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  1. ... and the answer is... We'd have to ask the Chief to give us a modern design, so our old Chorus IIs can sound as good as the new Cornwall IV.
  2. Yes, I specified my Heresy I pair. The sound was excellent. I just wish I had the Universals here to try on my Chorus IIs. The design is universal, so it adjusts within a certain range to match woofers and squawkers. In theory it sounds great, but Al says he doesn't support the Chorus II. He offers no details or explanation as to why.
  3. Seriously. Imagine that... I figured it out without a degree in audio physics.
  4. Looks like #4 is the winner. 6uF cap. I'll look for an alternative for better midrange tone. The woofer caps are a different brand, not Sonicaps. The woofer sounds fine to me right now, so I'll experiment with the midrange first and see what happens. We live in the midrange.
  5. Funny you should ask. I was just looking up the Chorus II schematics. Yes, I can read schematics, but with the wiggly puzzle that is the Crites Chorus II crossover, I just wanted to cut through the guesswork.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. So between 4 and 5, which one would be for the squawker?
  7. I recapped my Heresy I crossovers. Then I switched the boards for ALK crossovers. My soldering skills are normally for vintage tube guitar amplifiers, so crossovers are easy.
  8. I found the 68uf Audyn cap on Parts Express. They're $18.69 right now. So the one I'm replacing is... number 1?
  9. Good idea. I changed the title. I've also added Kilmat to the mid horn, and that really helped a lot. Got rid of the hollow shouty thing completely. Now that I'm hearing the mids much clearer, I want a way to space the instruments and vocals out. They sound congested compared to my Heresys with ALK crossovers.
  10. I have installed Crites Chorus II crossovers in my old Chorus II speakers, and they came to life. They are very nice. However, what caps or coils can I change on this board to get more clarity and detail from the squawker, just a little closer to the Forte III or IV sound. I know how to solder and use an ohm meter. That's about it.
  11. They definitely like the 10 AWG wire, but I'm pretty sure I'll never hit 5 watts with them in this apartment. The greatest threat to these tweeters are Dave's SMAHL-V2s.
  12. Silent Feet, aka "hockey pucks". It turns out my carpet was having a muting effect on the La Scalas. They are louder and clearer with hockey pucks.
  13. Nicely restored black La Scalas. Looks like we're getting back to 2019 prices. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1505296593148083/
  14. I guess we're both looking for a rebuild. There were a couple of forum members rebuilding Chorus II crossovers a few years back. Haven't heard from any recently.
  15. Excellent idea. That's how the crossovers I'm waiting on work.
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