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  1. Sorry to hear about your best bud, Mr. Clean.... but as mentioned, the suffering's over and he's singing Danny Boy right now. Relish the good times while you've still got a mind to remember..... we're all headed to the same space eventually.
  2. why concern yourself with the opinion of someone who shares different interest and passions. At one time I owned 10 pairs of cornwalls, now down to 2 pairs. I enjoy listening to music, and don't expect anyone else to understand that..... not even a musician. if you want them, and you can afford to work them into your budget, why not buy them.... I have given you my approval..... what else do you need?
  3. Gilbert

    Fire Ant Suicide???

    When ants die their scent changes because the corpse releases something called oleic acid. So the living bring out their dead to prevent a contamination that might harm the queen or the rest of the colony.
  4. I'd trade-up to that in a heartbeat, if only it were legal for the occasional recreational use..... with OK now okay with prescription..... it's only a matter of time before the deep Red State Texas realizes the errr of their ways, but I'll likely be pushing daisy's by then.
  5. Once you get settled in, let me know your address so I can send you MAGA hat to where around CA. Maybe a MAGA bumper sticker for your new car.
  6. 89 and bought a new car...... Oh mama!!!! My mom (RIP) stopped at 86, one too many scares on the road. Dad who'll be 91 in 2020, stopped at 90. He had been driving himself to the ranch 3 or 4 times a week. It's about 40 mi. on Interstate and then 10mi. down rough caliche road. In his last year of driving, whenever I would be in the vehicle (he would insist on driving,... has very strong will), I was always at the ready. Man!! he would scare the crap out of me sometimes with the weaving. But after getting turned around and lost at the ranch a couple of times I suggested he ease off on the driving. A couple weeks later one of the servants who accompanied him finished off what I started, and he hung up the keys. Take care of your mom, hope she's in good health... but FYI, both my parents had to scare themselves before realizing it was time to stop driving. Dad, being the way he is, took a little more convincing. Cheers!!
  7. "Ahhh, I seeee said the blind dummy." Thank you Jeff. I think I'm going to start playing them, and dragging out the conversation next time. I'll talke with a mexican accent and really fk with them.
  8. Travel safe Dave, and congrats on the Air Force gig.
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