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  1. Yay! Glad they sold @tidmack. I'll append the title to SOLD.... but this thread will never die.
  2. The Forte's love tubes. Try it. You'll like it. Look up the Willsenton R8 reviews on Youtube.
  3. I used the Crites titanium diaphragms for my Chorus II speakers. They were nice, but if I had to do it again I would use this brand. This brand was great in my Heresy speakers; much better than a titanium upgrade. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224152702930?hash=item34308acfd2:g:6jcAAOSwBF5d5TWS
  4. Send Al an email. He's very responsive to emails. For me, I just followed the instructions/description on the ALK website, adjusted the autoformer settings, and listened. Evaluating the sonic differences only takes a few minutes or even seconds.
  5. Thanks. Let's just leave it here as is. It will help the seller. I bought a pair recently in disrepair, and I just wanted an idea of their value.
  6. I have a friend who was at the first Audio Engineering Society (AES) meeting to exhibit CDs. Everyone was impressed with the improved audio quality, until it came to Springsteen. The complaints included "This is horrible! It sounds like it was recorded in the basement with cheap microphones." The fact is, that's exactly how it was recorded.
  7. I used the ALK crossovers with my Heresy I speakers. I adjusted them a couple of times to see what I would get. I got volume differences between the drivers, which was very educational, but I finally reset everything to the original settings. The original settings are the very best settings.
  8. Likewise. I got a lot more definition in Frank Sinatra's voice, and the horns and drums had more punch. I removed my A55G/2s for the time being, but I plan to use them again with the next crossover, probably the ALK CSW-450.
  9. I stand corrected. MY ears don't lie. I'm always right in that department.
  10. You may not need an adjustment at all. You'll know when you hear it. Ears don't lie.
  11. @Crankysoldermeister, so what are the acoustic differences between the CSW-450 and your design? I know you're biased toward your design, and that's fine by me.
  12. I haven't figured out what that chart means. I'll youtube it. However, my K-400s are wrapped in Kilmat, which definitely adds to their clarity. That may be a consideration with the boost in volume and clarity, which is definitely more pronounced with the A55G/2s. More experiments to follow.
  13. I've added Kilmat to my Heresy and Chorus II mid horns. The audio improvement was substantial. For my Heresys, the Kilmat improved the bass and high mids simultaneously. For my Chorus IIs, the Kilmat completely got rid of a honking hollow sound that was very distracting. Kilmat may not be as dramatic as a better horn, but it is a substantial improvement.
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