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  1. Randy, thanks but no thanks for the spread of exactly why I don't watch the News on TV. It's getting so an individual can't take a crap without getting bombarded with crap. Texas is doing fine, even our shythole border town cities like the one I'm from. Border crisis be damned, not my doing, not my problem, can't do a damn thing about it.... just like all this Covid crap. So what's the point, really? Keep up the good fight, I'm behind you 100% in faith. Sincerely, Gone Fishing
  2. For $800 and a little more you can get a med. sized Kamado Joe. Or, if you're lucky, you might find someone selling theirs. The KJ is an excellent system for bbq'ing or smoking, best I've ever used, don't think it can be beat, not at any price. I love mine, and retired both my Hasty Bake and LyfeTyme rigs. Hasty Bake is charcoal, LyfeTyme is old style wood burning. For you, and for the price, Hasty Bake. You won't regret it, and it's a fine rig.
  3. All of mine were wiped out by snowmaggedon. I cut them back as well and even covered them with horse feed bags. The pequins are easy to grow but die just as easy, if not easier.
  4. For salsa, it's hard to beat a Chile Pequin, aka chile de monte. Tasty, flavor packed little buggers that will bring a tear to your eye. They are most definitely a favorite all along the South Texas border region. Easy to grow, but they can't survive a cold snap much below the mid 30's. Lots of different takes on making salsa, cooked or not cooked, very flavorful. I love'em toasted on a comal together with tomatoes and/or tomatillos. They're excellente my friend.
  5. Gilbert

    Legal Round Up

    Gone... no soup for you.
  6. Gilbert

    Legal Round Up

    Lived in Broken Arrow (Tulsa area) for 13 yrs., and can tell you there's not shortage of over the top religious nut jobs in that state. Religion has a direct affect on a good number of laws, both common sense laws and some bordering on asinine. Some really believe Jesus roams around the Oral Roberts campus at night.
  7. I'm guessing those bigass Goonch Catfish have been eating good.
  8. At 11:45am this morning I got my One & Done..... and i felz fyne as phrankinzsteinz
  9. I don't need your book for that, I've forgave you a long time ago. 😉
  10. I can enjoy or can be amused listening to just about anything. I found that Tibetan or Mongol throat singing interesting. But Yoko Ono’s howling makes my skin crawl. I have a low tolerance for gangster rap and most modern day country music. Over the course of a week I can listen to anything from U2 to Country Folk, from Regae to Heavy Metal to Chopin.
  11. I've not had the vaccine for the same reasons expressed here by several members. My wife and children were vaccinated. Wife will receive her second dose in two weeks. The girls are done. I have discussed it with my families internist (Dr. T. Hernandez), he's relatively young, mid. 40'ish and a little famous, which isn't why I see him. Simply put, the man is good, and I'm a tough nut to convince. I found him through my the cardiologist (Dr. M. Canales), also well known. Both men have been recommending that I get the vaccine. Dr. Hernandez explained to me that the vaccine had been in the works for a very long time, more than a decade, but that there were ($$) issues with discovering ways to get the body to absorb it. After the break-out (thank you China), he explained that funding became a non-issue and that scientist discovered a way using fatty tissue (??) or using the body's fatty tissue to adsorb the medication. He went on to explain in greater detail, which of course got more and more complicated for me to follow or understand. Admittedly, I am ignorant about Biology and how the body works. I have had several bad doctors' in my lifetime, and as a result, I've developed a stigma that is difficult to overcome. I trust the two mentioned above, it's been a long road to get there, but I do. I'm too stupid to be able to explain why, other than that neither of them take offence when their opinions or judgements are questioned, and both have always been able to explain, logically, my questions "Why". I am ignorant about many things medically related, what I do know is this, I lost a good friend, who was a relatively young and seemingly healthy man. His wife said he had great difficulty breathing and complained of being extremely sore; sore to the point that he couldn't lift a glass of water without being in pain. It took less than 2 weeks for Covid to take him. I'll be registering through CVS or Walgreens to get the vaccine. For the other knuckle heads like me, consider the people who love you, not just yourself. I'm done.
  12. Go to the TOP -RIGHT corner area of your screen. You'll see 3 dots vertically aligned Left Click the 3 dots, scroll down to "SETTINGS" Scroll through the settings and delete "Yahoo" or whatever search engine is trying to takeover.
  13. Keith was okay, that poor dude endured a lot of pain and had been through a lot. I liked him.
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