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  1. He was an especially talented musician, all his albums were different.... He was the original Punk, he and iggy.
  2. Charles LeClerc will be the next record breaker..... kids got great big balls and he's smart... a la Hamilton. Schummi still holds the vast majority of Records. Here's Vettel taking out his better F1 rookie teammate. Typical Vettel..... and the perfect example for Team Orders, WHICH Vettel has historically ignored, UNLESS the orders were in his favor.
  3. Yes, Shummi was the top driver, and was leading the championship. Once the championship is in the bag, they'll let the drivers duke it out. Ferrari has historically had their cake and eat'in it too when it came to F1; but the new financial structure (Post-Berni) has for the most part stripped them of their favored status. The favoritism stems from the long standing involvement in the sport and the shear number of viewers that watch because of the namesake. Every manufacturer wants both championships, i.e. Driver Championship and Manuf. Championship. The obvious reason is they'll get a bigger $lice of pie at the end of the $eason. Many teams did it, and still do.
  4. First time I heard a pair of klipsch speakers. I was 15 or 16 yrs old. They were at my cousins hifi music store. It was luxman pre/amp and turntable. FLEETWOOD MAC Rumors LP spinning. Incredible sounding, I was blown away by the sound and the price. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. Gilbert

    Tug of War

    Elon's at it again, this time with a military grade attack chopper. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. ORCA is supposed to be king of the koolers, but they'll likely be priced like the Yeti lineup.
  7. Gilbert

    Tug of War

    I wonder which truck would win in Elon's Tug of War? It amounts to about the same odds, only reversed.
  8. Gilbert

    Tug of War

    Very little spent on advertising, true, and that's a good thing. Elon needs all the free advertising he can get for Tesla, because he can't make a profit with that company. Most businessmen would have surrendered over a decade ago, but I guess Elon feels it's on the right track. Wonder what the company's expectations and outlook are over the next few years. I believe they're nearing their 20th year. I wonder how many millions in public funding Tesla has eaten. He was a coddler with Obama, and I know a guy (wife's cousin) who sat next to him at a Hillary big money diner in San Francisco. He said Elon was nut job, but most geniuses are, I guess.
  9. Gilbert

    Tug of War

    Musk is a clown, he'll do anything for publicity.
  10. F1's never really denied it..... and you're right, it sucks. When Ferrari firmly suggested that Ruben Barrichello slow down so that Michael Schumacher could take the win in his Austria (early 2000's), Rubens' made it a point to show the fans this was an "order", and nearly came to a complete stop just before the checkered flag....... allowing Michael to take the win. Michael was booed by the entire crowd, and handed the trophy to Ruben.... the records still show Michael as winner. F1 Mercedes/AMG principal Toto Wolfe lets his drivers battle it out (99% of the time), thanks to Nikki's (RIP) presence on the team.
  11. Congrat's and good luck Dave....... and beeeee careful with the Muskmobile.
  12. The politics of racing.... team orders.
  13. Seeing more and more people taking their pets (mainly dogs) shopping with them to the Grocery Store, in the meat market, in the produce section, all over the store. While I love my pets and spoil them rotten, it bothers me to see people taking advantage of what should be strictly limited to special needs people only. Seeing people taking their dogs to the Grocery store or shopping at the mall bothers me...... My oldest daughter was about to join the fray (because her boyfriend does this nonsense) and had both her malinois registered as "Service Dogs". One day she took her dogs along with her boyfriend and his dog (a Great Dane) to the Pearl Brewery (trendy kid hangout); Her car of course, her boyfriend didn't want to trash his BMW. When she got home, I asked her if she enjoyed driving her car all the way into town with 3 large dogs so she could show them off to complete strangers. She looked puzzled, and knew I was disappointed. I told her, "Isn't it wonderful to be able to do that"..... Now imagine 30%/50%/100% of the visitors all dragging their "SERVICE" dogs with them to public places. Wouldn't that be an enjoyable experience, wonderful huh? Next time take them in the BMW, they like a nice ride too. She got the point.... and I made damn sure the boyfriend got mine.
  14. Ouch!!! Bend over, Wisconsin is driving.
  15. After looking at the Tesla Truck, I think there needs to be a new word for "Ugly", the old one doesn't do it justice.
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