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  1. Can you tell me if this version has been updated to HDMI 2.0 like the refurbs direct from Emotiva? Will the Dirac key transfer to new owner or will I need to buy the $99 key again? This will only decode 7.2, no atmos correct?
  2. Are there passive cross overs or not? That's the $1,000,000 question. I am not sure of any existing AVR that can do an active XO around 500Hz where you would need it.
  3. Where did you get your CornScala Badge?
  4. This is the first result in google... should be more results if you're not hung up on 18 thread count linen. https://www.speakerworks.com/light-grey-speaker-grill-cloth-fabric-p/gclgr.htm
  5. Are the 18x10's better than the mumps version of a K510? I am running K510m with HF20AT's and so far have been happy but now you guys got me thinking about a change up.
  6. Haha, yeah it's a bit of a mess in the rack. I have 2 Panamax that are both full on 2 dedicated circuits running more amps than I want to admit to. Signal Chain full 5.4.4 atmos with active XO in the front channels. Source Yamaha Aventage => Dirac Live DDRC 88 (L C R RS, LS, LFE) => Active XO => 3 amps 2 channel for L C R => 4 channel amp for atmos => 4 channel amp for surrounds => mini DSP 2x4 => 4 amps for 4 18" subs
  7. I have an active XO but I am running out of amp channels have 8 but will soon need 12. If I can go passive on the front sound stage I can gain back some amps
  8. Can you guys help tweak this? I am looking at a passive XO to free up some amps. Here's what I currently have: Eminence 3015LF-4 from Claude's SuperCornwall) K510-Mumps Horn with FaitalPro HF20AT MiniDSP to handle PEQ and XO I bought a used set of ALK ES700's what do you guys think? Would this work with some EQ or do you think XO point is too high?
  9. You get more channels with 3080... I love my 2050. If I upgrade it will be to separates but stil YAMAHA .
  10. I don't have enough room to toe in my whole box behind my screen... can I just toe the horn (K510) on top of the box? Horn is XO at 600Hz LR 48db/Octave
  11. And the B&C is supposed to be $100 to $150 less than the BMS. I think the horn might by a DIY hit if it really loads down to about 300 Hz.
  12. If the buyer doesn’t want the DeanG network please reach out to me on it.
  13. What’s the difference between CW I and CW II crossovers
  14. bribassguy

    Done sold

    How would I get these to PA?
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