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  1. Southern Rock..... loved their version of the Blues. One of my favorites,....
  2. Hmmm, here in the states we're going on 2 years with no border control.... but still can't cross the hierba buena. Only MS13 gang members and terrorist are allowed, with the occassional latino looking for honest work.
  3. How is it possible to invest in a commodity that's illegal at the federal level? As far as I'm concerned, CBD is for the birds. I've bought their overpriced over-hyped pain killing creams... they were all BS; I've bought their smokeable herbs/buds... and again, BS; I've also tried the so called Delta 8 vape and it was crap that made my lungs feel like I'd sucked down a rock. As for CBD, I'm with Nancy.... Just Say No. The only buds that really work are illegal in Texas, so I'm left with Mr Macallan's 12 or 18, in sheery oak variety. Guaranteed ,works every time. Or for those mellow days, a little Chivas Royal Salute is great for when you're feeling blended.
  4. My daughter at UT Austin has gotten into the new LEGO puzzle thing...... when she first brough home one of her masterpieces I told her that those were not lego's..... at least not the kind I remember as a youngster. My how times have changed. 3D puzzle called Lego's. It's pretty cool, but not my thing.
  5. No, not a clue on the electronic stuff (but like Travis illuded too) there's no pending divorce so all is well......... or at least it was until I dropped a chunck of change on a new in-shore fishing boat. She pouted for a few weeks until last week, when I stopped by the Americus Diamond store and told her to pick out a ring... moral of the story "Happy Wife, Happy Life".
  6. From Klipsch, I think most if not all will agree that the "Heritage" line-up contains their best offerings; from there, check your available space, your speaker choices and then check your wallet.
  7. Gilbert

    RIP Jeff Beck

    Thanks for the great lead.... demo'ed a couple tracks and just ordered through Amazon.
  8. This one is bound to become a classic.... better get it while it's still under $300.00 https://www.amazon.com/Ice-Vanilla-Story-His-Words/dp/0380765942
  9. O'Ryan Island.... if you were fortunate enough to get their CD then you know they were fanatical about sound quality. Youtube doesn't do them justice but it's a whole lot bettr than nothing. This was one great album from beginning to end.
  10. I need some help finding a cabinet for my 10B. Would prefer an original (I think?), but if you know someone with significant experienced making customs audio gear cabinets, that would also be an option..... thanks in advance.
  11. Everytime I go inshore fishing I stop by my favorite mom & pop sushi joint. It's a little hole-in-the-wall place that would make you think twice about stopping, it's called "Sushi Luck". But the guy's reputation is well known by the locals. The joint is a modest little house owned by an ole Japanese fellow and his wife. Luckily the ole gal speaks broken english (husband speaks none, but authoratatively grunts and barks. He reminds me of the soup nazi from Seinfeld. His sushi is utterly out of the world, but if you want to change something on the menu, you'll go through great pains to convince him. Anyway and the reason for my post, he has this product called "CAT 5" which he doesn't push, but on a shelf behind the sushi prep station he has about 20 to 30 of these tiny jars, see pic. A a local friend of his produces the product right there in Rockport; I like Rockport because it's only a couple hours drive and I'm in the water, not as remote or beautiful as lower laguna madre. This stuff is great on all the food I've used it on, even popcorn. Great product with a good sting,.... ice cream not included.
  12. Gilbert


    Based on the title, I thought this thread would be about the latest bitcoin scandal. Carry on...... and by the way, ole Louie looks to be stressing out on this wonderful day.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. That is a "Real" concert, about as real as it gets.
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