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  1. Gilbert

    Kids these days

    It's not the phone, it is the individual and the parents.
  2. Of all the people that take Zero, I wonder how many have doctors that they see regularly (once or twice a year)? I take two (2) for blood pressure, then also One-A-Day vitamin and baby bayer asprin
  3. Agree, but it wasn't until the Orange Man stepped into office that the Booming began shortly after. That's fact, but I know your opinion already. China's gift to the world "Covid" put the breaks on the "Booming" part and now that their "Dream Team" is occupying the big chairs things have good from bad (pure Covid related shut downs) to worse (Unrestrained Inflation),.... unless of course your in politics and play the cronyism game. I know a few residential contractors' have gone under; but it was partly they're own fault for having poor contract that didn't account for the material cost increases. On another story.... I just got back from the boat mechanic. Took my bass boat in for from TLC. Unfortunately he can't get to it for 2 months because he's lost 6 people. He (not I), mentioned that they would rather collect unemployment than work. And that they quit immediately after the last stimulus checks. Personally I find that hard to believe, a couple grand ain't gonna buy a whole hell of a lot. On yet another story.... I went to Laredo to visit dad and counted not less than 30 state troopers working IH35 between Cotulla and Laredo (about 60 mile stretch of highway). The drug smuggling and human traffic'ing business is a booming, and I'm sure the cartels' coyotes' are enjoying it. Smugglers' crashed through the west fence at my sisters' small place (less than a 1000 acres), traveled through her property and crashed out the front gate during the wee hours of the morning about 2 months ago. Her front gate abuts IH35, just a couple miles past the border patrol check point. I think it's absurd (but what do I know) that a couple trillion goes out the door and into crony pockets, but the people who pay the taxes collectively get spit. We'd be better off if the fed just gave everybody $1mil and called it good.
  4. Regular went from $1.90 to $2.69 here. I'm sure some of the cost increase is due to demand, after all it is Summer time. But at the roots, IMHO, it's political and can't be discussed. Last month while fishing near Rockport, TX the gas stations ran out of diesel. I don't drive a diesel, but there were plenty of trucks there sheltered down waiting for the tankers to come. Lot's and lots of "Help Wanted" signs at a majority of the restaurants. Saw signs posting $12/hr. for servers and busboys/girls. The mills in AR are reportedly firing back up, and lumber is supposed to come back down, but nobody's feeling it. It's had a major impact on housing construction. I have had many new clients from CA, WA and OR. They're flocking to Texas in droves. My wifes cousin is leaving Austin, so a realtor friend of her's posted an ad with no pictures. A CA woman offered her $60,000 over the market price, but wanted photos before committing. She sent the photo's the house is sold. Crazy.
  5. Amen,..... what is there to say that could make this better. Nothing.
  6. I know I can't be the only one who's got an opinion about the design similarities of this rocket. This should have been the ship used in Space Balls
  7. I met my wife at B Dalton's book store. She worked the register, I didn't waste my time thinking "Does She Like Me", and the rest is history.
  8. Balls, CHECK Stick Controller, CHECK Vocal chords, CHECK Now go out and find one the good ole fashion way..... or you might want to check with Putin, to see if there's any Russian babes left. Your best bet is to travel to some god forsaken country and get yourself a jungle woman living in grass hut. Those are very appreciative and are even trilled for a McDonalds burger.
  9. The family ranch near Encinal, TX is apparently near or directly below the flight path of the US Airforce training route/path or routine flight path to ???? Every once in while we get a crazy mf flying low to the ground (less than 300 ft) leaving me shaking my boots. The sonic boom is deafening, makes the ground shake.
  10. Contact Craig, aka NOSvalves with any questions. He can help you out; Craig is very familiar with the Marks' work. I still have my Blueberry, and there was some limited information that Mark provided along with the purchase, but it wasn't much and I'm sure it did not contain any schematic diagrams. Ditch the 6DJ8 for a NOS Siemens CCa
  11. I believe that's incorrect. https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/acrobat-pro.html
  12. Extremely easy IF you have Adobe Acrobat. I use the Professional version (before the subscription requirement kicked in) and group PDF's from various sources for reports and such. In addition to Marvel's suggestion/recommendation, "Bluebeam" is another good program. Bluebeam's used by some pretty big consulting firms so it should have all the bells' and whistles.
  13. Likely the DOT doing a bridge inspection.
  14. Please forward the recipe (duphas @ gvtc . com), thanks.
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