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  1. Zombie threads, aka resurrection of dated or otherwise kaput threads is,.... I suppose,.... an indicator of what has come to be a ______ forum.
  2. Equation is way off. There were 2 dice being rolled, for which equal back to back results occurred 4 times. Enter theories of probability and statistics
  3. Random people eh? As long as the sample size was strong, it sounds like a reasonable approach to me. It may not be scientific in the sense that the WOKE generation hasn't approved of it, but it's good enough for mortal men.
  4. Neil, Are you interested in localized repair (small area) or are you considering covering the entire basement floor? Contact tech. department at "Master Builders" https://www.master-builders-solutions.com/en-us ...... Explain to them what you have and what you want to accomplish, and they'll take it from there. This is the exact same process that Architects and Engineers do when working with unfamiliar challenges. Once upon a time there were Sonneborn (Big Orange Catalog) or Chemrex (Big Yellow) catalogs. They made everything Concrete and Masonry Related, but those products were all bought out by Master Builders.
  5. Now and again it happens; I befriend someone that's a bit younger and with whom I share a common interest. That interest is usually work related, but whatever it is, we'll inevitably discuss music. Music is the one enjoyable constant in my life that's existed from a very young age. And as much as I enjoy listening to different types of music, it will inevitably happens...... Bang!!!! someone introduces me to something new to me, but has been around for over a decade or two or three. It's been more than a decade since I've experienced one of these "music awakening", and this time it stung a bit harder than in the past. It stung because I'd been enjoying music from the sister bands that were born from the mother, a mother I was never exposed to because the artists' life was cut short. So without further ado, what's new to me may be old to you..... Enjoy; Stargazer, by "Mother Love Bone". RIP Andrew Wood. What's new to you??
  6. Please read the post sir..... I said "Future Waterfront Property".... The bridge is a seperate deal. PM me for details, or just send $1,250,000 via PayPal F&F. You can trust me, I've been a member on the Klipsch forum for quite some time.
  7. Gilbert

    Any Knife guys?

    Their good people. Never a complaint. They stand by their products. Being 55yrs, just about qualifies as entry level heirloom, and me being an old sentimental fool, I'd likely wanna keep it.
  8. I have a bridge to sell and some future waterfront property.. PM me for more information.
  9. Gilbert

    Any Knife guys?

    Been there, done that..... Once upon a time my father owned a restaurant supply business. I have Swiss, German, Japanese, all kinds of knives for all kinds of purposes.... from tactical to culinary. Stop the madness, Cutco has you covered in the kitchen and the BBQ..... even fishing too. Excellent knives, and they'll sharpen for you when it gets to that point, which will likely be alot longer than you think. https://www.cutco.com/
  10. Gilbert

    Bash in Hope

    Land of the unicycles heading for the tail of the dragon.
  11. Put'in him in a ground a little early Eh?
  12. I was talking about the maximum performance rating of the amplifiers. Evidently you didn't buy one of the better quality amplifiers, like this one.
  13. I hope I'm not too late, but that remarkable deal applies only for the 6ft version. If you have an extra $12,800 you can go all the way to 10ft with virtually no loss in quality. The cable is performance rated all the way to 11.
  14. These are really nice ones.... If you're willing to live with a little less fidelity, you can go with the "Full Range" option and save around $16.5k https://www.psaudio.com/products/pauls-reference-dragon-zero-speaker-cable/?gc_id=6469190841&h_ad_id=379962002052&gclid=Cj0KCQiA_c-OBhDFARIsAIFg3ex6VAiPbofm3MYFh979ENEEjqJlfhdDCYRxQbO6aj2CKuWHHAF1paMaAvtPEALw_wcB
  15. "He will take his hair products with him".... now that was funny.
  16. Gilbert


    One of the of the last, if not The Last source you'd ever want to buy a used car from is Law Enforcement. If you don't get it, ask a Trooper/Sherriff/Local PoPo
  17. The politics of F1. Seriously, what dumbass wouldn't understand why Hamilton skipped the F1 Championship crowning? What fan of racing, any kind of car racing, would agree with Michael Massi's last lap decision? Anyone? anyone?, Bueller... Bueller..... Bueller....
  18. Max wont leave RB, or at least he said he’d never leave publicly. Anyone who watched F1 over the past 20 yrs and paid attention knows who Adrian Newey is and what it means to have him design a race car. Adrian loves the RB team and will like retire with them. Max would be a fool to leave….. just ask Sebastian Vettel.
  19. Mercedes withdraws it’s appeal following FIA announcement (Jean Todt) which stated….. Mercedes’ announcement followed a statement from the FIA on Wednesday evening, in which the sport’s governing body proposed to conduct a “detailed analysis and clarification exercise” around the events of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The statement ran: “Following the presentation of a report regarding the sequence of events that took place following the incident on Lap 53 of the Grand Prix and in a constant drive for improvement, the FIA President proposed to the World Motor Sport Council that a detailed analysis and clarification exercise for the future with all relevant parties will now take place. “This matter will be discussed and addressed with all the teams and drivers to draw any lessons from this situation and clarity to be provided to the participants, media, and fans about the current regulations to preserve the competitive nature of our sport while ensuring the safety of the drivers and officials. It is not only Formula 1 that may benefit from this analysis, but also more generally all the other FIA circuit championships. “Following that presentation and an extensive discussion, the World Council has decided to unanimously support the President’s proposal.”
  20. That was not my take on the British GP, Mad Max always tries to late-brake his opponent (they all do really), but doing so from the outside on that particular turn was wishful thinking. There are many videos from different angles, and if you're not familiar with Mad Max's rock'em sock'em robot style racing history, the overhead helli shot shows that Max carried the bulk of the blame. Hamilton knew that stunt was never going to work and he knew exactly what to do. Max being Max, anticipated (as usual) that Hamilton would concede, rather than risk the crash. Youthful bravery and ignorance, and Hamilton took him to school. Being on the inside and especially with a faster car Hamilton knew the outcome. I do believe it was more of a racing incident that could only come out one way..... Max spinning off or both cars getting trashed. A better comparison of Hamilton being a chickenshit would be his incident with Niko at their last USGP,... the turn one incident. Hamilton literally shoved Niko off track, a la Max to Hamilton in this seasons grand finale. Hamilton is/was a ruthless *******, especially during his early F1 years. But he has since become, or has been trying to portray himself as being more of an English Country Gentleman... which he's clearly is not, but I do believe he has been trying desperately to change or improve his image.
  21. Not sure if you're aware, but Max Verstappen break-checked Hamilton at nearly 180 mph during the Saudi race. He initially claimed to have just slowed down, but within a hour after the race, the FIA issued a statement regarding Max's race car telemetry. Specifically that it indicated a neg. force of 2.4G that occurred the instant before Hamilton almost got caught up and nearly crashed into him. Had Max been successful with that stunt, he would have won the championship one race earlier.
  22. There's no shortage of people, haters and fans alike, that have poked fun at Hamilton's clothing. Aside from being one of the best of all time F1 racers, he also fancies himself a clothing designer, and at one time, a rap artist. While his success inside the F1 arena has deservedly earned him a "Knighthood", a la Sir Jackie.... His ventures into Clothing Design and Rap Music have, how do we say..... fallen short of his expectation. Personally, after seeing him in that first all purple clown suit with matching socks, about 2 years ago, I thought, "Do street pimps still wear that shyt."
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