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  1. Looks like father time roughed her up a bit....... pheeeew.
  2. I get a chuckle every time I think about the ANTIFA antics..... They're a fascists antifasist organization..... they live, breath and die practicing what they preach against, LOL.
  3. Went once to the annual Rattle Snake Roundup in Freer Texas, it's something most locals from neighboring counties experience at least once. At the fair you could buy it every conceivable, for me, it was either 2" wide meaty chunks section along the length, deep fried...... or de-boned meat pieces in a good ole Mexican style guisado (stewed, with onion, garlic, comino, oregano and potato). It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.
  4. I thought we had big'ens here in South Texas, until I lived in Florida; Florida rattlers make our look like baby's. Approx. 12 ft'er at Choke Canyon Lake, about 60 mi. south of San Antonio. 14' is biggest known to come out of there.
  5. Sounds like a good time to me...... kick back with some cigars and a nice single malt and watch the action.
  6. exactly........ I'd deactivate the switch, can't stand that feature. The primary intent is to save the ozone, saving gasoline (oil) was secondary.
  7. Gilbert

    What I Got Today!

    You'll need to contact Theadus for some goat meat to drop in there.
  8. That's where you'll hear the screaming of the goats..... that awful screaming of the goats.
  9. From Laredo, born and raised, my family has long history is there.... father's side arrived late 1770's, mothers' side even longer...... but not me. Knew I'd never live in Laredo when I left. Lived in FL, OK and CO also. Happily moved back to Texas 2009, living in Spring Branch, about 35 min. N of downtown San Antonio. Still drive to Laredo quite frequently. Got one more to put through college and I could be headed your way. I like to fish, been slamming the reds and flounder in Aransas Pass and Rock Port. What's the difference nowadays? I was in Katy recently, bought my youngest her first car, they had a good used one at a great price, too good to pass up.
  10. from the junkies perspective.... they're free
  11. I was in CO 3 weeks ago, drove there because I didn't want to fly. On my way home while driving through New Mexico and getting closer to the Texas, about 100 mi away, I started driving at warp speed when suddenly saw and blew past a trooper who was parked on the side of the highway. The radar detector didn't sound the warning, but I was going so fast I just knew I was going to get a ticket...... but he never did anything and just stayed parked there. That was the only time was okay with Wuhan virus pandemic.
  12. Gilbert

    Covid19 redux

    Damn!!! They really were playing Russian Roulette. Man, that is inhumane, the one of the stupidest fk'ed-up things I've heard in quite some time...... Can You Say "Class Action Lawsuit"
  13. That would be Laredo, Texas...... but you couldn't pay me enough for that. I'll never live in that politically corrupt shyt hole city again. No more border towns living for me.
  14. Yea, that's part of the reason, but I've lived in other states.... FL, OK and for a very short while CO. I look forward to getting my last little one off to college, then the wife and I are packing up and moving some place to grow older and enjoy.
  15. Good luck, and yes, I think you're crazy.... but what the hell, moved to and lived in Oklahoma when I was chasing the money. Good to be back in Texas.
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