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  1. An unusually good year for F1. Two new tracks introduced and two top tier drivers duking it out for the world championship. Tied for first place are Max Verstappen, aka "Mad Max" aka "The Young Lion" is desperate to dethrone the old Lion, Lewis Hamilton. Lewis is struggling but determined to get his 8th world championship, and I'm betting he'll get it. I LOVE FORMULA ONE, this has been the best year in quite a long time. 2 Red Flags, 3 standing starts.... what a crazy race. Herman Tilke's gonna catch hell for this track.
  2. I've got a daughter (Lauren, aka Manita....... spanish for little sister) that wants a good pair of noise cancelling headphones (not ear buds), and I'm not sure what to buy. She loves music, not sure where she gets that from...... anyway, the price limit is set at $800; based on Amazon.com ratings research, that should easily be enough to get her something really nice. She takes very good care of her stuff, and I've no concerns buying her highend headphones. She's not the type that would trash'em within a year. What do I buy her?
  3. Gilbert

    Miracle whip

    Excrement in a jar
  4. Gilbert

    Stoned again

    LOL, their AARP tour. Now that's funny.
  5. Gilbert

    Chicks with picks

    That fk'ing chick is gooood. Rips that poor guitar into submission.
  6. Gilbert


    Sounds like you're in need of a little Yoko Ono vinyl on your rig. That'll flog out your ears and bring'em back to normal.
  7. Hey, I like mine with crunch nut pieces.... it's the kid's, they've emasculated me.
  8. Honey Roasted Peter Pan...... only kind my kids would let me buy. Creamy.
  9. Research old posts on the 2-CHANNEL forum. @Garymd has offered very good information on this subject.
  10. Well imagine that. What's the world coming to.
  11. The baby, aka Mr. Gold Digger, aka Mr. Show Me The Money ..... today feels violated and is looking for money to help him overcome the trauma he's suffered. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/25/arts/music/spencer-alden-nirvana-nevermind.html
  12. By design, it mutes the brown note.
  13. Fair price, I paid a bit over 300..... back in 2009. The guy didn't do what I asked, which didn't sit well with me, but I was okay with his design, it was simpler much less drafting.
  14. Been there done that too many times myself. Once during a freezing snow storm in the wee hours of the night, around 3am in Broken Arrow, OK.
  15. Damn tough question to answer, there's just too many solid tracks on all their LP's. The Final Cut is without doubt my favorite album. I could listen to it over and over, and have.
  16. I believe the survivors that were under his command have stated a difference of opinion and were in a better position to make that call; being run-over by a Japanese destroyer does not a hero make. reminds me of J.F. Kerry.
  17. It is my understanding that Bobby's own children submitted letters on his (Sirhan) behalf...... and if that wasn't enough, then consider the person "Bobby Kennedy", what's the problem? It's not like he was somebody other than a rich brat who was slingshot to the position of AG by his nepotist, womanizing cheat brother.
  18. The fact that you openly admit to disliking oranges proves you're racist, a fascist and need to be incarcerated. Shame on you and you're going to hell.
  19. Whenever I traveled to the CHITOWN area and had to spend a night or more I always made it a point to eat at this popular Ethiopian restaurant. Actually it was two restaurants in close proximity to one another. About 20 or 30 min. north of the Hancock Tower. Can't recall what the restaurants were called, but damn good food. Good prices too. Other guys from the firm I worked knew about it, of them told me that I had to try it out..... and I did and gave it an A+ rating.
  20. You mean like "Facebook" and "Twitter" for Conservatives.
  21. Gilbert

    Price of steel

    A client just purchased a wideflange beam for his new lake house. Beam weight 3,344 lbs, he paid $0.66/lbs. Steel Costs also vary with shape, for example hot rolled tubes are more per pound than say heavy angle iron or channel sections of the same weight. Texas's residential market is going bonkers.... house selling for stupid hight prices. Too many Californians are flocking to Texas. My wife's cousin sold her Austin home for $60k over the asking price (sold to Californian). 2x lumber is finally started coming down in price now that AR mills are producing again, but plywood cost are still stupid high. Countless home builders not using plywood, and screwing up the framing. Good advice for your children and future grand children is DO NOT BUY A HOUSE built between 2020 and 20** (TBD).
  22. HEY MAN, WATCH WHAT YOUR SAYING.... Queso Fresco is divine. On mans shyt is another man's cheese, so watch it buster.
  23. In the words of Leonard Pinth Garnell, that was terrible, very bad; even putrid.
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