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  1. Gilbert

    The Great L.E.D. conumdrum

    Good to know. You fooled the dimmer switch, and now the whole string is happy.
  2. As far as I know, Amazon has been charging sales tax for as long as I've been using them, about 14 yrs, or so I guess....... But not Epay, who I can't stand them anymore.
  3. Gilbert

    **COUGH** dumbazz alert....**COUGH COUGH**

    That was funny coytee..... and I got a good one, it's called "Lo Barato Sale Caro", ...... translated.... The Cheap Price Costs More" Dad owns an old 94 Toyota Pick-up. I picked it out for him way back when,... it was the last of the Japanese made trucks, 6 months before the Tundra was introduced. I love that little truck, it's a tough MF'er, or use to be anyway. About 12 or 15 years ago, I was visiting the parents, and told dad it needed a battery, and that I'd go get one and put it in for him. Noooo, he said, I'll take care of it. I know the shop manager at WalMart, and he likes to go to the ranch, and wont' charge me a dime. So, off he went to WalMart the next morning to go chat with the manager. He buys a battery, put's it in his big GMC truck, and drives home with the manager, who proceeds to install the battery in the toyota. He's hoping dad will let him shoot a hog for some meat..... which he does. But the manager was a little too eager to go to the ranch, and in his haste, forgets to secure the batter to the tray. Dad takes the Toyota to the ranch, in-tow, part of the journey includes 7 miles of oil rig, rough as hell wash-board caliche roads, to say nothing about the ranch roads. Not being secured, the battery shifts to the side, so that when they get in it, the alternator pulley proceeds to grind it's way into the battery case. After penetrating the case, the engine gets a good sulfuric acid bath, before getting parked under a tree. It sit's there today as a monument to cheapasses everywhere. The rats have long taken care of what left, they've dined on fine japanese wiring. Anybody wanna buy a used Interstate Battery, used only once!!!
  4. Gilbert

    Fedex Home Delivery? Anybody had any luck with this?

    Yes, but if your FedEx facility is anything like mine, take a chill pill before you go.
  5. Gilbert

    Thinkers and Malcontents

    Yea, ZT took all the fun out of it. After you left Daves' FB group, it got boring..... kinda like how it would be if "WalMart" shoppers started dressing like the normal people, no fun, not interesting. Pooo😟................ Everybody needs a little Zen or adventure in their life. I introduced Roberto Z. to the group, hoping you would come back.... but you abandoned us. Roberto was my "Zen" growing up, in his youth, he was a regular George Soros, and I'm serious. He's burned down PRI public institutions/gov. establishments in Monterrey Mexico.... Activist with a capital "A". Roberto flew the FB coop because there wasn't enough action, no one to point-counter-point with (wooops, I mean "Discuss" with)....... he's my cousin, I love the guy to death, but he's a true nut-job, a true Zen'ster. You screwed the pooch ZT, you would have liked him, and he's a good person to know, he's in your area..... but closer to Dallas. I tried to get you to come back, but..... 😟 Funny, I think there needs to be "sides", it is not reasonable to think there is only 1 path to the common goal..... just my 2 centavos worth.
  6. Gilbert

    Volcanic action in Hawaii.

    yea, happens all the time with politically savvy wealthy developers..... in the 1980's, then San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros was in bed with a wealthy land developer Ray Ellison. Ray was able to get whatever he wanted; Zoning changes, flood plan changes, routing of water lines, etc. whatever Ray wanted, Henry saw too it that he got it. Ray built crap houses, foundations with no reinf., literally. His neighborhood developments are some of the worst in San Antonio. He did it all with the help ($$$) of Henry Cisneros, who went off to become Secretary of HUD under the Clinton Admin.
  7. shyt, already? Damn time flies. EDIT: My chile pequin bushes are getting big. As soon as I can get pick you a good bunch, I'll be shipping'em your way. I'll make some classic salsa by roasting some on a comal with tomatillos. I passed on planting the Chocolate Hab's you sent. They were spicy as all get out, but that flavor doesn't agree with me. The only time I've ever enjoyed a Hab. salsa was from this Jamaican guy who cooked them..... or maybe I was just too stoned at the time to know better, LOL.
  8. Can you imagine two Autonomous cars doing this. Give the Kids at MIT some time.
  9. Maybe I should file one. I was driving my daughters Subaru Outback in med. traffic a few months ago. The road was narrowing (due to construction) from 3, to 2, to 1 lane. While I was attempting to move the left lane the fk'ing Subaru braked on me, causing the guy behind me to slam on his brakes, and the guy behind him hit his rear bumper. Traffic was steadily flowing, and the sensor in my front bumper thought I was moving too fast (about 15 mph) for the traffic ahead. Said traffic was some kid sneaking his Toyota between the road construction barrels so he could go to the shopping center (best buy, and other stores). The clearance was tight between our vehicles, I'm guessing 18 to 24 inches, but I knew I could make it without skipping a beat..... but the Subaru thought otherwise, and braked.
  10. Considering the ratio between the two, is there anyone who's surprised? When I'm unable to drive or get tired of driving, I'll hire a chauffeur like Steve McQueen.
  11. Think about that for a second or two........ and remind me again, of the approximate decade you think the "Autonomous Death Trap" or "Killer Cars" will be made available to Joe Public.
  12. Gilbert

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Imagine that, who a thought?
  13. The Red Fish were biting good that day, sorry I missed it. Hope Harry will forgive me.
  14. Mighty Rat to the rescue.
  15. Gilbert

    Volcanic action in Hawaii.

    Interesting that you say "subjective". The envelope of the floodplain is clearly established in FEMA maps. I don't specialize in development, but as far as know, FEMA (or God) defines the floodplain, and it cannot be altered without consent of the land owner........ or developers with corrupt politicians in their pockets.