this shyt out. Now I'll be on edge and pissed for the next few days.. EDIT: This is the 5th day since school opened. No one is checking the teachers/employees temperatures before they step into the building, no safety screening, no safety precautions other than that offered on the first day.... that precaution consisted of a form stating you're not sick, don't feel sick and have not "knowingly" been in contact with anyone that has the virus. Thankfully my wife wears her mask and washes her hands diligently. Will see how this turns out. Fk'ing pisses me off, if I go to my doctor's office, the first thing (the first line of defense) they do is take my temperature..... The school does shyt, zero, nada. If my wife comes down with this, I'll be looking for a vicious lawyer.
  8. You're correct, the pricing for re-upholstery work varies significantly. Approx. 25 years ago my mom gave the wife and I a used sofa. The price to reupholster the sofa was quoted at nearly $2000.00 in San Antonio. When I told mom (RIP) the price she said "no stupid", get it done here in Laredo. And with that, she took me to see a little ole man in one of the barrios. He replaced all fabric and cushions for under $300.00. Still have that sofa today.
  9. Gilbert

    VW Deluxe buses

    While this one is relatively rare, the highly sought after models are the 23 window versions.
  10. I assumed "teachers" since those are the only people on campus. My wife's (Denise) words were more like "several people weren't wearing masks, and nobody said anything". I assumed "refuse", sorry. The lack of preparedness (no masks or shields were available, no extra hand sanitizer, no separation/distancing markings) is the wife's primary concern; the fact that her school children are 95% illegal is another concern. The two teachers that flew the coop are near or eligible for retirement, my wife is not. She doesn't want to quit, but she's too far from being able to retire with anything, and well, the school pays a shyt salary. My highschooler will be a senior this coming year and needs only two courses to graduate. The school district is reportedly offering a choice/option for online schooling. My college age daughter is chomping at the bit to go back to school (Baylor), and I'm a bit concerned about that one. She's too much of a social butterfly,.... and she damn sure didn't get that from my genes. The Baylor campus will be offering a mixture of in-person and on-line courses; I have no clue how they decide or select which is in-person.
  11. My wife's a teacher, she's bilingual so they've had her teaching the mostly children of illegals. She's been doing it for more than 10 yrs now and she loves her kids, but is genuinely afraid now because of the Covid thing. About two months ago a head custodian was instructed to clean out some class rooms or do some work at the school and contracted Covid. He died. Now yesterday, during first day of school (no children yet), several teachers were refusing to put on mask or couldn't wear masks. She said it was totally unorganized, not the district or principal have a plan, two teachers quit or walked off due to lack of preparedness. Wife is debating quitting now as well; Personally, I think the Covid thing has been blown way, way out of proportion, but it's something that you still have to respect, even if there were a cure.
  12. More like 10x About 20 years ago I started buying my own AC capacitors on ebay. Price is usually between $20 and $30 bucks nowadays. I learned the hard way after being shafted $300 for a 15 min. visit and a $15 part swap. When I discovered the cost of the real cost of the capacity I was livid. This was back in the late 1990's. God forbid what they charge nowadays for such a simple job.
  13. On the Reading Assignments, I recently acquired a wonderful book about the forthcoming revisions to the ACI 318-14; "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete". It's a wonderful read about the mighty changes to the ACI 318 code, it's riddled with suspense and drama. Pick up a copy for someone you love today.
  14. Aaron offers great information about his style of BBQ/Smoking Meat on youtube. Very informative, and relatively brief videos. His BBQ sauce receipt is superb, we all love it, even my supremely picky youngest daughter who usually passes on the BBQ sauce, unless it's "Franklin's". The only thing Aaron never explains in his videos' is temperature, which IMHO is the most critical variable. I would anticipate or expect the cooking temp's to be thoroughly discussed in his book. Over the years I've found that the Amazing Ribs' website offers more information than you'll ever want to know... unless you're a BBQ nut job like me..... and although I've not read Aaron's book.... Amazing Ribs covers just about everything BBQ/Smoking.
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