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  1. Stock Market still setting record highs, S&P 500 up 22 points, Unemployment down to a 17 yr. low, and lower taxes this April. Yes sireeee Bob, it's going to be a great, great, really great New Year. Cheers boyz and girlz!!!
  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    What you needed was a tall glass of water from Nuevo Laredo to wash it all down. Nothing like the water from one of Northern Mexico's border towns to perk your spirts right up.
  3. Stud Finders - What are you using

    I'll bet there's more than one lucky goat that agrees.
  4. Four out of Six Nominees-Not Bad

    Bon Jovi?? A Rock n Roll Hall of Fame'er, good grief Charlie Brown..... the judges were deaf and smoking crack!
  5. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    No. It's a first for me. I've got a couple pairs of Pro Heresey's with birch veneer and won't part with them. I'd love to have some Pro Cornwalls, but not at that price, regardless of how rare they are.
  6. Fair price for Cornwall Pro Series?

    It is way out of line.
  7. Spotfy

    Agreed, you get 5 users for the same price..... makes Sirius look like the rip-off that it is.
  8. Creep Cam

    The red light district is Pay To Play, not Plug n Play
  9. 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

    That's what you're for Keith, it's your special purpose..... intelligent discussion. Particularly those discussions pertaining to race and culture. You are the other Zen master, I bow to your superior knowledge. I would never dream of reasoning it out with a gawd. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk

    Ok, I did a little research and they're suppose to be milder with a touch of sweetness. I think I'd like to try some. I can send you some dried Chile de arbol in return. They're from my garden. I save a quart size baggie for next year. I'll PM you my address. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  11. Elon's "BFR"

    What ole Elon has is a history of being a damn good BS'er, and salesman. He's got a good head and the money to buy all the capability he thinks he can sell. He saved Tesla from cardiac arrest, and I've been seeing his cars all over the place as of lately. Good looking cars, the S is a sexy looking beast, but that limited range makes it pretty much useless for me.

    I hear that, I like hot and can tolerate it pretty darn good, but I won't eat chiles just because their hot, and I've had a thai place or two teach me about too hot, and ruin my dish. For me, if the chile doesn't taste good, I don't eat it. I saw some ghost peppers at HEB a couple weeks ago. They didn't have but dozen or so. I held back from handling them, and thought they were kind of ugly looking. About the hottest (lasting hot anyway) I've eaten are variants of the scotch bonnet, but I don't particularly care for the flavor in the raw. The ones I've tasted have a pungent after-taste. Wasn't till I worked for this Jamaican engineer in Tampa, FL that I actually enjoyed them. He cooked them, and made some jerk chicken or something like that, can't remember. Just remember liking the cooked salsa he made and the marinated chicken was out of this world. Thank you Carl. I might take you up on that. What kind you growing? Every winter my wife tells me ..... I told you blah blah , wah wah wah, put some in pots, now you got nothing except HEB. Well almost, because I can always make the emergency run to Laredo, but that's a 400 mile round trip; and a bit extreme. Fresh chile of almost any kind can be bought in Laredo.

    I'm only fun'in with yea about the ice cream. Today is a very sad day, as most of you Texas folk know, we had a violent snow storm in the Texas hill country (about 5" at my home)...... all my chile pequin and chile de arbol plants took a big snow hit. Chile production is out for the next 2 to 3 months, I'm going to have to depend on my bottles of scotch to keep me warm for the rest of winter. Wife is cooking up my last batch of salsa. 2 tomato's 1 small onion, 3 cloves roasted garlic (more if I do the cooking) to +1.5 cups saute'd chile pequins. She blends in a little bit of Pollo Knor (chicken beullion). Darn good salsa picante, I put it on everything. Chile arbols are good that way too, or making raw varieties of pico de gallo.

    Do you work at an ice cream parlor?
  15. 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor