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  1. Thanks.... and I just played around on youtube and feel like crap now... especially because I love love love Tom Petty
  2. What's a famous/popular song that includes a Rickenbacker?
  3. Gilbert

    Android Auto

    I was driving to a location using my Google maps and the damn thing lead me in circles around downtown San Antonio, it got me really close, but missed by a block. Can't really blame google maps though, some of streets in downtown have changed and were shut down, but it's been a few years since then. In considering 20 years ago, when I was using a handheld Garmin (with a 2" screen) in Ohio trying to rush to the airport from a construction site visit, I was completely lost and followed the GPS instruction. I was on less than a 1/4 tank of gas and the damn GPS led me into a very bad neighborhood beneath some freeways. Wasn't sure I'd escape alive, but luckily I made it out unscathed.
  4. Gilbert

    Android Auto

    Yes, absolutely. I have an Note 8, and about 1 month ago I purchased my daughter the latest and greatest Note 20+. Two completely different animals, my daughters Samsung is a better phone/camera/hand held pc by far. She switched after years with Apple, as I did years before that. Apple sucks, I like their iPads which is the area IMHO where the own the market (Portable Tablets). Just look at what happened to Hunter Biden's Mac Pro..... I'll bet he's already switched.
  5. Here in South Texas, we speaks both Southern and Spanglish. Spanglish examples include: Wacha! = "Look!" Wachate! = "Look you!" Wacha Venado = "Deer Blind" Wachate Pendejo = "Watchout Dumbass" llanta Ponchado = Flat Tire Tu Madre Es Puta = Yo Mama's A Ho Es La Puta Madre = That's Damn Good
  6. No, no, no..... the fux capacitor is in Tijuana, and scientist still haven't found a guy that can handle it.
  7. Well shoot, I don't see it now..... at around 5am this morning I did like usual and turned on my phone (Samsung) and looked at the weather. A graphic at the bottom of the screen showed a hurricane in the gulf, well south of Brownsville, but not quite the Carib. It showed a projected path headed right toward your area (TX/LA border). Guess it was the previous hurricane and I still had sleep in my eyes, so never mind, and carry-on soldiers.
  8. What the hell are you doing over there in east Texas Carl? Please take down your hurricane magnet.
  9. Not a joke, and a taste I learned to enjoy from my dad. Fresh lime squeezed, cracked pepper and tabasco over bristling sardines, thinly slices onion and sliced aguacates. Best when paired with "Games" (Mexican) saltine crackers. If I'm feeling special I'll add fancy smoked baby oysters and sour pickles. My wife initially thought I was crazy, as did both of our girls... but they've come to enjoy snacking on it and don't gross out or think it's as horrible as they once did.
  10. The Cartel pays big bucks to the lower level BP agents working check points. More than a few have been busted in South Texas, probably the same all along the border, all the the way to Califa. Hell, some years ago the Sheriff of Zapata Co. and a few of his deputies were caught escorting loads. South Texas becomes an entirely different country when you get within 100 miles of the border. It's like a light switch. In the 70's and early 80's I would take my dogs (8 of them, G. Shepards, Wolfcross, Dobermans and a Blue Lacy) with me down to the river (RioGrande) swimming and protection. While checking my traps or troutlines it was not uncommon to watch the Mexicans crossing with huge bundles or bails of MJ balanced on their heads. There are many shallow areas where anyone can just walk across. But they did not bother me and I did not bother them, we'd acknowledge that we say one another and then they'd vanish into the carrizo. There are many poor neighborhoods in Laredo (Azteca, Chacon, Sal Si Puedes, Rio Bravo) some can make the dumps in the Ozarks and Kentucky Mnt's look like 5 star resorts. The typical house is less than 400 SF, some houses made of cardboard, I shyt you not, then out of no where, a Mansion pops up surrounded by these homes. These are scattered all over Laredo, and there are hundreds and hundreds of used car lots scattered throughout the city. Police know better than to patrol these areas, and they're corrupt to the bone too. 15 or 20 years ago the FBI opened a headquarters in Laredo, it's huge building for Laredo, and it looks like a prison compound. https://www.thecentersquare.com/texas/laredo-s-concentrated-poverty-rate-is-the-highest-in-texas/article_ef55fa96-dff4-11e9-bdd0-7ff45bae2c9b.html
  11. I have to ask.... sorry,...... what makes you believe that a disagreement between SCOTUS's is "Honest" and not "Political"?
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