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  1. Thanks guys. It actually blew a couple of years ago. Chorus II's hooked up to a Threshold 400a that had an output failure. (I think that is what the tech said.) Looks like there was almost a fire, board is black and burned looking. I was not around when it happened. Amp has been repaired and I was able to get a good replacement on ebay. Now I just have this 15" woofer sitting around and was wondering if it could be used for anything or is it feasible to have repaired. The cone moves but not freely. If I push down on it it will not return to it's original position. Maybe a guitar shop can use it. Would rather not just throw it in the trash.
  2. What can be done with a blown k48? I had an amp failure that took it out. Tried the 9 volt battery test and no cone movement. Is it repairable, does it go to the dump or some other idea. Thanks for any information/ideas.
  3. Born and raised on the Texas coast in an idyllic 1950's-60's Dow company town, Lake Jackson. Left for school in Abilene and lived there about 20 years. A detour to Florida for 10 years and now in Texarkana for about 12 years. USNRET isn't north of Clarksville called Oklahoma?
  4. I just purchased the black Khorns on Audiogon for $1500. The black cabinets are in very good condition with no refinishing needed. These were just to ugly for me to consider.
  5. Thanks, that is what I was wondering. That amp failure has turned into an expensive incident. I've not had it happen before and hope it never happens again.
  6. If I decide to have the woofer reconed (thanks for the info for the guy in Tulsa) could it be used for a home built subwoofer? I should probably post in the subwoofer section, but is it at all suited for this use? I'm not much of a woodworker but my brother is and I thunk it would be neat to have a sub built by him.
  7. Sorry I have not responded to the quick replies here, work got busy and no time. So from what it sounds like a reconing is in order. I tried to push the cone in and it is stuck. After some consideration I sprung for the epay speaker this morning. I know it was a premium price but to have an exact replacement is worth it to me. Maybe I can recoup some of the money by selling a woofer for rebuild. Thanks for the advice.
  8. So a couple of months ago I leave town for a weekend. Return on Sunday and go to listen to a new album and no sound out of my left channel. The amplifier is an old Threshold 400A. I leave it on nearly all the time with the volume down. Open the top of the amp and can see a couple of electrical components on one board burned black. Send the amp to have it repaired and it comes back. Hook everything up and think things are fine until I listen closer and the woofer on the left channel is not playing at all. Tweeter and mid horn both sound the same as the right channel, which has not been affected. I had been wanting to have the crossovers rebuilt and was hoping that was the problem but sent them to Crites for his rebuild and got them back and still no sound out of the woofer. Took the woofer out and plugged it in to the right speaker and no sound. So it sounds like a bad woofer. So, is there a suitable replacement for the the K48, would a recone solve my problem satisfactorily or do I hope I am able to come across a working k48. Would i have any luck with the factory? I have had the speakers for almost a year and really enjoy them but I've been without good sound for a couple of months and I miss it.
  9. Klipsch Quartet for sale. See ad in alerts. $375 for forum members.
  10. 100% affiliated. http://texarkana.craigslist.org/ele/5477448273.html
  11. New member here who recently purchased a pair of Chorus II's. I currently am using a Threshold 100 watt class A amp with a Forte pre. Sources are a CAL Icon cd player and a Rega P3 with a Dynavector high ouput mc cartridge (don't recall the model). My problem is that when playing vinyl it is too loud. The preamp has a volume control with steps, first step is too low and at the second step it is too loud for background music. I am interested in using tubes just because of everything I've read. What would be your suggestions about what to change, cartridge, preamp or amp? My brother has a dynaco 35 integrated amp that he has offered that will need some work but I wonder if I would be better off going ahead and moving to an SET. Any recommendations for particular SET's to use especially with vinyl. Thanks for any information and suggestions.
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