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  1. Can't remember the name of the hurricane but in the early 90's there was one that ripped Homestead, FL apart; thought it was a Cat 4 or maybe 5. I kept hearing DeSantis saying there's never been a Cat 5 there, and thought he was mistaken.
  2. My all time favorite of favorite lounge chairs.... the one all others are measured agains. Hard to come across that particular Eames lounge chair at a reasonable price; even a beat-up fixxer upper is hard to come by at that price. I suspect this one is a cheap Chinese knock-off..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/354287421652?hash=item527d2d08d4:g:~wsAAOSw66tjJ9Zu&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4D%2FXUrzVNup0ZltD2cL0X3OgxLZ4ABJKDYAP9ciJDj%2Bwj4sd5G9alZMc3LOuw57vOpuu9KxysUbyyicEKHB%2BoqESSbXV1LQM0sqnOeHxIPHEhW5T8JZ1tVoRReZ9iOLQxal4O2likqOEj6tOoN8Mlzo4Xtn34ZVCGYQxZ2a1LOlygSPUbWLBeo1%2FjuknihZG2f2gh07Z5B6s5SKLq9MtHsXkbxSCHfMxE57IwKqc3LDEbR%2BUUiCez7paboRegqN4cLN8Hz9oApGQLN4O0A%2Be1l4FAieU3suId2WgIsA2wN5D|tkp%3ABk9SR_C9o9jwYA Might also consider one of the Stressless lounge chairs with a matching ottoman... I bought a couple of stressless Magic chairs and love them. Especially the wife, she'll get a good book and kick back in the stressless for the rest of the day.
  3. Have you had your electro shock treatment today?
  4. https://www.nola.com/news/hurricane/article_866dd1f2-3d8e-11ed-9a72-f392f1b2f90f.html
  5. "Spaceballs" was my favorite of the Starwars series...... not a big fan of that computer animation or rubber monsters.
  6. Noticed you were partial at one time to Sennheiser's, which are my favorite. They died after 8 years and now trying Sony, WH-1000's. Sound quality is IMHO very good, but not excellent.... I have the RF's not hardwired.
  7. Forgot about the 1966 movie "Grand Prix". They did it right and captured the aura of the sport, which started to take another course sometime around the mid 90's. As someone else stated, there are too many to choose from, but if you can break it up along style lines, it makes it somewhat easier to choose.
  8. Thank you for proving my point...... and glad you enjoyed the youtube. I'll try to post some more because I know how much you value your time.
  9. I assume the "Livestock" you're referring to is poultry. Never known anyone to successfully raise Sheep or Cattle on store bought feed; even during the worst of times. Here in south texas, when mother nature throws you a bad year or two or three, we burn nopal or prickly pear. It's not economically feasible to supplement the diet of your cattle with store bought feed.
  10. Best wishes on a speedy recovery Bruce, cheers and take care.
  11. Prior to 1894 churches had everything that was needed..... Taxes Slave labor and a good supply of whips
  12. Zombie threads, aka resurrection of dated or otherwise kaput threads is,.... I suppose,.... an indicator of what has come to be a ______ forum.
  13. Equation is way off. There were 2 dice being rolled, for which equal back to back results occurred 4 times. Enter theories of probability and statistics
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