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  1. Just what the doctor ordered, smoking without the feel good part............ it'll be just as effective as Oklahoma's near-beer. On another note, I read this article (see below), which at first it seemed only interesting (still is), but quickly turns to depressing. I had no idea that MJ could be used to help people suffering from epilepsy. But the really sad part is discovering the level of suffering a person has to endure, before their allowed to switch and use Medical MJ. Totally disgusting, and wholly unacceptable IMHO. http://www.newsweek.com/texas-marijuana-dispensary-first-republicans-793383
  2. Anti- Intellectualism

    David Byrne simplified that with 76.2% fewer words, 78.1% fewer vowels, and 83.3% few consonants.
  3. Homebrewing

    well poooo! ......... it's not that bad, bring some of that brew and a couple of cigars, and I'll take yea fishing.
  4. RIP Stephen Hawking

    I'm here for yea too OT, don't your worry one bit. Hawkin's parents were interesting people as well, particularly his mother. RIP Mr. H.
  5. Anti- Intellectualism

    YES, it' the same as it ever was. I think you give the media at large too much credit. Smart people don't sell.
  6. Anti- Intellectualism

    I remember W.F. Bush well.
  7. Anti- Intellectualism

    That's way too easy.... what would be more challenging, and make for better discussion, is how you determined and why you believe there are over 320,000,000 American's who are anti-intellectual. You started this thread without offering your own insite. Some might call that trolling, I tend to think of it as being insincere. EDIT: On some things, most things, I think, I can consider myself open minded; but I'm only human, and have my mind closed on many issues involving morality and to a lesser extent, religion.
  8. Pizza

    GAWD!!! that makes me miss this fantastic greek pizza restaurant in Temple Terrace FL. Best damn mediterranean dishes I've ever had, hand tossed dough, yummmy anchovies...... OOooooohhhhh, I'm having withdrawals.
  9. Anti- Intellectualism

    Seriously, to have an open, or intelligent discussion on any subject, requires open minds. Clearly, and intuitively, people who willing pass judgement on a whole, but demonstrate a lack of understanding and/or experience on the subject, are clearly not the open minded type. Perhaps, if Oldie had rephrased his question, I would be willing to take him as being serious..... for now, I'll just say, "schau dir nummer sechs an".
  10. Anti- Intellectualism

    A big part of the problem is catalyzed by people who pass judgement on the whole, based severely limited knowledge.
  11. Chad the Comedian

  12. see what happens when you mock Ketchup

    Once upon a time Whataburger made a really good hamburger...... not so much anymore IMHO..... I use to get withdraws when I lived in OK, There's no Whataburgers there..... but then I found Steak & Shake and the world was a better place. :-)
  13. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Since a proper response requires an adjective mind at each end, I'll leave you alone to keep on rationalizing the solution.... or skip straight to the end of No.6.
  14. No More Browning Hi-Power

    He offered his response before you ever touched your keyboard..... it's at the end of No.6. Given the times when it was written, most people get it.... but then there's the last statement in No.6. Good day sir.
  15. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Hey Mr. Rocket Scientist, that's what the "Gun Ban" debate is about. Based on my personal gun use, as well as the current state of politics, I think assault rifles are useless, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to sacrifice my right, or especially the right of my neighbor to own them..... which we do, proudly I might add. But you sir, you just keep putting your faith in others to take care of you, and your family. Carry on!!