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  1. Thanks, and talk about gone too soon.....
  2. Yes, still living in Texas, moved back (from Oklahoma) to live here in 2009; and yes AC is important, and absolutely required if your not accustomed to this kind of weather. I grew up in Laredo where the typical summer last approx. 4 months and greater than 110 deg. F is common. Decided to purchase the Daikin Fit system, and it's being installed right now. Replacing (2) 4 Ton units and (1) 3 T. I secured 6 estimates (not all Daikin) and the best deal for the Daikin was $35k and the best deal on a Ruud or Trane was about $7k less. With regards to the Daikin fit, the next best price was $65k and the crazy stupid high price was $75k. The company's that were crazy high included Beyer Boys, and Jon Wayne, respectively. Both are very large companys that offer multiple financing options and some smooth talking estimators. I chose to go with a company called Comfort Air. I can't for the life of me figure out how these other two companies were so far off. I even offered them the estimate from Comfort Air and neither offered a comment/reply. They installed one of the units already, and currently working on #2.
  3. Gilbert

    Food Porn

    With cooking like that we (some buddies and myself) need to bring you camping with us in Colorado. Two weeks in western CO, 8k ft. elev. at camp site and not a sole in sight for 25 to 30 miles.
  4. One of our heat pumps croaked (internal short that kept blowing a 40A breaker), they're all 21 years old. I was told our lasted better than most and I'm going to replace all of them if I can get a good price. Was considering same old single phase but with higher efficiency rating. The old system was Lenox signature series, but after the price I was quoted to replace with same, I decided keep the money I was saving for the next lunar launch on Elon's Space X and go with something less expensive. I think I found something I like that's reportedly not as efficient as a new Lennox signature series, but carries a better warranty (12 yrs) as opposed to (10 yrs) on the equipment and also a better warrant on the labor... (6 yrs.) vs (1 yr) on the lennox install. Considering a "Daikin Fit" HVAC system but don't know if they're any good? Based on what I've read, the Daikin Fit is a very good system,.... called an inverter system. Supposedly runs real quite. These systems (inverter tech.) don't need to run at 100% like the typical/traditional single stage heatpump. Your educated opinions are appreciated, thanks.
  5. Wow, she sings her heart out.... and stole mine..... love the way she plays too wow
  6. Well, looks like you already failed the Memory Poll 🙂
  7. yea the fast pace of the traffic crossing the bridge can put you to sleep..... especially when you're the unfortunate one stuck in the line. The BP check point just north of Laredo can be a real PITA with waits as long as 1 to 1.5 hours when the truckers revolt and take up all the lanes. One of these day's I'll cross the Atlantic and stay north of the equator. Don't know that Denmark is for me, but plan on Switz, Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and a side detour to Greece. Going to stock-up with the highlands finest. Hope to retire soon, then it's bye bye. Cheers!!
  8. Although not available on YouTube, you can watch the traffic crossing from the Mexican side any of the 4 International Bridges at the City of Laredo. Here's an action shot of taken at the Colombia bridge off the old mines road. The long line that's double and triple wide include vehicles coming to the US, (usually 99% tractor trailers at this bridge filled with goods, some legal some not so legal)....... And the trains, well let me tell yea, the trains can be as long as a few miles. For more action shots and videos you can also visit: https://www.cityoflaredo.com/departments/bridge-system/bridge-cameras If you're lucky, you might get to watch the next rush of illegals that show up at the bridge, rather than cross the wild country and trashing up the barns, ranches and farms along the way.
  9. When I lived in FL I use to look for street vendors in and around Ebor City (which is surrounded by Tampa) where they make some of the best dang smoked mullet ever. But down here in S. Texas they don't eat mullet. I guess it's a different kind but I don't really know sure. They sure look the same though.
  10. You're my hero dude. Love the sardines and the "beer batter bass" ... say that 3x really fast. I had canned tuna fixed a la "Barbie Tuna Salad", wife is pushing me to lose a little weight.
  11. Gilbert

    Hot Hot Hot

    Resturants are exactly consistent either.... but I'm the same way.... and every once in a while I'll get that chef who wants to see someone cry out for ice cream.
  12. Is that former moderator with the goats and chickens still around? Can't think of his name.
  13. LMAO..... Your use of the term "business" was missed guided and spot-on at the same time... but profitable for who? Certainly not the taxpayer and most definitely not the teachers. When it comes to just about anything politics or business, you're always good for a laugh.
  14. Way, way, waaaaaay less than 6 hours/wk. More in-line with 30 to 60min. a month.
  15. Excuse me? Always and forever, amen.
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